STUDENT PAYS $12,000 FOR PRETEND JOB Worked for Nothing at St Lukes Store. Stranded in China.



A foreign student at AUT university was targeted by a broker offering her a job that met the requirements for permanent residency. 

According to electronic communications in our possession, these jobs are processed through New Zealand Career Institute owned by Kelvin Zhang (aka Zhen Zhang). We note the company has no website and the company address is the home address for Mr Zhang. 

The student Lucy (we don’t use the real names of victims) was offered jobs with three companies. None exist in the Companies Office website. 


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Lucy was to pay $12,000 to the NZ Career Institute for “educational purposes” when she started a suitable job. This was done through Mr Zeya Ju, CEO of E/N Education Limited based in Remuera. 

Lucy was offered a manager’s role in the Extreme PC store in Auckland’s St Lukes Mall. The store is owned by Mr Zhang. He gave Lucy a one page contract in Mandarin stating her hours or conditions of work. The contract stated a 90 day trial, but Lucy was promised there would be another 3 months’ work at minimum. Lucy was also assured the new job met the immigration requirements, and the criteria for the job meant she was eligible to have a pathway to residency. 

Lucy was told the $12,000 fee was for a learning course through the NZ Careers Institute, as she was told it is illegal for a worker to pay for a job premium. No course or training was offered at any time during Lucy’s employment. 

Lucy first day at work was 12 November 2020. On that day she was required to transfer $12,000 to another intermediatory named Phoebe, who we understand works for Mr Ju. 

But when Lucy started in her new job, there was no management role. Instead she was a junior assistant employed for only 20 hours a week. Lucy complained to the broker that Mr Zhang was “really fierce” and severely critical to other workers. She says was not trained, nor paid for her hours. The broker replied that the boss “is like that” and she should “endure”. 



Despite many messages about her role and wages to her employer over her employment period, Lucy received no response to her questions. Due to this stress, and with the approval of her employer, Lucy returned to China for a break to get emotional support from her family. 

When Lucy tried to return to New Zealand, she required a letter from her employer. Lucy contacted Mr Zhang for this letter. During this discussion Lucy asked about the non-payment of her wages. He became agitated. It was clear then to Lucy there would be no job for her to return to. Lucy then asked for her $12,000 back and the wages she was owed. 

Mr Zhang offered to pay her wages, but would not return her $12,000. She has not heard from Mr Zhang since, nor received the unpaid wages he promised. 

The broker has since apologised and paid Lucy $3,000, saying it was her cut. But that the rest of the money had gone to Mr Zhang and Mr Ju. 



Lucy is trapped in China. In spite of that, we need to get her justice. We have made several attempts to contact both Mr Zhang and Mr Ju. Both men have gone to ground. 

This morning, a formal case was filed against both men and their companies. 

We believe this case is part of a wider exploitation operation co-ordinated by these two men. The use freelance brokers to target vulnerable young people. They offer them jobs through various companies. Some don’t exist. 

To get justice for Lucy we need your help to hold these exploiter accountable. Here’s four links you can click immediately. 

  1. Sign our petition online (prosecute criminal exploiters)
  2. Share this article  (expose crimes) 
  3. Donate (support our work)
  4. Join the UTU squad (hold a placard) 

If anyone knows anything about either of these two men email me

KELVIN ZHANG  (aka  Zhen Zhang) 


Extreme PC, St Lukes Mall; 

New Zealand Careers Institute Limited.

Address: 17a Watene Rd, Mt Wellington, Auckland 


Phone:  021 135 6508


Facebook:  ?

ZEYU JU (aka Ju Zeyu and Fangying Ju)


E/N Education Limited 

HeyTour Group Holdings Limited, Level 4, 203 Queen St, Auckland CBD

Address: 64 Orakei Rd, Remuera, Auckland 

Website: ?

Phone: ?


Facebook: ?

Matt McCarten is the National Director of the UTU for Workers Union. 



    • @RosieLee, Don’t forget to get our tax dollars back by seizing his assets made on the backs of free labour and fraud, under the proceeds of crimes act.

      If you are making millions of dollars and then get fined a measly amount like $40k after multiple offences, then it kinda makes crime pay and so wonder more and more people are doing it from Liquor barons to Construction to retail to food. Many are building NZ mansions with their proceeds of crime so hopefully easy to sell off and help the housing crisis as they are hopefully deported on the way out, thus freeing up a house.

      Labour crime has now spread to the local Pakeha crimelords who are keen to legitimise not paying people for labour too, under various schemes while pretending to be model companies.

    • Exactly. AFTER a fair trial to PROVE these allegations.
      But I agree ‘they’ KNOW we are a soft touch so WHY both following the rules when MONEY ‘put in the right hands’, makes the problem go away.
      What DEMOCRACY ?

    • Robbie, Maybe you are deliberately being ignorant because it allows you to blame victims and look away.
      But in case you are not, Lucy and many people like her don’t intend to rort the system. She had a legitimate work visa. But she can only get a pathway to residency if she gets a certain type of job. She was promised in writing a legitimate managers job in an electronic store that met the criteria. She was told that she would receive training for the role through NZ Careers for $12,000. That way, she paid for the referral and her training. It was wasn’t until she paid the money and turned up for work that the job offer wasn’t there. She’d already paid $12,000 (all of her savings by the way) and was promised that her training and wages would be sorted out. You understand how people in abusive relationships feel they can’t do anything to push back. Anyway it’s important not to just blame victims so you don’t have to do the hard work holding exploiters and criminals to account. Anyway I think activists who do the talk, can step up occasionally and join the walk 🙂 Kia Kaha.

  1. The justice should not be get people who mistakenly are conned into believing they can get NZ residency for these fake roles, but to get justice by getting these people their money back and taking the employers and companies engaging in this type of behaviour to court, fined under the proceeds of crimes act and deported if possible if they have faked their business in NZ.

    This is by no means a victimless crime. First the people involved who are lied to using the ‘NZ Brand’ which reduces the quality of our country name, then there is the companies using free labour which then out compete paid labour businesses thus depriving others of legitimate jobs, then there is the Ponzi costs of the business premises that are kept high due to the amount of fake businesses starting up and then failing and not paying other subcontractors and workers, the wages subsidies, PAYE, ACC and GST is not being paid while the amount of people coming to NZ and using the services in NZ continues to increase, depriving others in NZ paying taxes of their ability to have access to quick levels of service like health care and justice.

  2. Your doing bloody good work against the LARGE amount of exploitation and fraud that many of the least protected and most vulnerable workers in NZ suffer.

    This criminal fraud has been growing unchecked by our Governments for ages now ,,,with regulations not enforced to the point of Government sanctioned Corruption ,,,

    Right wing Governments probably like these kind of scab boss and rip-off brokers as their enslavement / entrapment of overseas workers helps keep wages down ,,,

    Non-enforcement ,,,,Like the uber taxi company was allowed to ignore and break Land Transport laws with impunity ,,,, Unlivable incomes for taxi drivers ,,, but hey cheaper fares from the unlicensed non police vetted drivers in their non certified passenger vehicles.

    Non-enforcement ,,,, Like Pike River Mine ignored safety rules and regulation ,,, operated a anti-union / contract out work place ,,, keeping wages down and worker inexperience high.

    Finally when the management had their inevitable disaster and killed 29 workers ,,,,, the boss Peter Whitall who was facing 29 manslaughter charges, each of which can get a life sentence the same as murder.,,,, Paid 10 Million dollars courtesy of a Insurance Policy he had to the dead workers family’s ,,,, and had the serious criminal charges dropped with him bolting from NZ the very next day.

    NZ actually has laws against buying your way out of facing criminal charges ,,, but the then National Government ignored, or more accurately broke the law ,,,, to let a worker killing rat manager escape our justice system.

    Whats my point ???

    NZ has a lot of law flouting and exploitation against many many workers …

    People like Matt McCarten are needed and deserve our support ,,,, telling the truth and picking away at the scab of endemic corruption in non-corrupt NZ will make him a target.

    Plus he and his union are threatening some dirty money ,,, look at how our fresh water ecologists were smeared and called traitors for telling the truth about our 100% pure deceit / illusion ,,,Some people were making money contaminating our rivers with farm sewerage and chemicals.

    NZ is about as non-corrupt as we are 100% pure.

    • …absolutely correctly…..’NZ is about as non-corrupt as we are 100% pure’…thankfully it’s a stunning and lovely place to live, IF you have the money.
      It’s like Cape Town, where I’ve also lived, a stunning and most beautiful place, but you are FULLY aware of the corruption, cruel racist state with very little honesty, democracy or morals (of all races in positions of power).
      Just like New Zealand really, except the world has fallen for our propaganda, advertisement B.S.
      But still a great place to live, IF you have the money.

  3. Two laws. One for us and one for exploiters. You would be wise to leave ALL exploiters alone or Jacinda will get angry.

  4. If NZ wants to prevent recurrence of these rorts, which seem to be frankly epidemic at the moment, the first priority must be to focus the displeasure of the justice, tax, and Immigration services on the perpetrator. Only when these scoundrels operations resemble scorched earth, and they wouldn’t scam a fellow countryman if you paid them, can they be trusted at large.

    While we can have some sympathy for the victim, the deterrent effect of cautionary tales circulating in China in this instance, is valuable in preventing more of this nonsense. Though NZ law enforcement should endeavor to give her justice, it should be at the expense of the malefactor, not the NZ public.

  5. Bankrupt this arsehole, confiscate all his proceeds of crime (because this is criminal), revoke his citizenship, and deport him. End of story.

    oh, and change our immigration rules so we stop importing (and exploiting) low value labour at the expense of local NZ’ers.

  6. Slightly off topic, but to do with unions and fair pay.

    Fair Pay Agreements will ensure working Kiwis get a fair go – Michael Wood

    First we had employees which are now a dying breed under neoliberalism, then we had contractors before neoliberalism realised you can have even less responsibility, now we have contractors who are self employed and directors of their own small companies being employed so are technically business owners as gig workers and not all blue collar aka many journalists and white collar jobs…. We also have a plethora of unpaid jobs like interns and start up businesses sprouting up which are frauds to get free labour. All this type of labour is being abused, so there needs to be fair pay for any labour in whatever form, in the new fair pay as well as unions and ERA able to stem precariat working conditions.

  7. Thank goodness for UTU and Matt McCarten! The need for unions to protect the vulnerable has never been greater. This is another example of the Rodgernomics’ economy allowing unfeted greed to flourish. Government departments simply no longer staffed to deal with the burgeoning problem. Am I right in believing that most of this kind of exploitation is carried out by imported business people against their own nationalities?

    • Thats very common. Think about the history if the US Mafia and Italian immigrants. This happens because exploiter knows the economic vulnerabilities and the cultural isolation of their victims.

      But … we are finding more and more exploiters and abusers are white NZ born bosses. Exploitation is becoming more colour blind where bosses will have a number of companies where they employ different ethnicities and exploit some more groups more than others.

      What is common in all of the exploiters is they are arrogant, lack conscience and are very, very greedy. It’s called capitalism in its rawest form 🙁

  8. One of the characteristics of the exploitative employer is their complete bloody narcissism which is often at odds with the values they profess. And they do damage to the good work some of the institutions they belong to and use to set themselves up as pillars of the community.
    If Monty bloody Patel can afford to donate 22 tonnes of brown basmati rice while ensuring his wanting to contribute and give back to his community gets into the MSM, he can sure as hell afford to pay his workers properly.
    As far as Monty goes, and other exploiters on the UTU website, the values they supposedly possess rest on a solid foundation of pure bullshit. Somehow the concept of self-reliance and “I didn’t get where I am today without hard slog” is for everyone else.
    Unfortunately they also try and recruit a number of enablers in pursuit of their wankery, AND unfortunately some of our government agencies have unwittingly been enablers of their cowardly activity.

  9. Brother and Sisters, I’m dropping a note here because I know people who read or write the comments are engaged in the working class struggle for justice.
    As I write this, we are at 197 for our anti-exploitation petition. Can you get us to 200 today?
    Also, we have had 9 generous online donations from our website totalling $530 in just this week. My aim is $1000. Every dollars fuels the movement – big and small.
    If you can help, go to – or click on the donate and petition above.
    Kia Kaha. Matt

  10. UTU for life!

    This ignorant man. How dare he! As a wellington community member I am never buying Tulsi Indian Food AGAIN.

    I am also going to tell all of my friends and my work colleagues.



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