MEDIAWATCH: The book burners win! They Are Us cancelled and pre-censured by the woke lynch mob

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Huge week for Stuff, they cancelled They Are Us and they almost permanently cancelled Martin Devlin.

This is who we are now, we pre-censor art before we see it because our middle class woke identity politics goals are so noble and lofty. Centering the story on Jacinda was a racist hate crime and as Golriz pointed out, the Producer was a white supremacist in that he was a white heteronormative cis male who disagreed with her.

Which immediately equates to white supremacy doncha know.

Our threshold for white supremacy is now so low most Woke would decry milk as a hate crime.

Watching so many on the Left celebrating this book burning for a book none of them had read is bad enough, that they all want a pat on the head for burning the book is the truly galling part.

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This is what we is now. A rolling social media lynch mob scrum competing in a never ending middle class outrage olympics where a thousand fangs glint in anticipation for the kill.

Look, This was an American movie for an American audience using the cultural currents in America, it’s a story about America, not NZ.

This wasn’t ‘They are us’ this was ‘They are U.S’

Consider the impact of this movie in America. The Gun control script alone would get an Academy Award nomination. What if this movie speaks to Americans in a way argument and debate can’t?

What if this movie about a young white female Prime Minister is the catalyst for Americans to propel some culture change on guns?

What if it does? What if this art inspires something momentous in America?

Am I really having to defend the philosophical and intellectual arguments for creative freedom? No one else sees some enormous issues over censoring art?

You know what we should do?

Allow this piece of art to do what it’s going to do and then with taxpayer money make our own movie, call it ‘They Are Us: The Real Story’.

Make it victim centred, with all the necessary sign off and agreement of the community and get a diverse inclusive crew to make it and get Taika Waititi to direct it.

I do agree that we need to tell this story in our own voice with our own people but I disagree with stopping others from using it to resonate with the cultural currents that flow in their own country.

Are we really going to stomp and scream because the dramatization isn’t completely right?

Really? We now tell artists what to make led by censors who tell us what to think and regardless of the positive impact this story could create in the real world, we hate it anyway?

When the fuck did we become this book burning art hating censor state?

Chalk this up as an enormous win for the woke culture warriors and remember, if they gain the Hate Speech powers, this will be but the beginning of a woke purge of everything that triggers them.

Be afraid be very afraid.

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  1. It was tacky mate – the whole idea – and nothing to do with some opportunistic wee Greenie searching the byways and the highways for evidence of bad white men and fiendish agendas.

    • I would never have watched the movie as it does seem tacky, BUT I support the right of the movie industry to make it!

      Saying that, NZ ministry decisions and taxpayers money seem to flow one way in NZ these days.

      Creative NZ can’t give the Daily Blog any money because Bomber is an evil white Pakeha Male and even worst seems to have some anti globalist views, but NZ on Air can give 2.6 million for “Telefeature Princess of Chaos is the story of a political scandal as told from the perspective of the ‘other woman,’ Bevan Chuang,” .

      It is really hard to fathom what ‘social good’ Chung is delivering.

      “Chuang is also a clairvoyant on the side. Not long after she hit headlines, she came across a GrabOne deal offering psychic readings by North Shore clairvoyant Brigid Curran.

      After having a reading done, she was inspired to learn the art of mediumship herself and began training under Brigid.

      Before the scandal, Chuang made the news in 2012 after publicly calling for sperm donors so she could have a “dragon baby” – a child born in the Chinese year of the dragon.”

      Nice to see Oranga Tamariki are funding qualified people to run their youth programmes. (Sarcasm). What can possibly go wrong there?

      Seems like a lot of taxpayer funded money gets diverted these days into questionable and unqualified people’s pockets and depriving the most vunerable people of qualified people running programme that can help them.

      “Chuang is now manager of the council’s Riverside Taha Awa Community Centre in Mt Wellington.

      On the Auckland Council’s Our Auckland website, Chuang said the centre offered several after-school programmes aimed at over 13-year olds.

      They included Riverside Raps, which provides access to music production and creative equipment, and Creative Pathways, which works with at-risk youth who have been excluded from conventional education systems (recruited via Ministry of Education and Oranga Tamariki).”

      The sad thing is that this is the reality. Youth are led down in NZ by these woke led committees putting woke people into managerial positions and rehabilitations but light on sense, morality and qualifications to those running them.

      In the 17 yo Dimetrius Pairama torture and murder case the police interrupted the murder but for whatever reason Pairama must have not trusted the police and did not tell them she was being tortured. Maybe because there are becoming too many police conflicts of interests with gangs and abusers and unqualified people who are being paid to ‘help’ vunerable people!

  2. It is Aoteroa’s cultural revolution – in full swing – and probably with the same backers.

    Weird how a film celebrating a woman leader after the terror attack is cancelled while Harry Tam a mobster who apparently signed off with “Seig Heil” gets 2.7 million of government money!

    Who are the woke red guards going to target next while supporting the next woke supremacist movement in NZ!

  3. Where I am, the sun is shining today!!! (a rare event, lately.)
    Blue sky. Not even one cloud.
    Birds singing and chirping and tweeting (avian tweets) and outdoing each other with sound.
    Bellbird, tui and kereru are among them (kereru thinks she’s a pet hen)
    There’s a farm dog barking hopefully to be let out soon,
    First lambs of spring on the hillside.
    There were deer on top of the ridge yesterday am..

    … just saying…

  4. Our threshold for white supremacy is now so low most Woke would decry milk as a hate crime – the woke already blame Kiwi farmers for all their pollution problems, it seems to be an inconvenient truth that the incoming multinational farmers run by big business seem to be the intensive ones and the government seems to be allowing certain multinational farming groups more permits to emit waste into the environment while pretending the problems stem from mums and dads farmers. Nothing about stopping intensive farming pollution run by migrant labour vs family owned farming in articles by Granny.

    Also the double standards when many of the polluters are not farming related and those industries are getting government corporate handouts with failing policies that seems to help sister companies!

    “St Lukes mall, one of the single biggest contributors of sewage into Meola, and likely among the biggest overflow points in the country.”

    First they (woke and globalists and NZ ministry officials who want to encourage and sell everything in NZ off to the world’s worst polluters) came for the Kiwi landlords, then they came for the Kiwi farmers, I guess once getting control of both residential, commercial and farm land and assets the multinationals will get rid of the kiwi politicians and council officials! After all it only takes 1 year of residency to vote in NZ.

    NZ has become such a farce for immigration you can sue the immigration minister to get your love interests visas into NZ quicker during Covid or even meet someone online and apply to get them into NZ within 11 days of an online romance!

    What could possibly go wrong with this situation????

  5. Even the gun control message was a complete lie & would been seen as that in the US. They really aren’t that dumb either. Gun banning liberal types would cheer, but the rest would see it as another Government using a terrorist attack to steal rights from their citizens, & with the 2nd amendment, it would never fly. Biden may try to change some things, but it’s too late, things are falling apart over there & people are buying more guns, not less. Ask AFKTT where the US is heading, and it isn’t to a utopian society where they all hold hands & sing kumbaya.

  6. This isn’t cancel culture, this is a woke fool living a long way from where it happened suddenly realizing the people were real.

    Christchurch people didn’t want this fiction immortalizing them.
    It would also immortalize the gunman and just how successfully he is splitting our society. I though we weren’t saying his name or reading his dribble or watching his video? But OK to give him a movie eh.

    If those pushing “gun control” have to rely on complete fiction to make a convincing story it’s not saying much for the strength of their arguments.

    I’m for free speech but that should mean freedom fir the public to read what the guy was motivated by, and freedom to read the royal commission full report and see the whole truth of government failure.
    Then by all means make a fictional movie – if this movie got made sans the real facts of Ardern loosening gun purchase requirements and police failing to vet, it’s just propaganda and a lie.

    • If you listen Hera “I don’t think we are going to achieve a great deal by talking about facts” Cook of Gun Control NZ, you find that fiction & feelings are almost all they have (plus a lot of money from various sources).

  7. What about the Japanese guy who was part of the opening ceremony team: he got fired for a joke he made in 1998 when he was a comedian.

    The joke was just that, a joke, yet the woke mob took it out of context and got him fired.

    Never mind that the actual incident was over 20 years ago, are comedians now not allowed to make jokes any more that may offend someone somewhere?

    dangerous times

  8. I largely have to agree with Martin here. Was it tacky? Probably. Did they have a higher purpose in mind? Maybe, although I have my doubts. But when has Hollywood ever produced historically accurate movies? If we were to cancel every historical movie that took liberties with the truth we’d have none left. In fact most art and movies that tries to make a point or send a message exaggerates or distorts reality to reinforce the point being made. This puritanical drive to cancel everything that doesn’t fit with the current woke narrative is potentially far more harmful than the harm it purports to prevent. Even more crazy is this trawling through peoples past to find something to cancel them with. We had the insane spectacle of a Tokyo Olympic official being sacked for something said over 20 years ago.
    Anyone who thinks there is nothing in their past that could now result in them being cancelled is delusional or a liar. We are now weaponising people to remove all dissenting voices. That is truly scary and goes against all notions of a democracy.

  9. They should rewrite the whole script so the movie spends all 120 minutes just on Jacinda. Jacinda this, Jacinda that, Jacinda close ups, Jacinda mid shots, Jacinda wide angles. Jacinda Jacinda Jacinda. Oscar winner right there!!!!

    • Good idea Kraut. Using dead and bloody and blooded Muslims to showcase the PM, was worse than poor taste; and at the very least grossly insensitive. ( And bad manners – for what that matters. )

      Maybe they could film squashed hedgehogs or opossums – but the latter could be culturally insensitive if they originate from Australia – maybe dying dolphins ? Or cardboard cutouts like the ones of cops-in-shops?

      If blood and gore appeals so much to American audiences, they could install cameras to capture pedestrians run over by buses on Lambton Quay – that’s when or if a bus ever comes – and assuming that it doesn’t raise issues of privacy, or human decency, and respect towards those experiencing sudden and unexpected dyings.

  10. But, Martyn, my understanding is that the book-burning, the violent denunciations, the purges, the smearing, the authoritarianism are “All in a Good Cause” … Why shouldn’t the establishment Left be captured by a narcissistic segment of Upper-Middle Professionals ??? … Why shouldn’t it become the Vanity Project of a pompous Bourgeoisie entirely divorced from social reality ??? … publicly – almost ostentatiously – adopting crude, cartoonish pseudo-moral postures to mutually acknowledge & elevate each others putative social prestige ???

  11. Martyn, concentrate on what matters. If so you’ll do better than churches, who can’t ever seem to get around to ‘love’. These cul-de-sacs are appealing but they kill our cause (the best for the people).


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