Oh sweet Jesus – why BOTHER with the bloody Greens!







This morning I woke truly refreshed brothers and sisters.

I dreamed in colour for the first time in 4 years.

Personal trauma, pain and horror had left my limbs.

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I finally knew who I was going to vote for.

The beautiful Greens.

It had happened at the most unexpected moment.

Yesterday, the mighty Julie Anne Genter told a small business panel discussion that a bottom line for the Greens to go into Government with Labour would be their wealth tax!

It was extraordinary!

FINALLY there was a reason to vote Green!

They had brilliantly, for the first time in 3 years, realised that to play politics, you gotta throw a fucking punch!

Telling Labour, straight to their face, that if they want the Greens in, then a wealth tax so that the State can actually redistribute, was a bottom line!

What a master stroke of brilliant strategic nuance and genius. Labour’s bloated Party vote is cuddling up to those well heeled 45+National Matrons who have become Jacinda fans, meaning Labour’s actual left vote feels unloved, and a clear raid by the Greens could not only ensure a 5%+ threshold return, they could be needed by Labour to form a Government and the Greens would actually have done something meaningful in being transformative!!!!!!!

Finally a genuine, hand on heart reason to vote Green!


I had been too harsh on those beautiful Greens.


I slept like a baby last night, all my angry blogs about them just being middle class identity politic fuckwits who had no strategic capacity whatsoever drained away from me.

I was at peace, my waters were still.

I planned to get up, drop my daughter off to school, catch a yummy organic bite to eat and prepare a huge blog calling on everyone to now proudly support the Greens. I would denounce my previous criticism and tirelessly call all on the Left to battle for the brave Greens…………………………………………………………….

………and then this…

Wealth tax not a bottom line for Green Party but they will push for it – Shaw

Green Party co-leader James Shaw says one of his senior MPs misspoke under pressure when she said a wealth tax was one of the party’s bottom lines.








I just, I don’t even.


Fuck it.

I’m not even doing this anymore.

I’m stroking out here.

They need to go. Just go now.

These people are fucking muppets.


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  1. Bless. Jimmy wants his ministerial office, BMWs and international travel when it opens up.

    The job applications he sent out to the corporate world must’ve not been well received.

    • The Greens should have ( still talking about supporters like Weka) never pretended to be The Labour Party’s better conscience. We should deal with the economy. But the idea now that The Greens have to covert and protect the perks certainly isn’t the case.

    • Any comment about, I dunno, Seymour, Peters, Collins, Brownlee, anyone else who happens to be a leader or mp Frank? Or are you singling one person out in particular and making implications that you could elaborate on?

      • I’m sure James is a nice guy. Moreover he reminds me of the bevy of incompetent middle managers I saw in my 10+ years in corporate finance. Smarmy, butt covering and lacking in vision. Yet jump on the corporate bandwagon when there is a free feed or a kickback. We had a good chance of a marine sanctuary in the kermadacs – nope. We had the waka jumping bill – nope. Yet a fucking ewok village in Taranaki……I will probably never vote Greens in my lifetime yet had a lot of respect for the likes of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimmons as people of principle.

        Would Rod Donald of rejected a marine sanctuary just so not to upset Labour? Would Jeanette Fitzsimmons supported the waka jumping legislation? Would either have risked it all for the ewok village?

        Sure you’ll disagree however the polls don’t lie and you only have to compare the Greens level of support before James and what it is now.

        P.S. Seymour rejected a cabinet position in the Key government so a poor choice there.

  2. As you surely must know, Labour holds all the cards on this issue. There is simply no way that the Greens can force Labour to adopt a wealth tax. Labour can always say to the Greens, this is the coalition deal, take it or leave and go and sit on the cross benches. It is not as if the Greens would allow a National led government to happen.

    Now of course Labour won’t be quite as brutal as that. Any coalition deal will be subject to actual negotiation. But I can assure you that the major party in a coalition never lets the minor party dictate on something as fundamental as tax policy. The voters, quite reasonably, expect that the major party decides something as fundamental to government as tax. Labour knows that if they adopted the Green wealth tax policy, Labour are the ones who would have to primarily defend it.

    Given the PM has ruled out CGT on the basis that the voters are clear on this issue (as the PM said on the first debate) she can hardly be expected to sell a wealth tax.

    • Well, then where do you start on climate so late in the piece? the policy is to keep maori down and we can’t be strong enough to take on climate change untill the state atones for stealing babies.

  3. Yes Martyn;
    I was shocked as Julie Anne Genter was ‘the last true warrior the Green Party had’.
    Do you remember when in 2014 Julie Anne Genter was featured in the NZ Herald saying “we need to get those dirty polluting trucks off our roads” then again in 2016 as the article here says,.
    Julie Anne Genter was sweet music to us ‘rail supporters’ as she was fighting to save our sabotaged railway after the bloody National Party (Steven Joyce) stole the Gisborne rail funding for track repairs and sent the funds to repair Auckland tracks and this lack of drain repairs caused the washouts that closed down Gisborne rail in 2012 so Julie was our hero in Gisborne/HB and now that bloody stupid man Jame s Shaw is shutting her down ‘ un-beliebable.

    I don’t believe this man James Shaw is a true Green Party ‘believer’ at all sorry.

  4. Shaw: “We don’t do bottom lines”.

    Sure as hell looked like a bottom line/ultimatum for the ewok village contract

    • Jody: “Sure as hell looked like a bottom line/ultimatum for the ewok village contract”


      I’ve never thought that James Shaw had “chops”, either as a pollie in general, or – a fortiori – as a Green pollie.

      Not that it matters a damn to me. The Greens lost my vote a very long time ago. I hope that they don’t return to parliament at the next election.

  5. If the polls still have Labour well ahead of the right, then use your two ticks to help Greens or NZF or Maori party. Otherwise their votes will be shared with the Natz and Act.

  6. Like a bully when they do not get there way you resort to shouting and profanity. I wonder why because you can and do write from the heart and uncover many backroom deals that need light shining on them. You have contacts that Joe citizen does not. That power and knowledge more than ever needs to be used wisely not discounted . .

  7. Fucking hilarious writings Bomber! I packed up laughing. I feel for you!
    And, to top it all off…Stank Sinatra with his seriously funny comment!

    A good day to read TDB!

  8. “….a wealth tax so that the State can actually redistribute, was a bottom line!”

    Unfortunately, this concept has never been a starter. Genter insists that it wouldn’t capture mortgaged owners of high-value houses: it would. Any system which attempted to exclude them would be unfeasibly complex.

    And – given the completely bonkers housing market in NZ – a bucket load of unwealthy homeowners would willy nilly be caught up in such a tax. Exactly what a leftwing government neither wants nor needs.

    I also used to support the imposition of a CGT. That was until I read this:


    I’ll take a punt that the government had received similar advice.

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