Wait – what? Jacinda is now a Nazi?


Wait? What? Jacinda is now a Nazi?

I’m losing count of how many Nazis are at this protest now!

Dame Tariana Turia’s bizarre interview claim on Jacinda Ardern

Dame Tariana Turia has made a bizarre claim about Jacinda Ardern in an interview that saw her question the safety of Covid vaccines and reveal her own unvaccinated status.

In an interview with Karyn Hay on RNZ last night, Turia said she has no confidence in the leadership of Jacinda Ardern and accused her government of “bullying” the protesters.

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She compared the protest to the foreshore and seabed protests, which were met by government representatives.

“That’s our right as New Zealanders,” Turia said.

Valid criticism so far, but then things take a turn down crazy avenue…

The interview took a bizarre turn when Turia recalled footage she claimed to have seen of the PM ” almost” performing a Nazi salute.

“I have no confidence in her, I’ve seen a video of her that was on TV a while ago where she was doing almost a ‘Heil Hitler’ salute, as a young socialist.”

A moment of silence followed the comment, before Hay asked: “Are you serious?”

“I’m deadly serious,” Turia responded.

Asked if she believed that Ardern had Nazi sympathies, Turia said: “I certainly believe that she’s a socialist.”

“Nazi and socialist, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand,” Hay responded.

“Well, I don’t know so much,” Turia said.

…What. The. Hell?

Jacinda has never been a Nazi, her philosophy has nothing to do with the obscenity of a Fascist State, comparison of the health mandates to Nazi Germany are an abomination and openly claiming from a very confused place that Jacinda’s socialism is in any way associated with Nazism is something dementia Grandma comes up with, not a veteran Politician.

I have an enormous amount of respect for Dame Tariana Turia but she is offensively wrong in claiming Jacinda is a Nazi and it demands a public apology from Dame Tariana Turia.

It’s bad enough that the Middle Class Marxists are seeing Nazi’s everywhere, we don’t need Dame Tariana Turia adding to that.


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  1. Dame Turia’s well of ignorance has always been of great depth and considerable breadth. This display might just be enough to bury her once and for all.
    The collection of prominent drongo’s and cockheads with well lined pockets and access to NZ’s media is growing fast!
    Should be an entertaining weekend.

    • Shona. Is this the same Tariana Turia who proposed that motorists drive around in their automobiles tooting in admonishment at other drivers seen to be smoking, oblivious of the effects of unexpected toot toots on streets, roads, byways, roundabouts, bridges, intersections, railway crossings and secluded country lanes at dusk ?

      The lady whose relatives would have lived forever had they not partook of tobacco ?

      Please do not raise your arm in response, you may do an ‘almost’ and be forever damned; just nod or shake, ok ? Gratie.

  2. I saw a vehicle in the supermarket carpark today with a professionally made sign.
    “Hey Jabcinda, leave our kids alone.”
    I resisted the urge to wait and see who came to drive it away. Freedom = letting the inmates run the asylum.

    • And I saw a sign that said

      “You can’t vaccinate against stupid, especially when you catch the stupid virus from a Facebook algorithm”

  3. The Dame is unvaccinated and we wonder why the Maori vaccination rate is so low. Is she unable for medical reasons, or is she just anti vaccination. Being a leader amongst Maori and having now declared her non-covid vaccination status, is she also against other vaccinations like those for our tamariki? The Government has been accused of leaving Maori behind, and yet a Maori leader declares she is not vaccinated and labels the PM a Nazi; we are owed an explanation and the PM and Government an apology.

    • It’s increasingly just rhetorical confetti like so many similar words that used to have specific and sinister meaning and are now just a catch all for whoever disagrees is evil/unclean/tainted and deserves to be excommunicated.

      Unless you’re talking about actual neo-nazis like the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine who the US are currently funding to fight Russia.

      • Pierre Trudeau is in big trouble in the Canadian parliament for carelessly tossing the Nazi word around, including at Jewish politicians, descendants of Holocaust victims, and war veterans who fought Nazism. It’s schoolyard name calling which achieves nothing.

    • My father, who was put on transport in the second World War in Europe, knew….

      Primo Levi has written books that will inform you intelligently. ‘If This Is a Man’ and ‘The Drowned and The Saved’ are a good start.

      Turia should be deeply ashamed of herself. So deeply.

    • You tell us Jeremy? You seem to have the National Party’s Goebbels’ job at the moment. The utter tripe that comes out of your Mum’s basement. You really need to watch Idiocracy (2006), to give a context for what you and your beloved National Party are proposing in 2022.

      • No idea what you are talking about.
        My mother died over 15 years ago and in our family home there was no basement.
        Think in the absence of anything sensible you revert to personal insults which is a common occurrence on this site by many particularly left leaning.

  4. Dame Turia sounds like all over-elevated nobility, full of fancies. She has referred in the past to NZ having had a holocaust, now this inflammatory and derogatory language.

    Jews may feel insulted and hurt as the word commonly used for the attempt of their destruction ‘Holocaust’ being utilised for any other violation of human respect. Dame Turia has possible Anerican Native Indian
    blood as well as Maori.
    Turia was born in 1944 to an American (probably Native American) father[1] and Māori mother. Her Māori roots are Ngāti Apa, Ngā Rauru, and Tūwharetoa iwi, among others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tariana_Turi
    The USA Indians have not been well treated, so she knows about the history of privation and bad leadership.

    PM Ardern shouldn’t have this slanging off about her, in a rabble-rousing fashion. It isn’t productive from leaders with their own sense of grievance, encouraging young or vulnerable minds with overpowering grievances. One never knows what they may feel encouraged to do. This should stop, and I can’t understand why there was not a halt put upon this hyperbole after the original remark by the lady herself, if Maori want to take the high ground in discussions about behaviour.

  5. What a disgraceful embarrassing comment from Turia. I thought she was a socialist but this confirms that she and the Maori party are covert tories in Nationals camp which was their downfall in 2017 and will now be in 2023. Im afraid she has insulted all those Maori battalion and Kiwi soldiers who fought against the nazis in WWI and II. My father was shot up by the nazis in Crete and I also lost an uncle killed by nazi bullets there. So she supports the Mongrol mob who go around with swastikas on their jackets/helmets and yelling seig heil. Tariana has lost her credibility and needs to get over the Helen Clark and Labour thing. I joined the Hikoi in Wellington but didnt support her party. I also voted for JT and NZF in 2019 as I knew the Labour/Green configuration would win I was glad Labour took the line they did to ensure Brash didnt win the election. He was only a handful of votes away from being government and the Maori seats, seabed and foreshore, Waitangi claims would have been gone before lunch time. The Maori party needs to join National and Act and meet their people, the protesters and tell them to bugger off.

  6. Nz is a tinder box at the moment. Everyone is losing their collective minds and it will only get worse when the economy goes south soon. The PM and her inner circe started the name calling. In an inflamed situation the other side bites back.

    Fester, standing off to the side can’t believe his luck. Fence sitting with an all care no responsibility approach never looked so good. Honest John is priming his racehorse for the right race to win.

    • Frank the T. The name calling started way back with John Key infamously labelling Nicky Hager a conspiracy theorist and journalists accepting Key’s glib words rather than addressing Hager’s scholarly published research. A couple of other Nats were just as bad – Bill English negatively labelling our young men was very insidious and damaging.

      Muldoon pioneered dismissing arguments with personal insults galore eg ‘I don’t know how can stand there in such a silly shirt saying things like that’. I’d be surprised if the personal insults preceded Muldoon, but anything’s possible. Name calling is another global phenomenon, unfortunately.

  7. Well that settles it… it’s not reds hiding under the bed… its Nazi’s. And they’re seemingly everywhere.

    At the risk of appearing woke… maybe we should cancel anyone who involves Nazis in the next 6 months.

  8. If you think NZ is full of Nazis now just wait until the influx of Texan doomsday preppers make NZ home when Jacinda opens up the immigration tap to full flow again.

    • indeed biggy…

      roll up roll up git yer luvverly passport hier onleee 1million bucks a pop, get em here, get ’em while they’re hot, hot luvverly passports

  9. Tell me Martyn, why exactly do you have “an enormous amount of respect for Dame Tariana Turia”?

    • Yes, I want to know that too. I admired some of the things she did, or attempted to do for Maori, but I found her manner to be bullying.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. Possibly because well bred persons have a natural respect for their elders. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Asians exemplify this well – Indians not so good, but they do generally respect the mother and the matriarch. None of them are people who place their elders in care, and they help to care for ours.

      • I see. So Martyn – apparently being well-bred – will show similar volumes of respect for other senior citizens. Like, say, Phil Goff? Or Don Brasch?

        • Hmm. I don’t know the lad’s genetic makeup, or the circs of his upbringing, nor the current gender id’s of Goff and Brash, so I need to take time out on this one, quite a long time.

  10. To Immigrant: I am sorry for what happened to your father. I agree with you – Tariana Turia should be deeply ashamed of herself.

    To Nikorima: My father was captured on Crete and taken as a POW to Lamsdorf in Poland (there was a branch of Auschwitz very close to where he was held captive) until he was eventually repatriated. He never spoke much about his war experiences but always spoke of the 28th Maori Battalion in glowing terms and spoke of their incredible bravery always. He lost 2 brothers during the war – one on the Sangro River in Italy and the other in Egypt. He would be rolling in his grave if he could see what is happening with this so-called protest movement. The thing that guts me more than anything else is to see Maori standing with the likes of Kyle Chapman (who is helping to organise the protests) and who firebombed a marae.

  11. So Nazi’s are socialists now? Tariana needs to up her meds on this evidence.. This is beyond ridiculous.. It’s actually disturbing that someone this ignorant and unbalanced could be a peer…

    • she picked up the – national socialists = socialist – rightard lie on the net and being at best a 40watt bulb soaked it up.

  12. As a person said at some point on tik tok.

    “when you die you don’t know you’re dead, it’s only difficult for everyone else…….it’s the same when you’re stupid”

  13. Hang on a minute…? ( I love you @ Kim Hill. )
    Nothing, from Adern, renounces neoliberalism ( AKA neoliberal-capitalist facisim. )
    No wonder Tariana’s freaking the fuck out.
    Same-same. No difference.

  14. I am sorry I lol when I heard this……

    It is a very serious situation we are in. We really are, but the absurdity curve gets higher by the moment. It’s all in the “salute”

    And now my sympathies are with Jacinda.

    But it is a bit like clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

    Sometimes it seems like humour is all we be got!

  15. An online news sight had the headline Turia calls Adern a Socialist !!!!

    Tariana has no idea what constitutes a NAZI or a Socialist come to that.

    Adern is no more a Socialist than Margert Thatcher was when she was PM.

    For fucks sake this name calling is getting tedious and actually might have credibility if the mindless idiots that make up half of our population actually knew what these titles actually mean and then stopped , drew breath and had a lye down.

    Turia objected to being labelled a reverse racist so she of all people should know better.

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