Final nail in the CTUs middle class coffin – Council of Trade Unions denounces protest?!?

Upside down, the CTU logo is the Chinese character for 'Failure'

No! Way!

Council of Trade Unions denounces protest?!?

Council Of Trade Unions Calls For End To Anti-mandate Protest

“The NZCTU understands that the right to participate in protest actions is a fundamental element of freedom of expression and a sign of a healthy and functioning democracy. The NZCTU proudly upholds and exercises these rights to protest in NZ.

“The current protest in and around the Parliament precinct however is not simply about the right to protest and we do not support it continuing, nor do we support the basic anti-mandate call being made by the protestors.

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“We are concerned by the undue ongoing disruption it is causing workers and their families, including school children and students. The protest is having a negative impact on workers in the vicinity being able to do their jobs safely, and without abuse.The protest has involved harassment of the public, it has prevented workers from moving around and from accessing public transport, it has blocked roads and put emergency services at risk.

“We are further concerned at the tone of much of the protest, calling for violence against our elected representatives and the media. Let alone the conspiracy theories and unscientific assertions being circulated in an effort to undermine our public health response. These are not actions consistent with a free and open democratic society.

“We therefore ask that the protest at the Parliament precinct end immediately,” says Richard Wagstaff

If you wanted a clearer picture of the Cognitive dissonance that is plaguing the Middle Class Woke Marxists, it’s the Council of fucking Trade Unions, an organisation built by protest, an organisation that actively uses protest, attacking another protest because it’s not the right kind of protest.

The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! It doesn’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism.

“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

Legendary working class hero Helen Kelly will be turning in her grave watching the CTU side with the professional managerial class over the economic pain of the lumpenproletariat.

You would think the CTUs shameful Unemployment Insurance that empowers white collar bureaucrats most was the lowest they could fall, but shitting on another’s protest when protest is the bread and butter of the Union movement is an extraordinary hypocrisy made possible by the middle class flunkies who staff it.

History is watching and everyone involved in this cowardly CTU call should forever be stained by it.

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  1. Neither Nazis nor working class, these protestors are anti establishment, anti government, anti democratic and antisocial.
    Give them an inch and they have taken miles. The parliamentary precinct is now under the control of a mob.
    If the state cannot protect its own juristiction when multiple laws, health orders and bi laws have been broken what use are they to the rest of us.
    Would the cops stand around if there were real Nazis instead of faux Nazis?

  2. Count me then as one of the non most.
    I am fully jabbed and support the protests.

    As Bomber says. The political junkies(including the CTU) are out of touch with “”the people””

  3. What we are seeing is NOT a protest.
    Yes, it includes genuine protestors, but that is not what is happening.

    We are seeing the storming of the Capitol, as happened in the US.
    Over there, it happened fast.
    Here, they are doing it in slow motion.
    But that is what is happening. Wait and you’ll see.

    As in the US, the police have gone slack – Just what happened over there.

    For the first time since the 2017 election, I am afraid.
    Not afraid through the terrorism stuff.
    Not afraid when Whakaari erupted just offshore.
    Not afraid through Covid.

    But now, I am.
    Not for myself, but for our country, for our democracy, for our leaders, for our future.

    I hope very much that I am wrong, and that tomorrow I can laugh again, knowing that my fears were unfounded. But they are gripping me in a way that several earthquakes never did.

    • Again tonight a reporter was threatened live on T.V. with “we will come for you in your home”. The people Jeremy promotes whilst monotonously dismissing the P.M.

      • since when did one deranged individual represent the majority?

        The media go looking for the loons for click bait

        • You keep saying one individual. It’s not – it’s the core of this rabble, who believe in 5g creating covid, who believe that vaccinated shed the virus more, who believe trump’s lies, who believe that 3 waters sees the government take water assets – they don’t. etc etc. It’s those who would rather believe made up internet science as opposed to hundreds of years of research. It’s those who believe in chemtrails.

          You and your ilk are trying to spin this as a mandate protest – you know full well it’s not.

      • Perhaps the reporter should stop being a mouth piece for the govt then? It’s a bit like those who say that they support free speech, but if you say something we don’t like there are consequences… Well that’s not free speech.

        • Idiot Bg, fucking idiot. The reporter asked how this person felt the protest was going. But a typical response from you. Threatening to come into your home is free speech? I suppose it is until someone with a mental health issue or a radical follows through with such threats. As for the media being a mouthpiece for the govt, I’ve heard that lazy right wing argument so many time it’s nauseating. The most laughable aspect, you are gullible enough to believe it.

        • Yes you do, you are a lousy liar, I’m a big fan of CTU and now admit you’re not and then explain why?
          You are lazy, aren’t a supporter of those without a voice, are a very hard right wing supporter and just hate the left. Don’t respond as I have summarized you to a tee.

          • Bert. A good rule is , don’t argue with fools.I ‘d like to say fuckwits but that would be paying them a compliment.

      • Are you okay with the calls and dogwhistles that are going out, with ready-made advance justifications, for the assassination of our PM?

        Including those posted right here on this site?

        Please reply.

    • I appreciate you fear but I think your are mistaken, much of the fear is created by the media environment. Yes there are bad actors among the protestors but we should be cautious characterising the whole protest by it’s worst supporters. Just like we wouldn’t characterise the BLM protests by the rioters, (despite for example 100+ days of consecutive riots in Portland and nationally a level of injury, loss of life and property damage an order of magnitude higher than Capitol Hill – which is not to excuse the Capitol Hill riot).

      Personally I think the danger is NOT from an extremist insurgent movement, the danger is we become so politically tribal, so fearful of our fellow citizens that we empower the state and corporatists to ‘protect’ us against them. We won’t have our democracy taken, we will give it away.

      Some examples:
      An old one from George Monbiot on the Blair governments during the war on terror.

      Here is what is being done in Canada, financial un-personing. Once the precedent is set, do you think they’ll stop with truckers and their supporters?

      Incidentally following from Jan 6th the Capitol Hill Police got a massive increase in funding, have set up units nationwide ‘to protect politicians’ and are the only US police force not subject to the freedom of information requests. Whatever the intent was, there is now the framework for a nationwide, federal secret police force. On a long enough timeline someone will make use of that.

      • Tui, I agree that the greater danger is that we could “empower the state and corporatists to ‘protect’ us ” – from each other, in effect. Yes.

        And I see the possibility of that end result (losing some of our freedoms), being one of the aims of those powerful agents who are actually behind these engineered protests.

    • Just scroll through these posts Kheala and you will see all the evidence you need to support your fears.
      One in particular stands out.

      • Yes Jacinda Ardern who in just over 4 years has split the nation,brought about unprecedented types of protest,made the rich richer the poor poorer,hungry children, homelessness, highest house price increases in history, built no houses at the rate promised in their election lie “Kiwi Build.” Turned New Zealander against New Zealander.
        I could go on for a week but that will do for now.

    • Agree. I fear Aotearoa is going in fast forward to catch up with USA towards a being a failed democracy where civility and truth become void of meaning. Having just watched “don’t look up” it struck close to home.

  4. It seems to me the Government is rapidly running out of options. One, they have used the CTU to do their bidding for the protestors to leave. In my opinion, the CTU have shot themselves in the foot as far as respect from the people is concerned. Two, the Government has now got 30 people that are leaders one way or another, to talk to the protestors to pack up and leave.

    Here is the pattern the Government is desperate for the protestors to leave so that the Government can save face. The government is too proud to meet the protestors on the front lawn. So the option is to meet the protestors or to send in the cops with tear gas and batons. And that is going to just look like the Government has lost the plot regarding this protest. The government knows that we will condemn them (government) out of hand.

  5. Perhaps the protesters do real research and take a look at Hong Kong. Their hospitals are now so far overrun their patients are in hospital beds outside, yes outside! I have little hope for those protesters, they have been fed their own lies.

      • So does your pathetic lazy rhetoric, “the media is in the govts pocket”

        I know you would struggle doing research when Qanon theory is your only source.
        However think outside your very tiny box and you may well be enlightened.

        • I don’t even know what qanon is?

          My evidence is of “the media is in the govts pocket” is $55 million of tax payers money to the MSM for ‘Public interest journalism’. Governmental funding of news agency’s is one step closer to Pravda, there’s no way they can be seen as impartial.

  6. This is not the CTU of old that’s for sure…It’s some of the union senior managers in the last 30 years that help in reducing the general public opinion of unions…
    I wonder if the CTU asked its members their views on the protest?

  7. I guess the ctu will just raise the dues on union members to pay labour more for them to hire more knobs to join their Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment team.

    Will be this weekend when an ‘impromptu’ woke counter protest be held on twitter or somewhere on social media on a secret gathering!

    When will these gutless pricks show up?

  8. I do not know where all these ‘opiners’ get their facts from, boldly asserting aggressive, abusive language and actions from the protestors, especially as they are not/not have been there. I do notice however, that when it suits, these are the very same commentators who fully supported protests against John Key and his National led govt. Now the boots on the other foot, suddenly there are no longer the claims of a biased media towing the party line but that the media is flawless and would never fabricate, exaggerate or tell downright lies…. What’s happened? Is it because their precious Labour party is now at the helm? I strongly suspect so.

    Which leads us fair smack square into the issue of the hypocrisy’s of the CTU. We now see indeed the absolute rot that has set into the country from all sides because of nearly four decades of neo liberalism.

  9. “Middle Class Woke Marxists”.. There’s three mutually exclusive terms if I ever saw them.. This willful and deliberate misinterpretation of what Marxism, socialism, and left wing politics is starting to really smell bad… Is it something in the water? Or has the brain drain that periods of National party governance finally hit critical mass? I’ve read more stupid, childish, and totally self obsessed rubbish since being trapped here as a result of a family emergency than in all the years I’ve spent out in the real world making an actual life… I can only pray that I will be free to return to a real life again soon.. One where the political discourse is at an adult level…

    • To be fair, Marx was the epitome of Middle class bourgeoisie. He never worked a day in his life, looked down at the working class (famously never paid his maid…he had a maid!) and generally lived off the trust fund of his fellow middle class bourgeoisie mate Engels.

    • I keep seeing comments like this, Woke IS the CULTURAL (not socio-economic) left.
      The Woke roots are neo-marxist, so more Antonio Gramsci than Karl Marx.

      Woke is really just applied Critical Theory. The philosophical roots go through Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, and land in American academia through the likes of Herbert Marcuse. Critical Theory (nothing to do with critical thinking and not a theory) is a version of neo-marxism co-opting post-modernist theories and tools (which is partly why they are hated by many marxists and post-modernists).
      This is ALL from the left, albeit the university educated, middle class, overwhelmingly white left.

      There is now a marriage of convenience between neoliberal corporatists and woke activists. The Woke version of ‘conflict theory’ leads to a narrowly defined identity based ‘equity’ politics, so it’s incredibly easy to game the system. Virtue theatre, an anti-politics where advancing anyone who is not male/cis/white/heterosexual feels highly progressive but the actual systems of neoliberal power are not challenged in any way. Woke is the ideal cover for corporatists post-Occupy Wall Street.

      “Middle Class Woke NEO-Marxists” would be an accurate description.

  10. Here’s a few top ten smash musical hits from Trev. Enjoy !

    Now this one became an instant party song for the demonstrators, – the kids loved it and constantly requested it ! Good on ya Trev !

    Macarena by Los Del Rio

    Again, here’s Trev thinking of the kids, I guess that’s his way of calming them while they get a needle in the arm.

    James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’

    Now this one displays Trevs absolutely sterling taste in music, – so much so he just wanted to share it with everyone blasted from the balcony of the old parliament building, – for 9 hours ! And while it didn’t quite have the intended effect, the people on parliament grounds politely thanked him for his fine ‘ serenading’…

    ‘My Heart Will Go On’

    Again , as our philanthropist minded Speaker of the house just couldn’t wait to share the love after nine hours of ‘My Heart Will Go On’,… he eagerly reached for this snazzy little number, … for the kids, of course. They lapped it up.

    Good on ya Trev !!!

    Baby Shark

  11. This protest is a right wing dirty politics operation(#07) so the CTU should be condemning it. Luxon, Seymore and Waititi should denounce their people (the protesters) and tell them to piss off.

  12. ” The parliamentary precinct is now under the control of a mob ”

    While inside its under the control of the neo liberal mob who have been running the show since 1984.

  13. The police should have finished what they started and cleared the site last Thursday. Now we are in a farcical position of the police refusing to upholding the law of the land due to intimidation from the protesters. A child knows that if you back up from a bully it only gets worse. That, my friends, is exactly how Hitler got a foothold in the first place. (please don’t shoot me for invoking hitler, it was in context) They are breaking the law and the only thing to do is to apply the law, as it is written. Not this, aww shucks don’t wanna upset the poor wee protesters bulshit. Give them fair warning then send in the red squad. I’m sure Ross still has his gear under his bed he could loan them.

    • Yes Kim if protesters are threatening to go into reporters homes then it’s only fair the red squad be deployed, after all Bg is okay with it.

    • No Mallard went in half arsed, made the various bickering protestor factions angry enough to unite against him. Then politicians and media spent most of the last week or so demonising the whole protest by it’s worst elements rather than by engaging with it’s best.
      It’s a masterclass in pushing people with genuine grievances into the arms of the right, it’s the smug self righteousness of the elite leftist that leave the field wide open to the Bannon-esq types to make political gains.

      Since you pulled out the ad Hitlerum card I will just point out that authorities in Weimar Germany DID crack down on a particular fringe political party which allowed this party to play the victim while exploiting the genuine pain and grievances of the general public. We know how that turned out.

      So please know some history before you pull out simplistic playground analogies.

  14. Well as a member of working class union (RMTU) I fully support the CTU on this.
    As Bob Semple and Michael Bakunin both said “he who will not work neither shall he eat.”

  15. You come from all over the place, Martyn. Can’t see anything wrong with the CTU’s statement.

    You are brilliant angry but it helps when you are genuinely.

    Zertainly the CTU is middle class. But the FOL was worse in the past.

  16. Bomber – you just won the “Line of the Year” so far with “The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! It doesn’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism.” Congrats.

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