The Al Jazeera OCTOBER 7 Documentary


For a more informed report of what took place when Hamas fighters attacked Israel on 7th 2023, this hour-long documentary is worth your time.

October Hamas’s incursion into Israel on 7th October 2023, transformed the politics of the Middle East.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) has carried out a forensic analysis of the events of that day – examining seven hours of footage from CCTV, dashcams, personal phones and headcams of dead Hamas fighters, and drawing up a comprehensive list of those killed.

In October 7, the I-Unit reveals widespread human rights abuses by Hamas fighters and others who followed them through the fence from Gaza into Israel. But the investigation also found that many of the worst stories that came out in the days following the attack were false. This was especially true of atrocities that were used repeatedly by politicians in Israel and the West to justify the ferocity of the bombardment of the Gaza Strip, such as the mass killing of babies and allegations of widespread and systematic rape.

In particular the I-Unit reveals that claims by the Israel Defence Force that it found 8 burned babies at a house in Kibbutz Be’eri were entirely untrue. There were no babies in the house and the 12 civilians inside were killed by Israeli forces when they stormed the house.

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This was one of a number of incidents where the police and army appear to have killed Israeli citizens. October 7 is a deep dive into the events that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the significance of which will reverberate for decades.


  1. Let me get this straight – Al Jazeera, a Qatari government funded network has produced a “documentary” which minimizes the rape torture and murder of Jewish men women and children committed by Hamas, a terrorist organization which receives billions of dollars in Qatari government funding.

    • True, and this will worshipped by the same people who constantly talk about morons who live in the echo chamber of FoxNews or being fed what they want see and hear by dreaded social media algorithms.

    • was one of those (fictional) beheaded babies yours keepcalmwankon ,,,, Israel rapes the truth and it seems you want them to carry on.

      The truth about Zionist Israel summed up ……

      ,,, “They lied about decapitated babies so that they could kill babies.

      They lied about rape so that they could rape.

      They lied about Hamas using civilians as human shields so that they could use civilians as human targets.

      They lie about being victims so that they can victimize.”

      “Well I personally am through with having my intelligence insulted, and I hope you are too. The sky is blue, a spade’s a spade, the emperor has no clothes, and Israel is conducting a very obvious ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.”

      btw …. Got your military weapon to protect us like Tarrent did yet ?. You zionist propaganda pimp,,, go give gaby a hug , he’s actually a man badly in need of love ,,, take him to the gun range :0

      btw btw ,,, all adults should know you don’t trust ANY media platform ,,, you work out who are the trustworthy reporters are and follow their work…. And a fact is a fact no matter who says it ,,,

      keepcalm want’s to minimize how false Israels atrocity propaganda is ,,,, perhaps he wants the to keep murdering thousands of kids and civilians ,,, because the propaganda is the excuse to justify it.

      • Good grief. All I’ve stated is simple fact, I’ve not talked about Israel’s terrible toll on Palestinian civilians because I was talking about Al Jazeeras clear source of bias, but that is your reaction?
        Back on your meds please.

        Thanks for demonstrating how the new intolerant left are just awful people.

        • I never expected keepcalm to admit or apologize for minimizing Israels atrocity propaganda ,,, on which “Israel’s terrible toll on Palestinian civilians” is based/justified.

          Thanks for proving me right keepcalm ,,, and spare us your fake concern for Palestinian civilians while trotting out zionist talking points,,,, which amounts to defending the indefensible…..

          …And makes you the awful person.

          You, gaby, Im right, Ann E etc etc claim that I’m the bad one ,,, I take that as a compliment coming from the likes of your type.

          • Typo in the penultimate word of the penultimate line old chap. In your excitement to sexualise and admonish we counter-terrorists you hit the b instead of the m key.

    • Let me get this straight – instead of attempting to rationally challenge or refute the truth of the Al Jezeera report because they don’t like it, Keepcalmcarryon goes all medieval on us.

      ‘Shooting the Messenger’ From Wikipedia

      Until the advent of modern telecommunication, messages were usually delivered by human envoys.[2] For example, in war, a messenger would be sent from one camp to another. If the message was unfitting, the receiver might blame the messenger for such bad news and take their anger out on them.

  2. To help determine where the truth lays, one needs to know both sides of the story.

    Have you seen/heard both sides? Or are you a one eyed critic?

  3. Atrocity Propaganda

    “I’ve been doing this a long time, I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.” US President, Joe Biden

    “It’s always babies, it’s always rapes” Award winning journalist, Richard Sanders

    Atrocity Propaganda WW1

    At the outbreak of WW1 reports were received in England and widely reported that German troops were throwing Belgium babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets.

    Atrocity propaganda. From Wikipedia;

    The inherently violent nature of war means that exaggeration and invention of atrocities often becomes the main staple of propaganda.[1]
    “So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations”, wrote Harold Lasswell, “that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.”

    Alleged atrocities against babies and perverted sexual crimes are a staple of atrocity propaganda, The purpose of atrocity propaganda is to stir up emotions of revulsion and hate at an instinctive level against the alleged perpetrators.

    Atrocity propaganda WWII

    Leading up to World War II, in films, in newsreels, on radio and printed articles German Nazi propagandists alleged systemic ritual child sexual abuse, and the rape of German women by European and German Jews. The Nazi propaganda machine exploited the human visceral emotional response to child abuse and rape, to engender hatred and revulsion in the German people against the Jewish population that enabled the holocaust.

    Allegations of sexual violence against women and minors stirs up instinctive emotional and visceral feelings of disgust and dread. The US KKK knew this. The KKK spread lurid and mostly false accounts of Black men raping White women to incite lynchings and other violent attacks against Black Americans.

    Atrocity propaganda usually has two things in common.

    Firstly: Atrocity propaganda is used to stir up a people and especially their soldiers to commit similar or even worse crimes against the people the atrocity propaganda is directed against.

    Secondly; Atrocity Propaganda is either completely false, or wildly exaggerated

    On October 23 Israel’s IDF released a video compilation of the October 7 Hamas attack.

    It has been reported by reliable sources who have viewed it, that there is footage of killings of Israeli civilians by Hamas fighters that has been deemed too gruesome to release to the public.

    In the IDF video there is video and witness evidence that Hamas committed gruesome murders of Israeli civilians on October 7. These are war crimes.

    Hamas killed Israeli civilians including children on October 7. These killings of civilians by Hamas are grave atrocities and need to be prosecuted as war crimes.

    Even if all the true, and even the provenly false allegations of systemic mass rape and child beheadings, had all occurred, they still cannot be used to justify committing genocide. In fact nothing can be used to justify genocide, not even genocide.

    Owen Jones interviews Richard Sanders

    Owen Jones:

    A new al-Jazeera documentary finally offers the most definitive story of that fateful day – and I talk through the shocking claims of real atrocities and false claims with journalist Richard Sanders…..

    ….we’re approaching six months since that faithful morning and a really brilliant and important new documentary about Alger investigations seeks to finally establish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Now I’ve watched it. and it is chilling.
    It’s a brilliant piece of Journalism but it is chilling and it’s chilling in part, because of the atrocities which were committed against unarmed and innocent Israeli civilians on the 7th of October, and it’s chilling because of the false claims which were used in order to justify the Mass Slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza, which is ongoing…

    Richard Sanders:

    …in the wake of October the 7th and as a result of October the 7th, the Israelis have launched this bombardment and subsequently a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, which as you say has cost at this stage over 31,000 lives, almost half of them children, an appalling cost. And so we need to get what happened on October the 7th right, because it’s being used as justification for this, and it will reverberate for decades to come, as well as now.
    Whenever the Israelis, or their supporters in the West, are challenged about these appalling death tolls and so on, they talk about babies and they talk about rapes, it’s used again and again to signify [to us] that what happened on October 7th was so appalling that the people who committed it have effectively abdicated their right to expect to be treated as human beings. And you know, there is a long tradition of this.
    You can go back to the way Native Americans were exterminated in the 19th century, the Indian Mutiny as we we still call it, the same thing.
    The atrocities supposedly committed by those rising up, are portrayed in the worst possible Light. And it’s always the same, it’s always babies, it’s always rapes. It’s always those two things. And so it’s not just nitpicking, it’s not just saying people were killed in this way, and not that way. Those specific things were used and are used for a reason – to justify what has subsequently happened. And therefore it’s really important to put under the microscope, whether they did actually happen…..

    “Hamas fighters and others committed crimes on October 7. But the Israeli media however does not focus on the crimes they committed but on crimes they did not.” Al Jazeera

    • Another common element of atrocity propaganda.
      When the propagandists are challenged to provide any evidence of their allegations, they never can. Instead they will do everything within their power to avoid having to put up their so called evidence to back up their claims of the atrocities they have alleged as an excuse for their military actions..

      The Russian Federation have been challenged in the World Court to provide evidence to the court of the claim made by the Russian Federation that Ukraine had been conducting a genocide against the Russian speakers and ethnic Russians.
      The false allegation of genocide made against Ukraine was given as the reason for the Russian imperialist’s invasion of their Neighbour.

      The Russian Federation and their supporters in the West have flatly refused to provide their evidence of this alleged genocide.

      The Russian imperialist tactic of terrorist bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure provides a template for the Zionist attack on Gaza.

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