Nationwide protests for Palestine demand government action – 50,000 leaflets distributed in Christchurch


After six months of meaningless government statements, nationwide protests for Palestine continue this week to demand New Zealand act to stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Foreign Minister Winston Peters have scaled the heights of hypocrisy with condemnations of Palestinian resistance groups but refuse to condemn Israeli genocidal attacks on Palestinians which have left over 34,000 killed – mostly women and children.

In their latest hypocritical double-somersault, Luxon and Peters have condemned Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel last week but have refused to condemn Israel’s deadly missile attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria two weeks earlier which provoked the Iranian action.

The situation is coming to a head with Israel planning a catastrophic attack on Rafah, continuing to strangle humanitarian aid supplies into Gaza while also preparing to attack Iran.

Protests in more than 20 centres are taking place this week.

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In Christchurch for example 50,000 leaflets have been distributed around the city and positive feedback indicates a big turnout.

We expect the mainstream media to report on these protests but stony silence has been the normal reaction.

Details of the protests against the government and its racist anti-Palestinian policies are outlined below and are also on our Facebook event page here

John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa

North Island
Saturday 20 April
10:00 am
Meet outside No 1 Gallery

Opononi – Gathering for Palestine
Sunday 21 April
5:00 pm
Outside the Four Square, Opononi

Kerikeri, Bay of Islands – Rally
First Saturday of the month from now on

Whangarei – Rally
Saturday 20 April
10:00 am
Whangārei Town Basin in front of Hundertwasser Building

Auckland – Farewell to the Doctors heading to the Freedom Flotilla
Thursday 18
10:30 am
In the Departure lounge of Auckland International Airport

Auckland – Banners around Tamaki Makaurau
Saturday 20 April
10:00 am
Dependant on numbers, over the Southern motorway:

  • Pedestrian motorway overbridge at Mauranui Ave – Dilworth Road
  • Market Road Overbridge
  • Omahu Road overbridge

Text Steve on 021 256 511 For further details

Auckland – Rally
Sunday 21 April
2:00 pm
Te Komititanga – Britomart Square

Tauranga – Rally
Saturday 20 April
10:30 am
Assemble in the Woolworths carpark, Bethlehem

Tauranga – Flag waving
Sunday 21 April
11:00 am
Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui

Hamilton – Rally
Saturday 13 April
1:00 pm
Flynn Park, Hamilton

Rotorua – Flags for Todd McClay
Thursday 18 April
4:00 pm
National MP Todd McClays Office – 1301 Amohau St, Rotorua

Napier – Rally
Saturday 20 April
11:30 am
Marine Parade Soundshell Roundabout

Hastings – Rally
Sunday 21 April
2:00 pm
Hastings Town Clock – Hastings CBD

Palmerston North – Rally
Sunday 21 April
2:00 pm
The Square, Palmerston North

New Plymouth – Flags on the Bridge
Friday 19 April
4:30 pm
Paynters Ave Bridge, New Plymouth

New Plymouth – Rally
Saturday 20 April
1:00 pm
The Landing, 1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth

Whanganui – Rally
Saturday 20 April
11:00 am
Riverside Market, Whanganui

Every Tuesday
12:00 midday
Memorial Square.

Martinborough – Gathering for Palestine
Every Wednesday
11:00 am
The square at the top of Kitchener St, Martinborough

Every Saturday
11:00 am
The Squircle (opposite the op shop).

No Rally this weekend

South Island
Nelson – Rally
Check out the Te Tau Ihu Palestine Solidarity Facebook page

Saturday 20 April
11:00 am
Blenheim Railway Station

Christchurch – Rally
Saturday 20 April
1:00 pm
Bridge of Remembrance, Cashel Street

Dunedin – Rally
Saturday 20 April
2:00 pm
Otago Museum Reserve to the Octagon, Dunedin

Invercargill – Rally
Friday 19 April
5:30 pm
Wachner place Invercargill


  1. Genocide already 75% happened. U$ has greenlighted Israehell attacking Rafah in return for not doing a major assault on Iran starting a regional war.

  2. There is no genocide in Gaza. There is threatened and intended genocide of Israelis by terrorist group, Hamas, who started the war and prolong it by refusing to surrender or hand over the hostages. Israel is about to go into Rafah and finish the job.

  3. How is it acceptable for Israel to compete when the International Court of Justice has accused it of genocide? We need to put pressure on our athletes to boycott events involving Israel.

      • Define “Jihad” Anne E because the word jihad has 2 separate meanings under Islam.
        Isn’t it a “holy war”? “Jihad” literally means striving, or doing one’s utmost. Within Islam, there are two basic theological understandings of the word: The “Greater Jihad” is the struggle against the lower self – the struggle to purify one’s heart, do good, avoid evil and make oneself a better person.

      • Does jihad mean fighting to stop a bunch of land thieves taking everything that’s rightfully theirs? The euphemism “settler” is used to describe a bunch of law breaking arseholes.

        • Your argument equally applies to the Holy Land, in particular Jerusalem, taken by a bunch of land thieves in 638 AD.

          • So you don’t dispute the Israelis are land thieves, you just doubt that could help the motivation of Hamas. Good to know

            • There was of course no Israelis when the Arabs arrived in 638. They were Jews, as they have been, both before and after that time. You could call that year one of the many Jewish Nakbas.

    • No Netanyahu is busy justifying not having an election because he knows he will lose. There’s growing realisation that Netanyahu does not care about the hostages and does not want the fighting to stop. He’s a dodgy bastard.

    • Neither Gaby, neither Nathan, neither Ann E. None of Israel’s supporters, on being asked, will admit to being a Zionist.

      Why is that?

      Is it because just like in Germany after the war, you couldn’t find anyone in Germany who would admit to being a fascist. When we know millions were.

      None of Israel’s supporters here will admit to being Zionists.

      This tells us something. That at some level Israel’s supporters have come to the same unsettling realisation, that to admit to being a Zionist even to themselves is to admit to something shameful.

      • Wait to hear their responses. Was it a worthy project in retrospect? Conquering another people’s land?

        • I have given Pat O’Dea my definition of what I believe a Zionist to be on another post. I’m waiting to hear back from him. In the meantime feel free to add your own definition. There does not appear to be an all-encompassing standard but you will need to include acknowledgement that Jews have a continuous history in the land and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah provide a more definite proof of that continuity than a people who were separately named by the KGB in 1964.

          • Ann E as do the Palestinians.

            We know that there were Moslems Christians and Jews living in the area when it was ‘given’ to the Jews in 48, the number of Jews there was smaller than the Moslems.

            • We also know the number of Druze, Samaritans and Bahá’í in Mandatory Palestine was also less than that of Moslems in ’48 but that Jews were the numerical majority in Jerusalem so what is your point?

          • “I have given Pat O’Dea my definition of what I believe a Zionist to be on another post…. Ann E

            Unfortunately Ann E I have looked at previous posts and have not been able to find where you gave your definition of Zionism.

            If you could provide the link I will have a look.

            But what you have given here is “that Jews have a continuous history in the land”

            But no one is disputing that.

            Arab Jews

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            See also: Maghrebi Jews, Mizrahi Jews, and Musta’arabi Jews

            Arab Jews (Arabic: اليهود العرب al-Yahūd al-ʿArab; Hebrew: יהודים ערבים Yehudim `Aravim) is a term for Jews living in or originating from the Arab world. The term is politically contested, often by Zionists or by Jews with roots in the Arab world who prefer to be identified as Mizrahi Jews.[1][2][3][4]
            Though Golda Meir, in an interview as late as 1972 with Oriana Fallaci, explicitly referred to Jews from Arab countries as “Arab Jews”,[5] the use of the term is controversial, as the vast majority of Jews with origins in Arab-majority countries do not identify as Arabs, and most Jews who lived amongst Arabs did not call themselves “Arab Jews” or view themselves as such.[2][3][6][7] A closely related, but older term denoting Arabic-speaking Jews is Musta’arabi Jews.

            In recent decades, some Jews have self-identified as Arab Jews, such as Ella Shohat, who uses the term in contrast to the Zionist establishment’s categorization of Jews as either Ashkenazim or Mizrahim; the latter, she believes, have been oppressed as the Arabs have…..


            Palestinian Jews

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Palestinian Jews or Jewish Palestinians were the Jewish inhabitants of the Palestine region (known in Hebrew as Eretz Yisrael, lit. ’Land of Israel’) prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.


            I think we can both agree that believers in the Jewish faith, even Arabs and Palestinians “have a continuous history in the land”.

            That is not in dispute.
            But that is also not what I asked you.

            I asked you whether you were a Zionist?

            Are you a Zionist Ann E?

            • Look at Leslie Bravery’s 29 Mar post. I note you never did reply to my questions there or my subsequent numerous enquiries as to why an answer is so important to you.
              Are you a jihadist Pat?

    • Oh dear another bit of misinformation – what is a communist?

      You have never actually met the man, who is already in the history books for his passion on social justice issues both in Aotearoa and in the big wide world.

      I think you would find that Minto is a social democrat in reality.

      • Bit impossible to not meet John when you reside in the same city and attend some of the same rallies Michal so kindly refrain from emulating Awakesky and Kahn and telling me whom I have and have not met in my life. And you are reading with an-inbuilt misinformation bias if you think I was referring to John as a communist.

  4. Seems Ann the extremist is a temple mount nutter … ….

    Seeing as she’d happily sacrifice tens of thousands of kids for ‘greater Israel’ ,,, slitting a few animals throats for some extremist sect would be right up her alley…..

    …. and it’s rather ironic to hear an ‘evil clown’ like Ann E talk about “useful idiots” ,,, I suppose in her act she’d slip on sacrificed animal blood rather than a banana peel

  5. And as per usual any article about Israel descends into a pit of puss, led by the typical genocidal apologists Gaby, Nathan and Anne E.
    On my way home the last few nights i witnesses an electronic billboard with the Israeli hostages saying “let my people go” and it was WTF the hostages are here in NZ? The second thought was how biblical of Israel.
    I’m seriously tempted to get a T shirt printed with dead Palestinians on it saying ‘Let your people go” WTF should we!
    Take your sympathy pity party elsewhere, Israeli hostages VS 32,000 dead Palestinians has no moral equivalence in my book. You reap what you sow.

  6. Insofar as the Palestinian struggle against the frankly genocidal IDF presence in the Gaza and West Bank goes, several things occur to me:
    (1) Why is that apologists for Israel are deliberately ignoring the widespread abuse, harassment, homicides and illegal expulsion of Palestinian villagers and farmers from the Occupied West Bank, which reached a crescendo and was widely criticised by the European Union, United States and United Nations beforehand? It could be argued that this escalated activity was the real trigger to the current Gaza War.
    (2) Why have ultra-Orthodox Netanyahu Cabinet Ministers Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) and Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionist) repeatedly stonewalled reciprocal hostage releases?
    (3) Why is the IDF so damned careless with its ordinance? And don’t give me the old chestnut about Palestinian medical facilities harbouring Hamas headquarters. That has never been independently verified.
    (4) And this time, right-wing apologists for Netanyahu regime and IDF atrocities are facing dissension from the Jewish diaspora and from an increasingly vocal Israeli anti-war movement. Antizionist Jews have joined Palestinian solidarity protests the world over, including here in Aotearoa? So please, no facile accusations of antisemitism.

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