The TDB Daily 5th February 2024 – Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Politics opinion daily reading list


Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Political opinion daily reading list

Because so much of the mainstream media is polluted by right wing free market ideologues pushing corporate interests:

TDB daily collates the best NZ Left Wing, Independent and Progressive Political Opinion and includes the best international voices.

Unlike Victoria University’s The Democracy Project, this will never be behind a Paywall.




RNZ – Waitangi Day 2024: ‘Unite, unite’ – Māori leaders say during Kiingitanga welcome

Newsroom – ‘The spiders are coming’ – Kelvin Davis’ warning

TDB Recommends

Against the Current – Chloe Swarbrick and the Green Party: A sea change in NZ politics? 

Bryan Bruce – Waitangi day ought to be the day we celebrate the signing of the founding document of our nation.

The Daily Blog – Ben Morgan: Russia and Ukraine working hard to turn a flank, ready for Spring

The Daily Blog – 2024 NZ Left activism vs 2024 NZ Right activism

The Daily Blog – The question isn’t ‘can’ Chloe be co leader, the question is ‘should’ she?

The Daily Blog – Unca Winnie & Aunty Crusher sold our Independent Foreign Policy for 3 American magic beans – why neutrality is more important than ever

The Daily Blog – More beneficiaries need to start secretly taping their WINZ case managers and sharing them with media

The Daily Blog – This Government may have not acted illegally over Tobacco, but they have acted immorally



The Guardian – What a legendary historian tells us about the contempt for today’s working class

Information Clearing House – Benjamin Netanyahu shows Joe Biden who’s boss

Information Clearing House – Israel’s Starvation Strategy

Information Clearing House – The Silence of the Damned

Haaretz – ‘Netanyahu Could Stop All of This in a Second’ | Israeli Anti-gov’t Protest Movement Leader Shikma Bressler Responds to Conspiratorial Claims Linking Her to Hamas

The Washington Post – The U.S. economy is booming. So why are tech companies laying off workers?

Jacobin – Javier Milei’s Freak Show Act Is a Taste of Things to Come

Caitlin Johnstone – Never Before Has The Empire Been So Exposed

Crikey – Israel is using AI in Gaza. Who (or what) is responsible for war crimes?


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