Of course ACT are spiking in latest Rogue Poll


Poll shows Act leader David Seymour and party gaining support after Waitangi events

The Act party and its leader David Seymour appear to have reaped the dividends of a heated Waitangi Day period, rocketing up to 13.7 per cent in the latest Taxpayers’ Union-Curia poll.

The poll, taken over the first week of February and released today, has Act on 13.7 per cent – up 5.6 points since the last TPU-Curia poll in November.

National is also up 2.6 points to 39.6 per cent, while NZ First has dropped to 5 per cent (down 1.)

On the poll results, NZ First would no longer be needed to form a government – Act and National would get 66 seats between them – National getting 49 and Act 17.

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Among the Opposition parties, the Greens have dropped sharply to 9 per cent (down 4.8 points), likely to be in response to former MP Golriz Ghahraman stepping down after allegedly shoplifting combined with James Shaw’s announcement that he would step down as co-leader and leave Parliament before the end of the year.

Labour dropped only slightly to 27.9 per cent (down 0.4). Te Pāti Māori was on 2.3 per cent (-1.1 points), and other parties combined were on 2.5 per cent.

Two words and 4 things.

Rogue Poll!

Go fuck yourselves, this is ROGUE with a capital R. 4.8points walk from the Greens to ACT?

Fuck right off.

Green voters care about shit, if all that had holding them to the Greens from shifting to the Brown Shirt Brigade was James Shaw then the Left have bigger problems then ever before.

There was a poll out last month that had the rights vote drop, so calm down.

I said two words and 4 things. Firstly – I’m not saying ACT aren’t spiking, quite the contrary, I’ve argued that was what would happen because Seymour’s a strategic genius who has set Luxon up with the Treaty Referendum Bill and because NZ actually quite racist.

Removing the obligation for engagement with Māori, which is what the Treaty Referendum Bill will do would make the treaty meaningless, so when the Right claim they aren’t touching the Treaty, they are misleading you because the Treaty Principles have led State and Local Government engagement for the last 30 years.

Unwind the Principles Bill and you destroy the Treaty in application, it would be the most regressive step m masquerading as democracy altho we would ever have been tricked into.

It’s a trap you fucking morons.

I said two words and 4 things. Secondly – Seymour’s ‘fuck you’ to Luxon at the end of last week where he said the Prime Minister was weak and  frightened and would agree to the Bill if he was bullied into it highlights why I consider Luxon to be the weakest National Party Prime Minister ever and why this pissing competition bullshit will win over the more reactionary right of National.

The danger for National is when the extremism and conflict ACT generates starts spooking the 40% of National voters who are disgusted by the racism and dark nature of redneck Kiwis this is all about to cause.

ACT has every chance of over taking National within 2 electoral cycles. The polarisation of NZ society will only intensify as the economy struggles.

I said two words and 4 things. Thirdly – Labour have to reset or it’s over for Chippy’s leadership

I said two words and 4 things. Fourthly – Remember when I argued against the middle class woke handing ACT culture war ammunition he’s used against us for culture wars we could never win? How’s that strangling free speech, crazy pro Trans and having people sacked for not liking Te Reo? If only middle class woke virtue signals were as important as the common ground economics between us hu?

We wouldn’t be in this place if the Woke hadn’t gone crazy during their social media culture war cancellation purges.

ACTS race war inducing hate bait has the kinda twang that honkey loves to do the cracker two step to. This country has a large chunk who want to cement into place 19th Century Privilege by overturning the legal ruling that bound the Crown and Māori into partnership to give meaning to the Treaty.

It’s disingenuous and plays to the worst and most reactive angels of our nature.

That such malice has political representation demands a reflection on how the Left have driven people into this intellectual malaise.

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  1. I give Luxon a year. National will be rolling him about this time next year. He’s a very weak leader, as you’ve outlined so well in this blog.

  2. Great going @ M.B.
    “I said two words and 4 things. Thirdly – Labour have to reset or it’s over for Chippy’s leadership”
    Labour died the day roger douglas stabbed David Lange in the front. Why the front? “Because only friends stab you in the front while your enemies stab you in the back” to crudely paraphrase Oscar Wilde.
    To know the future is to study the past and our past is one of treachery, greed and narcissistic arrogance and that, is where we’re heading flat out in reverse to. Chris Hipkins may as well not exist politically. He’s a nice guy I suspect, but he lacks what Chloe Swarbrick has. She has guts and she has heart and smarts. Hipkins will have a kitten and a lovely home life. The day I see him knock seymour out then give him a proper fucking kicking to regain consciousness to will be when I realise I was wrong about Chris Hipkins.
    What we have in our politics is a shambles. Our systems of political necessity are held together by our rich abusers and only because they need us to exploit to sate their excessive greed.
    We need rebooting. We need a fresh start powered up by the truth and evidence to support the allegations born of that truth. We need cocaine. Oops, that just slipped out. Sometimes though, good drugs can shove the mundane to one side and head straight to the good stuff.
    I innocently took far too many magic mushrooms once then went to visit an aunt who was being visited by my mother and another aunt. Three sisters, in effect. My cousin, the daughter of my aunt in waiting, came to the door and as soon as she appeared, as luck would have it, she turned into a gigantic clothes peg! Once inside, my mum kept turning into a skeleton then, thankfully, back again. My visiting Aunt was at once a small, snuffling little old pig with white whiskers and wearing a home spun cardigan, then to become a grumpy old shit with a habit of rubbing her be-slippered ankles together like a fly wiping off the detritus it’d just absent-mindedly strolled through. My cousin soon loomed over me with a cup of weak, white, ordinary tea containing the entire universe as we think we understand it to be as planetary globules of butter fat orbiting a central point in the cup and all illuminated by my Aunt’s liking for 250 watt light bulbs as if she couldn’t see enough of her ugly fucking husband already. I gazed down in morbid fascination as round and round the globules sped…
    Then, I managed to say by way of lies , that I think I might have left an oven on somewhere, or was it a tap running, something like that, then stood up far to quickly and frog marched past my towering cousin with the shaggy hair style and fled by driving which was by and of itself a wondrous experience. I was finally Captain Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise! Thank Christ I never bumped into an Klingons.
    A Luxon, Peters, Seymour gubbimint is far more alarming for its psychedelic reach than a room full of highly illuminated aunts and a mother watching their nephew, and their son, fall head first into a cup of weak tea while mumbling something about needing a space helmet and a phaser gun.

  3. ‘Woke’ is over-dictatorial imposition of fairness, as I gather. ‘Cancelling’ folk for getting it wrong.

    And you say the Left brought the foul Right on us. The Greens and Alliance? Corbyn and Sanders disprove that.

    Once in a blue moon it’s time for justice — Seamus Heaney wrote a poem about it. Most of you commentators ran out of patience and went down deadends. Just Corbyn and Sanders were patient.

    • Corbyn and Sanders won their constituencies but disastrously lost their wars .
      They also got a reaction to those losses within their parties which swung them right
      Not an example for Labour to follow

      • Corbyn wasn’t willing to do what his enemies then did to him — purge them from the party, in order to save it. The corporate donors won because Corbyn was so weak, and Sir Keir has ensured Labour is now an entirely Clintonite operation.

        Sanders similarly capitulated. As the most popular politician in America in 2016, he had the numbers to break the hold of the Clintonites over the trade union bureaucracy — but instead he endorsed Hillary and went home.

    • Friends, this is the double hop then jump thing at the Olympics. They brought the truth from 40 years ago, pure as spring water, and you expect them to be suddenly guileful for the next hop before our jump? That’s our responsibility.

  4. I’ve said it before, this is not democracy. We have, yet again, a minor party in a coalition dictating to the the major party. Democracy is majority rule – i.e. National and Labour over 60% of the vote between them. Until the major parties are made to work together we will continue on this road to nowhere.

    • In government it is common to privately support a position but poo poo it publicly. Yes Minister is a masterclass in this tactic.

      • I agree Jack. A big percentage of what we get fed is no more than platitudes, the real maneuvering goes on behind close doors.

    • In the 2017 election, the Nats got 44 %, LINO 37 %, NZF 7 %, Greens 6 %. Ardern formed a government in coalition with NZF and the Greens, who both got policy concessions from LINO. Was that democracy?

  5. ” That such malice has political representation demands a reflection on how the Left have driven people into this intellectual malaise ”

    Hipkins would disagree in public anyway.

    Its been said before and for the record I will say it again…Hipkins and the NZLP have learned nothing from their defeat.

    It makes no difference who the Labour leader is none of them share the left wing policies that you post on here Bomber.

    I was waiting for the inevitable ” Labour listens campaign ” but they won’t like what they hear if they ask the thousands of voters why they abandoned the government during one of the most severe economic conditions for working people for thirty years and the anger and disbelief that a Labour government with a majority focused all their attention on woke , Te reo related issues and cycle lanes after the danger of the pandemic had passed and nothing to alleviate the huge disparities including taxation that threaten cohesion we have had up to now directly affecting many hard working people.

    The current ” left ” such as it is is a large part of the problem in the current status quo and as they have retreated from their former position of standing against the rapacious right wing and thrown many of their non managerial class voters to the wolves of ACT and National.

  6. the welly ferals are taking ova thanks to winny and his mate seefuckall.90% of nz did not vote for them yet they control the country .Luxon the great deal maker has sold us all down the river of filth

  7. In this country, you can pretty much always get a spike in popularity when you bash Maori. It appeals to the main streak that runs just under the skin of the nation. Winston knows it, and so does Seymour.

  8. There are a number issues for all political parties at present but to me the most pressing for Labour is Chippy.

  9. If polls are so influential they should have to comply with certain standards.
    Can we see the questions asked? Can we see the undecided responses. When it comes to the master spinners can we see how they select the responders.
    With Taxpayers Union/Curia polls can we be assured that they are not just asking their membership list.

  10. The Waitangi debate serves ACT well, the only expense falling on defenders of an ambitious piece of obiter dicta. It is by Trojan Horses like this that Roger the Traitor suborned the round-heeled tapioca puddings of Lange era Labour. National is being sidelined as it refuses to define its position on a major social divide. They are going to shed shitloads of votes to ACT, who need fear no responsibility being sheeted home to them.

    NZ is headed for the full Little Shop of Horrors experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqh1CQvR1Cg

    • A very interesting parallel you draw with Roger Douglas and his high-jacking of Labour, an event I believe they have never recovered from. Is National headed for the same fate? It would certainly seem so. Luxon is obviously being played, or being wilfully dishonest with his answers.

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