MEDIAWATCH: Martin Devlin, woke snuff activism & Stuff’s cancel culture journalism


The holy trinity of Woke dogma is all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

Woke justice is whatever a victim says on Twitter, due process is heteronormative white cis male privilege and it’s far better 10 innocent cis men go to prison than one guilty cis male doesn’t because, you know ‘patriarchy’.

The woke lynch mob on Twitter have been salivating over cancelling Martin Devlin for some time and the cancel culture journalism at Stuff has you openly wondering if their intense and never flinching gaze on every tiny detail of Devlin’s latest troubles is driven by Devlin holding Alison Mau’s pets hostage or something.

Stuff’s desperate drive to uncover the next Harvey Weinstein has blinded them to being anything more than a lynch mob. The way they have insinuated there was something off about Devlin contacting a female staff member and their attempt to paint him out as a violent thug using snowflake trigger thresholds are part and parcel of their woke cancel culture journalism.

If it hadn’t been for Devlin’s partner, the amazingly courageous Andi Brotherston, we wouldn’t know the other side of the story in her must read Twitter thread.

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The rudeness of the millennial upstart who burst into Devlin’s studio and demanded Devlin break into his program for breaking news but then wouldn’t tell Devlin what the breaking news was (because Devlin was beneath this journalists contempt) is rarely explained but Devlin lashing out is constantly played up.

The way Stuff have consistently insinuated there was something untoward in his email to another female staff member (when as Andi points out it was Devlin calling her out on her attitude) is grotesquely defamatory.

Hearing the other side of the cancel culture list of sins makes Martin less the pinnacle of white cis male privilege and far more like any bloke over 50 putting up with a younger generation who wallow in a sanctimonious trigger free safe space while screaming wolf at everything that moves.

So this would be the end of this column, a cautionary tale about woke journalism and the drive to smear any target for a list of woke crimes, except the story doesn’t end.

Last night Martin Devlin attempted suicide.

Which the Wellington Twitterati and Stuff should celebrate right? They’ve reached the top of woke cancel culture, snuff activism.

They have goaded a white cis male into attempting suicide and that’s good because it’s the ultimate deplatforming isn’t it?

Is Stuff feeling righteous yet? Are the woke sated?

Of course they aren’t, their noble mission to dismantle white cis male privilege is too important to worry about innocent lives wrecked.

I always thought the first snuff activism would be Andrew Tidball, or that Labour Party staffer The Spin-off framed, or the staffer Mallard smeared or anyone Alison Mau crucifies, that it’s Devlin who almost died is a sad shock.

There urgently needs to be an investigation at Stuff to review the way they covered this story and if their cancel culture journalism was responsible.

NZME being held hostage by woke tantrums is equally cowardly as well as their attempt to legally gag Andi.

What a sad day for NZ journalism.


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  1. Stuff are truly awful. Today I was surprised to see an article by a head teacher that reasonably and politely challenges the idea of “unteaching racism”:

    The article uses evidence and carefully reasoned argument. But presumably because a reader has thrown a woke tantrum, the editor appears to have got nervous about the article. S/he has added a footnote to say:

    “Editor’s note: We’re … reviewing Stuff’s process behind publishing this article to determine if it aligns with our company charter and editorial code of practice and ethics.”

    Don’t be surprised if Stuff decides to cancel this article, cited “obligations under Te Tiriti” or similar.

    • Stuff probably thought that they had found a kindred spirit in the author of that article, being a principal of a decile two school in South Auckland. Trouble was he wasn’t on message for Stuff’s liking and they were caught between not publishing his item, or publishing it with an editorial climbdown.

      But, no worries. Stuff were able to provide subsequent articles from teachers Tania Fu, “a New Zealand-born Chinese”, and Nick Mailau from a “Tongan fāmili”, who were both able to provide rebuttals without an editorial note.

    • Thanks for the link that’s an interesting column by the teacher who obviously knows what he is talking about from experience

      stuffs disclaimer at the end made me want to throw up in my mouth. pompous, self indulgent fools

  2. Martin Devlin has presented as a rather passive aggressive presence for a long time, and maybe the pain and ridicule he likes to inflict on others somehow mirrored whatever pain it is that he feels about something in his own being and life.

    Suicide never goes away for those left behind, as I know well from one of my closest male friends in the 80s. I always wonder what I could have done to intervene usefully. So while Mr Devlin seems a supercilious arsehole to some, and a loved family member to others, he still deserves support and assistance to try and recover his life. Never mind Stuff, the shock jock model has been with us for way too long in media circles.

        • agreed Snow White. I don’t listen to radio only podcasts these days. When I used to watch mainstream TV I got the impression Devlin was a sports journo. So a bit brash but has his areas of expertise. Being bullied by a bunch of psycho millennials working on their collective BPD’s should not be thrust upon anyone however brash their persona. This is truly shocking and a clear example of corporate psychology.

      • “can be traced back to the invention of the internet.” Having no concept of history further back than the mid ninties is not a basis for making sweeping statements, that are arguable at best… So Margaret Thatcher never existed, or had anything to do with what’s happening now? Or her disciples in the republican party under Ronald Reagan, or Roger Douglas in the mid eighties? Give me a break… The internet is just a more efficient transfer mechanism, that has accelerated to process of isolating the members of the proletariat from each other, and therefore removing the biggest obstacle to the reclaiming of total control of our lives… Or are you going to argue that the internet was up and running in the 1970’s? Word to the wise? Do the research before making an ass of yourself by displaying a truncated historical perspective that discredits everything said thereafter..

        • Nah well if your just relying on the internet for answers then you will get what’s called group think because everyone is going to the same articles for answers and atleast half of the internet is pure bullshit. I mean everyone always blames everything else for climate change except themselves. Fuck.

          • Tactical mistake telling someone they’re this or that when they have not been scared with the same struggles as you went through.

            Those that focus on installing empathy in others never make it correctly.

            Those that focus on installing empathy in themselves make it.

            Focus on installing empathy in yourself and the human rights will flow.

        • Hi Stefan, appreciate the feedback thank you but I think you are mistaking my ‘off the cuff’ comment with an attempt to encapsulate everything that has ever happened since Jesus turned out for the Nazareth 1st XV.
          Not everyone has all the time in the world to carefully formulate such an ‘insightful and well researched’ reply . .

          • I couldn’t have guessed that my adopted city of Brisbane Australia would get a plus 10 economic bonus on top of its recession proffed GDP status thanks to being granted the 2032 Olympics. That’s just my luck (luck had nothing to do with it. Always follow the money).

  3. Thanks Martyn for an excellent piece.
    The press of today in NZ are a shallow mean bunch of young poorly educated people prepared to sacrifice a fellow human being for a story.

    • It’s just cruel what some humans do to others. We are a parasitic dog eat dog species, if ya tap into that part of yourself that can. Didn’t Stuff buy itself for $1 last year? Ya get out what ya put in I guess?

  4. Again, we need a Ministry for Mental/ Emotional Health. Without a Minister in charge, no-one really has to take responsibility.

    And, I think Louisa Wall already put her hand up to take on that role, in effect. She was a founding member of the cross-party Mental Health and Addiction Wellbeing Group, and despite having been in parliament for more than a dozen years, she has yet to be allocated a Ministry.

    The racing industry has its own Ministry. Mental/ emotional health does not.

    • I don’t think someone who was reported as calling other women “fucking terfs” during the Pride dispute would be a good person to be Minister of mental emotional health somehow

        • Good question Kheala. I am not sure I can make suggestions on this.

          The biggest problem for mental health is the lack of workforce who are well trained to deliver evidence based inteventions in a timely fashion. So anyone who is competent and committed to that, who doesn’t have a political agenda

          • The Minister has to be one of the MPs who are there. (I kind of liked that Louisa is there but is not in lock-stock with Party obeisance. She acts first from herself, as a responsive human being.)

      • Anker – Agreed. And a woman representing vey poor and disadvantaged persons saying that the most important issue for her was same sex persons being able to marry each other, may prioritise within rather narrow perimeters.

        • It was important to her because she really wanted to marry her life partner and was not allowed to do so?

          Didn’t Shakespeare write plays about that stuff ? (which have probably all been ditched from the national Library as not being ‘Kiwi’ enough or some other obscure reason)

          • Another right-wing media beat-up. Natz raised it in Parliament and their amateur right-wing media took it up and ran with it – boring, still no traction. The Natz dirty tricks brigade need to get into action – Jerry’s podcast response might be a good start.

    • I dunno Louisa Wall, but def the need is mighty for a ministery of MH. Would need to be someone with maturity, life experience, even better someone who has lived and overcome some real shit

      • Yes!! Not another bloody pen-pushing, yes-sir/ no ma’am, “just following orders – So you follow mine”, pass-the-buck bureaucratter!!

  5. How low can you go..,.The old saying lower than a snakes arsehole should now be changed to lower than a stuff reporter!

    • Mark you well- meaning fellow, read my comment on yesterday’s Open Mic to see how low Stuff can go, and as long as they can get away with being sewer rats, they could be tunnelling all the way through to China, just as my little bro tried to – but only succeeded in wrecking the potato pit.

      PS Snakes can make quite classy handbags… prestige shoes…money spinners for villagers… let’s not be too hasty in trashing snakes…

  6. I’m at the opposite end of the political spectrum from you but I appreciate your viewpoint and particularly agree with you on this.

  7. what’s the gist of the accusations against him? Can’t seem to see anything concrete about what he’s alleged to have said/done etc. The linked twitter thread has nothing in it.

  8. Martyn, thank you for calling fair go for mental health needs and individuals. Some regardless of their politics and backgrounds.
    Seems to me that true Leftists dont need faux Leftist cancel culture and wokery, we care about everyones needs.
    Mental health, good education, health, housing, employment, real issues for real people.
    Again thanks, look after your own sanity too.

  9. I somehow missed that last bit, about the NZME lawyer gagging Andi.
    (Must have read thru too fast.)

    That is seriously disturbing.
    That bit scares me.

  10. Yep another victim of the corporate HR functionaries.
    I refer to them as the new secret police!
    Been there myself, three years of managerial bullying! Citalopram long term is dangerous!
    Origins of this go back to Edwsrd Bernays and his books on Public Relations. Wonderful work he did for Big Tobacco and the torches of freedom!

  11. The concerted effort of a minority at present, in many parts of the Western world, appears to be on assassinating the characters of members of the majority. Is it Martin Devlin’s fault that he is a heterosexual Caucasian male from a privileged home country? Somehow I think not.

    I do agree with some on here that he has portrayed a passive aggressive presence in the past. Is that his fault? Or was that the status quo at that period of time?

    Still, any possible personality issues aside, this is a suicide attempt were discussing, and a close one at that. It is rather disturbing, morbid and sombre. I cannot comprehend why or how it got to that point for this e man. It is beyond belief as this is a respectable man in his prime with a family. I feel that increased sensitivity ought to be shown towards those who are public figures. I remember shortly after the 2017 general election, there was an online illustration depicting new mother Jacinda Ardern lying on a hospital bed with the physical appearance of a horse. Now this is not on, not humorous, and had she had postnatal depression and a lack of support at home and at work, I hate to think what the consequences may have been.

  12. Where would these little cunts be if these H8 laws were in place now? Fuck’n crying in a police cell somewhere I bet!


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