Election 2020: Green Party Negotiation Team Sets Its Terms of Reference

The Green Party has settled on its negotiation team, agreeing to who will represent the party’s members when considering the shape and outcome of talks with the incoming Labour-led Government.

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Best of the Week

What Just Didn’t Happen?

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Over the course of the past 72 hours something changed. Exactly what isn’t clear, not yet, but something has. New Zealanders feel it in their bones, in their hearts, and they’re scared.

Jacinda smacks down the Greens: Gryffindor becomes Slytherin to kill Hufflepuff

What Jacinda is banking on is the cowardice of the current Green leadership of Davidson and Shaw to be bullied into accepting a substandard deal.

Jacinda Will Keep Us Moving – To The Same Place.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

A Righteous Crimson Tsunami! The Ultimate 2020 NZ Election Losers & Winners Guide

After plague and pestilence,  the righteous crimson tsunami has swept all before it with the vengeance of low level socialism.

Now Labour have humiliated Greens – the Greens must vow Opposition

With a huge Caucus, Jacinda needs the room in her Cabinet for Labour aspiration, not Green aspiration and will only throw Shaw the scraps of Climate Change Minister.

Seeing as Judith started it, let’s talk about the Fatties!

There are three things that will ALWAYS get you votes in NZ.

The 2 simple reasons why Labour won an unprecedented MMP majority 

Psychological reset of the electorate & the demographic death spiral of National


Just when you didn't think 2020 could get more cray, BOOM!

MUST READ: National’s Little Helpers Have A Cunning Plan

LIKE THE EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN in 2005, the Taxpayers’ Union is poised to launch a well-funded, last-minute attack on the Greens.

In Focus

5 years and finally justice: NZ Police formally apologise & settle for breaching my civil rights

After 5 years, the NZ Police have apologised and settled my complaint against their breach of my privacy and civil rights during their deeply flawed case against Nicky Hager. The formal apology is as follows.

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