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  1. Something is wrong when a 3 million dollar home in a prime area, is not up to rental standards.

    Ponsonby ‘dump’ sells for more than $3m at auction

    Looks pretty good to me, I could only dream of a kitchen that nice when I rented, but apparently described as ‘a dump’ by the listing agent and not up to the woke, middle class, led rental standards.

    The Marie Antonette approaches to the government ‘encouraging’ landlords to sell their houses to their preferred first buyers doesn’t seem to be working and is similar to the state house sell offs in rich areas, aka removing social interaction and creating wealth led ghettos as the nice houses (but apparently not good enough) are sold off and then renovated to the higher standards and presumably resold to a lovely new family coming into NZ who has north of 3 million to buy this unhealthy home.

    Healthy homes is beginning to look like the fake Meth standards from the Natz.

    Now people are offering $30k upfront to rent a house (not even legal in NZ)…

  2. PPP’s and Neoliberalism do not work for social services like cheap housing.

    Think how much quicker and easier it would have been for Housing NZ to get the Kiwibuild money to build the state houses.

    Now , there is going to be big money for consultants to ponder the issues, money being siphoned off for the latest crisis instead of spending on building the houses, and delays with neoliberals laughable way to build the houses.

    South Auckland KiwiBuild housing development Ormiston Rise in receivership; first home owners panicking

    Social housing insolvent…

    A Capital Letter: Wellington council social housing arm will be insolvent by 2023

  3. Not Acceptable.

    Women are being forced to give birth in handcuffs, with prison officers in the room

    Also not acceptable corrections don’t know how many women are giving birth in prison, do they not have computers??????? and not enough mother baby units! Sounds like corrections ability to manage information about the prison system is of the dinosaur age. (Maybe they use the same IT as the Covid data?)

    Also training and recruitment of prison officers seems like a lot to be desired!

    Man given citizenship, job as prison officer despite robbery and gun convictions

    Former prison officer Jeremy Rhys Lyons jailed for sexually abusing girls

    Prison rapes not being detected by prison officers
    Prison rape trial: Benjamin Goundar found guilty of raping cellmate

    Note Prison officers face a difficult job (and bound to be underpaid) so hopefully this is not the norm. More care needs to be made for recruitment and staff training. Was at a party and heartened to meet a prison officer who you could see was very dedicated, professional and kind, clearly they need more of those types recruited to prisons! More money for better prison officers and less money for enquiries and cover ups!

  4. We’re detailsing our way to doom. Just my endless utubing confirms the evidence. All, bloody comfort. Responding, or letters to the editor, helps not a bit. The realists must lead, present the reality. Persuade as the first point. My great grandfather was the first ‘to bring the word’ of socialism to Preston, Lancashire. He stood on his soapbox and shouted. The early socialists followed the lingo of christian evangelicals.

    We have 9 years. We put our present comfort before the known decease of everything. Labour, and democracy encourages it, endlessly cautious when everything needs to be done.

  5. +1 “We’re detailsing our way to doom.”

    So true, neoliberal/totalitarian mantra is obsessed with endless mindless detail that lacks practicality and the bigger picture.

    • The dynamic of the political blogs won’t allow the centre stage of soap-box polemic for the main thing, apparently. Given Martyn’s immediate posts after my comment.

      But why not? However his posts on the main things get the least responses.

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