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  1. Tax financial transactions to help Covid recovery, G20 told

    “The world’s leading developed and developing countries have been told a tax on financial transactions could help them raise around $100bn a year to meet the costs of the Covid-19 pandemic, tackle climate change and boost job creation.

    Ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Venice on Friday, a letter from more than 100 economists said the immediate introduction of a financial transactions tax (FTT) would make economies more resilient and generate much-needed public investment.

    Nine members of the G20 already impose FTTs – including the UK’s stamp duty on share dealings – but the economists said all countries should make use of them, with the scope expanded and rates of tax increased.”

  2. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, with heritage and climate and environmental change denial.

    Stonehenge may be next UK site to lose world heritage status
    Britain is eroding global reputation for conserving its historic assets, culture bodies are warning

    The UK planners said don’t do the tunnel, logic says don’t do the tunnel but the neoliberals in the UK has got their tunnel through under Stonehenge!

    Wonder what will happen when the EU floods start hitting Southern UK with all their white elephant projects like the above?


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