The dirty politics campaign to destabilise Bill English


One of these 3 men is going to stab the other two deep in the back and dump their corpses in a tunnel. Can you guess which one?   


How did media go from ‘Bill has leadership wobbles’ to ‘there are no leadership wobbles’ to ‘oh Bill’s gone’ – where were all our political journalists?

When it’s Labour, the media have wall to wall coverage of Labour’s leadership worries for months on end, when it’s National they all seem to just believe ‘there’s nothing to see here, move along’.

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If you can’t see this as a coup stretching back to the Todd Barclay leaks, then you don’t deserve to be a Political Journalist.

There has been a concerted campaign to destabilise Bill the moment the Todd Barclay leaks started in the middle of last year.

The way Winston’s super leak managed to damage everyone this group wanted to hurt.

The way Bill was purposely destabilised before the conference and the way Chris Bishop was set up with the snapchat allegations 24 hours before Bill stepped down so that Bishop couldn’t run are all obvious signals that this group’s grasp of dirty politics exceeds anyone else’s within National.

The winner will be the Collins/Bridges ticket with Judith as leader and Bridges as the deputy. This will immediately empower each of their pet Sith, Cameron Slater and Matthew Hooton.

If you thought Dirty Politics was bad before – prepare to see real horror.

Mark Mitchell is Judith’s boy and his entry into the leadership battle is merely to anoint  him so that when he suddenly steps down from National 6 months before the next election to become the leader of the Conservative Party  he gets a free run in his electorate and gives National their political partner to become the next Government.

It’s interesting that all the power players now moving into position to take the leadership are all former members of the controversial Slater and Lusk candidate preparation camps.

The Right are rising within National and expect them to usher in a level of dirty politics never seen before. They will ignite white rage and fan it with Chinese business money.

Think Simon Bridges is the reasonable member of that team? Watch this and watch the cute mask slip for a hard core right winger…

The real threat now to the new Government is that after banishing Matt McCarten, they have no one who can play at the level they need to protect themselves from a Slater/Hooton/Lusk onslaught.

There’s a great story about establishment National Party identities debating Judith ever becoming leader and their genuine fear – so the story goes – was that none of them could hand on heart ever rule out Judith declaring martial law.

Let that sink in.


  1. Dirty politics here Martyn? – here are two issues to consider now;

    From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am today
    Listen –
    He’s described the US as broke and is predicting its economy to go the way of the British Empire. Kathryn Ryan talks to the outspoken American economist Professor Laurence Kotlikoff about why he thinks that the biggest world hitters by the end of the century will be sub-Saharan Africa, then India, then the Middle East, followed by China.

    Where there is money involved all humanity goers out the door hence the saying, “money talks truth walks”

    So National right ultra wingers want to call on the trucking industry and the oil companies to bankroll their own futures so expect more attacks on the rail system as trucking/oil interests don’t want rail as there is no big fat profit in rail for them.

    This will further erode our climate change position and cause vast increased road costs with yet more trucks on our flimsy roads that national will eventually privatize to Chinese interests within “The silk road” planed roll out so sell your properties along truck roads folks as they will then decline in value.

  2. Thank god for you being there Martyn, keep it up.

    I have since 2001 been operating a community advocacy environmental group and as secretary I was attacked by national, and was hacked by National last week, after their hackers destroyed my total Microsoft 10 ‘operating system’ inside my latest computer.

    I had several computers with complete backup files on them, but you can see that those of us that cause problems for national are targets for their dirty politics.

    • That seems very strange to me. I’m extremely familiar with Microsoft Windows, and Windows 10 is incredibly secure. It’s (almost) impossible to brute force into a Windows PC if you’re not the NSA. Most hacking attempts can only be completed if the system operator (presumably you) allowed the hackers in (e.g. by enabling remote access), either directly or by inadvertently installing malware (e.g. from an email attachment or following instructions from a cold telephone call). I’d be interested in knowing the details of what actually happened, but I suspect it’ll be a result of user error as opposed to Windows security problems.

  3. If the NZ electorate wants a Collins/Bridges government promoted by “Slater/Hooton/Lusk”,then thats what we will have. But what would that say about the coalition. It would have to have failed everyone .
    D J S

  4. For him to have gone so suddenly without there being a clear indication who is to succeed him though is odd. You would expect it to be obvious who was in the frame.
    That might indicate that something more personal was involved. I wonder if his and Key’s similar departure are connected. Panama papers perhaps.
    D J S

  5. What’s Chinese for ‘ Don’t shoot! ‘ ?
    Oh, yeah. Nothing is.

    This serves us right if Martyn Bradbury’s projections are correct, and I think they are.

    We fucked around, we let those Natzo swine move about unimpeded and now they may be going to have a blood sport shoot out and we’re the game if the morons vote them back in and the last time I looked there’s no shortage of morons.

  6. Good. The sooner we have open civil war and throw the bodies of all colonists and traitors into the ocean, the better.

      • “Castro” is a sock puppet, probably operated by a pro-NatACT troll, who is playing to the stereotype that all leftists are violent thugs. Comments posted under the name “Castro” are never more than three sentences, are always promoting violence, and never contribute anything of value to the discussion. Please don’t dignify the troll with a response, even a thoughtful and relevant one like this.

  7. Thank you, Martyn, for showing the 14 October 2013 Campbell Live interview with Simon Bridges (I hope you keep a hard copy in a safe place – as it might soon be pulled from YouTube).
    On watching it the first time, I found myself paralysed by the horror of the personality that is Simon Bridges – on seeing it again, I am sickened with loathing. The story of the intrusion and consolidation of a corrupt, far right, political faction within the National party, is a solemn one: I’m deeply worried about how it is all going to end.

  8. “Mark Mitchell is Judith’s boy and his entry into the leadership battle is merely to anoint him so that when he suddenly steps down from National 6 months before the next election to become the leader of the Conservative Party, he gets a free run in his electorate and gives National their political partner to become the next Government.”

    A frightening thought! Could be effectively countered by Labour giving a free run to NZ First in Northland and to the Greens in Nelson though. Or they could follow the recommendations of the Electoral Commission and ban electoral coat-tailing before the next election.

    • Agree though, a Bridges and Collins attempt is made but I fear they are too fiery and over ambitions, it is Judith’ last chance, really. She will NEVER lead Nats into a major election, she is unelectable.

  9. Simon Bridges, the out of control squawking chicken. That screechy , arrogant little squeaker.

    Then there’s Collins, the foul tempered , oafish arrogant mutt.

    The pair of them . In a way , we have nothing to fear , and if they do try on the Dirty Politics they then present a target of themselves . To follow them ? , you’ll need to have sociopathic tendencies. In fact , they could be used to help bury National for a very , very long time.

    There are no socially redeeming factors in them , in fact , in any of the other pretenders to the throne besides the two mentioned . They lack the grease that John Key has / had and the false front facades of Bill English. All they have is arrogance and belligerence. And those are qualities no balanced person admires. And that tendency runs through all of the rest , – not just Collins and Bridges.

    All in all ? I’d say we are looking at a second term for Labour, Greens , and NZ First.

  10. Nice work Bomber. But don’t underestimate the work of Mr Blobby, the unmentioned member of the Lusk/Slater/Hooten training camps. On Mitchell, time to re-read the Dirty Politics chapter on him, a classic example of ruthless back-stabbing. And another ex-cop turned right-wing politician. The country needs less not more. The mention of his name makes my skin crawl.

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