If we want to blame someone for the rough beast of Bethlehem on Parliament’s lawn – blame the Left!

Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.   
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out   
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert   
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,   
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,   
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it   
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.   
The darkness drops again; but now I know   
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

In the same week this protest on Parliament’s lawn is all happening the Salvation Army releases its report on dire poverty while house affordability rises to another obscene level while Covid assistance has mostly gone to the rich…

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

An economic and political commentator says since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Aotearoa, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer – in part due to the Government’s policies.

…this protest may not be working class politics, but it is working class misery that is being manipulated by the far right on the lawns of Parliament!

This is the Left’s fault!

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Imagine if Labour and the Greens had done something meaningful over the last 4 years for the lumpenproletariat so that there wasn’t this rage to exploit by the far right in the first place?

What did Labour do? Pour billions into the pockets of property speculators and is now trying to pour billions more into an unemployment insurance scam that empowers white collar union workers the most!

The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! It doesn’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism.

“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

The focus of the political left over the last four years has been on worthy woke virtue signals as opposed to actual policy.

We have allowed Jacinda and Labour and the Greens off the hook for transformative change for too long, and yet act surprised when those most punished by the mandates rebel.

Let me be as clear as I can be – I support Jacinda and Labour for their magnificent Covid response! I salute the courage and skill to have navigated us through this most horrific of tempests and believe the mandates are the best way forward.

I believe NZ having some of the lowest death and hospitalisation rates is a public health victory of extraordinary magnitude.

Yes as a post-marxist anarchist environmental socialist I detest the State up in my grills as much as the next free individual, but I agree with this curtailing of my civil liberties for the public good.

B-U-T we on the Left have failed to challenge the neoliberal economic hegemony that continues to devour so many lonely lives and fills them with such hopelessness that they are bait for Facebook hate algorithms.

To then go a step further and have middle class woke Twitter paint them all as Nazis seems a tad self conflated even for Wellington.

I have zero truck with these feral lunatic’s arguments, hell I was attempting to goad them into voting me in their Nuremberg hanging list a fortnight ago, but they have a right to protest and their rage has been manufactured by the Left’s lack of transformative change.

I have yet to see one interview with a protestor that after a terrible & painful personal mandate experience – that truly pulls at your heart strings – that then doesn’t veer off into some crazy demented conspiracy theory – there is no doubt this misery is being manipulated by far right propagandists with malicious intent.

If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?

Does anyone believe this protest would be as huge as it is if Labour had done something 4 years ago on being transformative on housing, poverty and inequality?

After every major pandemic, there is social unrest…

“So when our Sickness, and our Poverty Had greater wants than we could well supply; Strict Orders did but more enrage our grief, And hinder in accomplishing relief.”

That’s how the British poet George Wither explained a spreading rebellion against social-distancing rules. Seeing quarantines and lockdowns as unfair and tyrannical punishments, people were taking to the streets. The year was 1625, the place was London, the disease was plague.

…The peasant revolt in the 1300s, the civil unrest in the 1600s and the civil disobedience in the 1900s. The strict measures required to snuff out pandemics always makes the lives of the poorest unliveable, we are seeing the economic whiplash of Covid, especially amongst small business owners and those who were already vulnerable.

The desperate and newly desperate have swollen globally and are causing enormous cultural friction.

These waves of social disruption will reverberate around a rapidly warming planet.

The only ones shocked by this seem to be the middle class twitter Left.

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  1. They are not protesting poverty, house prices or inflation.
    They are not working class.
    They are anti mandate, anti science, anti government, anti establishment and anti social.
    They are a selfish entitled misinformed minority mob with undemocratic intentions.
    The police should have acted earlier and now this will end badly for all involved.
    The citizens of Wellington need their capital back.

    • Yes Jack I agree totally with your description of that mob, and there aims, if they have any at all.
      But I have swallowed a dead rat and now believe the state forces should continue to de-escalate.

      Why? Firstly I have zero doubt, none at all, that the Police/Army could easily take back the city if
      they deemed it the best move. It’s not.

      The Politicians are running this – Labour’s top brass, and as ever don’t want to be seen as control freaks.
      This protest is about perceived state over-reach. With that mob at the front and all the Karens in behind and
      the Alt-Right behind all of them, this view will not change.

      However the state have the opportunity to prove by peaceful negotiation they are not Nazi’s and take the wind out of the sails of the protesters and eventually the calm will come. Jacinda’s influence no doubt.

      • “however the state have the opportunity”. Come on GreenBus, this is exactly what this post is all about. The state had the opportunity when Jacinda first swept to victory with an absolute majority. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring in meaningful change. What did she do about it? Diddly bloody squat. All her promises have come to nothing in terms of left wing policy. She is nothing but a shallow Blairite along with her whole disappointing team.
        Martyn is right and he has done a damn good post here. Will Labour listen? No, they will stick to their poll driven crappy “keep the rich happy” neolib bullshit.

        • I have no argument about what you say, you are absolutely correct.
          I’m just guessing what the states response is based on, which is votes as you say. My comment is only about the response or lack of to the protest.

        • Labour were never going to be anything other than neolib.
          Even tinkering around the edges was not possible because of NZ first.
          There is not one political party who does not support the neo lib status quo.
          The Greens certainly can’t object because of their agreement with Labour.

      • Where do Density Church stand in your tactical battle lines Green Bus?
        Between the Karens and the Alt Right NACTS?
        Or walking on the water on the right flank?
        What about Groundswell?
        Syphoning the water out from under Density Church water-hoverers?

        • Easy destiny church stand with any other US inspired evangelical grifting snake oil merchants….it’s not a church it has political aims therefore not a charity tax the fuckers into the ground…my bet if tamakis ability to buy harleys was threatened he’d stop meddling in ‘earthly matters’

      • “The Politicians are running this – Labour’s top brass, and as ever don’t want to be seen as control freaks” that ship sailed a long time ago bro

        • Honey, when the shoe fits, wear it. And would you not enjoy a little public witch burning. The poster above and many others here certainly seem to be itching for it.

        • These protesters are neither left nor right wing.
          These people are of no political persuasion which is why no politician will meet with them or represent them.
          As far as I know there is no credible anarchist party in NZ to adequately represent them.
          Their agenda if it could be distilled down is removing this government or any government by means other than democratic elections of which they are also disengaged from.
          Their inspiration and motivation comes directly from apeing Capitol Hill riots and Canadian truckers rather than any NZ political leanings.

          • @ jack. Dear boy. Dear, dear boy.
            Dear oh dear oh dear. You don’t get out much do you?
            “Democratic elections”
            “The citizens of Wellington need their capital back.”
            Why? To fuck it up even more than it’s already fucked up?
            People don’t trust [Wellington] because [Wellington] is mind bogglingly untrustworthy.
            Therefore and thus;
            Ba haahahaa ahahaha Baaaa hahahahaha ahaha a !!! Wait, wait? Can’t breath….! BABABBABABAbaa ahaahahhahaha ahahaha aa a ahahahah ! BAhahahhahah Babab Bab Ba… ba……. HHhahahahah ahahahahaha a ahahahaha ahahahah ahahaha ahahahah BBBbbahahBbbababbbbababababbaababaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a HHahhahahahahhahahaaaaa ahaha a a a a a a aaahahha a ahahahahah a a a a ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Oops ! Little bit of poo and pee! ! ! BbBBbababababba ab babhahaahhahahaha ha aahhah ahhah aabbabbabba BBBAb ab abaabbababababababababababababbaa ababbaaa a a a a a a a a a a a !

    • Top comment Jack. Unlike Mr Bradbury I actually work across the road from this mob. His view that these muppets are at Parliament as a result of poverty and deprivation is a total nonsense.

      • sorry sid but the ‘deplorables’ are an understandable though totally misdirected reaction to 30 yrs of lies and managed decline…they have a legit grievance just not the one that’s being expressed…it’s not really about covid it’s about being ‘left out’ by successive govts of all stripes…that happens to have coalesced around this particular issue.

        if we don’t address the severe problems in society you get trump or brexit or this mess…fix the issues in society, lab had/have a clear field to do so but their only reply to those issues is more spin and lies…fix shit..is the answer, don’t fix shit and it’ll all go tits up…

      • Yes and I am going back to the protest after spending days there and can just about refute all the smears and untruths told about most of the demonstrators. Nothing like seeing things up close and personal to form an opinion , eh?

    • Keep deluding yourself Jack, Martin is right – no matter how much you want to teabag those protesting. Expressing your indifference about the unfavorable, is just the same as the rubbish on twitter. Get a grip on reality you liberal dolt, labour made this mess, not just in the last 4 years but the last 40. Time and again embracing hard stark liberalism at the expense of the already down trodden.

      • When these people have some political representation and operate within the current democratic process legally and without threats of violence, intimidation, misinformation and frankly treason I will entertain them.
        I am not suggesting state violence rain down apon them but a middle option of fence them in, tow the vehicles and starve them out- is better than doing nothing and allowing the peoples house to be under an illegal occupation.

      • Mate there is perhaps half a million downtrodden poor souls in this county who are not at this protest.
        Trying to legitimise this occupation as being about poverty or housing or inflation is a stretch.
        The protest is about delusion, social media algorithms, anarchism and anti establishment views and represents a subset of a sub culture so tiny to be meaningless except for the disruption and pain they are inflicting on Wellingtons.

        • …”there is perhaps half a million downtrodden poor souls in this county who are not at this protest”…

          Yes and most of them cannot afford a tire on the car or anything but spaghetti on toast to feed their family’s,- let alone afford the fuel costs to drive to Wellington or catch a flight. Maybe that’s why they aren’t there. Their called the working poor, – the same working poor that work long hours, get paid shit minimum wages and who people like you call ‘essential workers’ during pandemics.

      • You are right @ Ignatius, – these covid mandate protests are a catalyst of 40 years of treason, and the theft of and hijacking of NZ’s wealth from the publics purse while enriching only the neo liberals themselves. People are sick of it. So now its come to a head. The neo liberals brought it on their own heads.

    • It’s not the Left. It can’t be the Left. The Left were murdered in their sleep back in 1984.
      Who was the murderer? It doesn’t matter. The job’s been done.
      Having written that, roger douglas can be ‘blamed’ as can his confederates and he and they should go to jail for what he did to us in the name of billionaire building by standing on the backs of the working people of AO/NZ. So he’s in jail. So what? It changes nothing.
      I bore most of you with the facts. Those facts are extremely unpalatable to The Beautiful People of Parnell and Herne Bay who make-believe they’re vital and indispensable in the way that we can live our lives. They’re wrong, of course. They’re not. Farmers are.
      The ‘new’ Left isn’t Left at all and I think it’s about time to relabel the Luxon/Adern Party to reflect that. The Traitor Party? The Cadaver Party? The Smoke Screen Party? The Waste of Time Party?
      The Real Right Wing Party? The Red Fascist Party? The Greedy Liars Party? The Scheming Machiavellians Party?
      What ever we name the Labour Party, what ever we think of as being an alternative to it, we’re all fucked.
      How to fix shit up? I have no idea.
      I think AO/NZ is in terrible danger of becoming someone else’s if it’s not already so.
      Watch this and be mindful of the fact that politically NOTHING has changed?
      ‘Someone else’s Country’
      Someone Else’s Country looks critically at the radical economic changes implemented by the 1984 Labour Government – where privatisation of state assets was part of a wider agenda that sought to remake New Zealand as a model free-market state. The trickle-down ‘Rogernomics’ rhetoric warned of no gain without pain, and here the theory is counterpointed by the social effects (redundant workers, Post Office closures). Made by Alister Barry in 1996 when the effects were raw, the film draws extensively on archive footage and interviews with key “witnesses to history”.
      Alistar Barry
      Here’s one for you sheep farmers.
      Remember john key? The Smug Hermit Kingdom parasite. The hair tugging, sneering, egomaniacal money fetishist? He’s now his pink little nipples deep in the ANZ.
      Ask yourselves? Who’s money was it that these fuckers were trading in? Tourist money? Ba ha !
      “Close Up – Big Dealers (featuring John Key)”
      But wait!? There’s more!
      There’s nowhere we can turn to for help and guidance. There’s no AO/NZ politic that’s not corrupt or is about to be corrupted. Our entire system of governance is dodgy as fuck and has been for generations.
      Advice? Got that massive mortgage? Get rid of it! Because here comes a foreign-owned bankster land-grab the likes of which will have never been seen before.

      • Excellent, @ CB. I recall various films such as ‘Fortress New Zealand’ and such,…you can see just how those politicians pilfered the wealth of this country. Absolute filth they were and still are. I would like to know how rich they got from insider trading in shares after their overseas mates tipped them off and kept them in the loop after the politicians in turn, tipped them off…

        And that, …is the root cause of the fury of so many, not just those in Wellington but across the land. For every one who is at the protests, there are ten who cant get there to protest because they are too bloody poor to even get there. People have had enough and these covid mandates are just the catalyst for that fury.

    • As much as I try to empathise with some of the messaging I tend to agree Jack. I found it laughable when the media were trying to interview this protesting bloke and he was being shut down by other supposed defenders of freedom because he was going off message ( in other words going full tin foil)

      It also it appears there are protestors who lost their jobs, for not getting vaccinated, that (previously) worked for employers that were not part of the mandate. In other words the company made its own choice. Is that the governments fault?

    • The protestors could be whoever but they surely are New Zealanders and should be heard and given some answers.

      • They are not looking for answers.
        They are not asking questions.
        Their minds are already made up thanks to SocMed rabbit holes and the whiff of insurrection.

  2. And meanwhile,….. the covid-19 virus is forced to mutate to impotent and useless variants to guarantee covid-19’s survival on planet earth alongside the rest of evolution.

    But as usual, parliament just doesn’t want to know because politics trumps science everytime. Parliament prefers their delusion that fear of covid-19 is the only way to recruit political support.

    NZ will be a better place if parliament finally awakes to reality

    • this has got nothing to do with Covid, but all to do with compliance. We are to comply when told to obey. And National is sitting back eating popcorn, laughing.

      • National learnt pretty quick last time that criticising the governments successful response to Covid would backfire on them.
        All political parties are on board with vaccination and mandates to a greater or lessor degree.
        The protesters are on their own.

      • that’s what a civilised society is bratty…

        rule number 1
        ‘don’t shit in the cave’

        if humans hadn’t ‘complied’ with that no civilisation….simples

    • Pity you didn’t copy and post it yourself coz I’m not paying the Auckland NatACT rag to read yet another male, pale and stale (and hairless) right-whinger blathering on. He and Key had ten years in power and, apart from looking after his wealthy mates, did nothing for this country.
      Sadly, Labour has not done near enough to stop the inevitable pseudo-revolution now taking place (aided greatly by unforseen Covid pandemic).
      The quandary is: who to vote for in 2023? NatACT will take us (other than the top 10% rich-listers) backwards; Labour have shown us they shy off from making most of the hard decisions to bring back some sense of equality to the lives of all Kiwis….. Mmmmmmm….

        • Joyce, a pale, stale, male head in need of being hit by more than one dildo. I’ve heard of a gaggle of geese and a murmuration of starlings, but what is the official name of a group of dildos? A buzz of dildos? A squadron of dildos?

          Squadrons of dildos all over New Zealand are protesting because they have not been chosen to be thrown at a National leader, or ex-National leader.

          “It’s not fair,” said one dildo at the protest, “we want it to be mandatory!”

        • Of course he’s bang on for the two of you. Fuck off you moron. When will you put your nuts on the line and give us your real name, chicken?

    • Sour Kraut,

      How do you feel about the housing crisis and the diabolical inequity its created?

      You happily reach for the input of Steven Joyce here like he’s the voice of reason. Any possibility you are just displaying more political bias? I could reach for any number of links that show the complete opposite of what Joyce is spouting. I’ve read the input of Jack on this thread and he’s nailed the true situation with the Wellington protestors with bells on.

      Back to Steven Joyce.

      Labour’s plan to tackle the housing crisis especially the area of inequity was mostly all tied up with the Capital Gains Tax. Had that been implemented, we wouldn’t have the housing crisis we now have and with all that entails. I acknowledge Labour not having a plan B was a big part of the problem.

      So Ardern is on track to win the election in 2017 against all odds. If she wins we can finally resolve the housing crisis or at least make huge inroads. Then along comes Steven Joyce, the election campaign manager for National.

      He makes the fateful decision to try and obliterate NZ First and Winston Peters from the political landscape as his plan. That pretty much ruled out the possibility of Peters wanting to work with National ever again. Joyce arrogantly and wrongly believed National wouldn’t need NZ First and Peters. Had Joyce not taken National down that track, they still may be in Government. What Joyce single handedly did do is set up a National Party failure.

      Then we look at the next part of that perfect storm. We accept Labour were on track to win outright in 2017 until Steven Joyce of all people decided to throw a dead cat on the table with his 11 billion dollar fiscal hole.

      Labour went on the defence despite almost all of the best minds in the business stating Joyce was completely wrong. Labour lost all their momentum.

      Now Labour and National needed NZ First and Winston Peters to form a Government. Both were fucked but one was less fucked than the other courtesy of Steven Joyce.

      They all went into delicate negotiations to try and sort out coalition partners. I think most of us knew Peters would not choose National but would use a bit of uncertainty to squeeze the best deal for him and his party. NZ First my arse. Winston first. Nobody wanted to give much away and Peters loved being the man with all the power. Ardern winked during an interview that could easily have rubbed Peters up the wrong way but she batted it off easily enough. Not so Steven Joyce. He came out of one coalition talks meeting with Peters and with news cameras pointed straight at him, Joyce gave the two thumbs up. That would have gone down like a cup full of warm vomit with Peters.

      NZ First chose Labour but then abused that power he gifted himself to threaten to bring down the Ardern Government if they implemented the CGT. The best chance NZ had of resolving the housing crisis was flushed into the sewer courtesy of Steven Joyce and Winston Peters.

      Steven Joyce then ran for the leadership of the National Party after the election. He’d convinced his constituents pre election he was going to work hard for them bla bla bla. He also tried to convince his colleagues he would do the same. His leadership bid failed and new leader Bridges didn’t offer him the finance portfolio so in March 2018 with over 30 months still to go in the electoral cycle, Steven Joyce promptly resigns. To paraphrase, Joyce created carnage pre election and then when he didn’t get his own way post election, he threw his toys out of the cot. He also left huge question marks over his authenticity.

      Kind of ironic don’t ya think that you chose him of all people to quote about the protestors, especially when none of his old colleagues are saying diddly about them.


      • TM
        Phew that’s a lot of words. Regarding the article Joyce wrote, just cross out his name an insert Thinking Man as the author. Pretend you wrote it. Then I would say: Thinking Man nailed it.
        Get the point? What he wrote is bang on, not who wrote it. But maybe you like way Labour is running this country. That’s your prerogative.

      • TM. Saur Kraut is a self progessed right winger, he’s hardly likely to admit Joyce wasn’t the smartest dildo magnet going around.

    • As usual Mr. Joyce is telling it as it is.
      Verity remember that under the current Labour Government we have seen the greatest transfer of wealth in New Zealand’s history.
      Greatest financial wind fall for the rich people in New Zealand’s history.

  3. Watching Commissioner Andrew “Cuddles” Coster struggle to cope with the mandate protesters provides a bit of insight into why gangs in NZ feel untouchable

  4. The equivalent of a township of 10,000 is currently living in emergency accomodation in Labour’s success story NZ, half of them children. Sepuloni again gave the same incoherent mealy mouth excuse for her failure, much the same as Ardern attempts to deflect blame to protestors calling them illegal parkers and intimidators (just ticket or arrest them if that’s the case, and stop whinging about it). Ardern also projects hard after two years of fascism calling the protestors fascists.
    Imagine being these poor kids going to school and seeing the flash cars drop off the other kids who have just come from nice stable homes and plenty of food and security, knowing that only the motel and Jacinda’s ‘be kind’ messaging awaits them. And these fucking politicians are tinkering around the edges and blabbing about getting your fifth shot for a disease that passed years ago? Just fuck right off.

    • see ethan that’s the rights problem, you were doing ok, then you had to ‘overegg the pudding’ with ‘2 years of fascism’ ‘5th shot’ ‘desease that pased years ago’ thus undermining your argument…how’s your foot feeling with that bullet in it?

      • Typical lefty gangrene answer, try and find something to nit pick and deflect with instead of addressing the actual glaring disgusting behaviour of Jacindas mob.

        • I suppose the actual glaring disgusting behaviour of Jacinda’s mob is that they didn’t pick up the miracle of late ’80s early 90s politics.

          Ruth Richardson laid the golden egg didn’t she? It’s come home to roost with thousands living in emergency accomodation, massive societal problems and a populace dependent on drugs.

    • As opposed, Zack, to the hundreds of thousands that have died over the centuries after being duped into defending their version of the fairytale.

  5. My problem is 40 years ago we had a far right revolution in NZ and across the western world. And the solution being offered is an ever further right revolution to solve that far right revolution.

    Greed is the problem, and until we accept that. We can’t change anything.

    • Ignatius – completely agree, this is power politics 101 and seems too many people lack the imagination for secondary consequences and want to empower the the state to crack some ‘fascist’ heads and corporatists to digitally and financially un-person people. Believing this would make them safe rather than be a further incremental slide towards actual fascism.

      • With collapsing globalisation, the advanced economies sliding into what is likely to be 1929 territory, climate change and rising geopolitical tensions, the ability to keep cool heads, good faith communication and maintain some level of institutional trust in NZ is going to be extremely important over the next few years.

  6. 15,000 NZ citizens lives saved, manageable hospitalisation, 1 ICU used by covid in last 2 weeks, 3.2% unemployment – these are better figures that help the vulnerable less well off.

  7. The renter battalion and the underpaid medical staff battalions now need to shore up the eastern and western flanks of the protest. It is time this government realized how angry all the downtrodden are. Jacinda has destroyed the poorest just to keep the asset owning establishment “on top”.

  8. If the NZ Government sorted out Cannabis, some of those protesters would be relaxing at home with Cannabis instead of camping in Wellington…

  9. So pardon my ignorance but what’s the difference between lumpenproletariat and just normal proletariat?
    I thought it was those in the working classes who had no class awareness and acted only in their own selfish interest as opposed to organising Unions and political change and improving things for those around them.

    • urinalbushrat – You are right, in Marxist theory lumpenproletariat are working class who have not developed ‘class consciousness’

      I believe Martyn is being ironic, riffing off an earlier blog post and un-ironic use of lumpenproletariat by Chris Trotter. Another pejorative in the ad hominem confetti.
      So here lumpenproletariat means working class who do not think in the way that the woke middle class elite thinks the working class SHOULD think.

    • I’ve always thought of lumpen proletariat as the unemployed/underemployed, but many at protest are small business/semiself employed, sole traders, tradies/contractors labor aristocracy/petty bourgeoisie.

  10. A Brain Fart or two, and some random thoughts (quite happy to keep them to myself in future)

    – individualism now dominates over community and collective spirit ——> tribalism and exceptionalism
    (unless of course there’s a bloody big earthquake, war or natural disaster when we’ll all pitch in for the sake of humanity, and to make ourselves feel good)

    – ego and pride are now dominant over humility and compassion

    – wisdom and experience are meaningless concepts in a virtual reality space

    – sportsmen and musicians become motivated by wanting to be better than the other, rather than being the best they can be. – winning is the only option, or else it must be failure.

    – the commodification of everything such that anything and all simply becomes a brand to be consumed, including truth, ideologies and isms of all descriptions, religions, the pursuit of knowledge, arts and kulcha, tokens and symbols, and anything else you can think of.

    – ‘wants’ trump ‘needs’ because greed is good and sustained rather than sustainable growth is required in order to support the market the market.

    – my perceived ‘need’ for another flat screen SMART TV to put in the bog and an SUV shopping basket that I have difficulty in driving (let alone parking) trumps your pathetic ‘want’ for a warm and dry roof over your head and a bit of wholesome kai. If we left it to you, you’d only go out and buy a load of KFC anyway. what you need is a lot more self-reliance, less state reliance and possibly a bit of philanthropy, but only if you’ve been trying your best and still can’t cut it

    – I’ve done my research (‘peer’ reviewed by almost everyone in my bubble, and they agree), and anyone that disagrees is either part of the mainstream media, or they’re part of a grand conspiracy to discredit moi. It’s a battle because we now know everyone is against us.

    – research is now just another commodity. mine is priceless – yours lacks any credibility, and I’m in charge

    – in media, tribal opinion becomes dominant over reporting facts. My bubble is better than yours and I’m considerably considerably richer, more educated, more comfy than yee. Besides – I look better and my teeth are pearly white

    – I didn’t get where I am today without good hard decent work without any help from the facilities the state has provided. Admittedly I may have done the odd ‘cashie’, and legitimately avoided my taxes rather than evaded them (It was my duty), whereas look at you. You’ve spent all your income on escapist activity because you’re so useless. Your pathetic life is because of the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into – if you want an example of how to break free – why just look at moi. Really – you COULD be like me if only you tried harder

    – We should only EVER expose ourselves to information we specifically solicit. Unsolicited information is merely noise we should ignore. It may well expose us to alternative views, cause us to question and expand our spatial awareness. Bubbles would burst and there could be anarchy and there would we be!

    – in the political class and muddle and senior management public servant classes, because blokes and blokesses are NICE, it therefore means they’re utterly competent, knowledgeable, expert, and should never be questioned. That is treachery – even if and when they demonstrate early stages of dementia or their committed ideology, religion, or even record shows incompetence and failure. They Are NEVER to be questioned and their considered answers are the way things really are. They are the reality.

    – Andrew Coster is a really nice guy. We might need to wait a bit though – it may not be Him
    – I hear Kris Faafoi is super nice, so we really really need to make exceptions – possibly because He represents diversity. Probably another 4 years should do it.
    – Carmel Sepoloni is really really nice if you can ignore that mean streak that runs through her veins – probably driven by blind ambition and upbringing, although I’m prepared to be cancelled for even suggesting the possibility.
    – Jacinda is uber nice, and intelligent with it, albeit with a control freak streak – probably also driven by ambition and one or two other things. Plus she’s got us through COVID and she has a nice bloke of a husband
    – And more importantly we should recognise how really really nice many of their senior officials are.

    Transformation! Kindness! Transparency! Honesty! is the programme but as we all should know by now, good things take time, and apparently really really good things take an eon

    • Words to live by OwT. It was nice to read them, I am hopeful that we might have a Commissioner for Niceness near the next election – and that person would work with the Commissioner for Children, so that parents can help their children to grow up in a nice way, a good way, and not go around being mean because they
      haven’t a nice bone in their body. Do one nice thing a day everybody; meant sincerely, and NZ will get to be not nice, that would be too much to aim for, but it would be bearable with nice touches. Let it be so please.

  11. Seriously people like woke Twitter and the alt bros (angry people on twitter) need to stop associating Jacindas name with there tacticool Twitter theories for clout, comments,follows and likes.

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