Poor widdle Cwusher is a twiggered snowflake – Judith can dish it out but can’t take it


Oh the poor widdle Cwusher is sad sad because mean mean Jacinda made a joke about the irony of Judith wanting to beef up the SFO…

Vote 2020: Judith Collins ‘disgusted’ after Ardern’s dig over her past with the SFO

Opposition leader Judith Collins says she’s disgusted at the Prime Minister’s response to National’s plan to double the Serious Fraud Office’s budget.

National today announced it would double the Serious Fraud Office’s budget if elected, to investigate more cases of fraud, bribery and corruption.

“The SFO takes very few prosecutions, not because there isn’t fraud, bribery and corruption in New Zealand, but because the office doesn’t have the resources to do its job properly,” National leader Collins said in a speech this morning.

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She pledged to double the SFO’s budget from $12.7 million a year, to $25m, and said it would be renamed to the “Serious Fraud and Anti-corruption Agency”, which, Collins said, made clearer the focus wasn’t only on white-collar crimes involving private companies.

But Labour leader Jacinda Ardern took a jab at the stance, referring to Collins’ resignation from a ministerial post in 2014 due to an engagement with the SFO.

“Interesting to hear now … there’s obviously a little history there with the Opposition leader and the SFO,” she said.

“As a previous minister, her engagement with the SFO led to her job loss.”

Judith Collins told Heather du Plessis-Allan it was “a very low blow” and said an inquiry had cleared her of any inappropriate action.

“I was disgusted with that response from her and clearly she’s wrong,” she told du Plessis-Allan.

“I just thought ‘goodness sake, where’s the kindness gone now?’ I thought she wanted a clean campaign and that was pretty dirty.”

…this is the woman who blew Iain Lees-Galloway’s brains out on live TV without even a flicker on her face as she desperately attempted to remove media attention of her handling of Falloon complaining about being disgusted by a funny dig?

Oh she can dish it out, but girlfriend can’t take it can she?

Let’s remind everyone about that SFO fiasco again, Slater was out pimping for financial backers for a hit against the head of the SFO and claimed Judith wanted it, now the whitewash inquiry of course found Judith not guilty because they weren’t dumb enough to write anything down but no one believes that Slater and Collins aren’t dark art practitioners   and this is the exact sort of out of control maniacal power crazy shit they would do if in power!

Here was Nicky Hager on TDB earlier this year regarding Judith Collins and dirty politics…

After Dirty Politics was published in 2014, National was concerned about falling support and decided to end this by removing Judith Collins — one of the Dirty Politics personalities — from her ministerial post. But National did not want to give credibility to the book by saying that it was the reason for her demotion. Instead the Prime Minister’s staff managed to obtain a new email, which had not been cited in the book Dirty Politics, involving Collins, dirty politics characters Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers and Carrick Graham, and a campaign to smear the Serious Fraud Office head. It was on the basis of this separate email that Collins had to step down. After the election there was an inquiry into Collins’ actions in relation to that single email. She was indeed cleared of involvement in the smear and went back into Cabinet.

Here is a reference to the new email and exoneration. Judith Collins was soon saying that she had been cleared of all allegations in the book Dirty Politics. But neither the new email nor anything about a smear campaign against the SFO head appear in the Dirty Politics book.

Anyone can check the chapter about Collins in Dirty Politics. It shows a pettiness and meanness, as she sent snippets of gossip and dirt to Cameron Slater and helped him to attack people on his blog — including details of a public servant who was then strongly attacked on Slater’s blog, including receiving death threats. The chapter recounts where she recommended to Slater about some National Party internal politics: “Personally I would be out for total destruction… But then I’ve learned to give is better than to receive.” She called it the “double” rule: “always reward with Double”; and said “If you can’t be loved, then best to be feared.”

These are the sorts of things that were revealed about Collins in Dirty Politics. On none of them was she investigated and exonerated. It would be incorrect to allow this misunderstanding to continue.

…allowing someone as malicious as this with real power would be a terrible mistake.

Like every Bully she loves to dish it out but can’t take it when it’s coming back the other way.

Crusher triggers like a snowflake.


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  1. One of the good things of a parody is when tabasco sauce tries to make out it’s icing sugar.

    The wild fire can’t be escaped or hidden. Collins is doing her best to be both but hot and spicy and all sauced up means whatever comes out at either end of her body is the same.

  2. Fascinating, hilarious and diabolical situation.

    NZ needs to have this farce up in lights urgently so every New Zealander can see the history of the despicable individual putting herself up to lead our country despite having such a strong and diabolical link to Cameron Slater etc etc with all that entails.

    Many of us remember Collins running smear campaigns via Cameron Slater. The death threats against Internal Affairs Staffer Simon Pleasants that resulted were just the tip of an enormous toxic Iceberg. Collins used / abused her position to help get an inmate moved as a favour to Cameron Slater. Collins also involved in confidential details to Slater about the Bronwyn Pullar via an ACC leak. Michelle Boag was also involved in that case. Then there was a Cameron Slater email pointing to Collins “gunning for” Adam Feeley – the Director of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), an agency she was the appointed minister for. Collins “resigned” but a later investigation farcically cleared her. It couldn’t possibly have done anything else when you see the extremely tight terms of reference of that investigation. It must be remembered that there is an entire chapter in the book DIRTY POLITICS devoted to Judith Collins.

    Allegations about Collins in Hager’s book include leaks of confidential Government information to SMEAR CAMPAIGNS.

    Leaking confidential information? Do the names Hamish Walker and Michelle Boag ring any bells? As for DESPERATE SMEAR campaigns. That is a very well known Collins specialty.

    It’s absolutely staggering that a person of such highly dubious character could become the leader of the National Party and be desperately attempting to become the leader of our country. It’s difficult to imagine a more unsuitable person for the role.

    Yesterdays developments were also VERY telling. Collins states National will double the budget of the serious fraud office. Oh the irony which wasn’t lost on Ardern

    When asked Ardern said “interesting to hear now that they want to see an increase in support for the serious fraud office. There’s obviously a little history there with the opposition leader and the S.F.O”.

    Everything Ardern said was appropriate, on point and accurate.

    A journalist then asked Ardern, “what do you mean by history?”.

    Ardern responded with an absolutely 100% correct FACT. “As a previous minister, her engagement with the S.F.O led to a her job loss”.

    That should have been the end of the matter but Collins was so enraged by Ardern’s response that she rang TVNZ during the news bulletin. TVNZ took the extremely rare move of ending their NEWS bulletin with a statement from Collins.

    “Earlier this evening One News ran a “comment” from Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern inferring National Party leader Judith Collins lost her job as a result of a serious fraud investigation. Ms Collins says this “statement” is false. The comment was a “DESPERATE SMEAR” and unbecoming of a Prime Minister to resort to such tactics”.

    Where do we start there? At no point did Ardern infer Collins lost her job as “a result of a SFO investigation”. To describe that as a desperate total misrepresentation would be an understatement”.

    How can the despicable Collins attack the PM every day with blatant lies and misrepresentations etc yet when the PM responds to a question with a 100% accurate and honest answer, Collins farcically attempts to slide up to the high moral ground? Surely, she can’t be serious?

    As for Collins choice of words “DESPERATE and SMEAR”. This must be the most epic irony in NZ political history.

    The funniest of all statements Collins has ever made is that the comment by Ardern was “unbecoming of a Prime Minister to resort to such tactics”.

    That statement alone deserves it’s own meme and Tui billboard.

    It must also be pointed out that it was TVNZ who claimed Ardern “inferred” Collins lost her job “as a result of an SFO investigation”. Why is our National (pardon the pun) broadcaster making such false statements about a response from the PM in an actual news bulletin? Does TVNZ forget people can go back and check exactly what Ardern actually said? Since when is it the role of TVNZ to run such a broadcast on behalf of the National Party leader? Unfuckingbelievable.

    • “It’s absolutely staggering that a person of such highly dubious character could become the leader of the National Party…”

      No. It really isn’t. This is the National Party we’re talking about here. They hardly have a reputation for honesty, integrity and compassion. They’re knife-wielding schemers and whoever wields the biggest knife with the most ruthless abandon tends to rise to the top, like scum on the surface of a polluted waterway. It still amazes me how often people are scandalised by National’s filthy behaviour. You’d think they’d be quite accustomed to it by now. Collins is, in many ways, a product of her environment.

    • The funniest of all statements Collins has ever made is that the comment by Ardern was “unbecoming of a Prime Minister to resort to such tactics”.

      More horrifying than funny, given her actions. She, Minister for Police, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Justice. That the NZ media allow her to get away with this without calling it out, is incomprehensible. What does it say about us as a nation that we allow a charade such as this to continue.

      (Rather than running for PM, that woman should be facing charges, imo.)

  3. …allowing someone as malicious as this with real power would be a terrible mistake.

    It was before. It would be far more so if we ever allowed it to happen again.

  4. Just to be clear, the actions of that woman as recorded in Nicky Hager’s book are not those of some random MP such as Foulloon. The person acting in the way that she did was holding the high positions of, variously, Minister of Police, Minister of Corrections, and the Justice Minister. Her way to bring dishonour to the entire NZ Government!!!

  5. I guess what Justice Chisolm was saying was although her involvement with these arseholes and this SFO matter reeked, there was not enough evidence to hang her for it. And after all, Collins was a Minister of the Crown, and “Honourable”, (extreme use of quotation marks) so further benefit of the doubt given.

    But really, what a loathsome troll. She was there or thereabouts consistently and on many other nasty issues of the day and Key knew it. How many times did she lose her Ministerial warrant during his tenure? Twice was it?

    • Yes XRAY The whole SFO affair smellls so bad it makes the reader coil in agony so Judith Collins is nakedly evil for sure
      So I want to see NZF come back strongly in this election and ‘put her in the dock for keeps’ – as she is an equal to Jonkey with her dirty politics for sure.

  6. As soon as Nicky’s book was released the police moved in like clockwork. Many of them, unannounced, and set to work ransacking his home. They stripped him of his means to earn a livelihood, and set future projects at risk by taking all possible items, including notes, which could have held otherwise protected sources.

    And she… Minister of Police, Minister of “Justice”. Yeah. Right.

    • Not quite. If memory serves me right, the police search of Hager’s Wellington home was looking for evidence to identify who the hacker was who had obtained the Whale Oil dirt, published in, “Dirty Politics”. The search was not a police a response to the publication of Hager’s book, they can’t just do that. They were looking for evidence of a crime which still remains unsolved.

      The police had a properly executed search warrant granted by a Samoan woman District Court judge in South Auckland. It was South Auckland -maybe Manurewa – because I believe that was where Slater had laid
      complaints. I rather think that there may have been more powerful Nat-associated figures than Judith Collins involved with Slater; the fact that she was Min of Justice or Police may not have made things any easier for the police, and although Hager would not have been silly enough to leave his sources unprotected, the police still had to follow correct process.

      Back to the beginning, where nobody identified that Hager was a journalist and bound by his own professional ethics to protect his sources, and legally entitled to do so. Along the track persons tried to say Hager wasn’t really a journalist. Wrong. The hysteria about Hager publishing stolen material, was a crude attempt to deflect attention from what was published, the truth.

      Judith’s current crossness could be because she thought the politics of kindness provided carte blanche to play mean girls. Wrong. She’s pretty awful. Big backside. At this stage she might like to consider wandering round chanting“Om”.

      • Snow white, you may be right, and I do respect your opinion (on just about everything). However my own perception of what went down, both at the time and since, is that the version you have given is the super-sanitised version that we were all fed through the media. It’s like the tree chopped off at the lower trunk, but if you dig a little deeper there’s more to it than that. Just imo.

        • Hey Kheala – I got TWO copies of “Dirty Politics” ! One the day it came out, and a second one at the Sallies – passed on to rellies. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it – but like all of Nicky Hager’s books, I go back and dip in.

          I don’t intentionally sanitise, and try and stick to original sources – the only thing I recall being fed by media, was Key’s conspiracy theorist crap, and being under whelmed by the media response to a book containing shock after shock, which it did. Don’t know what might have been on television about it, but rely on msm for zilch – occasionally do learn other things confidentially, and yep, there’s often facts beneath the surface.

          Had Hager’s various books not been published, the political scene in New Zealand would be much worse, and corrupt, than you suggest below, and why I think him a very brave man. His biggest protection may be that we are a small country with a very small population, where it’s harder to bump people off, which as you will know, has been mooted about him before – hence the dismay at Collins’s appalling ‘meeting maker’ comments this week.

      • If either Nicky or Martyn had been less strong and determined, if either of them had been broken by what happened, then AO/ NZ today would look very different, in terms of having a “Left” side of politics. We would now be in an anaemic, stilted mess.

    • And after they finished smashing Nicky into the ground, they went to work on Martyn and through him, The Daily Blog. You can read about that from the link on the front page of this site. (I learned of this only last year. It is even more chilling than what happened to Nicky, in some ways at least.)

      • Oh yes. It was sinister, and the horrific thing was that the people targeted by the police, were not the
        wrong-doers, the wrong-doers, predominantly people funded by the public purse, caused it all.

        The Nats will dump Collins as leader post-election.

    • Clare Rewcastle Brown a world re-known investigative journalist and anti corruption campaigner basically called Judith Collins a bull shitter ,,,,, when Judith was defending the tax haven / secrecy laws that National created around NZ trusts and company law ,,,Judith was downplaying criminality and bullshitting about the ‘fixes’ the Nats were forced to do ,, due to exposure from the panama papers .

      Clare Rewcastle Brown in response to Judiths dishonest spiel : “Who believes that – after all, how burndensome is it to write down your own name?

      Nor is this system yet ‘world class’. The New Zealand Government have notably refused to extend to the full transparency that would actually be expected of a benchmark regime i.e. an open register where journalists and others could cross reference potentially illegal activity.

      This means that, for example, Sarawak Report is unable to inform Malaysians whether Jho Low and his family are one of the few to have re-registered their trust in New Zealand. They may have done so.” https://www.sarawakreport.org/2017/07/australia-and-new-zealand-slide-from-their-responsibilities-over-mass-corruption-and-malaysia/

      Both national and Judith rely on our still dirty media to hide their corruption ,, which protects their popularity ..
      ,, “The revelations prompted political pressure on the *( National ) New Zealand government, which instituted an enquiry that many have decried as a whitewash, led by a gentleman named John Shewan, who was himself a key representative of the New Zealand tax avoidance industry.”
      “The purpose is corruption – Vasco Trust.
      Since finance expert Mr John Shewan couldn’t find a single example of a corrupt use of a New Zealand trust fund, Sarawak Report would like to humbly offer him the details of how one such trust was deliberately set up by financial professionals in Europe to facilitate both the hiding of stolen money (again from 1MDB) and the avoidance of tax in the United States by the Emirati businessman Khadem Al Qubaisi, who is now in jail.

      Perhaps this might help spell out for him and New Zealand legislators the extent of the global problem, which is caused by the deliberately lax laws that have become such a nice little money-spinner for a section of their finance industry?”


  7. “Thank you Jacinda!!” …for speaking truth to the ugly remnants of old power.

    (Back to party voting Labour, …again the Greens have to wait, sorry.)

  8. And she is nationals 3rd choice and we are a country and people that usually pride ourselves on high standards. So why are we and why would we accept third best. I see a lot of our elderly Pakeha love judeath now what does this say about them.

    • Oi who are you calling elderly??? Just got my Super and I wouldn’t vote National (never have) if I was offered serious money to do so. Neither would any of my peers. The Grey haired sector o f the populace is not what it once was . Hence Winston’s demise.

    • Oi who are you calling elderly??? Just got my Super and I wouldn’t vote National (never have) if I was offered serious money to do so. Neither would any of my peers. The Grey haired sector o f the populace is not what it once was . Hence Winston’s demise. After I read Dirty Politics I sold it on Trade me for more than I paid for it. Collins has underestimated NZ . We all know what kind of scum she is. Pipeline leak? Oravida ring any bells people???

      • After I read Dirty Politics I sold it on Trade me for more than I paid for it.

        Nice 🙂

        Collins has underestimated NZ .


        • I’m kidding, Shona. My Mum’s 76 and she wouldn’t vote for Judith Collins if you offered her a free hip replacement. I know not all elderly folk are embittered, self-absorbed NIMBYs out to ruin the lives of future generations.

    • Covid is pa – I think she might have had cheek fillers or something to make her look like Robert Muldoon, acquired the same smirk and bully boy persona – she does look like his clone – and while I was out of the country, I gather that he promised pots of money to the “elderly.”

      Plus nice old grandparents may feel protective towards the poor wee thing, plus what Wensleydale said.

  9. Being kind (Jacinda) does not mean one cannot challenge or be assertive, its how its done. I have been watching the Maori electoral debates and while they may disagree they show respect for one another and they do not frequently talk above or over one another like many in the General seat debates do. National are one of the worst parties for doing this and its shows they have absolutely no class. I expect Judeath will have her horns on and they will be well polished for tonight. She has already said this is her one and only chance to be PM. I hope Jacinda says a karakia before she takes the stage tonight she will need it going up against the devil.

  10. Judith, you got off the hook because there was insufficient evidence. Not like you were the wrong person mistaken by a witness. Your career has been one of ducking and weaving with all the shadowy shit you do. Oravida anyone?

    And don’t strut around like you’re the Virgin Mary either or even act like you’re a positive force for good, because you ain’t.

    I think we could all name many a good crook who “beat the rap”.

    • XRAY,

      “Judith Collins was accused in 2014 of a conflict of interest with Oravida bosses – a company where her husband was a director – and a Chinese official.

      During a taxpayer-funded visit to China in her role as Justice Minister in 2013, Collins was welcomed into the New Zealand export company and endorsed the milk it produced.

      Prime Minister John Key criticised the visit, causing Collins to apologise. However she said the Chinese official – who she refused to name – was a “very close personal friend”.

      “She also claimed it was “not necessarily true” that her husband would benefit financially from the company doing well, as he wasn’t a shareholder.

      Key told media Collins was on her final warning over the incident – but she maintained she had Key’s permission to meet with the company.”

      • Interested to read this blog, as a non New Zealander.The insufficient evidence should be made a matter record. In Scotland, there is a legal decision in addition to the Not Guilty/ Guilty, choices, where a court can return a verdict of Not Proven. Having spent a life time working in the criminal justice system this seemed a good option, as it gives a clear definition that the evidence could not support a conviction and not that the person was not guilty as charged

  11. Agree, the state broadcaster has a duty as objective reporter not as partisan political mediator twisting the story in National’s favour. TVNZ are more interested in running stories about Wendy Petrie (who we were promised was leaving the network) than real news such as press freedom and Assange. TVNZ and their heroine Collins will be resigned to the dustbin of cheap and nasty, a lazy right wing propaganda outlet ran by nest feathering disciples, negative value career climbers and wild-eyed megalomaniacs.

    • TVNZ are more interested in running stories

      TVNZ and RNZ need a shakeup. They need a Minister who is much more ‘switched on’, more attuned, more involved. (Willie Jackson as Minister for Broadcasting would be excellent.)

  12. Despite everyone who has ever been the subject of one of Nicky Hager’s books (including Judy) squealing loudly about how unfairly they they have been treated, no-one has ever brought defamation proceedings against him, let alone won a settlement. Curious that.

  13. The bully will always cry foul when they get punched on the nose and will run around crying…”it’s not fair, l didn’t do anything”.

  14. ( Farmers reading this? Please continue. Is awesome.)
    But the SFO is simply a plaything of the Natzo’s who custom-designed the SFO to hide theirs and their minions swindlings under a barrage of pointless inquiry. Think winston peters at this point?
    But I thought everyone knew that, to be honest.
    The thing that intrigues me is that collins is mooting increases in funding etc to the SFO as an election bribe for those whom have most to hide. Aye Big City Boys?
    Is collins and her cadre of crooks really worried then? If that’s so, then perhaps Labour IS truly transformative.
    If that genuinely is the case then brace yourselves for a very, very fruity 2021.
    Farmers? Oi ? Yes, you?
    You still want to be seen as someone wanting to have a natzo hoarding up in your paddocks?
    You’re offering support to the very same politicians who, along with their Big City banksters and money lenders have their boots on your necks.
    Read this. Make a cup of tea and take your time.
    The Country Party.
    The Country Party had its origins in the Auckland Farmers’ Union, a branch of the New Zealand Farmers’ Union which covered most of the upper North Island. In the 1920s, members of this branch increasingly came to believe that the * Reform Party, which traditionally enjoyed much support in rural areas, was now putting the interests of farmers behind those of businesses in the city. The Auckland branch was also strongly influenced by the social credit theory of monetary reform, promoted by C. H. Douglas. Many farmers believed that the country’s financial system did not treat them fairly, and that they were being exploited by big-city bankers and moneylenders.
    * “…. the Reform Party, which traditionally enjoyed much support in rural areas, was now putting the interests of farmers behind those of businesses in the city….”
    Read this?
    Reform Party (New Zealand)
    ” The Reform Party, formally the New Zealand Political Reform League, was New Zealand’s second major political party, having been founded as a conservative response to the original Liberal Party. It was in government between 1912 and 1928, and later formed a coalition with the United Party (a remnant of the Liberals), and * then merged with United to form the modern National Party. ”
    then merged with United to form the modern National Party.
    Wait…? Let that sentence sink in
    then merged with United to form the modern National Party.
    then merged with United to form the modern National Party.
    and again….
    then merged with United to form the modern National Party.
    Wait… is it sinking in yet?
    then merged with United to form the modern National Party.
    Farmers. The national party ARE YOUR ENEMY.
    They’re like a toxic friend who’s fucking your partner behind your back.
    They’ve been so since the 1920’s and they’re dangerously so more so than ever nearly one hundred years later.
    Bizarrely, Labour and The Green party with Chloe Swarbrick in leadership could be the best thing that’s happened to farming since the invention of the diesel engine. ( Soon to become hydrogen-electric which equals zero pollution.)
    Or you could order the natzo’s, at gun point if necessary, to fix shit up.
    Farmers? Where’s your money? Where’s your awesome product? Where’d that go? Why is AO/NZ with a scant few million people on the bones of its arse while a fucking panel beater with a commerce degree has $11 BILLION in net wealth and has bought an apartment in NYC for $50 million and he’s only 65 years old and no doubt getting superannuation? hart? fay? richwhite? gibb? chandler? fletcher? brierly? etc etc? How come those guys have millions and billions when AO/NZ is a fucking agrarian primary industry economy struggling to survive with homelessness and child poverty and the scum above have us believing we can’t find markets for our foods in a hungry world soon to be starving in the terrible wake of global heating?
    What’s happened to farmer wealth once farmer product’s left the farm gate? Less than a dollar for a kg of wool while a nice 300 gram jersey is upwards of $200! 500 grams of butter @ $6 to $8!
    And yet many of you still fawn over vile, hideous, ghastly, odious collins and Big Jizz The Bully Monster by allowing them to plaster themselves all over your lives and lineage.
    And don’t think I’m that naive that I don’t realise that many farmers are also crooks. The ones who sell out their Brothers and Sisters and go to the mortgagee sales to snap up a bargain. I know you’re there too, you traitorous bastards all snuggle fest up with your White Right natzo brethren. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that without you none of contemporary AO/NZ would be possible. The poverty, the hungry kids, the ignorance, the greed, the exploitation and the manipulation of our economy and our society to line your pockets and those of your dodgy city mates.

  15. What a great blog on Judith today .

    A toxic neoliberal iceberg floating in a dark sea of deception ..( Jacindafan). An evil ,semi submerged , blubbery aquatic Jaba -da Hutt type creature bound to give kids nightmares for the school holidays .Lovely .

    The tabasco sauce pretending to be pink icing just before it burns your mouth out .(Peter) Lovely stuff .
    But seriously ,I do like Nationals policy on Climate Change .

    By putting Gerry and Judith in front of the sun , they will block out so much light, the planet will cool down in no time .
    That’ smart .

    On Winston , the release of the SFO material so close to the election (with questions still to be answered ) smacks of a well prepared political “Hit Job” , despite the claim of Govt Dept “neutrality “.

    Im not unhappy to see him go, but this looks well planned months out and designed to cause max damage which NZF cannot resolve before the election .

    Was Judith’s intention to double the SFO budget a forward payment for ” A job well executed ….”
    Are Labour and Jami Lee next …?

    Any fair measure of SFO disclosure ,regarding donation irregularities for Labour , National or NZF should have been released before the election for all of them , ie: concurrently not sequentially ,as the timing of that information does have significant political implications .

    Ever since Winston went with Labour in 2017 the Nats have been keen for revenge .The superannuation leak was National orchestrated and now this .Can’t help but think MS Tabasco is deep in the nachos.

    Don’t be at all surprised if New Hub reports , that outside the SFO offices there is a trial of broken corn chips leading to a big bowl of nachos all the way back in the beehive …..

    With her dirty politics, double down , track record , any inference of deep state Nats or Collins being involved pulling the strings could backfire badly on National .

    Pink icing , she ain’t.

    • The problem for Winston was when he let Shane Jones into the party. In April 2014, Shane Jones was backed by Sir Wira Gardiner to help him become Labour Leader. Sir Wira was husband of Hekia


      This blog has been all about dirty politics. It would be like Judith Collins’ husband making horrible comments about Jacinda Ardern . Jones was a National Party plant in NZ First, in the same way that Jaime Lee Ross is a plant inside Bill TK’s party.

      Can’t wait for Nicky Hager’s sequel – a few suggestions for a title Nicky (no royalty required)
      – Dirty politics -The return of JC?
      – Dirty politics – a National Disgrace?
      – Dirty politics – the fabric of the right?
      – Dirty politics – doubling SFO funding (to look the other way)?

  16. The following comments i made in another post.
    Who needs organised crime when you have elected National government ministers and MPs who would be pleased to see the demise of a NZ journalist who dared to uncover the corrupt dirty dealings of the last National government and its prime minister.
    Nicky has been subjected to the most viscous campaign undertaken by the state to attempt to silence him and prevent him from exposing more of what Collins and her colleagues got away with for nine years in government and between 2004 -2008 under Brash and Key.
    Collins will if pressed ( and she won’t be , the comments will be ignored sadly ) say it was all a joke and that its being taken out of context.
    And New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the western world. I wonder if Nicky realises how close he came to real danger ?

    • National government ministers and MPs who would be pleased to see the demise of a NZ journalist who dared to uncover the corrupt dirty dealings


    • It doesn’t have to be that way. We have to call it out, wherever we see it. It takes courage and determination and perseverance. But there is too much to lose if we don’t. So, call it out! Again, and again, and again, until it cannot be ignored. We deserve better!! Our children deserve better.

    • “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”. Plato’s thoughts from more than two thousand years ago are relevant today.

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