By Hiding History Media Fuels Genocide


On April 15th 1956, speaking at the funeral of an Israeli settler killed by Palestinians near Gaza, Moshe Dayan, then chief of the Israeli general staff, acknowledged the historical context of the Palestinians’ struggle :

“What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived. … We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood.” 

This week Consortium News reminds it readers that no conflict can be understood without first understanding its history. Which is why historical context is routinely suppressed by corporate media, such as in the Palestinian-Israel conflict and the war between Russia and Ukraine. They don’t want us to understand.

For establishment journalists, the violence in Gaza began on Oct. 7, 2023 and in Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. 

Understanding the Palestinian conflict from 1948 forward, and the Ukraine war from the 2014 overthrow of the Ukrainian government and the start of the civil war completely changes one’s perception.

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So establishment media hides this history because it’s a perception they don’t want you to have. It goes against its agenda to promote Western foreign policies, rather than reporting on them. 

Dayan understood the indispensability of historical context, even when it pointed to Israel’s guilt.

It’s a history of the still ongoing process of the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by Israel, in the face of the foundational myth of a land without people for a people without a land. It’s a history understood by student protestors across the U.S., which is why the state and the media want them silenced. 



  1. But thankfully we have the likes of Gaby to bring up historical events such as the holocaust. Goodness what the Palestinians had to do with that terrible event but it somehow justifies slaughter in Gaby’s Star of David eyes.

  2. A better starting point to understand Palestine is 1917 when the Ottoman Empire collapsed. By 1948, inter-communal conflict and suspicion already had a history.

    • In some sense, but that was a “wild west” under British occupation period.
      1948 is the relevant modern point because it was the culminating action. Racist imperialist powers using the UN to rubber stamp the last great racist colonisation, the Zionist state, at the time the UN was advancing into neo-colonialism by promoting “self-determination” so the imperialists could control the third world from afar.
      THe Zionist agenda “none of the people, all of the land”, and its vessel, the Israeli Jew supremacist state, is the issue. End Zionism, ask for forgiveness, build a path of decolonisation and reconciliation like NZ and other can help with.

    • I prefer the Philistine/Palestine history starting from 12th century BCE when it was first recorded by the 20th dynasty of Egypt, it fascinating learning about the great cities of ancient Ashod and Gaza.

    • Or how about starting with what the Europeans and US were doing when there were boats with Jewish refugees on board. They didn’t exactly send Hitler signals that they would not tolerate Jewish persecution. All that guilt and the Palestinians have to put up with it.

      • Because the Ottoman Empire had controlled Palestine for several centuries before 1917, and then the British drove them out and everything was unset. Before 1917, Zionism was not a credible option in Palestine.

        Then there was the 1922(?) Sykes-Picot agreement between the French and British, and the 1917 Balfour Declaration. I’m sure
        Stephen is knowledgable about that.

        In the early 1920s there were anti-Jewish riots in Jerusalem, and in the 30s there were anti-Muslim riots by Jews.

    • “A better starting point to understand Palestine is 1917 when the Ottoman Empire collapsed….” Ada

      The Ottoman Empire didn’t just collapse. The Ottoman Empire was brought to its knees in conflict with the British Empire – and not least, by the wars of resistance and liberation for independence from the Ottoman Empire by the Arab peoples.

      The Ottoman Empire was brought down by national liberation movements, but also by war with both the British and Tzarist Empires.
      Imperialist powers often back indigenous independence movements to weaken their imperial rivals. There are many historical examples of this.

      British Empire supports the Arabs to fight the Ottoman Empire:
      The Ottoman Empire Page 8 – The Arab Revolt, 1916-18
      ….the seaplane carrier HMS Ben-My-Chree – to support the Arab forces. The ships bombarded Turkish fortifications and aircraft from Ben-My-Chree attacked Turkish troops in the field, disrupting their efforts to defeat the advancing rebels on the landward approaches. By the end of July the ports of Jiddah, Yanbu and Rabegh were in Arab hands, allowing the British to greatly increase their supply of arms and equipment to the Arab forces in the Hejaz.

      The German imperialists support the Irish to fight the British imperialists:
      An Phoblacht/Republican News, 17 November 1994
      ….In the years prior to 1916, the assistance of Germany in supplying arms and ammunition for the Irish Volunteers was essential for the planning of the Easter Rising.
      Following the success of the Howth gun-running in July 1914, when munitions were landed from the Asgard and the outbreak of the war in Europe the following month, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) lost no time in establishing direct contact with the German authorities…..
      ….the Irish revolutionaries would take advantage of the war to strike for independence and would need arms and trained officers….

      The US imperialists support the Taliban to fight the Soviet imperialists:
      …..during the 1980s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a significant role in inserting U.S. influence in Afghanistan by funding military operations designed to frustrate the Soviet invasion of that country.
      …..Fighting between CIA-funded Afghans and the Russians with their Khalq allies continued through 1988.
      …..the last Soviet forces left Afghanistan in early 1989, but warfare continued as the rebel forces contested with the Khalq regime for control of Kabul.
      …..In the final stages of that struggle the Taliban began to emerge as a major force in Afghan politics and it subsequently drove the Northern Alliance from Kabul.

      US imperialist support for Ukraine’s fight against Russian Federation imperialism:
      Greenleft, Federico Fuentes and Howie Hawkins, February 2, 2023

      ….The Ukrainians who have organised their people’s war of mass participation in both military and civil resistance to Russia’s invasion are developing the experience and sense of empowerment that can be employed to resist Western economic imperialism as well as domestic reaction….

      ….If you say you support Ukraine’s right to self-determination but oppose sending them the arms they need to defend themselves, you do not really support Ukraine’s self-determination. You support disarming Ukraine and Russia’s recolonisation of Ukraine…..
      We should be against wars of aggression, but not against armed self-defence against such aggression. We must distinguish between the violence of the oppressor and the fight back of the oppressed.
      …. it is up to Ukrainians to define what victory ultimately means to them. We are not opposed to diplomacy and negotiations. We are opposed to the US negotiating a settlement with Russia over the heads of the Ukrainians.
      …..The call for negotiations we are hearing in the US is really a call for the US to use the leverage of its military and economic aid to force Ukraine to accept an unjust peace based on Ukrainian land concessions to Russia. The Ukrainians aren’t having it. Polls by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology show consistently overwhelming opposition to a peace settlement that concedes land to Russia: its December poll shows 85% of Ukrainians oppose conceding territory to Russia in exchange for peace….

      Should we condemn all these indigenous independence movements fighting against the imperialist invaders and occupiers, because they sought arms and support from their colonial oppressor’s imperialist rivals?

        • Malcolm Evans for one. Malcolm Evans supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and denounces the Ukrainian people for resisting this invasion.

          I take apart his bullshit here:

          The flotilla to break the siege of Gaza has been held up in Turkey when the US and Israel put pressure on Guinea-Bissau, where the flotilla’s ships are registered, to deflag these ships, preventing them sailing for Gaza.

          The Russian Federation which reflags their own ships all the time, and has an embassy in Ankara has refused to help.

          The Russian Federation failure to lift a finger to help the Palestinian people of Gaza, reflects the Russian Federation’s own imperialist strategic interests and diplomatic links with Israel and their mutual support.

          From Wikipedia:

          Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, relations took a downturn during Yair Lapid’s tenure as Prime Minister of Israel.[3][4] Relations improved after Netanyahu’s return as Prime Minister, although cooler than they were before the invasion.[5] Unlike many Western countries, Israel has maintained relations with the Kremlin, refused to impose sanctions against Russia, and rejected calls to send defensive weaponry to Ukraine.[6]….

          • Pat, you have a habit of misrepresenting other people’s opinions. You did that once with regard to myself, and I believe that you are doing it here in regard to Malcolm Evans. It is time for you to stop.

      • No, but in no case has it served a liberation movement well to enlist the support of a rival imperialist power. How did it profit the Arabs to involve Britain in their war with the Ottoman empire? How did it profit Irishmen to seek assistance from Germany? Or Ukraine to ally with NATO? We also have to rely exclusively on our own people in the struggle to achieve our own freedom. There is no other way.

      • To get down to specifics. Arab collaboration with the British resulted in the British mandate over Palestine and Iraq and decades of British atrocities, despotic and autocratic monarchies being installed in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq, and ultimately the many wars and conflicts which have raged in the region since the end of World War II.
        Irish collaboration with Germany ended in ill-judged rebellions which for all their heroism were adventurist and doomed to fail. It also gave Britain the pretext it needed to ruthlessly suppress the cause of Irish nationalism.
        Ukrainian collaboration with NATO initiated a disastrous civil war, followed by a totally unnecessary war with Russia and all the suffering and loss of freedoms that entailed.
        The Taliban collaboration with the CIA was equally misguided. To the extent that you are reaching out to and relying upon outside imperialist forces, you are neglecting the voice of your own people, and, most importantly, you are tempted to over reach and to ignore the potential for securing truce and reconciliation on the domestic front.
        I struggle to find any instance in which outside intervention has worked to the long term benefit of any people. The imperial powers are only interested in installing their own choices to government. When they can’t establish a nasty little puppet dictatorship, they try to co-opt popular movements to their own ends.
        If it came to another civil war between the colonialist regime and tangata motu, no doubt there would be states in the outside world which would be happy to offer us military assistance but it would be wise of us not to accept, for all the reasons above.

    • According to commentator Ben Shapiro, a better starting point is 3500 years ago because Jews lived in the middle east back then. And that should be the context for right of return.

      It is the most ludicrous argument. Try this. All the Irish in Boston should be allowed to settle on land back in Ireland. The Aotearoa Maori should get to settle on lands now controlled by the USA government in Hawaii. Native Americans should be able to settle on land in Siberia. Any group that has been exiled or emigrated gets to recoup their land losses from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

      A better starting point is Today. Ceasefire.

    • hmmm how did the Ottoman empire collapse ??? WWI perhaps …..

      Who won that war ??? ,,,, The British empire and others perehaps …

      The british promised the land (via an officially recognized state) that they did not own to two different groups of people ,,, one group being the people who were living there ( the Palestinians ) ,,, the other group being the Zionists who largely lived elsewhere….. The Zionists got their state …

      And there has been a shit-ton of unresolved trouble and violence ever since ….

      It’s almost like you’d have to go to zionist supporters homes/house’s and evict them under gunpoint, change the locks, and remove them from the titles ,,,, to show that the Palestine Israel conflict is not complicated to understand at all ….

      … It would be fun to do,,, but we’d create a ‘terrorist’ problem from all the dispossession the now very angry zionist supporters themselves experienced….

      I mean what would they do ??????

    • Jews were very much a minority in 1917, the British are largely to blame for allowing them to recolonise the area – although in the context of ww2 it waspossibly the humane thing to do. I always find it ironic when a nation founded by terrorism claims to be fighting to eradicate terrorists.

  3. And when they hide that history, they endorse the crimes that the zionists committed and continue to commit. Every media outlet that hides the fact that zionists have been poisoning wells with biological weapons for longer than the ‘state’ of ‘israel’ has existed, supports the use of WMD against civilians.

  4. “in the face of the foundational myth of a land without people for a people without a land.”

    That reminds me of the leader of another nation (and various government spoke-people) who says a similar thing. About how a certain country was never really a country. It’s become a more common statement since they invaded. In this case though it’s the country being invaded that are the aggressors it seems.

    Probably just more MSM lies though as they hide the truth from us idiots.

  5. At least Moshe Dayan & Golda Meir knew where their ancestor came from unlike the current bunch using the bible to justify their DNA. And isn’t the Universities protest upholding their constitutional rights to free speech? Its preformative BS when we see Winnie da Pooh and other western politicians standing up at the UN pretending to be on the side of the Palestinians. Even when genocide Biden claims that he won’t send any more weapons if apartheid israel breaches human rights as they’ve already given them enough weapons in their previous batch sent.

    Free Palestine

  6. The Media Fuels Genocide in more ways than one

    Referring to all figures for the death toll in Gaza as coming from the “Hamas Run Health Ministry” places all employees of the Gaza health ministry as employees of Hamas, marking them out for detention torture and death at the hands of the Israelis who have vowed to kill all Hamas operatives and officials.

    May 3, 2024
    ….Adnan al-Bursh, a Palestinian surgeon and professor of orthopaedic medicine, was killed by torture while in Israeli detention, according to a joint statement by Palestinian prisoner associations.
    Al-Bursh, 50, died in the Israel-controlled Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank on 19 April, according to the Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee, and his body remains withheld.
    Another detainee, Ismail Abdul Bari Khader, 33, also died in custody, according to the joint statement, and his body was handed over on 2 May along with 64 other prisoners.
    “The two victims died of torture and crimes committed against Gazan detainees,”…..

  7. ” So establishment media hides this history because it’s a perception they don’t want you to have. It goes against its agenda to promote Western foreign policies, rather than reporting on them. ”

    That policy is suppression and it is often associated with totalitarian regimes that only allow one state of reality for their populations and will deny them any opportunity to be informed and debate other opinions that run contrary to their agenda.

    It makes a mockery of the Americans claim that they are the defenders of liberal free democracy and will harshly deal with any forms of dissent like the Vietnam protests , Civil rights and now the protests against the war being waged and funded by the American government against the Palestinian people.

    The internet does provide the access to view the news and facts outside the MSM suppressed version in this case the slaughter in Gaza.

    Al Jazeera and the Palestinian news and information agency provide two platforms to read and view what is actually happening and the reports are sobering and catastrophic.

    Its no wonder the leaders of liberal free propaganda want it supressed. It is an evil horrific situation being played out daily and it in essence bad for morale and our indulged lavish existence to be exposed to the crimes being committed.

    ” This week Consortium News reminds it readers that no conflict can be understood without first understanding its history. Which is why historical context is routinely suppressed by corporate media, such as in the Palestinian-Israel conflict and the war between Russia and Ukraine. They don’t want us to understand.”

    Fortunately we have access to the TDB and that provides those who want to be informed of both sides of the story and hear from commentators like yourself Malcolm which is as close as we are going to get with true and factual reporting.

  8. Excellent Post @ M.E.
    If there was no money to be made from wars there wouldn’t be any.
    [We] are all on a round thing that we must share in the middle of nowhere and we’re still fighting as if it were a thousand years ago. Wouldn’t it be hugely embarrassing if we had, shall we say, ‘exotic’ visitors and we had to explain ourselves to them?
    Our closest other habitable planet is Proxima Centauri b which is 4.22 light years away and that’s traveling at 300,000 K’s a second. Not even my Ford Fairmont could do that. Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light-years from Earth, a distance that would take about 6,300 years to travel using current technology and yet…. and yet we fight and fuck about killing each other while we completely pollute and exploit our only space ship, not to mention those wondrous creatures far more important than we are that we’re privileged enough to share our space ship with, they, of course being our fellow animals. Are we humans completely fucked in the head or what?
    People who think money is the very most important thing to have and to strive for should be fucking chipped and neutered.

  9. All due respect – again – but this is pure bullshit. If you going to make statements like the MSM doesn’t give you the deep background on the Israel Palestinian conflict you should make sure that 30 seconds of googling won’t find it all over the MSM. Unless you think the Guardian is not part of the MSM? Surely Al Jazeera is now part of the MSM? National Public Radio in the US? The Washington Post? Bloomberg? Even the New York Times has something. They might not put your particular slant on it but they do acknowledge that the conflict has deep roots and a long history.

    • It’s more “what is reported doesn’t fit my world view so I’ll say it’s all lies”. And the history of what has happened in Ukraine has been equally well covered including by Al Jazeera etc.

      • Honestly, I don’t know why the fuck people say this. Minto did the same a little while ago and I made pretty much the same comment. He didn’t publish it. Credit to this guy that he did.

    • Absolute nonsense. The Guardian, NPR, Bloomberg, and NYT all run cover for well-poisoning, baby-killing zionists.

    • I note that while “guerilla surgeon” mentions “The Guardian”, “Al Jazeera”, US National Radio, “The Washington Post” and so on as giving us “the deep background” he cannot name any elements of the New Zealand media which are doing that. Certainly not RNZ. The 2023 purge of staff and content saw to that. And, lest we forget, the writer of this post, Malcolm Evans, was purged from the ranks of the New Zealand Herald for publishing the truth about Israel and Palestine.
      But even looking at the wider world, the fact is that none of the news media named are without fault. Far from it. It could be said that they slowly leak the minimum quantity of information necessary to maintain some level of public trust and confidence.
      The claim of “bullshit” echoes the ridiculous allegations of “Kremlin and Palestinian propaganda” used to justify the RNZ purge. Malcolm knows the reality from his own experience, as do dozens of New Zealand journalists. I remember the Daily Post in Rotorua accusing me of “holding the city to ransom” when the reality was that the colonialist regime had just fallen flat on its face after trying and failing to provoke another land war.
      If you think that the New Zealand media is trustworthy, reliable and of significant social value then you are out of step with the majority of New Zealanders.

      • Do you seriously think that with all that there Internet stuff, people in NZ confine their newsgathering to New Zealand sources? It’s just as easy these days to get the Guardian as the New Zealand Herald. Easier, because the Guardian doesn’t charge you. Not to mention there are more biased sources if you want them.
        And if we don’t use the mainstream media then where do we get our information from – Alex Jones? Elise the MSM uses fact checkers.

        • Well, you are here ain’t ya, this place ain’t mainstream. Ditto Bowalley Road (if you’re the same GS that once was prominent over there). And as we can see by this regular TDB post – – there are a lot more other places you can turn to before you ever have to contemplate friggin Alex Jones.

          To add
          Consortium News –
          The Grayzone –
          Jimmy Dore –
          Chris Hedges –
          Internationalist 360 –
          MintPress news –

          And this is just the tip of the friggin iceberg.

          Indepdendent media is hug

          • This places a blog site, not a news site. So is Bowally Road. If Trotter was ever a journalist he isn’t now. How many of those companies actually have people on the ground? How many of them pass a decent fact checker with regards to reliability? At least two of those you got on there are regarded as “mixed”. And one is simply unreliable. And I’ve been to 1or 2 of the others quite regularly. They get things wrong more than the MSM I suspect. But don’t worry I’m not going to try to change your mind – you’re probably immune to evidence and prefer ideology.

            • Evidence, most importantly, verifiable evidence is what matters – 100%. A news source that provides verifiable evidence that supports their claims is gold, those that do not tend towards fools gold.

              It is not hard to sort fact from fiction when the ability to verify any given claim – rather than ideology – guides you. As such, armed with said ability, one can find nuggets, if not solid gold bars of truth anywhere, be it blog sites, independent media outlets or mainstream media news.

              Like, most of us, MSM was my start point, but as time has gone by (certainly, since the turn of the this century at least) the MSM has tended towards big, empty claims, aka, fools gold rather than the truth. This New York Times false Iraqi weapons of mass destruction claim being an obvious example – “New York Times Makes Glaring Error About Iraq War — Then Corrects It Incorrectly”, The Intercept, 2023 –

              Like most people, I doubt I would have ever needed to move away from the MSM had truth/gold being their mainstay. But it is not and it is easy to prove, once you get into the habit of questioning, of searching for the verifiable proof behind the claims being made.

              Hence why independent, typically user-funded media is now my mainstay because this is where the most gold, the most verifiable truth, can be found.

              In short, our own ability to distill fact from fiction is what really matters at the end of the day, granted this ability does take a tad more effort than simply taking as gospel whatever is being served up to us, wherever that may come from.

    • What is msm? in NZ? It’s not al jazeera. It’s legacy media.


      msm have a minimum audience to qualify? 100,000 unique sessions per day? 500,000?

      And to be msm the editors all have to use the correct song book.

      And the editors all have to abide by unspoken no go areas. eg no public defense of Assange. eg no job for Evans

  10. A good point Malcolm. The regime fears knowledge and understanding as the precursors of its demise. To maintain the people in a state of ignorance they don’t need to tell lies (although they do plenty of lying). They just need to ensure that in the public arena nothing is presented in its full context, and the larger background to events remains blacked out. Fortunately, the regime is on a hiding to nothing. “The truth will out”. We are now able to discern current facts and history from sources over which the regime has no control. Of course knowing and understanding our reality is one thing, a very important thing, but the ultimate challenge is to change that reality, and to bring a final end to the colonialist regime

  11. Only slightly off-topic the unspeakable evil of colonialism is now being demonstrated over the other side of the Tasman, where lawyer David McBride has been sentenced to five years in jail for exposing Anzac war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, one of the war criminals, Ben Roberts-Smith received a Victoria Cross for valour, personally bestowed by the late Queen Elizabeth. Among his many other crimes, Roberts-Smith took an old man in handcuffs to the top of a cliff and then kicked him over the edge. When the man survived his fall, though terribly injured, Roberts-Smith sent a subordinate to administer the coup-de-grace with a bullet to the head. Yet it is David McBride, who did nothing more than speak the truth, who receives five years in prison while Roberts-Smith is awarded the state’s highest honours.
    If we are to consider ourselves moral people we can no longer afford to tolerate the absolute evils of British monarchism and colonialism in our land. This regime has progressed from crime to filthy crime until it is now engaged in the greatest of all crimes, the crime of genocide. Let us be done with it, and let us be done with the idea that colonialism has any sort of legitimacy, democratic or otherwise. The Realm of New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Australia are an abomination in the sight of God and we must do everything in our power to bring their reign of evil to an end.

  12. Listen to the, always good, Owen Jones commenting on the Israeli media’s war propaganda, comparing it to the “unhinged” Russian media’s war propaganda.

    Israeli children singing;
    “We are the children of the victory generation,,,,
    ….The IDF are crossing the line to annihilate the swastika bearers”

    @9:23 minutes:
    ….We know this government and society are in the grip of this genocidal mentality. It’s the only only honest way of describing this.
    And that’s why, the warnings of genocide scholars do need to be listened to.
    Because, listen to what [the Israelis], they’re saying, listen to how much of Israeli Society….
    …..and the way that Israeli officials and politicians are speaking.
    We’ve got to take it seriously, in the same way we listen, when people talk about the rhetoric of TV pundits in Russia, [the] unhinged maniacs on Russian television. Where’s the same outrage?
    It’s just not here, is it,
    Because the same seriousness in terms of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, brutal on its own terms, but again a death rate far lower than that in Gaza.
    [seriousness] is not being applied to what’s happening in Gaza.
    With the real risk of a genocide we have to take this seriously.

    Believe Israeli and Russian media’s war propaganda, feel shame at your gullibility.

  13. Our New Zealand media journos have blood on their hands.

    A renowned Palestinian Doctor, Dr Adnan Al-Burshis arrested by the IDF and dies in their custody.

    Not a squeak from any of our quislings in the media.

    The Israeli authorities are refusing to release the body of Dr Adnan to his family. It has been alleged that Dr Adnan was tortured and abused by his Israeli captors. Proof that confirms that Dr Adnan was tortured to death by the IDF could be revealed if his body was released to his family.

    Still our media maintain their strict silence.

    Our journos don’t want to reveal that Israel tortures Palestinian Drs and other health workers to death.

    A Palestinian doctor refused to leave Gaza. Then he died in Israeli prison
    Dr Adnan Al-Bursh’s death and refusal of the Israeli authorities to hand over his body have fueled concerns that he was tortured to death.

    Murat Sofuoglu, TRT World, MAGAZINE

    ….Israelis have refused to release Al-Bursh’s dead body and activists say that’s because Tel Aviv doesn’t want the world to find out that he was tortured to death.

    We all know that the same journos that keep their complicit silence over this atrocity, would scream the house down with banner headlines if Palestinians had captured an Israeli Dr and allegedly tortured him to death and refused to release his body to his family to confirm it.

  14. Another example of media Bias.

    If a Muslim preacher circulated images of a child holding a severed head, with the words “Time to kill”
    and a video preaching against gay and transgender, and against Westerners and environmentalists. We wouldn’t have to wait long for the screaming headlines demanding immediate arrest and prosecution to the full extent of the law for extremism and inciting hate.

    Radio NZ

    Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church notice with ‘Time To Kill’ tagline ‘extremely concerning’

    The image of the child and the head are part of promotion for an event last night in New Plymouth.

    “Time to kill”, “It’s time to gather heads” and “I want a head (trophy) on my mantlepiece (sic)!”

    • Radio NZ

      “Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church notice with ‘Time To Kill’ tagline ‘extremely concerning’ ” RNZ

      It’s right to be concerned about Brian Tamaki’s fascist rhetoric

      But apart from this RNZ report why are the mainstream media not taking Tamaki to task over this rehtoric which could be taken as an incitement against these communities?

      Where are the hard hitting investigative journos to take Tamaki to task”

      Have they all been silenced and shut down?

      Are the rest in fear of their jobs?

  15. Radio NZ

    “Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church notice with ‘Time To Kill’ tagline ‘extremely concerning’ ” RNZ

    It’s right to be concerned about Brian Tamaki’s fascist rhetoric

    But apart from this RNZ report why are the mainstream media not taking Tamaki to task over this rehtoric which could be taken as an incitement against these communities?

    Where are the hard hitting investigative journos to take Tamaki to task”

    Have they all been silenced and shut down?

    Are the rest in fear of their jobs?

    • Politics is rarely simple. We see that in the comments section of TDB where condemnation of the Gaza genocide is virtually unanimous (if we exclude the trolls) but differences over the Russia-Ukraine war threaten to undermine solidarity on the issue of Palestine. The proper response is to conduct a respectful and honest discussion on all issues of the day.
      Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church also have their complexities, though most on the left see the Bishop and his church as simply and purely bad. Yet we remember that Tamaki supported the occupation of Ihumaatao (even though he managed to do so in a way that was quite divisive, using unhelpful terms such as “house nigger” in relation to Labour’s Maori caucus). We are also aware that Destiny Church takes a strong stand against drug abuse, domestic violence and other forms of criminality in our communities, as do we. On the other hand Tamaki has gone out of his way to support the genocide in Gaza and shows little understanding of the real character of the colonialist system in New Zealand.
      But I think it fair to say that it is Tamaki’s attitude towards homosexuality which determines the way that the left relates to him. All I can say there, is that his approach is basically reactionary. That is, he acts as a true conservative, holding the line while the ground is shifting under his feet, retreating to a new line of defence, retreating again and so on. His current line is that homosexuality will be tolerated in society, but homosexual activists should not be allowed to proselytize minors in the public space and should not be able to take over public spaces (pedestrian crossings) to assert their cause. This current line leaves him less exposed to hostile fire than he was at the time of the passing of the Equality in Marriage Act. He has a degree of public support and sympathy which is not just limited to the evangelical Christian churches and adherents of some other religions. So the left should look at the situation carefully and ask itself whether it has any final demands in the area of homosexual rights or whether it will just continue to push the issue as far as it can, from legalisation through Civil Union to gay marriage and whatever might be next, until it meets with a reaction much more significant than that presently coming from Brian Tamaki and Destiny church. The left needs to take its blinkers off and think about its values in a very rational and dispassionate way. If there is no concept of a final demand then at some point the reaction will triumph.
      While the debate was solely about Tamaki’s attitude to homosexual rights, the media and the left were all on the same page. However now that Tamaki is the main apologist for genocide beyond the walls of the Israeli embassy, the media has had to take a more careful stand towards him. The left can ignore the complexities of the situation, but the colonialist regime will not. It is now asking itself whether Tamaki should be encouraged as a supporter of genocide, even if that means overlooking his literally reactionary positions on homosexuality. They may come down either way. Time will tell.
      The radical left does not need to play the same cynical games as the colonialist regime, but it does need to objectively examine phenomena like Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church, and to draw the appropriate conclusions.

    • Pat O’Dea and I are real people living real lives, as are the people who post articles on TDB (with just one exception). Pat and I agree on some matters and agree to differ on others. By contrast, those who post under false names such as “Bob the first” are fake identities literally lacking in personal integrity. They rarely have anything constructive to offer. The Daily Blog would do well to get rid of them and reserve the privilege of commenting for real people regardless of their political or philosophical persuasion.


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