The Sin Of Cheapness.

IS THE EDITOR of The Daily Blog correct? Would New Zealanders benefit from the creation a state-owned supermarket chain? Unburdened by the obligation to...

Dear Labour – Why we urgently need a State owned supermarket

A state owned 3rd supermarket chain would do more for providing a cheaper means of living to all kiwis who have food security issues. It would do more for welfare than any single PM since Savage.

Political Caption Competition

Judith publishes her list of enemies and promises this is just those inside the National Party


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Best of the Week

So Harry Tam is an undercover Nazi now is he?

Muldoon puts you all to shame. Reflect upon that.

MEDIAWATCH: Martin Devlin, woke snuff activism & Stuff’s cancel culture journalism

The woke lynch mob on Twitter have been salivating over cancelling Martin Devlin for some time and the cancel culture journalism at Stuff has you openly wondering if their intense and never flinching gaze on every tiny detail of Devlin’s latest troubles is driven by Devlin holding Alison Mau’s pets hostage or something.

Why we need the ‘Kiwi food subsidy’ at a State owned ‘Kiwi Kai Super...

The brutal strength of the State is required to step in and break up such cartels when they bubble to the top and that’s exactly what the Commerce Commission must demand in its reports on the Supermarket duopoly in NZ.

MEDIAWATCH: Andrea Vance is right – climate crisis will drown out Farmers

A storm is coming — and it’s one that will drown out Groundswell's howl Mother nature has a delightful sense of irony. Not hours after the...

Groan – why the latest Feminist Billboard censorship fiasco hurts Labour’s Hate Speech...

We are the Left, we should be championing free speech, what we are doing here is handing ACT the very ammunition they will use against us.

Analysing the ‘Howl of a Protest’ – why Labour shouldn’t panic (yet) and how...

The size of the farmer protests should seriously wipe the smug condescension off the Woke on Twitter.

Fortress Aotearoa: The Plague Ark

As the reality of the enormity of climate change starts to dawn, people will be looking for 'lifeboats', NZ is one of these 'lifeboats'...

Holes in the Tundra: Why Burping Cows Are the Least of Our Worries.

THE GREENS would like to see New Zealand’s dairy herd diminished … substantially. Not only would this go a long way to reducing the...

In Focus

5 years and finally justice: NZ Police formally apologise & settle for breaching my civil rights

After 5 years, the NZ Police have apologised and settled my complaint against their breach of my privacy and civil rights during their deeply flawed case against Nicky Hager. The formal apology is as follows.

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