Sanctions will speak louder than words

The universally-ratified Fourth Geneva Convention is recognised by the United Nations as constituting the foundation of international humanitarian law and its essential rules. Articles 146 and 147 include the possibility of criminal liability for gross violations by individual perpetrators. Israel has chosen not to incorporate the Convention into domestic law, even though this does not relieve it of its international obligations. Instead, the Convention's applicability to the military Occupation of the West Bank has been, and continues to be, denied by successive Israeli governments.

DHB measles incompetence vs NZTA incompetence

One of the problems we have is a State whose incompetence due to lack of capacity is now becoming the main problem. 

Pub Politics 4: Monday 8pm – ‘What will be the big...

Matt McCarten - Former Chief of Staff for Labour Party Lucy Lawless - Activist & Actor Bishop Brian Tamaki - Apostle of Christ Mike Treen - Unite Union Boss

District Court Addresses Remand Prisoners Sentencing Delays

The District Court has taken steps to address the high number of prisoners awaiting sentence. The Acting Chief District Court Judge, Judge John Walker, says...




Best of the Week

Why the attacks on Jacinda won’t stop

The damage won't be caused by National attacking Jacinda, it will be the woke who will cause the deepest cuts.

From SpinOff sanctimony to Garner thuggery – the Salem Witch Trial weekend media pile-on...

Peter Ellis died last week and we like to think that the age of hysterical allegations and rumour has passed us and that we would never become so quickly consumed by the furnace of accusation without objective evidence.

Simon Bridges: the 15 March Christchurch massacre and winning at any cost

Just when you thought Simon Bridges couldn't sink any lower - he has.

UPDATE: In defence of Jacinda Ardern’s handling of the sex scandal & the danger...

No one else is defending Jacinda, so dammit I will.

Compare Mike Sabin to Labour Staffer and the double standard hypocrisy of right wing...

If you want to compare apples with apples, let's compare how National treated Mike Sabin and how Labour have treated this staffer.

Behind Every Good Woman Should Stand – Another Good Woman.

TOO MANY BLOKES. Those three words sum-up the burgeoning problems afflicting Jacinda’s prime-ministership. Just consider the names that dominated the headlines of the past week: Nigel, Grant, Andrew, Rob. You don’t need a PhD in Political Science to know what’s wrong with this picture. Where, in the tight circle of advisers surrounding the Prime Minister are the women’s names? Helen Clark had Heather Simpson – who does Jacinda Ardern have?

Labour’s Fatal Flaw

WILL ANYBODY IN the Labour Party learn anything from this latest debacle? It seems doubtful, especially coming so soon after the 2018 Summer School Scandal. Nigel Haworth, who didn’t so much fall on his sword this morning (11/9/19) as get thrust very roughly into it, has gone, but the malady lingers on.

How lucky is Judith Collins that media are too busy chasing Labour Sex Assault...

So by exploiting a loophole, Oravida Kauri wasn't just digging up treasured Kauri logs for export, their contractor also had a hand in almost running Auckland dry of petrol?

If John Tamihere wins the Auckland Mayoralty – this is why

Vote Goff, get the same gridlock and the Wellington bureaucrats will get a cuddle, vote JT and get the same gridlock but know those Wellington bureaucrats will suffer every hour of his Mayoralty.

In Focus

Kafka’s Shadow: My hearing against NZ Police & secret trials

It is important that this precedent is not allowed. The State are trying this on when they don't think anyone is looking. Secret trials and secret evidence require enormous checks and balances which the Human Review Tribunal has been too underfunded to enable.

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