With Police accepting Mallard has made the protest impossible – will Wellington ANTIFA strike?

Antifa facing off against Nazi's in 2017

Parliament protest: Anger builds at police inaction as ‘significant’ weekend influx expected

Police are expecting a “significant” influx of new protesters to arrive in Wellington this weekend, as the occupation that began 12 days ago continues to expand, disrupting the lives of residents, businesses and government workers in the capital.

But Wellingtonians are increasingly questioning whether police can keep them safe from abuse and harassment after Commissioner Andrew Coster on Friday said that “de-escalation and negotiation” were the only safe ways to resolve the protest.

With NZ police finally admitting defeat because Trevor Mallard’s Thursday Stupid Thursday has radicalised too many protestors, the next flash point is the Wellington Antifa.

Will the Wellington Antifa take such a thing lying down?

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I don’t think so.

Back in 2017, Wellington Antifa clashed with Nazi’s outside Parliament, and my guess is that they very well might step up where Police won’t.

The Press Gallery are so angry the police aren’t bashing protestors and that’s tainting the reporting now.

I can see the angry Wellington middle class rhetoric about every protestor being a Nazi exploding this weekend or next with an Antifa attack to smash cars and attack Convoy vehicles.

The problem when a Community is under threat is that the under threat Community strikes back even if the cops won’t.

This fiasco has been allowed to get out of hand thanks to Mallard.

The rhetoric on each side is toxic.

This remains a tinder box ready to blow.

Never rule out middle class Wellingtonians ability to make things far far far worse.

Running street battles in Wellington between Antifa and the protestors is exactly what we don’t need.

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  1. So if Antifa damage property and start a fight do they get condemned. I’m almost more fascinated with National/Act’s response than the government. But these would be the right type of protesters right? Right? And their actions totally justified?

    • I do not see these protestors as right or left I see them as a group of frightened people being pushed by false leaders like Tamaki. Many of these people see themselves pushed out of decent homes due to rent increases and deprived of an income due to mandates.
      I personnal believe in the concept of the mandates and that is they go a long way to keeping others safe but as with many of the governments moves the follow on effects of mandates on otherwise hard working people has not been allowed for.
      The answers are above my pay grade but just giving way will lead to more of the same.

    • hushhhh now franky don’t worry your little head are the students back yet? if not then antifa are 3 guys and a dog on a piece of string….what I will ask is what would YOUR attitude be if this were a BLM demo, would you be as indulgent…c’mon now honest, be honest with us..NO YOU’D BE CALLING FOR THE WATERCANNON because this isn’t about ‘rights’ for you it’s about ‘my team’ so can we just drop the moral outrage..ta muchly

      • Exactly the opposite has been the case in Canada. BLM who violently ransacked city’s had, and still have the support of Trudeau, while he declares a state of emergency for the peaceful trucker protest.

        • so in effect you are calling for harsh measures to be applied to left and right demos yes mike? ‘equity of treatment is what you want? well the canadian response to the truckers despite the rightard whining has been fairly mild (I saw more violence on uk demos back in the day) it was the financial restrictions that did the trick..pepper spray isn’t the issue, ‘finance’ taking sides is the greater worry as they’re the ones who run the whole show.

    • Sort of more along the lines of the feuding rugby spectators and protestors during the 81 springbok tour- the earlier matches at least. When you look further back you had Massey’s cossacks made up of farmers and territorials who broke the strikers ranks with horses and pick axe handles. Both were dark days with enduring legacies but hardly civil wars. Though these days information or disinformation is creates more of a tinderbox.

    • Hollow Men, and she-who-cannot-be-named woman in Tory Blue started this Rent-a-Hater Convoy of anarchists’ mess and they need to call their Dirty Politics 4.0 dogs to heel.

      Haven’t heard from Collins, Hipango or Pugh recently? 2 of 3 of them muzzled for outwardly supporting the protestors because they didn’t get the DP4.0 Memo; and one of them hiding in a church, on her knees praying not to be caught out again with Dirty Politics 4.0 filthy stains on her Lady Macbethian hands.

      One of the churches might allow JC sanctuary inside their televangelist walls. But, the tithe might be a bit too much for JC, so expect a tactical withdrawal from politics “for personal reasons” before too long. Gloriavale might hide her, as long as she changes her online sleaze name from Unrepentant Christian. But the Kiwi Blue Toryette is “not for turning”.

      The Hollow Men and the she-who-cannot-be-named woman need to start deep-cleaning their crime scene and planning an escape strategy for the she-who-cannot-be-named woman. Watch this space for your next episode of “Blue Woman kneeling in Church”, sub-titled “Please don’t let me be caught in Dirty Politics again, in the lead-up to the 2023 election.

  2. The left has gone totally insane. Yeah, bring out the blue haired Antifa brigade to beat up ordinary people that have the guts full of decision that affect only those that can’t work from home with full pay, while demanding that the lower cast deliver their groceries and wines to their little ‘villas’ in the nice areas of town. Antifa. Well heck, please let that be televised, so that this country finally understand that we are run and ruled by fucking idiots that still think they are in university and 20 fucking years old.

  3. Don’t blame the Police for our sitting government’s refusal to engage with this protest. How about we start taking them, and not just their fall guy Trev, to task!

  4. The irony. The middle class want to bash people! FFS!
    They want the Police to go in hard and bash people to make them feel superior and powerful.

    The middle class(es) want the Army sent in too for good measure. Crush the protester’s cars for parking on a few streets. Hey, what about Climate Change! It’s probably having a positive effect on emissions in the city!

    Oh, and the middle class want to be the arbiters of ‘Justice’ without any law or courts involved!

    The middle class(es) just want Authoritarian Rule and class division.
    An Apartheid State based on class. A ‘Tier’ system like the one that has been implemented for the “Wage Handouts to Businesses.”

    Effectively we have now since 2020 a ‘3 Tier’ system in place. Those that are the poorest;
    1. Beneficiaries, about 368,000 or 11.3%.
    2. Then those who are kinda employed between bouts of covid disruptions. 997,466 employees and sole traders 2021.
    3. 301,000 businesses.

    $15.7b of Apartheid money!

    Who saw this coming!

  5. Trevor Mallard did fuck all. Playing Barry Manilow and turning on sprinklers, if that causes radicalisation then we are all stuffed.

    The police have totally dropped the ball, tactically. That’s it. Now they given up, even worse.

  6. So, did Trev also cause the escalation of those mirror protests presently happening in Aus, in Canada, in France and elsewhere, I wonder. Gee, “Bad Trev!” – causing so much trouble in the world.

    Oh it wasn’t Trev really, it was our present very bad, no good govt that did it? …No wonder Sco-Mo has it in for us, causing all those campers on the Canberra parliament lawns. (They are still there.)


    • you are so right! and so very polite Kheala.
      Very admirable.
      I have found myself getting quite stroppy etc.etc. these last few days ;today had a day away from the digital poison,does one a world of good,
      The Nazi references are so orchestrated, picked up by those who really don’t know a thing about that period in History.
      Sad and embarrassing!

      • Thanks for your kind words Shona. Yes, I hope to step away from the digi-tox too, for a time. Outside, sun is shining 🙂 Think I’ll go there for a bit. Cheers!

      • Yes Shona it is sad and embarrassing the constant use of the word Nazi in New Zealand.
        It’s a lazy persons go to word when they wish to insult someone.
        I have asked on this site for a definition of Nazi only to be insulted by the people who constantly use the word.

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