Cough, cough – like TDB pointed out, American Christian Right funding NZ referendum



You can read it here first on TDB or you can wait weeks or months until it pops up in the mainstream media.

Cough, cough – like TDB pointed out in February, the American Christian Right are funding NZ referendum…

Majority of Kiwis still against legalising cannabis, according to latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

SAM New Zealand has taken its name from, and is working closely, with an American lobby group which opposes legal cannabis.
Smart Approaches to Marijuana US vice president Luke Niforatos told 1 NEWS he “strongly recommends New Zealanders vote no in this very misguided initiative”.

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we asked back in February where Family First were getting their funding after rumours circulated that they were in America actively sourcing money from the Christian Right…

Family First are the far right Christian pressure group who are currently running campaigns against the Cannabis referendum. Previously they were all about the legal right to beat the fear of God into children, now they are the moral custodians trying to kill off the cannabis debate.

Rumour has it that Family First representatives have been in America begging rich right wing Christians to help fund their campaigns using the upcoming Abortion legislation as the rallying cry for their far right Christian brethren.

…since when did fundamentalist right wing American Christians get to dictate and influence laws in New Zealand?

Shouldn’t we all be extremely outraged that this is happening and doesn’t this need to be part of this referendum debate?

We must point out this is happening every time the referendum gets mentioned and understand that this cannabis referendum isn’t just about law reform, a yes vote for cannabis reform would be a clear punch in the face to the American God Squad to keep the hell out of our domestic politics!

We wouldn’t tolerate for one second any influence like this by China so why are we accepting it from America?

When discussing the Cannabis Referendum we need to acknowledge that the American Christian Right are funding disinformation campaigns and that this referendum is now as much about tino rangatiratanga sovereignty as it is about law.

New Zealanders should decide our laws, not the American Christian Right!

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  1. You are correct about NZ people making up their minds without Christian American influence but why is the government not running advertising with the for and against arguements instead of just supporting the Drug Foundation pro message.

      • This is incorrect, behind the scenes the govt is pro legalization, they just dont eant the public to understand their position. As for external support, will be interesting to find out how much funding and advice the Drug Foundation had. They have had funding from entities associated with George Soros in the past. Will the be open and honest? They also recieve bucketloads of money from the Govt.

    • I get your argument Trevor yet I could say the same of National Trevor. In fairness to nastiomnal Dr Reti ( whom I do have great respect for) has also admonished the Christian American influence. National believe in personal responsibility, so as you say it should be left to the individual to do the research, rather than being influenced by religious fanatics. As for me I have yet to make up my mind. I’d like to see it from a medicinal point of view and from the point of view of the Portuguese, enabling drug rehabilitation and taking it away from criminal profiteering. However I have also witnessed the social and biological damage first hand. If it stops young kids from being mules for gangs which leads onto more violent criminal activity then I’m probably leaning for.

    • @ TS.
      It’s because the labour party is still a neoliberal party. Sure, it has a rock star hair and teeth front person and a finance minister busy borrowing money against fuck knows what to buy the governing ticket back in by selling us out but it’s still neoliberal.
      There have been no royal commission of inquiries into past and present relationships between big business and our politicians. The French put their crooks in prison. We give ours knighthoods.
      I’ve written this before and it wasn’t because I don’t have better fucking things to do [but] we’re in grave danger of losing sovereignty of our AO/NZ.
      That’s the reason why I bang on about mandatory voting, passing trading laws that would basically neuter the four big foreign owned banksters and engaging a public inquiry to look so far up roger douglas’s arsehole you can see his fucking tonsils.
      An example is this. A once was taxes paid for state owned asset that’s just ripped off $80 million from people forced to pay or go without electricity.
      I never knew the bull shit trickle-down mantra the neoliberals loved spouting would be this literal.
      As literal as “Lets do this” or “My team of 5 million”.
      “Meridian spilled water to hike electricity prices”
      Our AO/NZ’s so parasitised by crooks and swindlers that it’s my opinion we need a temporary White Hall government set up to run things while a royal commission of inquiry is conducted.
      I know! Fucking bonkers, right?
      Well, as bonkers as this…
      RNZ again.
      Our primary industry is this fucked !?
      “Rock bottom crossbred wool prices pose dilemma for farmers”
      Why the fuck did I just pay $230 for a new pair of AO/NZ sneakers made in Korea which contain about 30 gms of wool?
      Why the fuck did I just pay a similar amount for a popular Kiwi-As-brand oil skin jacket jacket that has about 100gms of wool in the lining?
      Our sheep farmers are being paid one whole dollar a kg for their wool? By a protectionist, mafia-like cartel not unlike the scamming, dodgy as fuck power company that’s just been caught out red handed and who says we need ‘electricity retailers’? What the fuck do they do??
      Clean Green AO/NZ’s as dirty as a Bangkok sewer rat but with less class.
      Dodgy American god botherers infiltrating our country under the guise of a crusading army of righteous anti-drug crusaders is the least of our concerns. All drugs should be legalised anyway.
      Does anyone seriously think our gubbimint is in the slightest bit concerned about our mental and physical health? After they’ve fucked us over for more than 35 years? They don’t care about you or me. I read that Business NZ is wanting to open the borders. Surely that says it all.

  2. Kiwis have been up America’s arse for so long now the stench of excrement from Uncle Sam no longer raises attention.
    Just listen to the accents around Auckland and the changes in grammar and vocabulary that now dominate the Kiwi media (including the now barely literate flagship Radio New Zealand).
    Just look at how gleefully Kiwis tuck in to the American neo-lib snake oil bullshit and the obsessive fear of communism.
    Just look at how pervasive that God-awful American cult of the individual is here.
    How many Kiwis think that 911 is the emergency number…

    I don’t don’t want American maggots influencing our way of life and politics but where do you draw the line?
    They’ve been doing it here since 1943.

  3. No mention that SAM is a Christian organisation when the story ran in the 6pm TV One news last night. I would have thought that was a relevant piece of information

  4. Now let’s see the greens and Labour pay back Democrat money for their influence or doesn’t that count?
    Or the Nats and Labour for Chinese money?
    Why pick on the god botherers?

  5. Please, quit calling the USA, America.
    It’s not difficult to be correct on the differentiation.

  6. This news-story is bullshit. I was drawn to it because of the libertarian American billionaires in our country. I don’t want these escapees from their creation and our ruin, modern America, to have any influence here. ‘Hold your whist’, Robertson of Hawke’s Bay and the rest. I’m not sure there is a legal way to stop them exerting their financial influence. But they MUST understand to always act as visitors. We hate your America.

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