Shameful US support for Israeli air-strikes

The Israeli Occupation's population-control policy in Palestine includes merciless suppression of every kind of protest. Recently, two Palestinian boys were killed; both were shot...

Political Caption Competition

Chris Luxon (in the red uniform) launches National's new tool to deter welfare dependency at the National Party 2022 Conference


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Best of the Week

Despite record low Unemployment, Aloha Luxon still bashes the dirty filthy beneficiaries

'You're not going to get rich sitting on welfare': Luxon focused on job seekers over unemployment rates Speaking ahead of the latest unemployment rate update,...

10AM THIS SATURDAY, AUCKLAND MUSEUM – Counter Protest Brian Tamaki

Counter Hate: FARC Off Brian If Brian Tamaki and his Qanon, Anti-vaxx, Dumb Lives Matter protestors can protest against the Government for implementing strong public...

BREAKING: New Roy Morgan Poll – Luxon crashes National & Māori Party are the...

As TDB has been pointing out, the Māori Party are the King/Queen Maker and the latest Roy Morgan Poll backs this up... National - 35%...

National’s economic plan is a joke looking for a punchline

Look. I appreciate that there is a lot of anger from many on the Left at the incremental 'progress' of Jacinda's Labour Party. I appreciate there...

MUST READ: Crossing the Line: What Lies Behind the Surge To Te Pāti Māori?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN people who don’t usually participate in elections decide to vote? Things turn weird – that’s what happens. This is because the...

A Grand Coalition For Peace, Unity and Democracy.

THOSE RESPONSIBLE for New Zealand’s national security face problems considerably greater than anti-vaxxers issuing bomb-threats. (Although with an anti-vaxxer currently being held in what...

MEDIAWATCH: Disgraceful Gayford NZME Podcast smears shouldn’t be rewarded at Podcast Awards!

Clarke Gayford wins confidential payout over NZME Radio comments Clarke Gayford has been awarded a confidential sum after NZME Radio comments earlier this year. On March...

Jacinda goes all in against China at NATO

Ummmmmm - that escalated quickly... Jacinda Ardern makes nuclear plea to Nato, issues warning about China's assertiveness Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ended her visit to the...

Why is the focus on sacking Shaw when Marama Davidson should go?

Look, Shaw has been an incremental disaster when it comes to the climate crisis, but why all the focus on him and not Marama...

In Focus

5 years and finally justice: NZ Police formally apologise & settle for breaching my civil rights

After 5 years, the NZ Police have apologised and settled my complaint against their breach of my privacy and civil rights during their deeply flawed case against Nicky Hager. The formal apology is as follows.