GROAN: In defence of the NZ Police


Watching middle class twitter demand police use force on protestors is not how I thought 2022 was shaping up!

I love they use all the same bullshit arguments the Right used when trying to shut our protests down in the 90s.

Oh the irony.

Here is Woke Lord Clint Smith calling on the removal of the head of the Police to enforce a harsher regime of State enforcement…

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…that escalated quickly.

If the desire to call in the military over protestors by the woke scares you – imagine if the Woke gain hate speech powers?

Their lust for revenge against everyone who contradicts dogma is the excited steam from a fanatics glasses

They will be coming for everyone!

Look, there has been an enormous amount of shit thrown at the Police for their supposed inaction at this feral lunatic fringe jamboree.

I can’t believe I’m going to have to be the one to say this, but I have to defend the Policing tactics of containment that are being adopted here.

Why don’t we arrest Gangs when they drive a dead comrade to their grave? Why don’t we arrest them when they take over the road? Why don’t we arrest them when they do burnouts?

We don’t do it because the level of force required in a heightened emotional moment would be absolutely over the top for the rule broken.

It’s a Utilitarian approach to Policing and combined with a philosophy of containment and de-escalation the NZ Police are able to Police with consent and trust.

The sudden desire by middle class twitter to define everyone as a Nazi so the Police clubs can go a singing is alarming.

Trev has already given these lunatics enough propaganda for a lifetime, do we really want to inspire fundamentalists anymore than he already has with a violent police action requiring Riot Police, tear gas, dogs and batons?


Next move will be Antifa & watch the apologists then.

Folks, the very civil rights that protect us, protect them.

Undermine them, you undermine us.

I have yet to see one interview with a protestor that after a terrible & painful personal mandate experience – which truly pulls at your heart – that then doesn’t veer off into some crazy demented conspiracy theory – there is no doubt this misery is being manipulated, but what exactly has the Government done over the last 4 years that stopped the Lumpenproletariat from having their pain manipulated by the far right?

Firm de-escalation, not sending in the military or riot cops is the only solution in front of us.

The factions of this blancmange of ignorance provide insight into how splintered their realities have become in a reactionary social media landscape of pus and hate:

  • Philip Arps
  • Liz Gunn
  • Brett Powers
  • Karen Brewer
  • Cameron Slater
  • Never Vaxxers
  • Crystal Karens
  • Damien De Ment
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • Billy TK
  • Freedom Alliance NZ
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement – Sue Grey
  • Destiny Church
  • Matt King
  • Action Zealandia
  • Sovereign Hikoi of Truth
  • Leighton Baker
  • Chantelle Baker
  • Voices for Freedom
  • Counterspin – Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer
  • Howl of Protest
  • Qanon

That’s just 22 of the main factions, I’m not even touching the sub factions, they get a lot more cross burny the further down you go.

The Government can’t negotiate with people threatening and abusing them – that’s not how protest works, but they can and should listen to their concerns.

Half of this problem has been about the Left refusing to engage because the Left in their smug arrogance have told themselves they know best.

Those being punished most by the yoke of economic and social mandates have every right to be angry, every right to protest and every right to be heard.

They don’t have a right to make life unliveable for those near by and they don’t have a right to threaten and abuse.

By sending an MP with mana to hear their concerns and take them to the top table, the Government avoids incentivising illegality to force interaction.

By acknowledging the concerns, the Government then have the right to start dismantling the parked car issue while allowing the protestors to stay on the lawn and avoid a Bastion Point style moment that will tear at the fabric of the nation.

By demanding the tents and cars go first before negotiations, the Government will fail and look weaker than they are now.

Where are the adults and why is a man child like Trev still being allowed to enflame things?

This protest must be respected, but negotiating with it only highlights how weak the Governments response has been.

Move the cars and wait for Omicron to clear the rest.

It will be pure luck if we can de-escalate this now.

If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?


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  1. Why can’t we get anything done for the people by government? Because the shitheads in politics have developed a sad case of brainworm from self-promoters burrowing into their heads and filling it with mushy cellular growths called slough so there can be no healthy circulation of anything going on in there.
    (slough – the dropping off of dead tissue from living flesh)

    Example below, and remember this is only one of many.
    From google : Clint Smith | The Spinoff › authors › clint-smith
    15/07/2020 — Clint Smith. Guest writer. Clint Smith is a former adviser to Jacinda Ardern and Director of Victor Strategy and Communications.
    Team – Capital Government Relations › team
    Clint Smith. Research Director. Clint has extensive experience in New Zealand’s political system, having worked for both the Labour and Green Parties in a …
    Government Relations | Victor Strategy & Communications …
    VSC works with multinationals, New Zealand firms and business associations, as well as NGOs. ​. Our director, Clint Smith, uses his wealth of experience in the …

  2. As usual the Jacinda Govt has dropped the agency not really responsible for this in the deep end. You can see the frustration and panic on the police commissioners face. Unfortunately this government has been doing that a bit lately including with Ashley Bloomfield at MOH lol. This Government needs to take responsibility for what is going on now and plan a way forward.

  3. People need to understand the difference between a US style sovereign citizen, and the soveriengty protected within Te Tiriti, which is bound by law and justice. Certainly. They also need to understand exactly what the legislation does.

    We also can not rule out not only anxiety caused by COVID, and social media, but also a sense of desperation in many people due to cost of living, inflation and looming climate change.

    They also need to undwerstand what freedom of movement means, and how it interactions with freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. Their right to stay put cannot infringe on others rights to move freely, without fear. This goes both ways.

    The media and the government (TVNZ media) need to stop inflaming.

  4. The 1979 movie the Warriors is coming to Parliament House with each gang composed of the neglected and disparate sections of society.
    The Renters
    The Homeless
    The Anti mandaters
    The Anti vaxxers
    The Nurses
    The Wannabe FHB’s
    The Young
    The Poor
    The 501’s
    The Grounded Kiwis
    The Tourist Industry
    The Small Businesses
    The parents of poor kids
    The Churches

    There is only really three gangs very satisfied with this current government who will not be attending
    The Property investors
    The multi millionaires
    The Real Estate Agents

  5. “It’s a Utilitarian approach to Policing and combined with a philosophy of containment and de-escalation the NZ Police are able to Police with consent and trust”
    “Folks, the very civil rights that protect us, protect them. Undermine them, you undermine us.”

    Totally agree Martyn, the latter is not a difficult concept and 20 years ago self-evident on the left. Which MP(s) do you think have mana to hear protestors concerns?

    • it’s not utilitarian policing…it’s called we have neither the cops or the will, now that may be a good thing but let’s not pretend ineffectualness is actually a policing strategy.

  6. Agree with Anker. Spot on article. The police have done an excellent job so far, and showed great self discipline. They deserve to be commended. In a liberal, progressive democracy the minority are given the same ground as the majority – this is a very important feature.
    The protest feels like it needs a political solution and this has to come from the top.
    Time to change tack and engage and, FFS, provide economic relief – this is imperative – and would immediately dissipate 80% of the current anger.
    This is the biggest test of our young PM’s career and a change in strategy is desperately needed – I don’t know how this can be done without losing face but sticking to the current plan could be even worse.

  7. The Wellingtonians reported by media as angry at the police for not protecting them in the vicinity of Parliament, Bowen Street, Molesworth St etc, can take alternative routes on foot, by car, and probably by bike – in fact the buses will take bikes and their riders, as well as pedestrians, and Wellington is already a great little city for walking in, with steps and elevators in odd places.

    Persons domiciled in the immediate area do have issues, especially older persons, and family and neighbours are an obvious first port of call. It’s unrealistic to expect police to address every issue of abuse when their own routine work is now lagging behind, staff are being redeployed from other duties and other areas, and they themselves are getting abused themselves by irrational nutters.

    Wellington isn’t a war zone, even if some media are thirsting for it be so, nor is it a refugee camp, and people can adapt – those of us who lived in London during the IRA bombings did. If bloody Trevor doesn’t start blasting out the music of the night again, or do something stupid, hopefully the more responsible demonstrators can manage some reasonable scenarios.

    How much publicity bored media persons should be giving to the protestors is another issue, and their speculation and ignorant opinions aren’t always particularly helpful, nor intended to be.

    The impact on children throughout Wellington is a greater concern; these kids have emerged from lockdowns and significant lifestyle changes, and I believe that the current tensions are adding to some of their anxiety levels, and that the protestors should be more cognisant of their responsibility towards our most precious taonga, and that once again, Kiwi children are being let down by the ramifications for their illegal self-serving occupation.

  8. …”If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?”…

    WELL,….its a bloody pity we didn’t think and damn well talk about this some 40 years ago when Douglas and Richardson were lying and lording it all over us and shafting mainly NZ workers , don’t you think? And it doesn’t matter if it were Labour or National, – the same scum neo liberals simply passed the baton and played good cop, bad cop.

    They’ve been conducting their treasons for that long. Four bloody decades and all the limp Left could do was turn woke. People are sick of it. Housing crisis my arse, – housing is now at impossible prices and whose making on it? Foreign Australian banks, that’s who! Who don’t give a shit along with their NZ neo liberal political mates. And that’s just one issue. Try a minimum wage economy in the land of bloody plenty! What’s all that about Bill English and Jacinda ‘do nothing’ Adern? This country has become a rich mans play ground, – and most of them foreigners. As for covid?, – why is it in this country the wealthy have made millions from it while honest working people have lost their jobs and businesses, mortgages and homes?

    It is well known that this ‘covid’ scam has entailed one of the greatest transfers of wealth,- and not just in this country, – while millions suffer. And where does all that transfer of wealth end up?- in the wealthy elites pockets, that’s where. So yes, there are many issues why people are pissed off and there is a huge back log of issues,- and covid is just the catalyst. And yet we see the Left wing turning round and acting like a bunch of conservative right wingers with their tirades of abuse at those protesting, – howling for the cops to get tough and the military to be brought in. It sounds like so many are more like conservative reactionists than from the Left. The truth is you are simply woke. And you are political tribal animals.

    And don’t give me that post omicron tripe. We did the lock down thing in Auckland for months and elsewhere hoping it would work ,… possibly it did. But now its omicron, the weaker variety. Not much more than a common cold. And its time the mandates were shelved and something done about the appalling poverty and wages, homelessness and affordable housing, – along with food prices and petrol,… and that’s only the start. Its time that the Jacinda ‘do nothing’ Adern Labour led govt got on with reality and fulfilled its election promises and got off their useless arses.

    • Covid isn’t a scam. Omicron is worse than a cold for a lot of people. The lockdown originally worked.

      You have some valid other points, just not the misinformation.

    • Totally agree wild katipo.
      New Zealand a rich mans playground courtesy of Jacinda Ardern.
      Biggest transfer of wealth in New Zealand’s history?

  9. I think that the problem is finding an MP with Mana and honesty. Labour has neither got Mana nor honesty left in their bags of goods.

    • I’m interested in the new Canadian actions. Think that may be the way to go.

      Nazis, not Nazi’s.

      The best of them argue against mandates in the age of omicron, which the govt is always considering, the rest are expressing the dissatisfaction of indiviges in the modern scenario.

    • Labour has only a pragmatic rational for we old social democrats.

      Never voted for the …. in 37 years and still hate them. If you can’t persuade even the idealists of your cause where are you?

      All surface shit, no roots. But it’s given them Helen and Jacinda. Tragic Helen was in charge of the UN’s outreach to the neediest.

    • Reactionary Bratwurst. The politicians who commanded respect are dead and gone- Peter Tapsell, Rod Donald, Honest Jack Marshall. Today’s lot are grotesque, Ardern the worst for sanctioning Mallard’s irresponsible antics. There must be a person of stature who could represent them, but they will have to look elsewhere.

      Mallard’s immediate resignation would be a gesture of goodwill, but there is no goodwill.

    • and who has bratty?
      the thing the left and the right fails to understand is ‘politics’ no longer exists it’s been replaced by an ‘administration’ how we vote does not matter…the technocrats administrate..hence ‘disrupters’ like trump but those ‘disrupters’ are also in the pockets of the administrative elite…it’s all just theatre whilst ‘the adults’ continue to run shit.

  10. Labour has only a pragmatic rational for we old social democrats.

    Never voted for the …. in 37 years and still hate them. If you can’t persuade even the idealists of your cause where are you?

    All surface shit, no roots. But it’s given them Helen and Jacinda. Tragic Helen was in charge of the UN’s outreach to the neediest.

  11. Hope I didn’t post twice, but your frontpage sums up the situation.

    The ’80 freemarket elite has been having so much fun, released from the requirement to not leave anyone behind. With Labour it’s in the back of the back of their heads, they being the new elite. Hence Jace’s outrageous comments about poverty and the subsequent drive to disestablish the children’s commissioner position. Happy to be disproved about the latter.

    Sickening to be run by these grandchildren of Roger Douglas.

  12. The people who are going to be paying for the crap-mongering of those pseudo-protestors are our nation’s health workers. They are intending to have their own, genuine, protest in about ten days time, I think. They need and deserve our attention. Many lives depend on them.

    But those spoiled, selfish brats playing their political power games when we are on the verge of a new national health crisis, are ensuring that the genuine protest will be overshadowed, and the overworked and under-resourced health workers barely heard.

    I am ashamed of what some of the people of NZ are becoming. It is morally and ethically repugnant.

  13. We need more dairy conversions.
    We need to let the cows out ( Who let the cows out!? Moo moo me-moo then convert all the dairy factories in AO/NZ in to Ecstasy manufacturing factories then start exporting.
    Anybody got a better idea? Not by the looks of things.

  14. For all those false flag deniers on here making the protest out to be solely about anti mandates – here’s some excellent real journalism.

    There is a dark underbelly to these protests, democracy is in the process of being undermined by the far right around the world, including here.

    Mandates are a distraction – their endgame is violence and a coup

    • Seriously Daryl? Farrier? He’s nearly as good a journo as Wishart is. Paedo’s, Nazi’s and conspiracy everywhere!

      Another new influencer making stories up with a bias that is not journalism. Its cuck bait!
      Seriously, Daryl, I thought you were better than this. Maaate!

      • Which parts of that article are false Denny? Everything can be verified.

        Sounds like you’re defending white supremacy and fascism in New Zealand?

        I thought you were better than that. Maate.

  15. I don’t think gang members driving to and from a funeral is actually trespassing is it? And it’s a matter of a few hours where people might feel intimidated because of the look of a patched gathering, but do the gang members actually go up and abuse people jut passing and then wank on about freedom?

  16. Interesting article from Martyn. Gangs worked out that doing their arrogant shit with numbers makes it difficult for the police to act. The protesters are no different. They are clever these days with mobile phone organisation and different factions that get their strength together. I get all that, but it begs the question why bother having a police force at all. They’re not stopping abuse and they’re not stopping their interference of activity in our capital city. Are the police just extra tax gatherers with speeding tickets. They can’t follow up on crime in a timely way and seem more at home hunting down a few pot growers. To be fair they have been hobbled by a government that has been late to react with everything except the very first lockdown. Like I have said previously Judith Collins wasn’t minister of police to win popularity polls. If she’d been in charge this protest wouldn’t have got past week one and would be last weeks news. To my mind the freedom to protest is only there until you take someone else’s freedom. It’s too late now. Those involved have sacrificed too much not to gain something from this shambles.

    • I’ll keep the police for the meantime New View as times are getting meaner and we need them, What we and the police need is a country that gives people the opportunity through education and achievable goals, to mature fully and be able to live life to a high level working at their own part in society’s fabric and participating in a fair society, not a tilted, warped facsimile. Then less criminals and the police can work with the ones we get and teach them how to deal with their problems and be real men and women, not vicious teeth baring dogs.

  17. What most people need to remember, much less comprehend, is that the labour party, like the hideous national party and their sundry parasitic hangers on for the six figures plus entitlements parties are NOT political entities vying for who can do their best by us. In other words they’re not, in fact, political parties. They’re businesses. That’s right folks. Labour, National and the others are businesses.
    While neoliberal-capitalism has a strangle hold on our political representation within our democracy, we, the terrified, freaking out, sleepless night, prescription meds addicted people are non-sexually, no-kissing-necessary fucked. We’re fucked. We.Are.Fucked.
    The Labournationalgreenmaorietc party are the same fuckin’ thing man. The greedy gruesome political conglomerate are a businesses and we, as their captive market have no option but to use them and pay through the nose for their abysmal service while we’re at it.
    As their customers you homeless people with your kids living in poverty know all about what it’s like if you don’t have the money to buy access to the shop where your political business representatives are. ( I’m writing about Parliament Buildings btw.)
    Before we block the roads with tractors or cars etc we must reboot our politic and that means neoliberalism must be banished and the perp’s who infected our politic with milton friedmans toxic greed cult must be investigated in a manner befitting a proper public financial autopsy where The Boys and their cadre of hangers on are turned inside out and asset stripped accordingly. ( Can we please, please, please start with the shackles around the ankles of our primary export industry, aka the dreaded ‘producer boards’.
    Then? If ‘mandatory must be a new thing then how about we give mandatory voting a go to return our politic to that of a social politic. A ‘Social’ democracy. Where our money is used to best benefit us. Not the fucking foreign banksters we’ve been sold out to by corrupt politicians who’re currently blood-sucking us dry?

  18. I have tried repeatedly to get down to the bottom of peoples concerns and providing them with real information but everytime I get told I shouldnt trust the media or what google is telling me, but the information they’re getting from facebook groups are facts!
    Ask them directly for links to the information they cite to be told Im being lazy and to search for it myself.
    You cant negotiate with idiots, the only way this is going to end is either with mass sickness from Covid or they get physically removed.

    • You don’t understand – all the little perfessors feel that having done some intellectual work in reading things on the worldwide web, it is the equivalent of getting a diploma from a university, and probably is in reality in the usa. They have read it for themselves in black or grey on white, actually hard to read sometimes, especially if its on one of those handheld devices. But they saw it, they read it, it must be right.

  19. Coster’s nickname with frontline police is “Cuddles”. His senior officers call him “the Lantern”…bright, but has to be carried. This guy doesn’t even have the confidence of his own Force.

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