UPDATE: Did Julie Anne Genter just lose the Green Party co-leadership?


Judith’s new ‘Leader of the Opposition’ office was controversial for it’s addition of an armoury and Cameron Slater as her Secretary. “Some say they don’t know what’s more dangerous, semi-automatic rifles or Whaleoil’, Judith cackled.

I don’t know what the hell was going through her mind, but Julie Anne Genter has sent this out…

…but Judith doesn’t care about Transport, she cares about building more bloody roads!!! Put that to one side, let’s be quite clear here, in my opinion, Judith Collins represents the greatest danger to NZ politics in its truest sense than anyone since Muldoon.

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There’s a great story about establishment National Party identities debating Judith ever becoming leader and their genuine fear – so the story goes – was that none of them could hand on heart ever rule out Judith declaring martial law.

Judith’s deep connection with Slater and Lusk and the dark means with which ‘someone’ has been destabilising Bill’s Leadership since the Todd Barclay leaks alongside her Orivada scandal, her acquiescence to Chinese business interests and her need to stand down for an inquiry into whether or not she was planning a hit on the Head of the Series Fraud Office all mark her out as a threat to NZ democracy, certainly not its fucking champion.

I am going to believe that Julie Anne Genter is being sarcastic here, and that this tweet is a joke because NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE with any progressive intelligence whatsoever would allow someone as dangerous as Judith Collins anywhere near power.

And anyone championing Judith’s rise to power, can not be trusted with it themselves.

If your need for identity politics strips you of your wisdom, then you don’t deserve to be in the game in the first place.

But I am certain Julie Anne was being flippant and not genuine. It is however something Green Party members voting will need a clear answer to before they vote.

UPDATE: I have been assured that Julie Anne Genter’s tweet was a tongue in cheek joke.


  1. So it seems widely acknowledged by the twitterati to be some kind of in joke among that crowd …. but I’m not interested enough to start seeking the origins.

    In short though no, she hasn’t; the relevant 11.5 people + 2 who identify as other animate objects seem all to be in on the gag.

  2. I hope Genter wins the co leaders role! You cant let the maori have it! Look what the Greens did to the last wahine! They hung her out to dry!

    I predict, the Greens are on track for their own internal “BloodFest!” The “Left against the Right!

    • Totally untrue statement Denny. The Green membership stuck with Metiria right till the time she decided to resign. As for an “internal bloodfest” – a complete load of bollocks. Everyone I know likes both candidates very much and it will simply come down to who wins the vote at branch meetings. You don’t seem to like the Green Party so I think your comment is based more on attacking the party than any concern you have for Metiria.

  3. Yes Martyn,

    Crusher Collins wants to destroy totally our rail system and build truck roads for her trucking mates, as she denied even the positive rail report generated by her transport ministry.

    She said she was “unaware of it until it was released last month.


    Bloody lair Judith Collins is!!!!!!!!

    Crusher Collins came out when Labour released this hidden rail report from NZTA/Kiwirail Earnest young study on “the value of rail in NZ” that proved rail was very viable and was saving our economy $1.5 Billion a year as of now, and national hid the 2016 report for months and that says it all about this lying woman.

    True this you said Martyn.

    “But I am certain Julie Anne was being flippant and not genuine. It is however something Green Party members voting will need a clear answer to before they vote.”

    • Railways again Cleangreen, is there no subject that you can’t insert your railway pet into? Labour have already spent\allocated all the money for this term, I think you believe what is said in campaign mode (promise everything to everyone) as gospel! Just look at the opposition to the TPP and now they are in Govt it will be signed next month 🙂

  4. We shouldn’t lose our sense of humour. It was “tongue in cheek” as Julie Ann says on her Twitter feed in case overly serious Lefties don’t get it.

  5. This is a more serious concern for those of us who opposed apartheid https://israelinstitute.nz/voters-guide/ “JULIE ANNE GENTER
    Julie Anne Genter is a member of the NZ-Israel Parliamentary Friendship group but has not made any public statements on the issues.” If this is true and not merely another piece of Israeli propaganda mischief then the Greens have a problem. NZ has shown itself opposed to apartheid in Palestine and Genter should not have anything to do with it

    • Thanks for flagging this Stephen. Would be interesting to know what her purpose is in being in that group. Might be relevant to the spokesperson roles she holds in the Greens? Being a member of such a group may be part of a strategy of building relationships with the goal of convincing Israel to voluntarily withdraw from its occupation of Palestine and so on. I think it wise to reserve judgement until we know more.

  6. Come on Bomber. This cllickbait headline is worthy of Whale Oil. A less sensational headline might have been ‘Was Julie Ann Genter’s Endorsement of Collins for Nat Leader a Joke?’

  7. I think Crusher is far more dangerous than Muldoon. Say what you will about the man and his mistakes but he genuinely cared about New Zealanders. Certainly he showed it in a bullish and polarising manner but he also did everything in his power to retain kiwi lifestyles and living standards. Frankly I think many of the older generation on the left unfairly demonise Muldoon and its created an unwarranted hysteria. In my honest opinion his government did less harm to the country than the fourth Labour and National governments. Ultimately Muldoon and Collins have completely different ideologies and hers is the far more dangerous neoliberal/globalist agenda. The only real comparison is the fear they incite in the left.

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