6.30pm TONIGHT: Auckland University Student Association livestream Cannabis Debate


The Auckland University Cannabis referendum live streamed on The Daily Blog 6.30pm tonight before the TV3 Leaders Debate.


Simeon Brown (National)

Chloe Swarbrick (Greens)

Michael Wood (Labour)

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Christopher Coker (Legalise Cannabis Aotearoa)

Shai Navot (TOP)

? (ACT)

Robert Gore (NZ First)





6.30pm live streamed on TDB.

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury.



  1. Here’s a couple of things I know about pot. I’m not a recreational pot smoker anymore because I can no longer eat four ice creams, 22 Toffee Pops, two milkshakes and then go for a bike ride into Bottle Lake Forest and not spew for 10 minutes while people laugh and take pictures and be comfortable with that.
    The other thing I know about pot is something I learned as a result of a prolapsed vertebra disk.
    I had an 8 hour drive via Queenstown to cover from Ch Ch to South Otago and I got as far as Lake Tekapo before the pain became too intense to handle. I’d taken two 30 mg codeine’s and one 800 mg slow release ibuprofen which never even touched the pain coming from what felt like a stab wound in my spine where the knife was still stuck in there.
    Out of desperation I pulled over at the lake and found some pot I’d stashed for dire emergencies such as this in my tool box in the back and smoked a bong full.
    I felt the pain receding into the distance almost immediately and after a few minutes I was able to get back in my car and head off. I put on some Bonobo and raided the dairy in Lake Tekapo township with frenzied enthusiasm then headed off into the beautiful Mackenzie Country. The sun was high, the mountains were snow capped in resplendent beauty… The hypnotic sounds of Bonobo was playing.
    Pot turned a painful nightmare into a beautiful thing.
    Pot being illegal is a barbaric and cynically cruel and controlling power play by hypocritical psychopaths in suits and cops in big scary wanky cars who huff meth and fuck hookers on their down time. Aye Boys? Yeah you do. I know you do.
    Pot and driving? It should be mandatory. One must be stoned while driving or you get a ticket for terminal sobriety.
    Bonobo. An oldie but God it’s beautiful.

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