No answer, came the stern reply!


If Israeli newspapers, such as Haaretz, in their editorials and articles are able to recognise and criticise Israel’s racial discrimination laws and practice against the Palestinians, along with a report published by a leading Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, also warning that “a regime of Jewish supremacy” is being practised over Palestinians, why does the New Zealand Government still refuse to condemn Israel’s human rights abuses? Palestinians have a right (denied by Israel) to return to their homeland and to be free and equal in their own country. Another Israeli organisation, Yesh Din (Volunteers for Human Rights), which works to protect the human rights of Palestinians living under Israeli armed forces’ Occupation, has published a legal opinion that “the crime against humanity of apartheid is being committed in the West Bank”.

On 31 January, an open letter was sent to Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor, as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nanaia Mahuta, referring to a PSNA Press Release, urging our Government to pull out of a forthcoming on-line AgriTech seminar with the Israeli agriculture sector. The letter asked: “Where do you both stand on these crucial issues? Does your Government unequivocally support human rights and international law? Or does it place greater emphasis on trade and solidarity with our ‘traditional allies’?” No reply has yet been received to these important questions. Do the Ministers unequivocally support human rights and international law or do they support them only to a degree that does not harm business and other interests? The silence is chilling. Therefore, we offer the Ministers and the Government more evidence to help them decide the degree to which they are prepared to stand up for justice and humanity.

Inside Israel, the Zionist regime’s Citizenship Law Makes Israel an Apartheid State. Last April, in a telling article voicing Jewish critics of Zionism, Washington Report quoted Rabbi Brian Walt‘s appeal that: “We, the Jewish people, must tell the truth. We can no longer cover up the shocking systemic discrimination and oppression of the Palestinians by the State of Israel — a state that relies on our support and acts in our names and in the name of our tradition.” A former Israeli Education Minister and Israel Prize laureate, Shulamit Aloni, has reasoned that “It is well past time for ethical Jews to accept the inherent racist and anti-Jewish nature of Zionism, which has manipulated the Jewish religion to morally justify seventy years of settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid of indigenous Palestinians.”

In a statement, last year, UN human rights experts warned of an “alarming” rise in Israeli settler violence towards Palestinians. “We are witnessing the highest recorded levels of violence in recent years and more severe incidents”, the statement said. According to UN figures, 370 settler attacks led to property damage in 2021, up from 274 the previous year. A further 126 assaults caused casualties, compared with 84 in 2020. At the same time, settlement building has tripled from the previous year, with the approval of the construction of 4,000 new units, according to Khalil al-Tafkaji, a Palestinian expert on settlement and director of the map unit at the Centre for Arab Studies in Jerusalem. This year is proving even worse.

Just one day of relentless Israeli military Occupation:

Daily reports of the Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with the Israeli blockade of Gaza, are slow to emerge but, as an example, on 4 February (8am till 8am the following day), five different areas of Gaza farmland came under Israeli Army fire. In the West Bank, there were five Israeli Army raids during which Palestinian homes were invaded. Three of those raids took place during the night. One attack, on people protesting against the seizure of more Palestinian land for illegal settlement development, left 45 people wounded and caused 87 tear gas casualties.

The Israeli Army supported settlers during one agricultural sabotage raid and altogether that day Israeli settlers uprooted 90 Palestinian olive trees. The same morning, Israeli forces prevented Israeli and other international solidarity peace activists from planting olive trees on an area threatened with land-seizure. Militants, from the Brukhin Occupation settlement, invaded farmland in the Umm Hanun area of Bruqin and uprooted about 50 grapevine seedlings, while flooding the area with sewage from the settlement.

Cosying-up to Israel with profitable trade agreements and co-operation is just what the Zionist regime seeks in presenting itself as non-racist and honestly democratic. Isolating Israel is a necessary step towards bringing an end to 74 years of relentless, racist, military-Occupation domination.

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Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948 His father explained to him what was happening to the Palestinians thus: “Any ideology or political movement that creates refugees in the process of realising its ambitions must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.” What followed confirmed this assessment of the Zionist entity a hundredfold. Now a retired flamenco guitarist, with a lifelong interest in the tragedy of what happened to the Palestinian people, he tries to publicise their plight. Because the daily injustices they suffer barely get a mention in the mainstream news media, Leslie edits/compiles a daily newsletter, In Occupied Palestine, for the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. These days, to preserve his sanity, he enjoys taking part in a drama group whenever possible!


    • Your whiny Syria Girl failed to explain how this “Jewish” ISIS systematically exterminated Christians and Yazidis from the Middle East, committed ongoing Sunni combat against Shia, captured and sold Yazidi women in slave markets for raping interminably, burned Jordanian pilots alive, beheaded Egyptian Copts on beachfronts, destroyed cultural heritage and landmarks, beguiled women and children into committing terror attacks and attracted large numbers of recruits globally. All while singing praises to their god and quoting lavishly from their holy text. She’s not very good is she. No wonder her silly video only has a handful of views.

      • So you are supporting Syria Girl’s summation of ISIS so what did you want explained? Since you appear to abhor the atrocities of ISIS, does it trouble you to see the evidence that ISIS is physically and financially supported by Israel.
        Your disparaging comment, “whiny Syria Girl” does you no credit. It also seems strange that you say, “No wonder her silly video only has a handful of views.” Maram Susli aka ‘Syrian Girl’ has over 90,000 subscribers and has clocked up over 4.5 million viewers.

        • Bit late to the party aren’t you aom. Never mind, I knew you couldn’t stay away for long and I’d reserved a dance for you. But wait…what’s this…you rush on in with whip in hand over a “disparaging” comment … seriously? After your churlish remarks to commenters various in previous articles you’re not well placed to act as a schoolmarm scold now are you. Maybe I’ll sit the dance out.
          Ms whiny fabricator’s video has 147 views, of which have I generously upped the count by 7. Not surprising really when she spins conspiracy theories of genocide, stolen land, occupied territory, apartheid and Zionist financing of terror groups….all under the auspices of a “Jewish” ISIS. And what’s with the messianic claim? Lois, Leslie and John assure me this is a land dispute initiated by Zionist colonialism. One where religion has no stake. Is whiny Syrian Girl confused or are they (and you?)

          • Another me, me, me and the usual spin contribution. Try doing some research and learn to read and listen, rather than see and hear what you think is being projected. God knows where you got the 147 views from when, as said “Maram Susli aka ‘Syrian Girl’ has over 90,000 subscribers and has clocked up over 4.5 million viewers.” (Wikipedia)
            Now try giving a straight answer to the question, “does it trouble you to see the evidence that ISIS is physically and financially supported by Israel?” Oh, that,s right, you never give direct answers – amuse us with another of your quaint diversions then.

            • Not your original link though is it reason. And where do we read your criticism of Hamas and its genocidal charter?

              • Pathetic! Front up instead of making excuses for your ineptitude.
                Forget about your typical Hamas diversion and give a straight answer to the question, “… does it trouble you to see the evidence that ISIS is physically and financially supported by Israel?”

      • Anne-Z sure does a lot of typing ,,,,, to NEVER criticize Israels support and help towards Isis and Al-nusra.,,,,,

        ,,,, and Gaby wants all Palastinians put on Nz’s designated terrorist list ,,, with Israels allies like ISIS and Al-qaeda taken off it.

        • Golly reason, so Israel followed in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner and champion drone utiliser B. H. Obama in creating and underwriting ISIS did they? Well thank goodness that racist, misogynist, Islamophobic Trump came along and put an end to them. I guess your whiny Syrian girl just loves Putin for his contribution as well. Although she’s probably not too happy that they appear to be making a comeback under Biden. As has the Taliban. Does she think Israel is funding them as well? Perhaps in her next video she could put a call out for a return of The Don; Putin currently being otherwise occupied.
          But I’m surprised Israel would allow ISIS to attack their own. Not their usual modus operandi. Perhaps you, aom or Syrian Agitprop Girl could explain?

          • You seem to be running around with your knickers around you knees. It started with a NZ Israeli propagandist dancing to the same tune as an Aussie Syrian propagandist then trying to cover her oops with endless diversions. Priceless. The difference between the two is that one is very nondescript while the other has been on the traps for the best part of a decade, has over 90,000 subscribers and has clocked up over 4.5 million viewers which has made her a millionaire.

  1. Excellent pic. When you’ve been trying to murder your neighbours for over 75 years you can expect security checkpoints. Well done Australia for recently designating the whole of Hamas a terrorist group. And well done our govt for ignoring the haters’ drivel.

  2. The Arabs in Sheikh Jarrah are squatters im Jewish homes and their eviction is just.The only terrorists are Palestinians. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO, PFLP.

    • Gaby I see you don’t feel good about life. But repeating what has been bad in the past, doesn’t improve matters for the future. Caging people was never a good look in wartime and itn’t now.

    • Why would they respond to antisemitic propaganda, Lois? They know evil when they see it. Barely 75 years from the gas chambers and you Bravery and Minto lobby for the destruction of the world’s one tiny Jewish state while ignoring catastrophic murder of muslims by muslims as in Syria.

      • You are sadly confused, compare the 1917 Balfor declaration area of land allocated to the Jewish people to the area they occupy now and any sensible person can see the source of the conflict.

        • You mean the land they bought legally in their ancestral homeland while the loser Arabs rejected any land of their own 8 times? Ignorance is sad.

    • Oh they’re on an extended holiday Lois. They can’t even be bothered engaging with our own unhappy and distressed citizens currently camped up at New Zealand’s home of democracy. Never mind, perhaps our dilatory leader will explain the govt’s position during her upcoming anointment at Harvard.

  3. Better stick to the one atrocity that Israel is perpetuating Gaby and justify that without attempting relativity and parallels with other bad happenings around the world. or are you saying they tie in with Israel?
    There is much to be distressed about. It can never be forgotten but why add more to it. Other small nations have found stability – Andorra and San Marino come to mind.

    This is a must read from The Atlantic which gives more information than will be seen in our papers for a decade.

  4. just leave the fuckers to squabble and bicker like the children they are, paying attention to and lending support to either side just encourages BOTH to carry on with there outside funded bullshit..CUT OFF THE SUBSIDIES TO BOTH SIDES they’d be around a table in a week…indulge them and it goes on forever.

  5. “Israel was born a Jewish state and it will remain that way.” Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamist Ra’am Party in Israel’s Coalition govt. Great, honest guy. Of course, he now needs 24/7 protection.

    • Moved on from disseminating propaganda to writing short form comedy. Not sure which is more amusing.
      Cite your evidence that Mansour Abbas said “Israel was born a Jewish state and it will remain that way.” Or did you just make it up as usual?

      • Sorry to intrude on your jovial conversation aom but I have the link at my fingertips. Such good advice you give about doing research. You really should try it sometime. I expect an apology to Gaby is a bit much to ask?
        Title of the linked article – Mansour Abbas: Israel is a Jewish state and will remain that way.

        • Ooh, someone is doing a bit of arse covering for a fellow propagandist. It is not the place of the recipient of claims to was time trying to fine the source of claimed quotes!
          However, the comedy was “Great, honest guy. Of course, he now needs 24/7 protection.” Nothing like quislings of the ilk of Abbas with Stockholm syndrome supporting his well paying captors on demand. Even more amusing is the implied assumption that Abbas speaks for those he ostensibly represents. A bit like the relationship between Israel and Fatah – dancing to the tune of the paymaster!

  6. “Israel has many problems that must be resolved, but Israel is not an apartheid state.” Issawi Frej Arab Israel regional affairs minister.

  7. In reply to aom’s question “does it trouble you to see the evidence that ISIS is physically and financially supported by Israel?”

    What a very silly attempt at a gotcha question aom when it is well known that during the Obama regime’s overly-hasty withdrawal from Iraq numerous Sunni jihadi groups were formed to exploit the ensuing power vacuum and escalate sectarian conflict in that country; undermine the Syrian Alawite (sub sect of Shi’ism) ruler Bashar al-Assad; and forment a sectarian civil war in Syria, in part to build a caliphate. Not quite as well known is the opportunity which Iran and Hezbollah took to position themselves for future military attack on Israel via southern Syria and the Golan Heights border and which was the basis of Israeli (quasi) support for the jihadis. Kind of between a rock and a hard place really weren’t they.

    All countries were required to choose a side in that part of the ME conflict beginning with the US withdrawal and, as in Afghanistan, the US toyed with several of the jihadi groups, including ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. Do you recall how they were greatly encouraged by western liberal media? Remember CNN, BBC, NY Times, The Guardian et al pleading for military intervention against the “monster al-Assad who was bombing his own people”. Which side were you on then? A bit impossible to remain neutral wasn’t it but fyi, being familiar with Islamic conquests and imperialism, Ottoman atrocities in the Balkans, the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides by the Turks, bin Laden’s 1996 & ’98 fatwas and the barbarisms of the Taliban my thoughts were to let sleeping dogs lie. But I do tend to be opposed to that facile, naive view which believes Muslim countries are falling over themselves to adopt western democracy, values, equality and freedoms.

    Now before you press the aha gotcha button riddle me this. The US, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey all provided support to Sunni jihad groups in various measure. Why are you asking me to comment only on Israel’s involvement? Why not the other countries. Turkey, as you may know, made millions out of the cheap purchase of oil from ISIS and used the jihadis to commit war crimes against the Kurds. No, not me, I won’t buy into your anti-semitic demand to condemn Israel and Israel alone. Not from people who call the terror group Hamas and Palestinians who attack and murder Israelis in the name of Islam resistance fighters. Israel took a strategic route of preventing the buildup of their major enemy in the region. Their support of jihad groups was localized, predicated on their defensive strategy and was nowhere near the proportion of other allies in the coalition. And while Turkey was taking the opportunity to bomb the Kurds to smithereens Israel provided humanitarian aid to victims of the Syrian civil war. Not that your whiny Syrian girl who is big time into conspiracy theories of New World Order, Freemasons and Illuminati, the 9/11 inside job, ISIS fronting the CIA etc etc, would ever acknowledge that aid.

      • That comment is another signalling your endless misguided assumptions Gaby. What Anne has written is worthy of consideration. Most of it is wholeheartedly agreed with.
        However, it is a long dissertation which seems an extraordinary effort of arse-covering after being mischievously called out for unwittingly agreeing with a much read conspiracy theorist in one of her multitude of blogs. Of course, it was the sort of situation you are repeatedly caught out with, so probably too sophisticated for you to understand.
        Typically, you again see the word through a one-eyed winner /loser lens. Grow up – the world is multifaceted and people have varied opinions that others may or may not share.

        • Huh? “Unwittingly agreeing with a agreeing with a much read conspiracy theorist.” Do you really have so little conception of the dark art of satire.

  8. Israel has appointed a muslim Arab woman as consul general for Shanghai and a muslim Arab man as a judge to the Supreme Court.
    Oh yeah, whole lotta apartheid goin’ on!


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