Forget China, our own spooks helped the US hack us!


That our media should suddenly be alleging China conducted a cyber-attack on New Zealand’s parliament back in 2021, reportedly long known about by the GCSB but only now being revealed, looks like a desperate attempt to divert our attention from revelations “the GCSB facilitated a U.S. intelligence operation capable of supporting military actions for nearly a decade without the New Zealand government’s knowledge.”

As Mick Hall, the RNZ reporter fired for adding balance to news agency wire stories, writes; a report has revealed that a signals intelligence system embedded in the country’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) ran from 2012 to 2020 without ministerial knowledge or approval after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in secret.


  1. It’s true that China is a civilized country that has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and promotes peace throughout the world, wheras the US has engaged in nearly two hundred illegal invasions since 1950 alone, but Joe Biden is White and supports the genocide of the Palestinian people, wheras Xi Jinping is of Asian descent and opposes it, so we all know whose side the controlled media are going to be on.

  2. The dissonance is strong…

    “Mick Hall, the RNZ reporter fired for adding balance to news agency wire stories”

    So a person of integrity who we can trust…?!?

  3. Exactly , but shows how the uncritical are led by the nose once again . When I saw this “news” break I thought do they really think we are that dumb but following the commentary I was bitterly disappointed .

  4. There is a quasi independent layer of spooks and fifth columnists at top level in all 5 Eyes Countries, they roll over regardless of who the actual elected Govt. may be. They are experts at seducing the assigned Ministers/House/Senate reps into their little club “just between us, there are things the public (Hobbits) need not know”–which is why the likes of Andrew Little still do their bidding in public well after they are out of the loop.

    Phil Goff was knifed by the NZSIS when he questioned their record keeping and behaviour.

    At the moment anyone online is being surveilled by Zuckerberg and Bezos, the Chinese should be the least of your concerns.

    • ” Phil Goff was knifed by the NZSIS when he questioned their record keeping and behaviour. ”

      That was only one of several blades in the back and front and one of the assailants is advising the current Prime minister.

        • I guess you can’t have read enough of my comments to know the answer, ”
          Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” I can appreciate that most of society has followed the big lie that we can save ourselves since we created ourselves & that the thought of spending eternity with most of those who call themself ‘saints’ is actually very scary so it is a natural reaction to reject all spiritual ideas as nonsense but just keep an open mind as world events unfold would be my request.

  5. I would rather have the USA recipe than the Russian or Chinese one .It may not be perfect but it does allow you to say you do not like the result without being locked up .

    • Then why is Julian Assange still being held without trial? Trevor. ‘Weapons of mass destruction’. Where are they? Cambodia. Why? Cuba. Why?
      I’ve just watched this. Apart from all the God bothering I found it interesting.
      Russell Brand.
      “As Alex Jones declares Israel’s actions in Gaza as ‘Mass Genocide’ and The Daily Wire severs ties with Candace Owens – how will these new fractures in ring-wing media affect recently formed alliances against the Establishment? ”

    • Wake up Trev, US Jails are full of people that “said too much” in their pursuit of freedom of speech, assembly and association, like indigenous people such as Leonard Peltier and Black Panthers from many decades ago.
      The US is a whisker away from becoming an authoritarian state like Russia. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, crumbling infrastructure, fascist groups in the Police force, did you notice Jan 6th?

      • The Usa’s foreign policy is summed up as being like a mass shooting ,,,,, for those who do no follow their Mafia threats.

        ‘Do what we say or we will destroy you — got it?’ ,,,, thats THEIR ‘rules based order’ in a nutshell ….

        Martin Luther King is still correct regarding his country which murdered him ,,, and it’s relationship to violence in the world …. the usa being “the greatest purveyor of’

        Sign-up/join in ,,,, and we’re part of the United States of Violence ….

        …. that was the real mission when we sent military troops to Afghanistan ,,,

    • oh does it trev…just sit down in a quite dark room and have a wee think about your usual rightard free speech tropes

    • So Trev, you’ve seen what others have replied. So tell us, if you are so enamoured with the status quo US style can you see some way that that ideal can be made good. Seems to us that all those ideals the US promotes don’t apply to them.

      • I do not have to read the comments I can just look at the writters name to know if they agree or disagree. That is the great thing about Weatern standards which include USA we are able to have an opinion without fear.

  6. As much as your politics (@Malcolm) and Mik Hall’s politics might align with mine. AND I understand you’d want to act as his cheerleader, what he did amounts to plagiarism.
    We’re all humanoids entitled to make mistakes. Mik did just that. He fucked up. OK, so hopefully he’s gone on to other, and maybe better things
    He was given a whole heap of latitude. He could easily have put his story (ies) out in his name, and credited the BBC and Guardian as having ‘inputs’ or something similar.
    Now if I used your cartoons or other material and completely changed their meaning by way of altering their verbals – hopefully you’d be rightly pissed off.
    Hopefully both you and Mik are doing fine and dandy.
    Pffffft. Next

    • Absolute nonsense. Plagiarism would be if Hall took the Reuters and AP copy that universally supports genocidal regimes like the US and the zionist entity and passed it off as his. What he did was fix lies in their filthy disgusting blood libels against human beings. That’s called editing or correction, not plagiarism.

    • Sorry OnceWasTim, but you clearly don’t understand the job of a sub-editor, which Radio NZ employed Mick Hall to do and which he carried out with professional aplomb, and neither, it seems, do you understand the meaning of the word “plagiarism”, which Mick Hall didn’t do.

    • Clearly RNZ, BBC and others (whose content he manipulated and put out in their name) disagreed.
      So Malcolm, You’ll be comfortable with my using your cartoons then and altering their meaning as I see fit?

      • Are you being deliberately stupid OWT? ,,,,

        If you were to do to Malcolms cartoons what Mick Hall did ‘New’s’ articles ,,,, then you would add more information/context ,,, ie. under a anti-Zionist cartoon you might explain how Israel is a racist ethno-state,,, has different classes (and laws) of citizens etc.

        ‘News’ is supposed to inform us ,,, purposely leaving out half the information serves to propagandize people instead of informing/educating them.

        Would Tim have objected to the correct facts/news being inserted into the myth/fiction news storys about “Key pledges PM’s salary to charity”?

        • No I’m not @ Phil. However if I were to take an Evans anti-zionist cartoon and alter it to the extent it appeared HE was somewhat sympathetic to the zionist cause, then he’d be mighty upset, and rightly so.
          I read the WSWS interview too where he (Mik) appeared to be over-egging the victimhood thing: “pliability”; I know/or wasn’t told I wasn’t doing anything wrong (really – after 20 years in journalism); and none of his RNZ colleagues stood up for him! Not Pennington, or Bonnet or Hill or Espiner or Peacock or a number of other people.
          As I said, I generally align with Malcolm E’s view as I do with yours – especially on your ideas for the treatment of P Freaks.
          I call it AT LEAST a form of plagirism – i.e. using others’ material and presenting it as one’s own – which it would be if I used his cartoon. Worse still that I altered its meaning and put it out in his name.
          He merely needed to provide proper attribution – such as in His name with reporting from the BBC and Reuters.

          Of course I’m considerably considerably CONSIDERABLY more left than yee.
          (Everybody is so fucking tribal and angry these days. It’s counterproductive)

          • Timmy, when you call me Phil you’re in the tribe of fact free idiots ,,,

            Keep your lower standards crap for ‘The Standard’….. That lame ‘Phil’ stunt was used so often over there it got very very insincere as well as tedious…..

            Also, I consider ‘left’ & ‘right’ to be ideological labels that have pre-set rigid left/right answers for dealing with problems.

            I’m a ‘realist’ who believes that with our large human brains we can solve most problems that confront us,,, as long as we have all the information relating to these problems.

            Mick Hall was providing some of the information that was left out of our biased news (manufacturing consent) … if you think he was factually wrong in the information he added then lets hear the specifics about that from you.

          • What you again fail to understand OWT, is that cartoons are comment, opinion if you like, while Mick Hall’s job was to subedit “news” – the factual reporting of events.

    • Oh, and btw, I’m not a big fan of RNZ’s management/editor in chief.. Especially while ‘investigative’ journalists struggle in the PSB sphere. Why for example do we need
      – a head of radio and music, PLUS
      – a music content director, PLUS
      – a head of content, PLUS
      – a station manager,

      and of course a CEO/editor in chiefyness, ALL on salaries that are substantial.

      I take it Mik has found some other platform where its ‘sources’ are happy to have him reinterpret, and put it out in their name?

  7. “Timmy”
    says it all.
    Best we agree to disagree.
    By the way – did you happen to attend Rik B’s funeral a couple of years ago.
    If so, I think it possible we may have met there as we had done a few decades before.
    As for the standard, I read it but I’ll not bother commenting there after I was told to “take a break” after I posted something Parakura Horomia had said to me (direct quote).
    And it wasn’t even by the dominatrix Weka

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