Now Gun Fascists have held ACT hostage, what do they want?


Now the Gun Fascists have stacked the Party list, shouldn’t we know what exactly this domestic franchise of the NRA wants politically?

Is it a free machine gun with every ACT Party vote?

Presumably these Gun nuts want something?

Are we to believe they’ve all been switched onto politics because of their recent loss of machine gun toys?

Or do they want as a bottom line to go into power with National and NZ First the repeal of the gun law?

Because the former is unbelievable and the latter is terrifying.

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  1. To be honest either of those two options is terrifying.
    David Seymour MUST BE DESPERATE to descend to this level or he is showing his true colours.

    • David Seymour is so desperate to hold the balance of power, he cloned himself.

      David (or Dolly) Seymour MkII, has appeared on the ACT Party list (#19), so if voting goes well for the right, they will get TWO David Seymour clones for the price, if right-thinking voters very selectively use their party vote.

      Wouldn’t that be “hilarious”. Two unco David Seymours Tic-Tocking with teenage girls?
      Wouldn’t that be “hilarious”. Two unco David Seymours Dancing with the Stars, like Rodney Hyde did?
      Wouldn’t that be “hilarious”. Two unco David Seymours at #1 and #19 on the ACT list?
      How would we tell them apart? I will not shoot ducks on a pond with machine gun toys

      Still, ACT gives National voters a lot to worry about, being the only handbrake, or decent opposition and real alternative for right-leaning voters, unless one counts New Conservatives, NZ First under Shane Jones, or the Maori Party.

      National will need coalition parties, because it is looking like a lost cause with Train-wreck Todd losing his last Maori politician from the top 15, when Paula Bennett said “Haere ra”. I have excluded Paora Goldsmith (not-Ngati-Porou), from 1st XV team.

      Todd’s team looks like a South African apartheid rugby team in the Pre-President Mandela dynasty.
      Todd’s team looks like the Trump Bible meeting outside the White House on 1st June. (minute 7.00 of 7.46)

      Couldn’t ACT just give once of its David Seymour clones to National, as Mr Sensible, now that Peter Dunne has gone? We could put a bow-tie on one of the David Seymours for “gravitas” and “sensibility”.
      Couldn’t ACT just give once of its David Seymour clones to help out National’s Maori dearth in the 1st XV? There is a rumour that one of the Davids is Ngati-Remuera?

      Interesting times in Aotearoa, with Two leaders in ACT, and none in National – which one will be the coalition party. Expect to see a couple of John Banks-John-Key-style Tea Parties from one of the David’s and Todd (or his replacement), in the next few months.

      This time it won’t be a scrotty old tea-rooms for their “cup-of-tea-back-scratching, secret-handshake, excuse-the-wart, nudge-nudge-win-wink-say-no-more”.

      This high-tea meeting will be out of the glare of media, AND Jami-Lee-Ross, and at a stately Remuera residence.

      To quote a renowned Nat mouthpiece “Happy Days!”.

  2. david seymour’s a puppet to roger douglas who’s a puppet to those who used douglas’s monetarist fanaticism which they helped him hide Trojan-Horse style within labour to throw us under the bus that’s taken 36 years to run us over. (And is still going strong, I might add.)
    david seymour could be replaced by a head injured talking Starling and I doubt anyone of ACT’s intellectually disabled followers would notice or care so long as they were making ‘good coin’.
    Forget seymour. He’s an irrelevance. The people, and I use the term ‘people’ loosely, whom we should track and monitor are douglas and his privateer buddies.
    Ok. So they fucked us over. But now, they’re got to get away with it….
    You scum bags have had a good run but you didn’t see the internet coming Aye Boys?

    • @ Rickoshay? You really have no idea what you’re talking about do you?
      Pol Pot? You mean of Cambodia infamy? You ever heard of nixon, johnson, etc?
      “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” ? Are you an idiot? Can you read?
      In case you can’t, in fact, read let me assure you that your link is gibberish too.
      And your vernacular? Are you an american red neck or are you trying to sound like an american red neck? Because either way’s not that good a look I’m afraid.

      • FYI Rickoshay either taking the piss or q anon supporter. WWG1WGA means ‘where we go 1, we ago all’ and is a call to arms for when ‘the grand awakening’ takes place. I have heard that ‘Q’ is John F Kennedy Jr(John John) who faked his death and is in hiding from deep state. Many people (who are from the dark side) including Hillary Clinton through to the Pope an Queen Elizabeth 2 have been executed by the forces of Light, lead by Donald Trump and replaced with lookalikes or Holograms. Our new King is some bloke in Aussie. More of these conspiracy theorists around than most people think. The war is in motion and coming to a head. If Donald doesn’t win this election, that means the forces of darkness has won and Armageddon is at hand. This was all earnestly explained to me by a supporter and nothing could be said to dissuade him from his opinion. What the end game is for the forces of light i’m not sure. I was told it was a Utopian world under military rule. The forces of darkness: Soros and Bill Gates trying to plant microchips in the worlds population under cover of covid 19 vaccinations and swab tests. For what evil intent…Mind Control! and the sexual exploitation of our children. Laughable stuff but quite dangerous as well. Blame these guys for setting fire to cell phone towers.

  3. Also home to a healthy dose of Q anon supporters, the intolerant, the 3 strikes brigade, bash the poor brigade and ACTs core support of those that believe in ‘dog eat dog’ or ‘circumstance is a lifestyle choice.’ I wonder what they all chat about over tea and wine biscuits at their meetings? That being said, it’s up to National and the New Conservatives to deny Seymour his projected 2-3% surge. If National tracks up at next poll I’d expect to see ACT shed a %. ACT’s election night result may have to be the price we pay for a weak National Party. Seymour signalling retirement in 2023? Hope so. Can’t stand the guy. Seems to stand for Freedom to Punish all non-believers.

  4. To be fair most gun owners in NZ haven’t had to take much political action before now because no one was lobbying actively to destroy our sport. But it’s pretty obvious what gun owners want – to be able to enjoy our sport without ever increasing restrictions.
    Very few firearms owners in NZ think anything at all like the US gun lobby and most understand or even agree with getting rid of AR-15s.
    and Yes, there is a case for repealing some of the restrictions though for example to pistol shooting (it’s an Olympic sport after all) and clay bird shooting and for collectors or to retain a family heirloom.

  5. My guns, and I have LOTS of them, are far safer for our society than you Mr Bomber, as just one example of a somewhat extreme political blogger. My guns don’t lie, they don’t misrepresent and they can not harm anything unless I want it harmed… unlike ALL political bloggers.

    I’m still waiting to be contacted by this Government about some buy back scheme they are going to be running so rumour has it. They have been to my house 2 times to renew my licence so have my address. What have I received from Team Beloved Leader around guns? Not a thing, not even a simple postcard. I strongly suspect the Govt got it’s only star into the international headlines and that’s all they wanted.

    Anyway I’m off to blow a shit load of possums into mince this weekend. I hope to get about 6 wild cats as well. All those fuckers are eating my native birds so I’m going to go Gareth Morgan on them.

    Oh and if I was to vote Seymour would be one possibility I’d think closely about, not for any specific policy but just due to his work ethic. It’s MMP and as we have seen over the last couple of years policies are easier to throw away and ignore than an old coke bottle is.

    • “Anyway I’m off to blow a shit load of possums into mince this weekend. I hope to get about 6 wild cats as well. All those fuckers are eating my native birds so I’m going to go Gareth Morgan on them.”

      Just don’t get too angry at people though Peter as we know what happens with people that get angry with guns compared to those using words!

  6. Martyn your ignorance and hypocrisy are first rate. I’m sure you don’t see it, but you are playing the same game you’ve been slamming the Greens for with the whole identity politics debate. Demonize a group, point your finger a yell “Fascist!”.

    It makes you sound like a munter.

  7. “What have I received from Team Beloved Leader around guns? Not a thing, not even a simple postcard. I strongly suspect the Govt got it’s only star into the international headlines and that’s all they wanted.”

    You mean like all John Key wanted was a Knighthood, play golf with Obama etc?

    • ..and a vanity flag..and a South Pacific Tax Haven …and … an apology from the #metoo movement for implying that “fondling a waitress’s hair” was, and still is, unacceptable?

      ..and knee-capping John Campbell Live….

  8. Gun fascists, again? Your position is at odds with the facts, but then you cant argue someone out of a position they weren’t argued into

  9. With the BS coming from this government, and with so many broken promises, I consider protest voting ACT to send both major parties a middle finger message, even though I do not support much of ACT policy.

  10. I generally party vote for the Greens and vote for the Labour candidate in my electorate, but I am strongly considering voting for ACT after the way licenced firearm owners have been treated & villainised by National, Labour, NZ First & the Greens, mainly to push a specific agenda & distract from Police incompetence over handling firearms licencing. Disappointed in the rantings on this site over this issue too, as you often provide reasoned political discussion on other important issues facing NZ society.

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