Political Caption Competition

It's only political theatre when the Left do it


It’s only political theatre when the Left do it


  1. The Left blocked the streets with their cars??
    (The Left have that many cars/ suvs/ nifty lil runabouts??? – a rate of 800 cars to 1,000 “protestors” at one stage)
    The Left ran their cars into the line of cops?
    The Left put cops into hospital?
    The Left knowingly spread an infectious disease?
    The Left threw their excrement at cops and stated intentions to do so again?
    The Left made multiple, repeated threats to kill the PM, with detailed descriptions of how they would do that?
    The Left were backed by multi-millionaires?
    The Left, – more than 100,000 of them here in AO/NZ one ONE day, not long ago, – received any equivalent kind of media coverage, showing the depth and breadth of that concern???

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