MEDIAWATCH: The Nation – Jesus wept – Oranga Tamariki are strip searching children!!!


I wonder how many of these public servants defending strip searching children are earning $100k…

Oranga Tamariki strip-searching children in Youth Justice

Documents obtained by Newshub Nation under the Official Information Act reveal in the six months from July to January, Oranga Tamariki conducted 41 strip searches; 12 in Auckland, none in Rotorua, one in Palmerston North. Three quarters of them – 28 – took place at one facility in Christchurch. It says it doesn’t happen in its care and protection residences.

Youth Justice Residences general manager Ben Hannifin acknowledges the numbers are confronting but says there is some justification.



We are paying a dead turtle with a $12 000 taxpayer funeral more care than children in state care…

Taxpayers shell out more than $12,000 to transport dead turtle, give it a funeral

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Taxpayers have shelled out more than $12,000 to transport a dead turtle and give it a funeral.

…right now we have an ongoing inquiry into the horrors perpetrated on the weakest and most vulnerable in State care, how the hell is strip searching children right now anything other than more abuse?

The State is the greatest abuser of human rights in NZ, but sure, let’s fire up over $100k public servants not getting a pay rise instead.


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  1. They strip searched just 41 at Youth Justice Facilities, jail for young persons.

    “Items found ranged from broken glass, a sharpened felt-tip and marijuana, to ripped clothing and string”.
    Glass that can cut, can stab, can take lives. Sharpened felt tip aka a shank, can stab, maim and kill, ripped clothing and string, that can strangle, hang, harm and kill and do just that! Regularly.

    And as much as I would like to believe that all young persons are balanced, thoughtful, peaceful, believed in the truth, caring for others, Santa Claus and the holy ghost, some just dont. Some are nasty pieces of work who commit the worst of adult crimes and don’t give a fuck.

    As Kelvin Davis said, those who criticise OT for doing so would criticise OT for allowing a child to harm or kill themselves or others by assuming everyone of those persons entering one of their facilities was ka pai rather than using some common sense risk analysis and searching them. OT have a duty of care too.

    It’s the real world, nothing to be outraged about.

  2. Theres a huge difference between striping a knife carrying child to their underwear to protect other children at risk and striping them naked and getting them to bend over. Lets not lose sight of the fact some of these kids are violent offenders.

    • Wonderful people don’t age up children to fit the system. You make the fucken system fit you fucken moron. Fucken dick. It’s stupid to expect bellow 90 iq individuals to navigate your fucked up theory.

        • That’s pretty much my reaction every time a below 140 IQ individual tries to bring out the best lives in a socially disruptive child.

      • Good old little Mr Angry returns. Suggestions on what needs to be done?
        This site will be tightly moderated, I am just not interested in vile personal attacks or abuse. If you want that, go crawl around the whaleoil or kiwiblog comment section.

  3. Gotta love the way this was reported in the MSM – “even though less than half of searches revealed concealed weapons”.

    Well clearly no reason to search any of these kids then – “less than half” are carrying anything potentially dangerous.

  4. Got any suggestions on how to address the confiscation of potential lethal weapons or instruments of self harm from youth, or just more abuse?
    Your obviously in possession of the justification, spoken directly to Oranga Tamariki staff to get their view on what they may well have to deal with on a daily basis?
    I don’t condone it but what are they to do just ask nicely?
    Or do you believe we live in softly softly land, where everyone is a benign, benevolent human who mean no harm to anyone?

    See I’ve met people like you before, we all have. That guy at the BBQ who starts off nice enough at first. Then you make that fatal error of entering in a political debate and that demeanor dissipates over time the more he drinks, and as the debate intensifies.

    Then the verbal abuse begins at first, moron, retard, fuckwit etc, because your political viewpoint (insert political spectrum result here) differs from his
    I don’t accept that abuse from anyone, or do I accept anyone else being subjected to it.
    So unless you got something your willing to share to enlighten me, jog on.

  5. While it does sound bad, but I guess if the children were going to use the weapons for suicide or harm others then that could be justified. But not strip-searched naked, – more to underwear and with same sex person doing it, and if they are seriously concerned beyond that, with a child protection services person present.

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