Show some bloody respect to people who refuse vaccinations

It’s no surprise to see former Prime Minister John Key advocating financial incentives for Māori and Pasifika to get vaccinated in the next six weeks.

Political Caption Competition

JOHN: Dear God, the Maoris and the Pacificas love the scratchies right, so they’ll clamber for my gift vouchers & KFC for the jab eh? I’m such a great chap, hmmmmmm someone over there has a ponytail. JUDITH: Dear God, bring my enemies a plague.


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Outdated Views? Andrea Vance On Sean Plunket

IT’S ONE OF THOSE throwaway lines which, precisely because so little conscious thought was given to it, tells us so much. The author, Andrea Vance, is an experienced political journalist working for Stuff. The subject of Vance’s throwaway line, Sean Plunket, is an equally experienced journalist. It was in her recent story about Plunket’s soon-to-be-launched online media product “The Platform”, that Vance wrote: “Plunket’s dalliances with controversy make it easy to paint him as a two-dimensional character: a right-wing, shock-jock with outdated views on privilege and race.”

Keep New Zealand Nuclear-Free – Stay Out of AUKUS!

THANK GOD New Zealand is not a member of the new “AUKUS” alliance. Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have joined forces...

Vaccinations are no longer a scientific issue – AntiVaxxers are the new climate deniers...

The vaccination issue is no longer a scientific one, it is like climate denial now, it’s a culture war where reason and logic has...

Hi-Viz Vengeance On Melbourne’s Streets

THE LAST PLACE a young, well-educated, socially-liberal, mask-wearing Melburnian should be found today (22/9/21) is on the streets of downtown Melbourne. All morning, squads...

Why & when Jacinda will go back into Level 4 lockdown

The posturing by the Opposition that Jacinda should vow to never again go back into Level 4 Lockdown is exactly that, just posturing.

Level 3 – Winners & Losers

Moving to level 3 is a huge political gamble for Jacinda but one she feels she can make based on her trust of the track trace infrastructure.

The Indiscrete Charmlessness Of Upper-Class Rule-Breakers

THE UPPER-CLASS ABSCONDERS from Auckland’s Level 4 Lockdown have done the rest of New Zealand a favour. They have exposed, in the most dramatic terms, the true extent of the social gulf separating the wealthiest New Zealanders from the poorest.

Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: Endless photos of level 3 coffees, anti-vaxx death schadenfreude &...

I will defend your right not to get the vaccine while protecting my right to laugh at you when you die.

How Maori vaccine hesitancy will allow the AntiVaxxers to avoid their moment of...

Thanks to social media, white people in NZ now know how much Maori & Pacifica hate them in the same way men now know post MeToo that women hate them. This means the majority who are now well aware of the minority’s contempt for them will be asked to continue lockdowns because the minority haven’t vaccinated.

In Focus

5 years and finally justice: NZ Police formally apologise & settle for breaching my civil rights

After 5 years, the NZ Police have apologised and settled my complaint against their breach of my privacy and civil rights during their deeply flawed case against Nicky Hager. The formal apology is as follows.