Losing Labour’s Mills-Tone

MEMO TO THE Prime Minister’s Office: Please tell Stephen Mills to stay off the radio. When the boss of Labour’s polling agency, UMR, comes across on RNZ’s Nine to Noon “Politics” slot (14/10/19) as considerably further to the right than both Kathryn Ryan and Matthew Hooton then, believe me, it’s time to tell your pollster, very politely, to stick to his stats.

TVNZ POLL: National 47%, Labour 40%, Green 7%, NZ First 4%

It's a harsh lesson for Labour that allegations in the age of social media trump actual guilt or innocence but as insane as that is, that's where we are now.

TV3 Poll: National 43.9%, Labour 41.6%, Green 6.3%, NZ First 4%,...

Even at the height of accusing Jacinda of covering up a sexual assault, only 2.5% more liked Simon Bridges. When you can't win any more favour off the person being accused of covering up a sex crime, you really do need to ask some serious questions.

GUEST BLOG: Christine Dann – Full steam ahead for the...

The day after the Minister for Climate Change James Shaw announced that he had appointed Rod Carr to be Chair of the non-existent* Climate Change Commission, my partner Martin received a begging letter from Shaw asking him to donate $80 today to Shaw’s party to “show that the fight against climate change will be won through people power and not by corporate interests.”

The Liberal Agenda – Palestinian scholar and member of the Palestine...

The Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is delighted to announce that esteemed Palestinian scholar and member of the Palestine National Council, Dr Salman Abu Sitta, will be visiting New Zealand next week for two days – Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October.

Political Caption Competition

This is how I shoot my chances of ever being seen as anything more than a right wing goon happy to cut a deal with National at the drop of a hat. 

Dear Jacinda, this is an emergency – Extinction Rebellion

You famously said climate change was this generation’s nuclear-free moment. But when Extinction Rebellion uses the tactics of the Nuclear Free movement, you say...




Best of the Week

An Open Letter From Closed Minds

FEW SPECTACLES are more tragic than those in which a community destroys its core values in the misguided belief that it is upholding them.

Taking Control Of The Nation’s Story.

  THE MAORI NATIONALIST assault upon the historical meaning and reputation of Captain James Cook is entirely understandable. With his arrival in October 1769 these...

Why Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa’s civil disobedience is the future, why Jacinda is wrong and...

Get used to the massive disruption Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa caused Wellington today, because it's only going to get worse.

The 3 moments that grew the gangs, grew the meth and created a law...

Cough, as TDB pointed out in our How Stuart Nash wins National the 2020 election blog. Gang numbers are up. Meth prices are down. What the hell happened and when does this political time bomb go off?

National promise to bash dirty filthy beneficiaries if returned to power

No one in NZ politics ever lost votes by bashing the dirty fiilthy bennie, and the party of Cruelty and Spite as social policy, the National Party, are promising a delicious smorgasbord of counterproductive malice masquerading as welfare policy if elected next year...

What is actually happening inside NZ First’s implosion?

The tensions inside NZ First between the angry rednecks who want angry redneck policy and Winston's more rational stance combined with the retail politics need for vested interests to fund you will run riot because NZ First doesn't have any real ideological values.

Waatea News Column: Why National’s beneficiary bashing is really dog whistle politics

National has promised a spiteful range of draconian measures against beneficiaries that have nothing whatsoever to do with helping those on the benefit and everything to do with dog whistling to National's reactionary base.

‪What Trump has just done to the Kurds could be one of the greatest...

Trump is either remarkably ignorant of the geopolitics here or he is nakedly corrupt and is getting some type of unseen quid pro quo out of Erdoğan. Or both.

MEDIAWATCH: It’s not evidence of prudent political management – oh no, it’s a left...

It's funny when Labour manage a surplus it's the greatest crime against working people ever committed, yet when National get a surplus. it's a strong economy that is delivering...

In Focus

Kafka’s Shadow: My hearing against NZ Police & secret trials

It is important that this precedent is not allowed. The State are trying this on when they don't think anyone is looking. Secret trials and secret evidence require enormous checks and balances which the Human Review Tribunal has been too underfunded to enable.

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