MEDIAWATCH: Universal unionism vs 100k gold plated public servants – a masterclass in Machiavellian theory


Media bosses are slaves to the advertising revenue of the property market, that’s why when Labour pinched property speculators by closing loopholes  all we heard for a month was the shrill scream of property speculators screaming and screaming and screaming.

Those screams made the electorate forget Labour were doing sweet fuck all on housing.

Voters ended up thinking, ‘If the speculators are screaming, the Government must be going in the right direction’ rather than ask Labour, ‘where the fuck are all the houses you promised’.

If the Media owners are slaves to the property market, the journalists who work for them are slaves to the online woke and no one is as toxic as the Wellington twitter elite, many of whom are Green Party supporters or work in the middle class Wellington Union movement.

NOTHING was going to ensure wall to wall to wall to wall coverage of how terrible Labour are quite like telling gold plated 100k public servants they aren’t getting a pay rise for 3 years.

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Now, remember MPs all agreed to a 3 year pay freeze, public servants under $60k will still get pay rises, and public servants between 60k and 100k who are in critical services will still get a pay rise, but that WINZ Manager who turns down your benefit or MSD Officer who searches Facebook profiles to catch beneficiaries out in relationships – they get sweet fuck all.

Only the most delusional echo chamber free the nipple radical cyclist vegan will think the public will come out in support of 100k gold plated Wellington bureaucrats.

But it was essential to get the explosion of anger into the media over how awful Labour were being to workers because Labour were about to drop the bombshell of Universal Unionsim which would have had this reaction from Business…

…so the Business community will be trying to tell the public that Labour are socialists bringing back strikes while the Greens and Wellington Woke are screaming Labour are Union busting arseholes destroying vulnerable workers.


It’s almost as if Labour strategists looked deep into the soul of their likely critics, put together a strategy that elicited the exact response you could predict from those critics, and implemented it ruthlessly.

1 – Quietly tell the PSA no pay rises for 3 years.

2 – Greens and PSA go into meltdown screaming for gold plated $100k public service jobs  

3 – Announce Universal Union Membership WHILE giving the CTU $250k to help implement it.

4 – Critics shut the fuck up because Labour have just pulled out the greatest workers rights upgrade since the 1908 blackball miners strike and the public won’t tolerate strikes from public servants being paid $100 000. 

That’s how you do it.

For most Kiwi’s, earning $100k is a dream, so the Greens decision to back 100k gold plated public servant privilege feels like an odd ditch worth dying in,and Labour’s stand on that makes it impossible for Business to pimp them out as cloth capped strikers despite Labour’s Universal Unionism bombshell.

Look at how clumsy National’s first attack is…

…National won’t get any traction on Labour bringing back strikes while the CTU, PSA and Greens are screaming Labour are the enemy of the workers.

National + Business screams vs CTU, PSA and Green screams = Labour’s middle is safe.

Thank god, the Greens, CTU and PSA were so predictable, or Labour’s strategists couldn’t have pulled off the greatest increase in worker power for 30 years that will help working class private sector unions like UTU while watering down the influence of the PSA.

Played like fiddles.

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  1. A meisterclass, Bomber?

    Actually it’s worth it just to hear the howls of outraged anguish from the sleaze media…

  2. Ozzie get ready the NZ people are coming again. Labour has started to show their true colours and anybody that wants to improve themselves will be stimied in the land of the long white strike .

    • National and Act have already stated this policy will be the first to go in any government they’re apart of. So make the changes fast and get out of them what you can whilst it lasts.

    • Idiot is the only word that comment elicited from my mind.. Do you even begin to understand the reality in Australia?.. I would guess you are utterly ignorant on that score by what you wrote here.. There is some truly fuckwitted statements in the comment sections of these articles, but yours wins todays prize for wilful, delusional stupidity…
      As someone who spent more than half his adult life working in Australia, and am only still here because of family, i can tell you for a fact that until the big infrastructure works start to get to the build stage, there won’t be any great “migration” from NZ.. if the skilled jobs aren’t there for them, then how they gonna live? with absolutely no resources whatsoever apart from their savings.. What sort of idiot drains their savings in the hope of a job sometime soon? And that’s just one area of utter ignorance required to say the things you did.. Another is your complete lack of cognizance of what is actually going on. If one was to apply your logic to themselves on a physical level, then disappearing up ones own rear orifice would become an actual thing…

      • 2 Son’s in Melbourne since 1999 and working for a company with branches in Australia I do have some knowledge. One son in contracting with a concrete company with so much real government work and another in IT for a bank both are living a dream with their own homes and investments They did become citizens so that has made life easier and less of a worry if the hamner fell .
        I am retired so happy to stay here but I worry that National Act have a lot of ground to recover power and and am not sure we have the dream team yet to beat the Jacinda effect despite her weak team .

    • Aw. Poor wee dear. You must have bumped your head. So you think that one of the prerequisites to ‘self improvement’ is to allow one’s self to be exploited? You must be a farmer?

      • He probably thinks the natives should just ‘eat grass ‘and be grateful for their mud huts as well…

        Poor widdle NZ Institute,… the 36 year old dream of worker rape is coming to an end… *sniff*.

    • Anything that improves the NZ workers lot is white hot IMHO. Best years of my working life stolen by these neo liberal pirate bastards. And I want UTU!!!

    • “Their only option is Oz, get to Perth and earn a fortune in the mines and buy a house for a fifth of the price”.. Which planet have you been quarantining on again? Is that the planet where nothing ever changes from decade to decade, let alone from week to week…. If you had the slightest knowledge of how things work in WA you would know just how far out of date your “wisdom” is.. i will be one of the people who will likely be on some of the big stuff coming up there. (have been on 4 mine infrastructure jobs, shipbuilding, and the Barrow island gas refinery job, to name a few of the bigger ones, and there won’t be any lift there for a year at least, and the size of that lift depends on political considerations as much as anything else… The Eastern states property speculators have recently latched onto the fact of Perths low house prices relative to the east, and Perth is now at the beginning of another property bubble.. Give it 12 months, at most, and they will be on a level with Auckland… And this is the abridged version you’re getting… So let’s just stop with the mindless assumptions, and try to grasp some reality aye?

    • Aw. Poor wee dear. You must have bumped your head. So you think that one of the prerequisites to ‘self improvement’ is to allow one’s self to be exploited. You must be a farmer?
      House prices are ‘still going for insane prices ‘ because the foreign fucking banksters are manipulating everything they slither over including our politicians and our bureaucracy and that’s because the natzo’s sold us out after they parasitised Labour by inserting the butt plug that is roger douglas up them. Once the wee man injected his venoms and toxins into Labour it’s taken more than 35 years for the Giant Brains out there to figure that out. Except me. Go me. The moment I heard about wee roge and his merry traitors I knew we’d get fucked without the kissing. I only found out about the logical fallacy label that we’ve come to now of as ‘neoliberalism’ from talking to a friend who was studying psychology and that was back in 1987.
      When are you dumb asses going to figure out that neoliberalism is a Natzo initiative? What’s it going to take?
      The natzo neoliberals got into Labour then they dismembered the peoples party simply to disassemble the unions to give the natzo’s an easily manipulated and exploitable work force. The kindest thing I can write about that is that it was a master stroke of evil genius in that they saw an opportunity to sneak up on us from behind and proceed to clean us out before we realised what had just happened but by then, of course, it was too late because the fuckers had already deregulated the unions.
      Is ‘trevor sennit’ above a Machiavellian confederate? I bet he/she fucking is. We must be ever vigilant for those kinds of bastards. Think cornered Meth addict rat?
      Or? I could be wrong and Trevor is a decent guy with the wrong end of the stick in which case I apologise to him in advance.
      There is one thing that’d make the natzo’s blood run cold and that would be if farmers re animated the union they used to have and joined the down stream labour force. That, by itself, would freak the fuck out of the natzos.

    • If Robertson resigned tomorrow and you were suddenly chucked into the job, what would you do starting Monday?

      And, pray tell, what would be the downstream effects, the negatives from your moves be? What would the scenario look like in six months, one year, two years down the track?

      • I would introduce a CGT immediately on ALL property. I would start a nationwide building program to increase the council house numbers. I would tax second homes and ban ownership of more than two homes. I would build camps, like large minesites use in Oz for the homeless where they can wait, no more than three months for their new council home to be built. This would stop the leeching motel owners hoovering of up tax payers cash. I would put a limit on rent increases. I would introduce a ban on interest only loans. I would retrospectively tax all proceeds of anyone who has sold ANY house in the last 2 years. I would add house price inflation to the CPI. I would incentivise investment in business. The weight of the housing ponzi is slowly killing us but the greed of the few ignore the damage done for personal gain. I WOULD PUNISH THE GREEDY!!!!

        • …” I WOULD PUNISH THE GREEDY!!!!”…


          The NEO LIBERAL GREEDIES , – aka thieves, traitors, pirates and general lying bastards.

    • Don’t worry foreign nationals don’t use houses apparently. Used to be housing crisis in NZ cities only, but now rural areas also have a housing crisis and still government adds more work and student visas and foreign families into NZ while allowing more and more visa holders who should have left NZ already, be extended.

      So no wonder there is continued housing crisis!

  3. “For most Kiwi’s, earning $100k is a dream, so the Greens decision to back 100k gold plated public servant privilege feels like an odd ditch worth dying in,and Labour’s stand on that makes it impossible for Business to pimp them out as cloth capped strikers despite Labour’s Universal Unionism bombshell.”

    If public sector workers such as teachers are earning more than 100k it’s because they are trained, qualified and experienced graduates with a range of extra responsibilities. Let’s not forget that only a little while ago teachers at the top of the basic scale and backbench MPs were earning the same. Now look – untrained backbench MPs with no particular qualifications or experience are earning double.

    Labour have made a total ballsup of this. I just hope that workers in all areas get back into union membership and start to put some heat on them.

  4. Very astute:

    “middle class Wellington Union movement”

    “the nipple radical cyclist vegan”

    We were down in wellington a couple of months ago. Having Saturday breakfast in a café was like going to another planet. Weird.

  5. Look at this wriggling maggot (Bascan’t) from the RBNZ. Kids, he is the one who removed LVR’s and destroyed your future. And looking at his wriggly, sighing, hunched shoulder, breathless attempt at answering easy questions, he knows what he has done. Jacinda, fix this mess ASAP or you are just as guilty as this Idiotic wimp.

    • And does anyone remember Harold Titter?, – the ‘consultant’ from England called in all those many years ago to cut costs and wreck our health system for the neo liberal greedy traitors in parliament at that time?

      It took covid and a measles epidemic that killed kids in Samoa to show how inadequate our health system due to these treasonous shitters.

  6. Re cartoon. Notice the 50 year gap post 1970 in complaints from the plutocracy.
    It’s not hard to figure out who’s been having it all their own way.

  7. Peter,
    It was Ardern and Robertson that promised us they would fix things they haven’t.
    We or the majority of NZ voted for that promise.
    So were they just making it up?
    To now challenge people who didn’t put them selves up to be voted for but instead thought Labour had a plan is silly.

  8. Employers scream that this regulation will take us back to the trade union dominated workplaces of the 1970s.
    As a baby boomer I remember the 1970s and the happy days of hippydom and egalitarian aspirations.
    When people’s wages meant they could afford to be properly housed, feed their children, spend money on healthcare and have proper holidays.
    I belonged to a trade union that negotiated a new wage award every few years.
    We never went on strike. We did not have to. Our employer and the union negotiated. If we could not reach agreement we could go to arbitration. As I recall most employers were happy with this. Bosses did tend to be individuals rather than corporations and many of them had been manual workers and union members themselves.
    (The irony has just struck me that Covid 19 has caused more economic damage than any industrial action could).

    • … ”As a baby boomer I remember the 1970s and the happy days of hippydom and egalitarian aspirations.
      When people’s wages meant they could afford to be properly housed, feed their children, spend money on healthcare and have proper holidays”…


      Bloody well right !!!

      I remember jenny shitley saying ”the only way you will get ahead is by being self employed”… I recall rude richardson hiring a small group of home economic consultants to ascertain the bare minimum a family of four need to survive on – then deliberately setting that threshold 20% below that.

      I recollect dim bolger saying he was going to reverse the policy’s of dodger douglas – then not only carrying on the baton for him, – but bringing in one of the most evil finance ministers we’ve ever had.

      Complete with her filthy bloody Employments Contract Act 1991 !!!

      Then there was the whole foul stinking ‘fish and chips’ brigade and their National party descendants who rammed through changes the people didn’t want – flying in the face of mass nationwide demonstrations and running roughshod over our democracy.

      And then there was brash, then don-key, – well we all know what a sewer rat don-key was and his mate the double dipper from dipton,- and their shit about NZ workers being ‘too lazy, beer and drug addled to work so we need to import cheap labour to keep the employers happy,- I mean to keep this place going’… And melen clarke wasn’t too far behind in the tinkering capacity- never any real change there except to come down heavy on men and piss the Maoris off. More woke shit from the bliar-ites ‘third way’ cock and bull story’s.

      Fucking lying, bullshitting bastards.

      All of them.

      If I had my way they’d all would have been thrown in prison for the rest of their natural born life for theft and treason and been asset stripped to compensate for the destruction and misery they caused the NZ public.

      Assets they STOLE from US – hiding behind legislation THEY designed for THEM.


  9. If this is a revamped, forward-thinking attempt to ‘Bring Back the FoL!’

    A readjustment in the balance of power in negotiations should do the trick.

    Bring back Award Rates!

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