Well, well, well – so US Intelligence KNEW in November about pandemic – when was NZ told? 


It just gets worse and worse…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Intelligence shows US was warned in November – report

American intelligence officers knew a new contagion was sweeping Wuhan in November but they couldn’t get the message through to the top, according to ABC News.

…as TDB has been pointing out for 3 weeks now, the US Intelligence agencies KNEW the Chinese were lying about the true nature of the pandemic and were warning the US Government well before Trump got around to doing anything.

Previously we had been told they knew in January, now we find out they knew in November. 

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This raises incredibly pertinent questions within our own Intelligence Community in NZ, and while Fairfax Journalists have asked some questions, they haven’t received any real answers.

New Zealand is part of the 5 Eyes mass surveillance mafia and as such would have been briefed as an ally that China was lying about the pandemic. Seeing as our Spy base spies on Chinese satellites, it’s possible we were helping gather this information so questions must be answered.

Did any NZ Intelligence Agency or Board – the SIS (Secret Intelligence Services), the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), the NSG (National Security Group), the CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee), the ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination), the SIB (Security and Intelligence Board), the CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee), the NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee) the IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate), the NRU (National Risk Unit) or the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate) – gain intelligence that the pandemic erupting out of China posed a risk to NZ.

If none of our intelligence agencies or boards were aware, why weren’t they aware?

If our intelligence agencies or boards were aware, who within the Civilian Government was advised, when were they advised and what were they advised?

This matters.

The US Intelligence Agencies knew a pandemic was coming in November, we are part of that Intelligence alliance, did our Intelligence apparatus know, what did they know and when did they tell the Government?

Could we have been tipped off earlier?

Could a lockdown have been avoided?

These are all very crucial questions now and with the second wave of this tsunami being the economic carnage, we need answers.

If our Intelligence agencies didn’t know a pandemic was coming, why not and if they did know, why weren’t they listened to earlier?

This must be an issue the Journalists start focusing on now.

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  1. Good questions. I don’t believe our journalists will even think about questioning the official narrative. The MSM is blaring out one version only. This is the usual BAU on NZ.

  2. Perhaps our intelligence services weren’t told by our 5 eyes partners because they don’t trust us. They think we are compromised by China.
    “In New Zealand, both the last prime minister, Bill English, and Jacinda Ardern have denied that there’s a problem at all,”

  3. If the Prime Minister or the Minister responsible for the GCSB (Little) knew before Christmas, they MUST resign.

    • So let’s have the story put about that NZ knew about it and the import of it before Christmas and Ardern and Little didn’t act so MUST resign. I’m disappointed you didn’t call him ‘angry’ Andrew and her the ‘commie princess.’

    • Helena Jordan: “Trump has been removed as Commander in Chief…..Americans are bracing themselves for civil war.”

      And that YouTube clip. Christ….surely you don’t actually believe that stuff?

        • Helena Jordan: I’ve watched the second YouTube clip you posted, the one from the doctor. And – near as I can tell – he’s contradicting the coronavirus narrative prevailing in the US at present (and here as well, of course). I wouldn’t disagree with him: it is only necessary to look at the percentages (not the raw numbers) of illness and death, to see that what the msm is shrieking about just ain’t so.

          But what on earth has that to do with the looniness in that first clip you posted? I say again: surely you don’t believe that stuff? A fortiori, surely you don’t expect the rest of us to believe it?

          The third thing you posted isn’t actually a link, as I’m sure that you’re aware.

  4. If intelligence agencies was warning Jacinda about fluhan since November and Jacinda wasn’t listening then those intelligence briefs would have been leaked to media.

  5. Parliament papers had them down for a discussion on the 17th-19th December, 2019.
    So they definitely would of had an ‘intel’ meeting weeks before, I’m guessing the ‘Intel’ agencies said it wasnt a priority because there were no brown ‘potential’ offenders detected?

  6. Here we go again another major failure that has a dangerous outcome.

    I can’t believe that the PM would ignore serious information like this if she got it and did not act.

    That said she has too rely on credible information and advice too act.

    With the dubious way our intelligence services conduct themselves with all of the additional revenue surveillance and other powers they were awarded by Key just a few years ago don’t we deserve at least some accountability when it comes too these departments ?

    In a democratic state and i say that loosely our media should be running hard with this but like so many other ” no go ” areas it won’t receive the attention we deserve.

    Bomber top marks again for the ” heads up ” the TDB is miles ahead as usual.

  7. So it’s anonymous sources versus a flat out denial from the department concerned…

    “The Pentagon did not comment Tuesday, but on Wednesday evening following the publication of this report, the Defense Department provided a statement from Col. R. Shane Day, Director of the NCMI.

    “As a matter of practice the National Center for Medical Intelligence does not comment publicly on specific intelligence matters. However, in the interest of transparency during this current public health crisis, we can confirm that media reporting about the existence/release of a National Center for Medical Intelligence Coronavirus-related product/assessment in November of 2019 is not correct. No such NCMI product exists,” the statement said.”

    Maybe the spooks are trying to hide the existence of their new model crystal balls?

  8. The timeline of 2019-nCoV:

    31 December 2019 – China alerts the World Health Organization (WHO) about a spate of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan
    1 January 2020 – The seafood/animal market believed to be at the centre of the outbreak is closed
    9 January – The WHO says the infection is caused by a new type of coronavirus
    10 January – China shares the genetic code of the new virus
    11 January – Scientists start working on a vaccine – and the first death is confirmed
    13 January – Virus spreads abroad for the first time, with a case in Thailand

  9. The timeline of 2019-nCoV:

    Timeline below taken from a Radio NZ article on my Under Funding Of Medicines By Pharmac facebook group page.

    31 December 2019 – China alerts the World Health Organization (WHO) about a spate of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan
    1 January 2020 – The seafood/animal market believed to be at the centre of the outbreak is closed
    9 January – The WHO says the infection is caused by a new type of coronavirus
    10 January – China shares the genetic code of the new virus
    11 January – Scientists start working on a vaccine – and the first death is confirmed
    13 January – Virus spreads abroad for the first time, with a case in Thailand

    • ” Timeline below taken from a Radio NZ article on my Under Funding Of Medicines By Pharmac facebook group page.” Is this verified source material? It does not address the prior knowledge of NZ intelligence agencies.

    • High tech spook gear hovering up top level internal communications of the Chinese communist party wouldn’t show up until 50 years after the fact when top secrete restrictions expire.

    • Geoff Lye: “The timeline of 2019-nCoV”

      That’s also as I understand the situation, judging by what was being reported at the time.

      People need to remember that the characterisation of a disease outbreak as an epidemic is always forensic. It takes time and a buildup of cases for epidemiologists and the health sector to see a pattern. If there is one.

  10. China is essential to the BIG Capitalists of the West…hence Western economies at the moment depend on cheap (female) labour in China

    If Western countries depend on Chinese cheap labour and Chinese markets for their goods they are going to be tardy in recognising the full importance of anything that pulls the rug out …eg a pandemic ( this includes not only spies but also governments and politicians)

    Time to get away from globalism and become as self sufficient as possible…and only engage in fair trade

  11. Jay11 dropped this very relevant link showing British knowledge that their deliberate under-funding of public health would have predictable consequences ,,,, “we speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He discusses the fact that the Conservative government was warned about shortages leaving the NHS vulnerable in pandemics 4 years ago,”
    Our public health system has also been systematically starved and underfunded ,,, particularly by the last Nact Govt, and their Shiply disaster Govt before that ,,, under Key sneaky privatization of slivers of our health system took place ,,, ie hospital food and a Nova pay like setup / cluster fuck, called ‘Geneva Health’

    Suppression of whistle blowers is also discussed in the above video link ,,, this was instrumental in Chinas stumbling start in its fight against the virus ,,, do we really think that our suppression of whistle blowers ,,, aka Julian Assange, ,,, will result in our being more informed and protected??.

    Regarding our ‘eye spys’ boys and girls ,,,, they were probably hamstrung by the lack of understanding and forgotten history that only epidemiologists seemed truly cognitively and functionally in touch with.

    Maybe some racial bias had them thinking we were different from the ‘wogs of Italy & ‘chinks of Asia ‘ ,,,, the typical and predicable initial low delayed growth of Infection rates, seemed to have fooled many Nation states ,,, helped along by idiot leaders and media commentators like Boris Johnson and Mike the moron ,,, Stuff & the Herald opinion writers etc. ,,, Stuff should have a ‘ Snuff’ section ,,,, for some of the high death rate ‘advice’ they were / are printing.

    From the Government ,,,, New Zealanders want and can handle the truth ,,, we are united in this fight against our viral foe ,,,, but if we think our leaders are feeding the troops bullshit ,,, it becomes a shit show.

    Unfortunately telling the truth means change that rocks the neo-lib TPPA market status quo ,, http://werewolf.co.nz/2020/04/gordon-campbell-on-the-rationing-of-ppe-gear-masks-and-everything-else/
    “Rationing still appears to be limiting the ability of nurses and other frontline workers to access and routinely wear the PPE gear they need to do their job safely. Initially at least, we were also rationing the public’s access to Covid-19 testing. We also continue to pick and choose among the scientific evidence to justify advising the public against the need for them to wear masks…. If it hasn’t done so already, this trend will end up eroding public confidence in the Ministry of Heath assurances that hey don’t worry people, we have enough PPE gear, testing kits and masks to go around. Counter factual : if we’re rationing it, we haven’t got enough.”

  12. Highlights from CDC and WHO tweets…

    1/6 CDC issues travel advisory for Wuhan.
    1/11 CDC tweets about corona related “pneumonia outbreak in China”
    1/14 WHO tweets that there is no evidence of human to human transmission.
    1/17 CDC started doing health screenings at 3 airports of travelers from China.
    1/21 first case in US for someone who traveled directly from Wuhan.
    1/23 WHO again says no human to human transmission outside of China.
    1/27 WHO raises alert level but is still saying China has it contained.
    1/28 CDC states “ While CDC considers covid a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures, the immediate risk in the US is considered low.”
    1/29 White House announces Coronavirus Task Force created. Note – this is despite the WHO downplaying the threat!
    1/31 Trump bans travel from China.
    Media and multiple Democrats slam his decision calling it racist/xenophobic.
    2/5 Trump acquitted (impeachment).
    2/5 Chuck Schumer in a tweet continues to call Trumps’ travel ban from China “premature.”
    2/7 White House’s Coronavirus Task Force gives press briefing.
    2/9 White House Coronavirus Task Force meets with all governors regarding virus.
    2/12 CDC waiting for approval from Chinese for CDC team to travel to China.
    2/18 HHS announces partnership to develop vaccine.
    2/21 Italy identifies its very first case in their country.
    2/21 CDC tweets that it is working with States for preparedness.
    2/24 Trump sent letter to Congress asking for $25B for virus effort.
    2/24 Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Chinatown and encouraged people to “please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.”
    2/25 there is still no reported community spread in the US!!! (Per CDC tweet.)
    2/27 first community transmission in US.
    2/27 Trump appoints Pence to coordinate efforts.
    2/29 FIRST reported Covid19 death in US.

    • A whole lot of meaningless dates and statements by Clay R, pulled out of who knows where – erk

      Yep, those linked references certainly validate all this!

      Oh… wait…

  13. p.s ,,,, i wonder if our ‘Eye Spies’ , were watching the movements of the Billionare bolt home owners ,,,, who have their bolt holes here in NZ.

    Watching these dangerous doom day preppers is relevant ‘intelligence’
    “Which Tech Bro Is Fleeing Coronavirus On This ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Plane?”

    “Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of a Silicon Reich”
    “Thiel echoed Moldbug in an infamous 2009 essay for the Cato Institute in which he explained that he had moved beyond libertarianism. “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible,” Thiel wrote.”

  14. They probably thought it would be a problem for China, and anything weakening the hold the so called ‘communist’ regime has on China, they must have thought, good, let the virus run its course, it can only serve our interests in the mighty USA.

    Nobody thought it would spread as quickly as it did all over the globe. In hindsight we are all smarter, usually, it seems.

  15. Zero Hedge reported this agers ago and is well ahead on the lab in Wuhan – which is just coming into the MSM forefront now.

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