Unca Winnie & Aunty Crusher sold our Independent Foreign Policy for 3 American magic beans – why neutrality is more important than ever

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber

Uncle Winston and Aunty Crusher have sold our Independent Foreign Policy for 3 American magic beans.

They glow in the dark.

That sound you can hear is Winston and Judith digging up Lange’s corpse and taking selfies as they whistle the Star Bangles Stripes to him!

Who had ‘Get into an American War in the first 100 days’ on their New Government Bingo card?

Because Luxon is so feckless and weak, the Hawks are selling our mana and honour to the Military Industrial Complex!

I do not want NZ controlled by China AND I do not want it controlled by America either!

Aren’t you all shocked with the speed of us getting ready for war?

Aren’t you all shocked at the speed of all of this?

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Shouldn’t we be terribly concerned that two Hawks are running things?

Winston loves America almost as much as he loves himself and we have a Minister of Defence whose nickname is ‘Crusher’!

How the Christ we have managed to get sucked into the vortex in barely 3 months of this Government should alarm everyone.

We shouldn’t be American or Chinese, we should consider Independence and neutrality!

If we are serious about an Independent Foreign Policy, we have to accept Neutrality is going to cost us a lot more.

The Māori Party suggestion of neutrality is worth considering.

I believe that the climate crisis means we need a vastly larger military to cope with civil disasters and if we are attempting to distance ourselves from China and America, we need to make a decision to dramatically lift what we spend on the military for purely defensive and civil disaster capacity.

How would we go about defending the realm of NZ and all our economic exclusive zone?

We can’t pull away from America and China and pretend there is no cost to being Independent.

We need to increase Military GDP spending to 5%. Interestingly Labour have quietly ratcheted GDP military spending from just over 1% to just under 2%.

Pillar 2 without the strings attached!

Our diplomacy, peacefulness and independence are what we are best known Internationally for and we need to use that more now than ever before.

We must prepare for self defence without acquiescing to America’s military industrial complex or the Communist Party’s grey zone influence pushing.

We have to stand up for ourselves and stop being led by others.


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  1. yep back to the future with this lot in power .Next we will be sending troops to Israel and fighting in Yemen on behalf of the AUKUS crew while they all sit back and watch .When was the last time any of them won anything except more debt .Just look at Ukraine they stoked the fire and now they are trying to back away and hang them out to die .Punch and Judy are way passed their used by date and have no sense of peace at all .Just look at the photo the body language says it all .

  2. As with the Vietnam war, we seem to be doing the least we could get away with and still suck up to the US. For which I’m somewhat grateful, but I think the only long-term solution is to somehow play off the US and China against each other, and hope to Christ we don’t get trampled while the elephants fight.

    • It took us about 15 years to go from 1 to about 2, 2.5% GDP defence budget through to the 90s. If we had of kept the defrbce budget where it was the defence budget would have been growing over all and we would have been putting in an extra 1 or to billion every year. Not only did the defence budget get cut in half we now have to get it back to 2 we have to dump at least 30 billion back into defence meaning we have to pay double to get defence back to where they were 30 years ago. If we had of stuck to the defence stratagy of the cold war which was to defend New Zealand in the Pacific and its international trading relations we wouldn’t have been caught out protecting the interests of Bibi and his mass murdering tendencies.

  3. A strong military can cause problems politically. Look at Fiji, Pakistan…USA … Our government is too weak to control a strong military, we need an upper house.

  4. Our independent foreign policy Bomber – what on earth are you talking about – we haven’t had an independent foreign policy for years and years and years. The only really independent thing we did was go nuclear free …. I was just listening to a great interview with Angela Davis about the horrendous situation that the Palestinians are in and I thought her comment that we should side with the global south was so on to it. We won’t of course, most of them are people of colour and we only trust the whiteys – why? I wouldn’t know. They are predominantly the war mongers.
    Angela Davis

  5. Hopefully there are quite a few of those ‘revenge’ voters that are beginning to regret their decision at the last election. I know a few Uber and courier drivers that are already – i.e.those that aren’t superannuitants doing Uber to get out of wifey Edna’s hair for the day and make a bit of cash for piss.

  6. Now, if Legal Whinny The Traitor and The Blond, Death Mask Pudding were to have a baby…? Just putting it out there.
    Did you know? Scientists are using lawyers in lab experiments instead of rats now because they found there were some things even rats wouldn’t do.” RIP Robin Williams.
    To me, they’re useless, worthless bullies. Not poetry but it does get my opinion across.

  7. Pop quiz: Which is most deplorable?

    A. Having a beer and barbecue with war criminals of the Aussie Defense Force?
    B. Supporting the Israeli genocide unconditionally?
    C. Declaring war on a country which is fighting genocide using mostly peaceful means?
    D. Providing Ukraine with military support to bomb civilians in food markets and townships?
    E. Licking the boots of America as they invade another country?
    F. All of the above, they are as vile as each other


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