Why are the Greens dying and what happens if they do?

Wellington Twitteratti Green Activists ready for their next micro aggression policing social media lynch mob

With Chloe facing an uphill battle in Auckland Central and with the Greens so close to the 5% threshold, why are the Greens dying and what happens if they do?

Terrible strategy & tactics

When the Greens were gutted in the 2017 election, they lost an enormous amount of resource to hire good staff and talented back room strategists. They fucked up with their insane decision to give National their Parliamentary Question and the embarrassing ease with which Eugene Sage’s was tricked by her own Ministry into allowing more China water bottling were glaring examples of a bunch of chequers players playing chess.

They haven’t been able to get traction inside the Government because they didn’t know how to handle Winston and settled for symbolic environmental gestures rather than real change.

They have been successful on domestic abuse issues around strangulation and giving people time off from work, but to suggest those changes wouldn’t have occurred under Labour anyway seems a stretch.

They just don’t have the strategists in the back room anymore.


Green Party Top 8 Woke Alienations

Chloe’s face as Marama explains why she is reclaiming the word ‘Cunt’

Part of the problem has been the Greens new Identity Politics Faction taking over and pure temple woke virtue signalling alienation over Broadchurch recruitment has become a micro aggression policing purity test that no one other than themselves can pass.

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1: White people are to blame for the Christchurch massacre: Hours after the enormity of the Christchurch terror attack had sunk in, Jacinda made one of the most powerful speeches of her Prime Ministership where she stated categorically that we were targeted by this white supremacist because we weren’t what he wanted. That wasn’t good enough for the Greens. Micro aggressions like racist jokes lead immediately to macro violence so everyone white was actually responsible for the terror attack. 

2: White bros should delete themselves: In 2018, Marama went on a late night Twitter rant about white bros needing to delete themselves. Looking at how poorly the Greens are doing, she might want dome of those white bros to undelete themselves and vote for the Greens.

3: Reclaiming the word cunt: The planet is melting but thankfully Marama decided to spend time on reclaiming the word ‘Cunt’ for feminism. Great. But you know. The planet is melting.

4: Pregnant persons not pregnant women abortions: As we inched towards finally making abortion legal, the Greens held up the process because they didn’t want the term ‘Pregnant Women’ in the wording and instead wanted ‘Pregnant persons’ because trans people might be pregnant but not want to be referred to as a woman. I know, I know. I know.  Just quietly roll your eyes.

5: Gender critical feminists excommunication: Long time feminist activist and Green Party supporter Jill Abigail was excommunicated for publishing an opinion piece on the Greens Te Awa magazine board which is too many shades of crazy to contemplate

6: More rape convictions regardless of how that happens: We all want the court process for Rape to be easier on the complainants but the Greens push to re-engineer the Court so that previous sexual relationships can’t be used by the defence certainly makes it easier to get a conviction, no matter the innocence. One of the defences is did the male believe he had consent, if they’ve had sex in the past with that person, they might believe that, but removing sexual history makes that defence impossible. Remember the Spin Off smear that senior members of the Labour Party had covered up a serious sexual assault? Remember how no where in the story Spin Off printed did it point out the complainant and the person they were accusing of rape were actually in 9 month relationship? Remember how you felt realising that? Yeah, that’s what the Greens want as a Court process. Better 10 innocent men go to jail than 1 guilty one walks free.

7: Jedi Academy: Sigh. This bloody magical crystal healing Green Jedi Academy – what the fuck was James thinking?

8: Anything to do with free speech: The Greens desire to choke off any speech they feel triggered by is astoundly short sighted, because whenever the State gains the power to deplatform voice, it’s always Māori, environmentalists and activists who get hit by it! This was gloriously on display right after the Greens killed off crypto-fascists speaking here when National tried the same tactics to stop Chelsea Manning speaking here.


Woke Activist proxification

The mighty Trolls Troll no understand…

…like all other members of the Wellington Twitteratti coven (hilariously you all know who they are), Dave is sad and confused.

It’s like the woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists  are incapable of understanding how their behaviour over the last 3 years on social media has done nothing other than alienate voters to the point the Greens are now in danger of sinking beneath 5%.

It’s a process of proxification that the rise of social media has created.

Most people are on social media and most people have a woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activist in their social media feed screaming they are racist, sexist, transphobic etc etc etc, whatever the daily virtue signal is. Now the woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activist certainly thinks they are speaking truth to power by endlessly calling people out for breaches of woke mantra, but to everyone else they are simply toxic.

People stop seeing the political party and only see the activist and in the end proxification means the activist becomes the proxy representation of the Party, and seeing as people have negative feelings towards the proxy, they turn from the Party.

Because the Greens live and die on Twitter the Party are held hostage by their woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists so anyone attempting to move beyond pure temple politics to broadchurch politics is immediately lynched in the resulting cancellation call out.

Without solidarity, there is no movement.

Remember the Pride Parade and how it imploded after the Woke hijacked it? That’s the Greens now.

The Pride Parade used to draw 30 000, but the woke activists took over and demanded Police not wear uniforms because it might trigger trans people who have previously had bad experiences with the Police.

That decision saw the Pride Parade flop to less than 3000 people.

The woke called it a success because it was just the true believers, and sadly that’s the Green Party recruitment method.

Agree with the following…

  • Veganism
  • Trans Ally everything
  • 4th wave feminism
  • Burn all JK Rowling Books
  • Militant cyclists
  • Gender Binary activism everything
  • If a woman says it you must believe it
  • All white people are racist

…or you can’t vote Green.

You’ll note climate change doesn’t even make that list.



Moving forward maybe two possible ideas could be considered.

Asking all woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists to remove any reference whatsoever to being Green Party supporters so the proxification process doesn’t happen or maybe a separating of the Party itself?

You could have the Identitarian Greens who call out, Action Station Petition and cancel any micro aggression breaches of woke mantra and the Socialist Greens who focus on radical climate change adaptation and neoliberal economic hegemony dismantling.

That way the Identitarian Greens can continue alienating voters and the Socialist Greens could ignore the middle class virtue signalling and actually move on with preparing for Climate Change and dismantling the oppression of neoliberal economics.

When you are class left, the demarkation of power in society is between the richest 1% and their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us, that’s how we win the democratic majority, but when you are a woke Identity Politics activist, all men are rapists, all white people are racist and anyone supporting free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

The  identity politics activists are incapable of seeing how their woke purges have pushed away Green voters.

The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors.

The Greens are struggling because all they’ve done for the last 3 years is find ‘traitors’ inside their own movement and alienated those voters.

TDB pointed out at the beginning of this pandemic that Jacinda would rob oxygen from the Greens, yet they put into place no counter strategy to that.

Green tacticians have failed, Green activists have alienated and the policy wins for the actual environment are largely empty symbolic gestures.

When you consider 175 000 NZers marched against climate change, it is extraordinary that the Greens are sinking so fast.

Maybe a term outside of Parliament will force the Greens to have to actually engage and win people over rather than screaming ‘racist rapist nazi’ at everyone who disagrees with them?

The biggest joke here will be that if they do crash out this election, the activist base who have done so much to alienate supporters won’t reflect for one millisecond on how they drove those voters away, oh no, it will all be the Heteronormative White Cis Male Patriarchy’s fault.

I’ve voted Green all my adult life because I passionately believe the climate crisis is an existential threat to our species that requires radical economic, community and political change. I don’t know what this current Party is anymore, it seems to be a weird cancel culture mutation that thinks it grows by alienating people over their identity.

Ruth said it best and the Green activists aren’t listening…

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  1. You already know what we think of the Greens, Martyn. Worse than useless. Literally worse than useless because they are an impediment to progress.

    Until they actually have something sensible to say about Planetary Meltdown and decoupling from use of fossil fuels they might as well be be the Blacks or the Browns or the Blues.

    And until they have something sensible to say about demolishing the consumer society they might as well be the Greeds. Or the Trough-feeders.

  2. Best thing you said was a term out of parliament wouldn’t actually be a terrible thing…. regroup and reassess then recruit! after all it ain’t working in its current form so can’t make it anymore broken.

  3. “Asking all woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists to remove any reference whatsoever to being Green Party supporters so the proxification process doesn’t happen or maybe a separating of the Party itself?”

    But that would mean getting Golriz, Marama, Julie-Anne Gender, and Ricardo to dissociate themselves from the party.

    The problem goes deep – these people apparently do believe that saving the planet is inextricably bound up with “taking the knee” and using the “correct” gender pronouns.

  4. Well said. Truth of the matter is old style lefties would have a drink with you (lion Red most probably) down at the pub, have some lively debate, some laughs and then you would go home thinking the other side, while being quite clearly wrong wasn’t really that bad and had some salient points.

    New woke lefties immediately think of you as an enemy to be destroyed, their view is 100% correct and anyone that disagrees needs to be immediately taken out the back and shot. The irony is that this thought process was established in Universities, in theory the bastion of free speech.

    • Frank the Tank. Don’t blame the universities. I know what goes on in there. I drove past one once.

      Act found the universities a fertile recruiting ground for young greedies, and are doing so again now. But generally now, and for the past 20 odd years, students have been bowed down by much more than political discourse. The vice-chancellors are trite bastions of neoliberalism glorying in their anti-intellectualism, make Ghengis Khan look like Saint Francis of Assisi.

      Having said that, every time I check out an MP and see that they studied papers at, or sometimes even graduated, from from the University of Waikato, I think, “Here we go again…”

      Back in the days, students did talk, and discuss, and argue, and debate, and that was all good. It was about ideas, and that was all good too.

  5. This Green Party is on the surface just a bunch of spoilt brats that seem to have a culture of ‘privilege’ today and a hate of the older generation’s also.

    It has alienated many as they did shed most of the older Green party members including my wife and I as we were over 70 yr’s old.

    So yes you have summed it all up so very well Martyn.

    Green Party needs to go back to its core ‘original planks’ of – ‘climate change and the environment’.

    Leave the all the ‘Social policies’ on the back burner; – only to add to the most urgent issues when needed to push for climate change and serious environment issues in some minor way.

  6. Every policy that the Greens draft and publish must in some way address global heating or they and we are toast. Look at their website, climate change (the softer term promoted by Frank Luntz – it seems less urgent) is just one thing among many.
    Ultimately we need all parties to have the climate emergency front, middle and centre – but for now just one would be good. Increasingly it’s looking more like TOP.

  7. Sorry mate, but the Green girls’ blaming white N Z’ers for the terrible massacre of Muslims, was much worse what than you’re depicting it here, and likely, and hopefully, was nothing to do with being Green, but more to do with being Marama.

    I can, regretfully, accept that person’s woeful ignorance of history, especially New Zealand history, but I will not accept her trying to convince already alienated young Maori that most of the country is hostile towards them. It is delusional, and untrue.

    It looked like classic projection, and, I suggest, was Marama Davidson’s statement about herself: that she is hostile towards most of the country. As such, I do not consider her suited to be a member of Parliament.

    Other gender and sex and genital fixated issues are Greens, and mainly girls, for some reason, aping current USA vogues without stopping to think things through because they simply don’t know how to. Skimming along on the surface, while the planet burns – but – hey – somebody hurt my feelings and my starving skeletal family were driven out of the Highlands. Oops. Sorry. Wrong country.

    There are some talented people in the Greens and there always have been. They got hijacked.

    • The problem with Marama D is she speaks the truth and you can’t if you want to get elected in this country. She need to bullshit and talk crap and suck up like the rest do. NZers don’t like forthright people. And she Marama forgets, we are living in a colonised racist country despite all the rhetoric that NZers are all nice people.

      • NZers don’t like other people pointing out the truth because that would mean that they would have to admit their part in the inequalities and social injustices that they like to pretend dont exist and not in my backyard mentality. IMO Marama and James need to to stand down as co-leaders, they are not effective and have alientated many of us from wanting to vote for them. They had their chance and blew it so Ka Kite.

      • Correct. Isn’t this a bit like Trump? Speak your mind, don’t give a rats if you don’t like it. Hmm. The greater the outrage about the Greens, the better I think. I’m alone on this view I know. The whole political system and everyone in it is rotten and corrupt to the core. Neo Liberalism and big Business rule. Labour is not going to change the status quo. We have 3 years proof of that. We need the Greens policies and that starts with getting up the noses of old white males (like me).

  8. The painful reality of this election is i will hold my nose and still vote Green for the following reasons.
    1 A progressive tax policy
    2 The clean energy plan
    3 Safeguarding our marine environment
    4 Real animal welfare
    5 Sustainable farming
    6 Warm secure affordable homes for everyone and that is a human right
    7 A real poverty action plan
    8 ACC policy
    9 Fair balanced broadcasting initiatives
    10 Disability policy
    11 Drug reform
    12 The Green plan for the economy
    13 meaningful drug reform
    14 A new approach for community action and support
    15 Climate change
    16 Youth affairs and transport
    17 Chloe Swarbrick , Ricardo Menéndez March
    No other party will address the serious imbalance that destructive free market forces have unleashed on our economy and our people.

    • Yes, Mosa, 20 times over.

      I was going to do that too, but after last night, …if there is even the faintest chance of that awful other woman becoming p.m then I’m leaving the Greens to fend for themselves (though some of their actual policies are the best by far).

    • That seems a more accurate list of GP priorities than Bradbury’s. Though I assume he was attempting humour, because repeating the same phrases over and over is sure to get more laughs than yawns.
      The title itself simply assumes that; the greens are indeed dying, and nothing in the piece addresses the possibility that they might be back in next parliament. Personally, I like what I’ve seen of Davidson, though I’d also like another male parliamentary co-leader than Shaw. An advantage of a (possible, if not probable), sub-5% GP performance, would be the chance to get rid of him.
      Still hoping for closer 7% after international voting however. Even if Labour picks up National’s, the GP vote there is still likely to be disproportionately favourable. But negotiating the reduction of party vote threshold would have to be a priority in any post-election talks. Though that would help the far-right parties who don’t play well with others too.

    • I can agree with all your points but then I have attended meetings and listen on the radio and TV to those Green members of the party and in particular the leaders and they lose me as they always seem to blame white old men (boomers ) who have worked hard and done well as bad people

      • Trevor, I know what you’re saying, it is unfair, and corruption of the minds of the young.
        It is also very socially divisive, and possibly deliberately so at a time when the country, more than ever needs to come together.

        Older people are easy to pick on and bully – tend to be geographically dispersed, and some are socially isolated. Many have diminished energy. I am just glad that my father and father-in-law, who gave so freely of their time and energy to others, are no longer alive to have to endure being wrongly disparaged by privileged ignorami – whose focus
        should be on the future of the only planet we have to call home. We’ve been played.

        • Wise comments always Snow White.

          Strangely, I don’t identify as white. When I think about my whiteness, I think about myself as incognito. My appearance as an elderly white woman is disarming as I speak/walk out for change. It is not deliberate, I ju

      • Yes Trev it is us old white fellas that are the badies. Either directly or otherwise we cause just about all the shit to go down. Because nearly all the power is held by old whitey’s especially in the past they/we are responsible for the mess we live in.

    • Me too .

      The Greens are the only party that give a damn.

      The Identity politics I don’t give a shit about.

      The people being shit on because of the neo liberals in Labour can’t wait another 3 years for something to be done about long term illness welfare

      Under funded meds and people dying decades earlier than needs be.

      Pathetic welfare benefits will the top 10% clean out the countries bank accounts and increase their property portfolio’s.

      So I am party voting green on those grounds alone.

    • Me too .

      The Greens are the only party that give a damn.

      The Identity politics I don’t give a shit about.

      The people being shit on because of the neo liberals in Labour can’t wait another 3 years for something to be done about long term illness welfare

      Under funded meds and people dying decades earlier than needs be.

      Pathetic welfare benefits will the top 10% clean out the countries bank accounts and increase their property portfolio’s.

      So I am party voting green on those grounds alone.

    • Very good Mosa! It’s great to see these essentials laid out for easier appraisal. The concerning aspect is that none of them are being addressed adequately. I’ll vote green too for the same reasons as yourself.

  9. The Greens aren’t dying but NZ First are. And I see some of the minor parties who have been busy making promises they won’t be able to deliver have gained some votes. It looks like they got 5% of Labours, sad really just more wasted votes.
    In the meantime the nasty act lot who want to kill of the poor and Maori are doing well from NZ First and Nationals demise.

  10. If the Greens don’t make it back in, could someone in Labour please, please pick up some of their really good policies that came out in the last week or so?

    Eg, their Poverty Action Plan, the only thing like it among all parties that would be a real move towards a more egalitarian AO/ NZ.
    And their Oceans Protection policies, which have been favourably received by both recreational and commercial fisheries.
    And their Ag plan which offers financial help to farmers who want to diversify and to go organic.
    There was also a sustainable housing policy earlier, though parts of it needed fixing (eg a WoF for houses is a step too far, imo).

  11. Martyn, you’re probably the only person in the world who would actually think of those “woke alienations” to list them. Everyone else has moved on.

    Yep, we have stumbled a bit, but 90% of our lost vote is due to J A C I N D A, and as an actual Green Party member I can honestly say that your description is a gross exaggeration.

    • from 2011 to 2017 the greens went from 11% to 6% and in 2020 there most generous poll puts them on 6% and you have the fucken balls to come in here and tell us all what the fuck is up??? The Greens polling has got absolutely fucking nothing to do with Jacinda, muppet.

        • all I see is a party that has no intention of compensating people adequately to protect there living standards. they actually want to cut living standards the same way National wants to cut into government services. It’s a totally fraudulent thing to do and a very fucking difficult political exersis to sell and the woke does not fully fucking appreciate this fact and now they want browny points for looking at this hard. But all these hard people who want to whack the centre to compensate the poor want to paint people like me as fucking right wing and that’s guttless fucking frauds.

  12. Greens killed themselves from the inside out. I’m sure dirty politics has something to do with it but doesn’t help the planet. Win win for the right, because the current Greens in parliament don’t seem to help the planet or free speech, and if they don’t get in, they also don’t get to help the planet and free speech… sigh

  13. ( Sorry it’s a bit of a long one but do try to check out the links below if nothing else. Everyday we allow National to push our farmers ever closer to The Terrible Cliff Edge, TTCE for short, we get ever closer to some very, very scary shit.)
    The Greens are, as you put it @ MB, ‘dying’ because they either have no imagination or they’re stymied by corruption at a management level.
    All the Green Party needed to do was to head farm-ward and engage farmers in Green strategies, not fuck around in the cities. The cities are where money is spent, usually on trite flufferies, while the money earned is down on the farm and allow me to add … “Yee Haw ! “. Thanks. I needed that. There’s always something comforting about fitting into a stereotype.
    There’s a farmer who’s been ORGANICALLY farming for more than twenty years in West Otago. He and his whanau etc farm 1300 hectares running sheep and beef. CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY.
    Here he is. On RNZ.
    No Looking Back After Going Organic
    I bet you $100 the Green Party’s never heard of him/her/them and what not.
    And you know what else ? West Otago has more Natzo Hoardings than fence posts. Natzo’s are everywhere and all over farmers like lice. I’ve just driven from Bluff to Waikaia through some of the most productive and beautiful traditional AO/NZ farm lands and the Natzo’s are fucking all over it. Possibly both literally and metaphorically. We’ll know if this lambing’s, lambs look similar to Otago Natzo politicians.
    The Green Party can’t possibly be that ignorant of the broader scope of AO/NZ’s economy and where that economy comes from. So there’s only one other possibility. Management is bent.
    James Shaw? I’m looking at you mate. Marama Davidson’s only there for James Shaw to hide behind if bricks and cow shit starts flying. She’s also, it goes without saying, a Maori and a feminist woman but as an effective torch holder for the environment and to attempt to sway our agrarian PRIMARY industry into the Green fold where it must eventually be she’s as useful as a cigarette on a submarine.
    Given that our economy’s derived from agrarian primary industry enterprises I reckon the Green Party’s dirty and I think the Natzo’s are behind it. There you go. I can’t be clearer than that.
    Lets be honest. Come on? Give it a go?
    AO/NZ is all about wool, foods and timbers. NOT tourism. As we can now see. Sure, tourism brings in some money but at what price and that money is very easily syphoned off into privateer pocketsess. And ponder this? It wasn’t tourism that built Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland and all the smaller cities and towns in between. Was it? The Green Party? Hello? Wakey wakey ?
    The only way a political party like The Green Party could fail in these heady times would be to do so deliberately.
    FYI Green Party.
    The Guardian
    Enough with ‘local’ and ‘organic’. We’ll begin to eat well when we farm well
    James Rebanks
    The Guardian
    Canada’s farmers pushed to the brink by politics, weather and banks
    Lessons people can learn from Covid-19 lockdown: ‘Live more lightly on the planet’
    The Guardian
    We’re stewards of our land’: the rise of female farmers
    The risk of going hungry in the U.S. is rising
    The Guardian
    Extreme droughts in central Europe likely to increase sevenfold
    RNZ. No shit Sherlock.
    New Zealand exports in strong demand during pandemic – report
    Auckland school staff prepare for more hungry kids in Term 3
    RNZ. My R95 mask uses wool as its filter. Double helix. Dear old sheep.
    Wool ‘being developed’? What wank. Clip off some wool. Wash it. Tie it to your face. That is all you need to do.
    Wool being developed to replace petroleum-based hygiene textiles
    Farmers dig deep at Regenerative Agriculture workshops
    Calls for NZ wool to be used in Govt buildings and homes
    Fermenting for good
    The Guardian
    World faces worst food crisis for at least 50 years, UN warns
    The Guardian
    Americans turn to home-farming as they fear for their food supply
    Regenerative agriculture: How a dairy farmer learned to trust his instincts
    There you go The Green Party.
    So why are you in the middle of Auckland gazing up your own bum holes again…?
    I think its time to pop on the gummies and go out there to that flat green thing covered in animals and plants and talk to the alien humanoids whom the MSM have you convinced they are who farm it. And if you don’t think that’s necessary to your political ambitions? Take off all your woollen clothes then stand outside and see how long you can go without eating.
    The Green Party solution? Dump james shaw by the road side and throw Marama Davidson out on top of him and put Chloe Swarbrick in sole charge. Now. Today.

    • I am an organic farmer, and often voted Green in the past. I have attempted to engage with Green Party about a number of issues this term with zero response, not even an acknowledgement of email etc. They genuinely DO NOT CARE about farmers, they see us as only bad. They WILL NOT communicate with organic tree-planting farmers attempting to discuss serious issues. They are getting their way too, in my district we’ve lost about half our farms to boring pine forest monocultures over the last few years.

      • I’d like to see an immediate end to any further expansion of those imported mono-forests, and an end to all large block sales of our land to foreign owners. I am disappointed that it has not been brought up anywhere by any party leading into the election, as far as I’m aware.

        To me this is THE single biggest issue that there is. Without our land, we have nothing. The land is the body of Aotearoa. It is not ours to sell, not the govt’s to sell off to any other country. Those who do so are betraying all of us, and our futures.

        We need to place limits on what govts can and cannot do. What they have been doing, selling our land and our water, and replacing our farmland, arable land, sensitive land and native bush with those foreign-owned mono-cultured pines that harm our land and the environment, … all of this is betrayal of their role in governance of the country.

  14. The socialist Greens are just as alienating , woke identity politics pure templism over broad church as the middle class greens, hell they are the same people. Look at Ricardo , look at Luke that’s some pure templism woke marxism that call everyone who disagrees with them sell outs and hacks.

    The Greens need to just become an environmentalist movement ditch all the sjw and left wing crap and only support policies that help the environment. End of.

    If we want a working class party the revolution is never gonna come from Waiheke island millionaires, we have to start one, it’s almost an impossibility the voters never come out and the same six left wingers from the 90s always come in and take over everything but covid and the economic fall out might change that… There needs to be a populist left wing movement to counter the right because the sjws and middle class libs in labour greens don’t know how to fight that kinda thing (democrats for the last decade)

  15. So Bomber.

    You’ve always voted Green BUT…

    How will you vote this time?

    And no, that’s not an entrapment “gotcha” question; it’s a genuine heartfelt question. How will you vote?

    Like you I am a long time leftie, former trade unionist, and long time welfare state beneficiary. A life long Labour voter, I never voted Labour again after Roger Douglas’ wholescale rogering of our collective nation and have watched in horror as the once vibrant left has settled into the pond sludge that it is today under the Greens.

    When I ask you in all sincerity “how will you vote?” I am asking you who is left up there for whom a vote doesn’t completely nullify my morals and principles. The same choice you have to make. I want to know because at the moment there is no one on the ballot I can be bothered voting for and that is a desperately disempowering position to be in.

    So tell me please:

    Whom do I vote for?

  16. “we are living in a colonised racist country despite all the rhetoric that NZers are all nice people”
    So what percentage of New Zealanders from all ethnicities are racist in your view Covid?

  17. The sour apple is Green.

    1. The green potential in AONZ lies between 20-25% of the popular vote,
    when looking at the political values covered by the party.

    2. The left public and the individual (eco)-socialist in AONZ has not much to vote for, but there is plenty to vote against.

    3. A large majority of Kiwis is very much concerned about climate change, and they are also pessimistic that the country will meet the climate change challenge.

    4. Global ecological and social awareness is increasing, with the possibility for a sudden adhoc acceleration.

    5. If reaching less than 10% in the AONZ elections it must call for a change in strategy and practice of the Green Party.

    6. Right now, the Greens are not matching the expectations; but neither does the NZ Labour Party.

    7. For successful Climate Change Adaptation we need a different mindset. And the roll-back of neo-liberalism in all its forms.

    8. By voting Green the strategic perspectives for the Ecological Left are slightly better than by voting Labour into a majority position.

    9. The Green Party has to be changed from within. Or we need to build an alternative social and ecological platform.

    10. Conclusion: not idealizing the present party formations but voting against a possible greater disadvantage.

    The sour apple is Green. Bite in it.

    Bite in it ..
    … and follow the gardening practitioner …

  18. You all sound like National or Act party supporters and voters trying to destroy the Greens so the former may have a chance of gaining the Govt benches. If Greens and NZF fail by a few % then the Nats and Act will gain another seat or three.

    Two tactical ticks for Greens or NZF or Maori party.

    • If Greens and NZF fail by a few % then the Nats and Act will gain another seat or three.

      How to wake people up to that?

  19. Greens emerged from concerns about the environment and their policies about the social system come as a sort of overlay. Despite some good policies the current co-leaders don’t wear them as fundamental for change. Nonsense such as righteous use of trans language and millions of dollars for a private green school, show how some of us could never vote for them. Basically they don’t understand class society. As Snow White and others write, some make feeble attempts to blame all whites for the injustices in our society. We need a more thoughtful analysis of the on-going impact of colonisation.

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