Bill English’s true legacy


This image more than any other sums up Bill’s legacy. New Zealand vs Old Zealand. 

It is respectful to allow Bill English his day yesterday without comment, but today I’m really going romper stomper on all this ’27 years of public service’ praise by highlighting the enormous social policy damage this fundamentalist inflicted upon NZ

This line by the mainstream media that Bill English somehow saved NZ from the GFC highlights their media elitism. Bill English protected the middle classes from GFC by throwing beneficiaries onto the streets – that’s not a hero, that’s a coward!

And let’s be clear, I’m not be facetious here, when challenged about the Billion dollar hole in Government funds early in National’s rule and asked where he would make that money up, Bill simply told NZ, from beneficiaries.

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What many always missed about Bill English is that he was a fanatical Catholic. For English, the greatest sin was state welfare which allowed the poor to gravitate towards secular institutions as providers instead of fearing God.

He was viciously anti-gay and aggressively anti-abortion…


English has spent the last eight years deep in the budget books, where he is clearly a fiscal conservative, but nowhere near as ideologically driven as say, Ruth Richardson. On social issues however, this Catholic man is very solidly to the right.

He voted against the legalisation of same sex marriage. He voted against civil unions. He voted against prostitution law reform. He voted for a 2005 bill that sought to clarify that marriage should only be between men and women.

English is perhaps most vocal on abortions. In 1997 he said Parliament had “fallen short in our duty to protect the unborn child”.

Anti-abortion groups list him as a supporter.

As Health Minister, he actively attempted to reduce the number of abortions, introducing a booklet about “other options” and foetal development.

His wife Mary, who is a Wellington GP, is on a list of doctors who have reportedly refused to provide abortion services or contraception. She told NZME that the pair were “both conservatives on anti-abortion issues”.

…he was driven by a far Right God to redesign the neoliberal welfare state so that even less State money continues to support the valueless and sinful existence of solo mothers.

English was far more dangerous than Key ever was. Key was a self serving populist who looked after Key first, English was a religious zealot whose Southern drawl and dryness masked a hard right moralistic fanatic.

The horrific failure of State House privatisation is now apparent, the horrific manner in which English had duped the mainstream narrative that he’s dumping tens of thousands off welfare under the guise of focusing on the truly needy few has been uncovered and his use of mass surveillance to demand big data from social agencies so he could spy on the children of the poor under the claim he’s helping them is Big Brother madness.

English rammed through hard right moral doctrine to appease his angry right wing God. He killed off secular Government social obligations which he saw were sinful by pretending to resource only the truly needy. It’s a clever way to fool people, but it’s simply making the neoliberal welfare state even more punishing and more draconian.

English focused on mutilating the State’s capacity to fund and dispense its social obligations so that desperate people are pushed towards God or Gods representatives on Earth.

English also stopped the recent cannabis reform in Parliament.

English mocked climate change.

English was the one who controversially signed off on the Kim Dotcom case that has put NZ on the hook for $6.8billion in damages if Kim wins.

English claimed to have seen the SAS footage where our troops are alleged to have committed a war crime and claimed he saw no evidence of that. When that tape finally surfaces, Bill will be proven a liar.

Bill’s deception over the Todd Barclay tapes gave a stark insight into how ruthless and manipulative he really was and staring down the barrel and telling NZ that Labour had a $11.7billion hole when he knew that was a lie was him at his most desperate to win.

And what of Bill’s beloved farming community that he cares for so much? What has he left them as a legacy? An industry that steals and pollutes water, that is selling base ingredients to China, who has many mortgaged up to the eyeballs because of dairy intensification and an industry that now faces oblivion because of  technological advances in synthetic meat and milk.

All his life, from gay rights, abortion rights, marriage equality, climate change and cannabis reform, this man has been on the wrong side of history. In the end his religious fervour and his value system generated huge social welfare ideas that were more punishing and less compassionate than he ever intended, that’s because Bill’s sense of love never extended to his fellow human being, it was always set by a distant and angry God.

After 27 years of public service, Bill deserves his rest and he deserves his family time, but my only gratitude is that he has gone, not that he served.

In the end he was all haka with no mana.





  1. Bill English is not a Christian, that is for sure. He is a neoliberal helping his rich mates make more money. And that TPP??!! He is selling our country out for the international corporate world to take our sovereignty away from us. The Catholic thing is a facade. Please don’t bring Christianity in this because English gives it a bad name.

    • 100% correct JACKP


  2. Hear hear.
    NZ will be a WAY better place without his ability to effect it.
    A cruel and heartless religious fanatic. Who only ‘did well’ because of the mass propaganda of a complaint, complicit and corrupt NZ Media

  3. Yeah, well, we all know that. Thus, meh.
    My curiosity was derailed for a moment by your weirdy snuggle fest for the fucker.

    “ It is respectful to allow Bill English his day yesterday…”
    Is it? That’s nice dear.

    What kind of cuddle frenzy do you go into when you find that homeless man sitting in his own filth under that cash machine on Ponsonby Rd then? You must warp in to, then back out of, a parallel universe with the vibrations of the reason and fairness of it all.
    “Southern drawl and dryness masked a hard right moralistic fanatic….”
    Did it? I see. How about the Damp Northern Nostril Squeak from those spending money they never earned while not at all masking the Bankster-lobbyist given right to use cunning accountants to create off-shore trust funds to fuck us all on the deal? And that’s certainly something the Dipton Dribbler and his God knows something about.

    Do you bump into things often? Like lamp posts, doors, others?
    Open you eyes. Both literal and metaphorical.
    Lets see now.
    bill english.
    A Farmer living in Wellington, pulling his little political strings for Banksters while aided and abetted by a degree in money fiddling for the riche who adjust the economy to keep proper farmers permanently suffocating in debt to ransack them for their money.
    How many words was that? Lets count them shall we. For those without a commerce degree? Just wait and still your wriggling little selves. I might try to explain with pictures later.
    Forty Three words did it. I’ve just explained, in forty three words, why, as a beautiful, rich, clean, wondrous country with a scant few 4.7 million fabulous people are fucked.

    Poverty, homelessness, bankster initiated suicide, terrible stress and anxiety, loss of homes, stripped of pride, dignity and belonging and you give the prick a day off? We should be scraping his remains off the footpath then flushing them down the shitter.

  4. I have physically seen poverty all around me,I hear ideas to help alleviate pain and suffering but the one thing I have not seen, is Bill’s god. Did Bills god put in a vote on the euthanasia bill or on the cannabis reform bill? Because when the votes were counted, there was not an extra vote from God counted.

    • Maybe not but God’s soldier in Parliament gave instructions to vote along party lines not conscience. It was that that effectively defeated the cannabis reform…

      • True that!

        Unfortunately Gods soldier had many Judas’s lined up for his position. Judas Collins at the forefront.

  5. Wrong side of history? Whatever. Depends on what your views are. He is entitled to his beliefs, and his beliefs are in line with the Christian beliefs NZ was founded upon, rather than the heathenistic beliefs of the left.
    So scared of religion guys and gals, and attack all you will. God is the only judge and jury though, not u. Bill has integrity, but go on, kick a man when he is down…just as nasty as vile Winston.


    • And God said unto William of Dipton, “William, you are a good bloke, you are salt of the earth and you will be a leader of your nation. Take your accommodation supplement and supplement your bounteous rewards for you are doing good. Unto them that hath shall be given and you hath more than your fair share so go you good thing. Let me remind you that I move in mysterious ways.” William took these things to his heart and dipped unto himself as God had instructed.

    • If Jesus was alive today and living in Epsom, would he have voted for David Seymour, Paul Goldsmith or Leighton Baker?

    • Miles I was raised in a christian household where we said grace and thanked others for the food on our plate. We fight for the underdog, the poor, the dispossessed and we help our fellow human beings in many ways. Nowhere do I see what English has done as in line with Christian beliefs. Unless of course you are referring to the old testament, an eye for an eye etc. Christ through the money lenders out of the temple. Christ was a charitable do gooder. English has never ever been any of these things.

      To suggest English has any integrity or is honourable in anyway is to make a mockery of those two words.

  6. The interesting comment above (for me) is from Miles. What the hell does religion have to do with being a bare-faced liar and a failure as a statesman? Who cares what he believed? Who cares what you believe?Its what we do, who we support that counts in this life. Bill English was just a pathetic yes-man as a politician, no more no less–he might be a good bloke in real life, and a good Christian, but as a leader of this country he was just a stooge. Key was the nasty evil little man that ripped off NZ via foreign exchange dealings and was then asked to become its PM by the cynical powers that be in the National Party—oh yes, and then leaves Bill with the mess–slippery as a moray eel was our John Key. Bill English is a naive clodhopper compared to him.

  7. The Double Dipper.

    You say he was a fanatical Catholic fundamentalist.

    I say he was nothing but a Jesuit globalist , – whose ultimate God they worship is in fact not Jesus Christ , – but Lucifer.

    And that’s how the shitter could sleep well at nights after inflicting so much social harm and suffering.

    And if he personally wasn’t a Jesuit , – you can bet your bottom dollar he is in contact with , or taking directions from, the Jesuits in New Zealand. Even the Catholic Church cant get rid of the Jesuits. They have wormed their way into that church over the centuries and now even have a Jesuit as the Pope.

    Go figure.

  8. There’s not much to say about a man who’s had a taxpayer paypacket for 27 years and all that he’s achieved is, being the most ‘Unelected” PM in NZ history.

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