What Bill English’s Big Brother Data Sharing will really do



Bill English wants to bring together 10 Government Departments so that they can use big data to profile at risk children, generate intelligence for a new Police Gang Intelligence unit, disqualify more people from welfare and allow real time mass surveillance data sharing with the NSA.

Appealing as that is, a 2015 report into WINZ found a staggering 122% increase in false information kept with the state department. Allowing other agencies access to false information only spreads that false information, it won’t correct it.

Big Brother watching you is bad enough, Big Brother lying about you manages to be worse.

If this is all news to you, as in the first time you are even hearing about this, that’s because you are probably watching Seven Sharp or Story.

Friends don’t let friends watch Seven Sharp or Story.


  1. I actively create false information with my internet use. My internet searches and such are completely random (I’m willing to waste my time), so the GCSB has no idea what I’m actually genuinely interested in looking at. As a bonus, it really increases your general knowledge.

  2. It really scares me hearing what Bill English is planning in the way of a “data highway” for government agencies to use.

    We do already have a situation where Departments like WINZ have a lot of extended powers that were given to them under our search and surveillance laws, now they go even further.

    What shocks me the most is, how casual and disinterested so many out in the public are about this.

    They may think, ah, it won’t affect me, or that they have nothing to hide, and hence it will only effect those causing trouble and costs for society. But this seems to be a gradual trend the government follows, to give ever so much more power to government agencies and those working with or for them.

    I have first hand experience with how WINZ and other agencies recorded flawed and false information about me, some time ago, and when it was raised, they first denied any wrongdoing.

    People should file OIA and Privacy Act requests with any government agency or department they have had dealings with, I encourage everyone to do this, and ask for copies of their files.

    They will in many cases be shocked what will have been kept in information about them.

    • Yes, it won’t be long before things like access to surgical proceedures are determined by our profiles as are built from this data. Why waste medical dollars on the unemployed etc.

  3. It really scares me hearing what Bill English is planning in the way of a “data highway” for government agencies to use.

    The National Government are now addicted to snooping on us all and it will drive crime underground now as we have seen before in history.

    So we revert again all of us and will tend to meet as groups in secret to plot our strategies, knowing that the corrupt government “stazi” type GCSB are stymied trying to trace our dally activities, and remember to leave you cell phone in a car and don’t bring to a meeting as they can snoop into what is going on with live feed through the cell phone circuitry without you even knowing now.

  4. Bill English and Seven Sharp ( Mike Hose KING ) have some things in common. Both are boring as hell and both think that the people believe all of their BS and trust their every word.

    Both try and pull the wool over the people eyes and both feel they are authorities when they are only silly and laughable and not serving our country with much other that lies and propaganda.

  5. The noose is tightening around the neck of the Working Class.

    Our Neo-Liberal government controls both major parties, and is actively working to create a totalitarian super-state run by Corporations. In this near-future, ordinary people not only have no power, but even the mildest gesture of resistance will bring down the full weight of repression on the individual, “as an example to the others”.

    There is only one slim chance of avoiding this fate. We must organise the residents of every electorate in New Zealand to vote OUT every Establishment party member, and vote IN independent local citizens of impeccable moral character who will represent the people of their district.

    The conventional Party-political logic of avoiding independents and continually voting in heavily compromised party-political apparatchiks is a completely failed strategy. It has not delivered results for over 50 years, and it is time to abandon it.

    If we continue following the once-every-three-years hope-and-pray election cycle, our precious democracy will be handed over to the Global Corporate Elites with a bow on it. As Bernie Sanders says, “we need a Political Revolution.”


    The only path forward lies in rejecting all Party-political Establishment politicians, in favour of local citizen-funded direct representatives of impeccable character, who will sit in Parliament and in Local Councils and cooperate with other like-minded reps for the good of the majority of the citizens.

    If this can be accomplished in a majority of electorates, the entire country will change for the better. But if we can’t manage this for whatever reason, then it really is over. This is our last chance.

  6. hmmm living in poverty on welfare and even being denied the right to have a partner (without being subject to even greater levels of poverty)…


    becoming a martyr and going to prison at the tax payers expense (maybe 8 or 9 times the cost of a benefit) but getting…
    – heating in winter
    – no more electricity bills
    – health care and free medicine
    – careers training and counselling
    – accommodation (no more threat of homelessness, no more asshole landlords increasing rent)
    – free criminal training in how to be a *real* criminal
    – no more winz
    – stay is extendable at no extra financial penalty

    Yes, I am sure everyone will say *free sex* but at least WINZ won’t be prosecuting over that.

    Welcome to the Real New Zealand. A land of plenty if you are rich.

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