Judith Collins and the book Dirty Politics – Nicky Hager


In recent days an incorrect story has been repeated in the news about how Judith Collins had to resign after the book Dirty Politics was published but was later exonerated and returned to Cabinet. In the interests of accuracy, it is worth correcting this misunderstanding.

After Dirty Politics was published in 2014, National was concerned about falling support and decided to end this by removing Judith Collins — one of the Dirty Politics personalities — from her ministerial post. But National did not want to give credibility to the book by saying that it was the reason for her demotion. Instead the Prime Minister’s staff managed to obtain a new email, which had not been cited in the book Dirty Politics, involving Collins, dirty politics characters Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers and Carrick Graham, and a campaign to smear the Serious Fraud Office head. It was on the basis of this separate email that Collins had to step down. After the election there was an inquiry into Collins’ actions in relation to that single email. She was indeed cleared of involvement in the smear and went back into Cabinet.

Here is a reference to the new email and exoneration. Judith Collins was soon saying that she had been cleared of all allegations in the book Dirty Politics. But neither the new email nor anything about a smear campaign against the SFO head appear in the Dirty Politics book.

Anyone can check the chapter about Collins in Dirty Politics. It shows a pettiness and meanness, as she sent snippets of gossip and dirt to Cameron Slater and helped him to attack people on his blog — including details of a public servant who was then strongly attacked on Slater’s blog, including receiving death threats. The chapter recounts where she recommended to Slater about some National Party internal politics: “Personally I would be out for total destruction… But then I’ve learned to give is better than to receive.” She called it the “double” rule: “always reward with Double”; and said “If you can’t be loved, then best to be feared.”

These are the sorts of things that were revealed about Collins in Dirty Politics. On none of them was she investigated and exonerated. It would be incorrect to allow this misunderstanding to continue.

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Nicky Hager is one of NZs most important investigative journalists. 


  1. Everyone needs to read this!!

    Every voter in Aotearoa NZ needs to read this before they cast a vote!!

    • Not unless the public are aware of it. At the moment most people believe she was completely exonerated. It’s what most people believe that’s important, so if most people believe a lie then they won’t necessarily be voting according to what’s true.

      How can this information about Collins be disseminated widely so that most people know the truth?

  2. Judith Collins has too much baggage to be any help to save National.
    We live in a time of change and Collins is sticking to her old ways sounding like a broken record again.

    • Your failing to see she appeals to the very conservative and very large part of both the urban and rural sectors. In times of uncertainty conservatives have challenged and prevailed over more socially left of center governments. In its extreme form , ultra conservative movements have easily overturned left of center govts. Whether we like that or not.

      So prepare yourselves.

      Predator 2 – King Willie vs The Predator

      • Crusher has been On the air today bleating how she will stop tax increases
        Meanwhile a group of NZ wealthy are pushing for tax increases because they can afford it and NZ needs it.

    • I’m picking that Nikki Kaye has some Bogey baggage that will come out and couldn’t do the job to it So it had to be old misery Collins. Looks ok when smiling but can scowl like no other!

  3. Yawn……beltway politics at its best. The ‘middle’ don’t care about emails 7-8 years regarding the head of the SFO. Collins can easily ‘bat’ these off.

    As has pointed out on this blog numerous times, middle NZers don’t care for dirty politics so it would be a strategic mistake for Labour and its ‘enablers’ to go down this route as I get the feeling Collins will go down the route of the economy, law and order, Iwi/Kiwi et al, infrastructure, RMA reform etc. Real issues for middle NZ. If someone offers real solutions – it is in stark contrast to peddling ‘bitchy’ rumors.

    Bomber you should be happy at least their will be a contest now and there will be plenty for you to write about

    • Yawn.Yes Frank there will be a contest, agreed.
      However Collins and National cannot campaign on infrastructure solutions as they were to blame for the erosion of such. If she were to campaign on it, Labour will crucify her.
      And you are completely wrong on middle N.Z’s not interested in dirty politics. The low polling count for National shows people don’t like their personal details leaked or the style of Bridges and Collins has loads of baggage.
      Lasty dont think for a minute Collins Collins won’t peddle bitchy beliefs, as she’s already stating she’ offering a better government. I ask her, based on what?

    • So do National’s enablers encourage dirty politics then, given Collins has admitted to it.”There will be no more dirty politics under my watch”.

    • @ FTT?
      “…middle NZers don’t care for dirty politics…”
      Yes they fucking do? Where did you get that from? Out of the guide to common logical fallacies where one takes a false statement then presents it as if it were a fact?
      And what is a ‘middle NZ’er’ anyway? A myth would be my suggestion. A myth to demean people who have jobs, work hard at them, have kids, keep them safe, mow the lawns, drive a modest newer second hand car… That sounds pretty normal to me. Not ‘middle’.
      Certainly, there are at extremes at either end of society who either suffer terribly or are so riche then don’t know what to eat first. Larks tongues or quail eggs?
      That’s extremes at either end of society. That doesn’t make those in between The Middle.
      The purpose of a properly functioning democracy is to make sure people like me don’t need to write comments like this. Homelessness and poverty should be regarded as a failure of our society as much has allowing a few to accumulate extreme wealth.
      AO/NZ needs mandatory voting and new tax rates for the criminal riche.

      • …” The purpose of a properly functioning democracy is to make sure people like me don’t need to write comments like this”…



      • Homelessness and poverty should be regarded as a failure of our society as much has allowing a few to accumulate extreme wealth.

        What was that?

        “Homelessness and poverty should be regarded as a failure of our society as much has allowing a few to accumulate extreme wealth.”

        Oh, yeah…
        Homelessness and poverty should be regarded as a failure of our society as much has allowing a few to accumulate extreme wealth.

        Bears repeating 🙂

      • Oravida
        Fossil Kauri poaching
        Northland wetlands illegal damage
        Fraudulent export certification
        Threats to activist trying to expose the illegal activity.

        Crusher was / is in it up to her weasel eyeballs.

        • Fossil Kauri poaching

          They were our treasures!!!!

          She STOLE them!!! And sold them. Away in a foreign country.
          (And I feel grief, having been around them as a child. They were incredible.)

          • Money can’t buy a soul no matter how much she makes from stealing other peoples treasures.
            Crusher has no heart either.
            The greed she has prevents any thought of others.
            Psychopathy can elevate to a lonely discontent without support of human kindness which is a reciprocal experience.
            She can’t stop stealing to try and fill the void.
            Toxic vagabond

  4. Time to get the popcorn out and strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Hoping Woodhouse is gone by end of the day. Judith can’t stop talking about herself so expect an outrage over something she says in the next week. A promise to not cut services has already been shortened to no cuts to health. This sort of stuff won’t go unnoticed. Seymour must be worried.

  5. Well Nicky she’s back , – despite our cops, despite out law, despite Dirty Politics…

    And this is her song,…

    Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back

    We all oughta get ready cos shes wine mates with Jacinda too…


    Now, what are these two dames cookin up for neo liberal New Zealand I ask y’all?

    In the neo liberal paradigm,… but is it ACTUALLY change,? – like really, REAL CHANGE? I don’t think so. I think if we were to be honest ,…its just more protecting the sick child of neo liberalism between them. Maybe its WAR! – What is it good for? ( or a sham war for the public’s uninformed benefit )

    Lets hear it then, another classic :

    Edwin Starr – War (What is it good for)

    I’ll never leave you without a song.

    • https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2020/07/14/breaking-darth-mutter-has-arisen-as-the-new-leader-of-the-national-party/#comment-515575

      Judith Collins was called Minister of corruption in 2013.

      Orivida scandal – http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9949636/Judith-Collins-dubbed-minister-of-corruption

      Labour leader David Cunliffe today used the protection of parliamentary privilege to attack Collins over her links to milk exporter Oravida, labelling her the “minister of corruption”.

      Cunliffe accused Collins of lobbying for the interests of her husband’s business while in China on taxpayer-funded business and told Parliament she was “toast”.

      Collins had lectured the Chinese about corruption “on the same taxpayer-funded trip where she had dinner with the chairman of her husband’s company and the senior Chinese border control official that company wanted to get its products through”.

      “That is corruption; that is what – to quote her – corruption looks like.”

      Cunliffe also targeted Prime Minister John Key.

      “John Key is no better. He is donkey deep in the Oravida scandal.”

      Labour MP Grant Robertson questioned whether the official was from China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, also known as the AQSIQ, which was responsible for decisions about letting New Zealand milk products through the border in the wake of the botulism scare.

      In a testy series of exchanges Collins refused to answer because it was a ”private dinner” and later told Parliament she could not be bothered answering other Opposition questions either.

      Documents released yesterday showed Oravida had lobbied government ministers to intervene over New Zealand milk products being slapped with stringent new border requirements.

      Collins also faced more questioning from Peters about why she would not reveal the name and position of the border official.

      Also using parliamentary privilege, Peters claimed Collins had been “enlisted specifically to address” issues to do with border testing.

      Other companies in the same position did not get the same help, he said later in the House.

      “While these companies struggle through the waves of a bureaucratic sea, Oravida goes past on a jet ski with Minister Collins at the helm.”

      There was only one reason the Chinese official was at the dinner and that reason was Oravida, Peters said.


      ‘The NZ milk company’ on show in China as Crusher Collins inappropriately used public NZ Government funds to show it to China as NZ owned but she and her Chinese husband were executives and shareholders of Orideda; – so how does that pass the “serious fraud office” then??????

      Nikki Hagar get started on this new book.

  6. As astute commentators pointed out at the time about Judith Collins and the SFO email–“cleared of what exactly?” The headlines and the word “exonerated” was all many of the public saw. Right wingers, particularly online, refused to read or accept “Dirty Politics”, they deflected to how the material was acquired, rather than what it portrayed.

    Inquiries often turn on what the parameters are, and what questions are asked. As Nicky points out, Mrs Collins was not cleared of “Dirty Politics” at all!

    Everyone seem to suspend their critical faculties yesterday out of some respect for Todd Muller’s mental meltdown. But this is today. One of the nastiest Nats of them all from the Key era is back with all sorts of resources available to her. Underestimate this malevolent woman at your peril.

    The Prime Minister is unlikely to take her on due to her personal political style–so the the rest of us need to. No Mercy for Mrs Collins because her motto is “pay it back double”.

    • Whereas Mike Williams’ trips to Melbourne to dig up dirt on John Key were done for reasons pure as the driven snow

      • Yes silly of Mike really, just look up Key in wikipedia, wasn’t called “The Smiling Assassin ” for nothing.

      • pic – “Whereas Mike Williams’ trips to Melbourne to dig up dirt on John Key were done for reasons pure as the driven snow”.


        If you’ve read, “Dirty Politics”, it becomes immediately obvious why the National Party ethos (for want of a better word) sickens decent people. The public servant annihilation alone, is one episode which I would describe as pure evil. See for yourself.

      • This totally unproven assertion has somehow come to be accepted as lore by the same National Party tragics who believe the myth that John Key used to donate his PM’s salary to charity (and no, the Key family trust is not a charity).

    • The Prime Minister is unlikely to take her on due to her personal political style–so the the rest of us need to.

      Tiger Mountain, Yes. Exactly right.

      Our PM is focussed on trying to keep us all Covid-free.
      And those mongrel predators are gathering to “take her out”.
      Anyone who gives a damn about this, your time is now.

  7. I recall that apart from the distraction Dirty Politics caused National in 2014, Collins was undermining Key, quite possibly because of it. She had been a faithful Dirty Politics soldier and yet was left out in the cold in the subsequent fallout. And as the election drew nearer Winston was goading National at the time hinting that he knew things about her and her ambitions that they wished he didn’t.

    Their share of the vote in Papakura was heading south and out of all the creatures that crawled out of the sewer in Dirty Politics, Collins was by far the easiest to associate with it. To round it off the dodgy dealings with Oravida were fresh in all our minds after her taxpayer-funded Oravida tour of China and above all else, she was quite unlikeable.

    So Key lanced that boil, Collins was sacrificed and back benched, (temporarily), and faith in National was restored. It worked a treat.

    And for all other problems National may have had, David Cunliffe took care of the rest.

  8. Bolger said this morning she, (judeath) is the right person for the job but didn’t he say the same about Muller. Based on Jenny shipleys promotional talk on RNZ this morning she sounded like she was the new national campaign manager. I see judeath has come out swinging saying she will not stand for Jacindas’ nonsense, how patronising.

  9. Bolger said this morning she, (judeath) is the right person for the job but didn’t he say the same about Muller. Based on Jenny shipleys promotional talk on RNZ this morning she sounded like she was the new national campaign manager. I see judeath has come out swinging saying she will not stand for Jacindas’ nonsense, how patronising.

  10. Certainly seems like Jude got rid of Bridges via Muller . And axed Bennett in the head in a cheap shot as she left the back door…

    Clear slate, Bridges gone, Bennett gone , and the stool pigeon patsy Muller gone all in a few weeks. Nice goin, Jude. Wow,… what an operator.

    Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back

  11. Thanks for the facts regarding this Nicky it is still hard to stomach five years on but people need a history lesson on what Collins and others were involved with and the events of the last week shows clearly nothing has changed.
    I just started re reading Dirty Politics just recently so that i can remind people of just how callous these people are and the damage they threaten to do when stupid people vote for them.
    I thought Keys decision to recommend Collins have the title honourable for life sums up the utter contempt and arrogance the National party has always had for upstanding decent kiwis.

  12. And worst of all, the corrupt NZ corporate media full of press prostitutes (Presstitutes) will do EVERYTHING in their power to limit the damage of Dirty Politics and her Slater connections.
    RIP NZ democracy and 4th estate.

  13. This evolving horror story comes from a lack of attention paid by people who should be paying closer attention.
    The reason people don’t pay attention in AO/NZ, politically speaking, is bizarrely because they don’t have to.
    If people paid closer attention to their politics, collins would be running while screaming right now.
    Whether collins becomes AO/NZ’s new prime minister or not doesn’t change the reality that she’s already pocketing six figures plus entitlements while there are families sleeping in the gutters, in cars, in garages, in cow sheds, in bus stops, in door ways, in hedges …
    And in that photograph… Big jizz brownlee smiling smugly like an ugly water balloon full of piss.
    Then there are people like graham heart with a net wealth of 11 billion,( Bought the government printing office at BELOW capital value, peter jackson with 600 million, who was given 130 or so million of ours by jonky when really it was all just a con job, bull shit story to facilitate the making of a con job, bullshit story.
    Here’s something to think about?
    How about if trump and collins had a baby? How about that? A narcissistic psychopath with orange eye brows!
    Nicky Hagar should get a knighthood and a statue.
    And despite how much @ MB hates on farmers, so should he.
    Speaking of which…?
    Farmers? Don’t you dare. If you vote for collins?
    Well, take a walk over your farm of a sunny day. Look around you? What do you see?
    Yep. 450 Chinese people per hectare growing cabbages while they shout at you ” Hey !? You!? Kiwi fama!? You must wok ! You must wok hada!? Now, you wok ! Get woking !? ”
    ( No disrespect @ Chinese people. It’s just that I’d prefer our farmlands were not under the control of a communist Chinese dictatorship. You know how it is.)

    • …; If people paid closer attention to their politics, collins would be running while screaming right now;…


      Nah , disagree. Jude Collins is the best result for NZ democracy and forcing the neo liberal pus to the surface we’ve had in three decades. We should be sending accolades to Jude Collins in forcing the issues to the surface. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be posting so much. Shes done us all a service.

      Now we will see if Jacinda is really who she says she is.

      A neo liberal flunkie, a jolly good actor or a person leading a govt that really means a departure from 36 years of the same old, same old neo liberal crap…Collins has imposed that on all of us.

      We should be glad.

  14. Wasn’t Collins involved with the accident in north Auckland when a “Kauri digger contractor dug up Lots of Kauri and damaged a refinery pipeline that shut down Auckland transport costing many delays and industrial activity and took weeks and a costly repair??

    Was she convicted for her activity there as she was a “Kauri Swamp” queen right???

  15. Sir Jonkey set extremely narrow parameters for the “inquiry” into Judith Collins’ malevolent (and illegal) behaviour. This produced exactly the answers he was looking for to go ahead with his subsequent whitewash of the whole affair.

  16. As always has been the case, since the (national) party has existed, the slag rises to the top, and with the enthusiastic help of the tory propaganda unit(news media), that dross is deified as “the new Messiah” on earth.. Until he/she gets too cocky and blunders too obviously, then it becomes the main backstabber that takes the holy mantle, as anointed by our “neutral” fourth estate..
    What really bothers me, is that, no matter how obvious it becomes that the party has gone well past it’s use by date.. There are still a significant group of NZers that will support them.. because of herd mentality, greed, or just plain ignorance, racism, and/or stupidity..

  17. Announcement – the new leader of the National Party is Judith Collins.

    And the winner is…………Dirty Politics.

    My Dad always said “beware the tiger that smiles”. Now I know what he meant. Collins has said “no more dirty politics” – https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/122134782/new-national-party-leader-judith-collins-has-learned-from-mistakes-and-shedding-dirty-politics

    What she is saying is – dirty politics is alive and will continue under my watch. She won’t be able to help herself because dirty politics is etched into the National Party’s DNA.

  18. Id like to know why my comments are under moderation hours after the fact. You know , your precious and tenuous grasp on democracy is seeming to be ever more desperate as this Judith Collins has become leader and you should know I’m generally on your side Bradbury. Dont push it.

  19. I really don’t think in the current climate that there is an appetite for her kind of politics.Rhetoric like we will get rid of this lot and crush the government is out of date apart from the rednecks i don’t think she will have broad appeal.She may take back some of support that is gone to ACT.Could be wrong to me she is unelectable.

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