The Working Group with Arena Williams, Max Harris and Damien Grant


TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

As the rest of the media industry die – The Working Group, New Zealand’s greatest weekly political podcast THAT IS NOT FUNDED BY NZ ON AIR, returns 7.30pm live tonight for our 2024 Season!

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Our second episode last week the Spinoff and made us the number 1 weekly political podcast (that is not funded by NZ on Air!)

Streaming live from the palatial new podcast studios at Mediaworks, we are live on YouTube, Facebook, The Daily Blog and ROVA .

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Panelists tonight: Labour MP Arena Williams, NZs answer to Noam Chomsky, Max Harris and Stuff Columnist and Libertarian Cheerleader Damien Grant.

Issue  1 – Helen Clarke’s warning over NZs Independent Foreign Policy in the shadow of America, Russia, China, Iran and Israel

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Issue  2 – Latest Newshub details and impact on Fourth Estate Journalism

Issue 3 – Mega tunnel under Wellington, why?

Honestly, it’s politics done in a way you can’t see anywhere else.

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from the new podcast studios at  Mediaworks on Facebook, YouTube , The Daily BlogApple Podcasts, Spotify & Rova 


  1. two rational and eloquent young people – new zealand is in good hands – if we could only push all the old codgers off into a corner somewhere irrelevant


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