The only ‘unanswered questions’ about the cannabis referendum is how do...

Simon Bridges is desperately attempting to remain politically relevant in the cannabis debate after the Government blindsided National with a clearly defined referendum question and a clear set of guidelines to a regulated Cannabis market...

Professor Wayne Hope – Our Public Media Crisis

New Zealand’s entire media system is in crisis and public media institutions are struggling to survive. What follows is a step-by-step analysis of where we stand and what might be done. 

GUEST BLOG: Geoff Simmons – Will the Reeferendum Keep People Out...

We all know the horrific harm that criminalising cannabis has caused. If the reeferendum is passed the Government’s Bill will at least stop that harm from continuing in the future. However, it seems it will do little to reverse that harm in the worst affected communities. 

The Liberal Agenda: Ryan Potts review of Michelle Duff’s new book...

Anxious and bewildered: The appeal of Jacinda Ardern A good political biography is rare in New Zealand literature. Barry Gustafson’s acclaimed study of Michael Joseph...

Political Caption Competition

One of these three is being touched inappropriately by Donald Trump while this photo is being taken. Guess which one. 

Review of controversial live export trade open for public submissions –...

The review of the controversial live export trade is now open for submissions from the public. Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor ordered the review following an...




Best of the Week

Authoritarian Friends and Democratic Enemies

ACCEPTING AUTHORITARIANISM is challenging. For New Zealanders especially, raised in one of the world’s oldest democracies, official hostility to political liberty is difficult to comprehend.

So when are we going to talk about China and is milk a bit fascist?

...when is our Government going to have words with our largest trading partner about those internment camps?

National’s 2020 ‘Strike Force Raptor’ – hanging gang members first and asking questions second

Anything requiring the title ‘strike force raptor’ should only apply to an actual dinosaur who has slipped through a time portal

LATEST TVNZ POLL: National + ACT are the Government – but but but Bryce...

Let's be clear, personally I think National winning would be disastrous, and Labour must gain a second term. but Labour are not helping themselves with their politics of kindness inclusion glacial consensus making stuff because it means change is incredibly slow.

National want forced labour prisons 

The latest attempt at eroding prisoners civil rights are National's calls for forced labour camps. What National are ignoring is NZ is signed up to International Labour conditions that specifically ban forced prison labour.

MEDIA WATCH: A desperate person clutches at online straw polls

This is such a bad poll because it makes the Left feel a lot more complacent than they should. This is an online poll and online polls are pretty notorious with their accuracy.

Waatea News Column: If we legalise Cannabis, Maori must be given a leading role...

If Māori attempt to look like they are gaining advantage in a new industry, the majority will backlash, if Māori advocate for a system that actively seeks to redress the bias of the old law now by entrenching a system that protects Māori agency, the majority will listen.

Prisoners rights to vote and the dark path to eroding our civil liberties as...

...NO! NO! NO! Parliament are not 'entitled' to strip prisoners of the right to vote, you need a super majority to do that! For Simon to be arguing that a bare 51% majority has the power to strip the rights off the other 49% is a dangerous precedent to be attempting to seek here.

The Israeli push into the Pacific

Last week the United Nations General Assembly held its annual series of votes on Palestine/Israel. Eight resolutions were considered and all were adopted – most by overwhelming margins.

In Focus

5 years and finally justice: NZ Police formally apologise & settle for breaching my civil rights

After 5 years, the NZ Police have apologised and settled my complaint against their breach of my privacy and civil rights during their deeply flawed case against Nicky Hager. The formal apology is as follows.

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