Wait – WHAT? Did US Intelligence tell NZ intelligence China was lying about the pandemic?


Wait, WHAT?

US intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic

U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Donald Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen, according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.

The intelligence reports didn’t predict when the virus might land on U.S. shores or recommend particular steps that public health officials should take, issues outside the purview of the intelligence agencies. But they did track the spread of the virus in China, and later in other countries, and warned that Chinese officials appeared to be minimising the severity of the outbreak.

Taken together, the reports and warnings painted an early picture of a virus that showed the characteristics of a globe-encircling pandemic that could require governments to take swift actions to contain it. But despite that constant flow of reporting, Trump continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus posed to Americans. Lawmakers, too, did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month, as officials scrambled to keep citizens in their homes and hospitals braced for a surge in patients suffering from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

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If the US knew China was underplaying the pandemic in January, did they tell their other 5 Eye partners – including us – and if they did tell NZ intelligence in January that China was lying about the pandemic – why the Christ are we only acting now?

If they DIDN’T tell us that China was lying about the pandemic, then what the fuck is the purpose being in an Intelligence relationship with America?

As we stare down the barrel of an enormous shockwave to our economy, culture and public health, what did the NZ Intelligence agencies know and when did they know?

What is the point of all this mass surveillance if it can’t save us from an enormous danger like a pandemic?

This requires some very bloody urgent questions!

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  1. I sometimes feel a little sympathy for the Minister in charge of the SIS, Andrew Little, he tries to do his job while having to deal with abortion and treaty settlements.

    If I stop participating in the The Daily Blog, it means I’m dead or the economic crisis has caused me to lose my internet connection. But stay calm or Twitter referees will blow your whistle.

  2. You should move to the racist Chinese dictatorshit, wokester… have fun being a second-class citizen forever… haere ra

  3. Who cares who did what maybe. What would anyone do to change it anyway. Let’s concentrate on survival not this mindless bollocks

  4. Big news: Taiwan says WHO ignored December warning on Coronavirus’s person-to-person transmission.

    The WHO has been charged with praising China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic despite accusations of an initial cover up, which included threatening whistleblowers with arrest on account of talking about the pandemic that has since then infected around 250,000 people and killed at least 10,000.

    More here – https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/taiwan-says-who-ignored-dec-warning/story-6lNAqGPyopB9BhbxpoOjVJ.html

  5. The conversation between US Intelligence and the Trumpismo probably went something like this.
    US Intelligence: “We have evidence that this new virus is a lot more dangerous than first thought, sir, and we should be taking greater precautions”.
    Donald Trump: “der……whaaaa?”
    US Intelligence: Do you want us to notify our five eyes partners immediately, sir?
    Donald Trump: “huh?”

  6. “Wait – WHAT? Did US Intelligence tell NZ intelligence China was lying about the pandemic?”
    Martyn Bradbury

    This is a monumental failure of three sets of autocratic secret service agencies supposedly working for their respective nation states, nation states which in turn, supposedly exist to protect and serve their respective citizens.

    When states and state agencies fail to act to protect the citizens that they supposedly exist to serve, and on such a monumental scale, is the time for revolution.

    But not according to the Centrists at The Standard who have publicly declared that The Corvid-19 virus is turning them all into cautious conservatives.

    “The Corvid-19 virus is turning us all into cautious conservatives.”

    This is not the revolution
    Written By: ADVANTAGE
    Date published:6:50 am, March 21st, 2020 – 53 comments

    ‘This is the revolution’

    ‘Advantage’ a pseudonymous author at influential New Zealand website, ‘The Standard’, has written a post titled;

    ‘This is not the revolution’

    “…..more likely that there is no space in 2020 for any kind of revolution at all. Not even a moments’ personal growth.”



    Counter to the BAU narrative of ‘The Standard’ author, ‘Advantage’,

    The unlikely revolutionaries, Mohammed Bouazizi, Dr Li Wenliang.

    Tunisia December 2010; Who would have dared guess, that an anonymous fruit vendor in Tunisia who burned himself to death in a protest against the authorities, would spark a massive revolt against authoritarian dictatorships across the Middle East.

    In Tunisia, act of one fruit vendor sparks wave of revolution through Arab World

    By Marc Fisher
    March 26, 2011

    On the evening before Mohammed Bouazizi lit a fire that would burn across the Arab world, the young fruit vendor told his mother that the oranges, dates and apples he had to sell were the best he’d ever seen. “With this fruit,” he said, “I can buy some gifts for you. Tomorrow will be a good day.”…..

    Revolutions are explosions of frustration and rage that build over time, sometimes over decades. Although their political roots are deep, it is often a single spark that ignites them – an assassination, perhaps, or one selfless act of defiance…..


    In Tunisia the Ben Ali regime’s initial attempts to attack the demonstrators failed. Switching to appease them, only emboldened the protesters. Desperately switching back to repression again, also failed. Nothing worked. 

    Once this process had started nothing could stop it.

    Neither Ben Ali’s grovelling at the hospital bedside of the dying man filmed by state TV, nor the massive and violent army repression mounted against the protesters in the streets, could save the Ben Ali regime.

    We are just beginning to see the start of this process in China.

    ‘This is the revolution’

    China March 2020;  History never truly repeats. It may be a slow burn, it may even play out differently. But the same process we witnessed in Tunisia in 2010, has started in China. Just like Covid-19, once this process has gone viral, all efforts to contain it will fail. 

    It’s all there; One original selfless act of defiance to the regime –  a regime forced to bend under pressure – a martyr, once suppressed, then grudgingly acknowledged by the regime – emboldened by signs of concession, critics of the regime, increase their criticism.

    We may not know how it will end, but once started, this process is unstoppable.

    Despite all attempts to stop it, this snowball can only grow.
    Will it lead to street protests?
    Will we see the whole Chinese politbureau in front of state TV cameras bowing in a gringe worthy public act of contrition, like Ben Ali at the deathbed of Mohammed Bouazizi?

    Who knows?

    One thing is for sure. The Chinese Communist Party authorities of China will never fully exonerate Dr Li Wenliang, or elevate him to the national hero status he rightly deserves. This would be an impossible revolutionary one step too far for them. The Chinese Communist Party authorities know that to honour Dr Li Wenliang as a national hero, would be the end of their legitimacy to rule the Chinese people in the way they have.

    The Guardian

    Helen Davidson in Hong Kong [and agencies]

    March 21 2020

    The Chinese doctor who was reprimanded for “spreading rumours” after he sought to warn colleagues about the emergence of Covid-19 has been officially exonerated by an investigation into his death.

    However the report has also been criticised for not going far enough, after it only recommended the reprimand against Dr Li Wenliang be withdrawn…..

    …..the 34-year-old doctor developed a fever and later published his account online. After being diagnosed with Covid-19 at the end of January, he died in early February of the virus. His death sparked outrage in China, particularly among internet users. Censors were overwhelmed by a wave of critical posts, including some blaming the government.

    The unusual level of public anger directed at the Chinese Communist Party led to its powerful internal anti-corruption body and the country’s highest anti-corruption agency declaring investigators would go to Wuhan for “a comprehensive investigation into the problems reported by the public concerning Doctor Li Wenliang”….


    “Revolutions are explosions of frustration and rage that build over time, sometimes over decades. Although their political roots are deep, it is often a single spark that ignites them – an assassination, perhaps, or one selfless act of defiance”

    Marc Fisher


    ‘This is the revolution’

    For Dr Lie Wenliang to be honoured as a ‘National Hero’ in his homeland would be a revolutionary act.

    Possibly just as revolutionary; would be if Dr Lie Wenliang was to be posthumously honoured by the global community as an ‘International Hero’, in solidarity with the Chinese people, would be a global revolutionary act of justice and thanks.

    Where would the world be now, if Dr Lie Wenliang had not taken the actions he took to alert the world, when he took them?

    The whole world owes this Chinese Dr a debt.

    World acknowledgement of Chinese hero Dr Li Wen Liang would go a long way to combating anti-Chinese racism being fanned by (some) populist right-wing politicians in the West. 

    At a time when all countries need to unite to fight the global menace posed by the Covid-19 virus, it is destructive to indulge in hate and blaming, when what we need is a saner more caring more humane united global response. 

    It would be great if our country was the first to take this step, to step onto the world stage and fully and formally recognise the sacrifice and heroism of Dr Li Wen Liang as an international hero.

    This singular act would be a defence of our own Chinese community from racist attacks, as well as being a part acknowledgment of the contribution of the greater Asian community to this country and the world and combat the racists. This singular humanitarian act, would help make up for this country’s history of damaging racist anti-Chinese laws of of the past.

    In recognition of Dr Li Wen’s heroism and our gratitude for his sacrifice in the cause of all humanity, I propose that the New Zealand Government award Dr Li Wen Liang of China, our highest civilian Bravery Award. May it be the first of many such world honours.

    New Zealand Bravery Awards

    Persons who are not New Zealand citizens or citizens of Commonwealth countries of
    which The Queen is Head of State, are eligible to be considered for the New Zealand
    Bravery Awards….

    Unlike awards for merit, the New Zealand Bravery Awards may be given to persons
    who are now deceased, i.e. posthumously…..


    • Governmental lying on an epic scale. This is the stuff of revolutions.

      “They were basically concealing the truth. Although internal controls were in place.

      The information kept from the public caused the outbreak of the disaster and the spread of the disease.

      During the most crucial time of  the spread of the disease in early Jan, Wuhan and Hubei were holding annual political meetings. As a result, the first death, which occurred on January 9, was not announced until January 11. After January 11 the data on deaths and confirmed cases plateaued and the numbers had not changed, at all. I believe that the local authorities concealed the truth from the public due to political concerns.

      It can be said that the more than 900 million Chinese citizens equipped with smart phones have an extremely dissatisfied with the situation with Wuhan pneumonia in the past one month or so.

      From my own observation this level of dissatisfaction is unprecedented in the past 80 years. They have been tremendously dissatisfied with Wuhan local government ineffectiveness in epidemic and disaster relief. The predicament the Wuhan people have been put into from the city lock-down, the paralysis of the local medical institutions and the huge risk they have to face.

      Dr. Wu Qiang
      Chinese Political Commentator


    • AAARgh … Sorry, mixed the links> Corrected here:
      Guardian Trump Coronavirus

      Trump in a time of coronavirus is a lethal combination. Everything about the president – his reliance on his gut instincts in place of expertise, his overwhelming selfishness, and his unfailing tendency to lash out at others when things go wrong – make him the worst person imaginable to hold the world’s most powerful job in the face of pandemic.

      Confronting the threat requires global cooperation, perhaps more than at any time since the second world war. But Trump and his junior imitators around the world have taken a sledgehammer to the very notion of international solidarity.

      The president has dealt with coronavirus the same way he approached every other challenge in his administration, first trying denial – and when that failed, blaming outsiders. The disease has slid from a Democratic “hoax” to the “foreign virus”. It came as little surprise that his speech had been written by Stephen Miller, the author of the administration’s cruellest anti-immigration policies.

  7. The USA only shares what suits its ends. NZ is a provider not a receiver of benefit unless it benefits the US to tell us what it has learned.
    Remember the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction lies and we followed them right into the carnage and looting then on to Afghanistan with no legitimate stated motive except greed. We are still there and get lied to about “reconstruction”
    The USA lies routinely and pulls strings of its puppets.

  8. I guess there is no point gathering secret information or secretly gathering information and then telling everybody about it. It wouldn’t be a secret. It would be Stuff
    Two other secrets
    We are already at Level 3
    Unemployment has already effectively dòubled to over 250,000 and will rise

  9. Please, can we taihoa on “intelligence”-agencies as a basis for any information, at least until this settles down. It breaks my heart to see you doing this Martyn, especially now. Info from so-called “intelligence” agencies, via overseas/US MSM via local MSM. Wow. Which of those three sources do you trust? I would hope the answer is ‘none’.

  10. Dont blame the Western intelligence agencies ( unless you are pro Chinese, of course, and trying to fudge the issue)

    Come on!… we are not babies….we can think for ourselves…it was common knowledge for all to see if news/evidence was sourced from intelligent channels ( not the Wokie mainstream media)

    Politicians for economic and market reasons also downplayed…a case for reducing economic and trading dependence on China

    People/governments around the world /virologists / WHO / Chinese of Wuhan especially….absolutely knew there was a problem in early January when a Chinese doctor sounded the alarm…he was pilloried by the Chinese Government and later died while they were still trying to cover up!



    The head of WHO who was in with the Chinese leaders also tried to down play it! ( WHO should be held accountable for down playing the crisis and the head of WHO sacked)

    …and of course the stupid gweenie Wokies said it was nasty rumours by racists!

    There is also anecdotal evidence out there that the Wuhan virus covoid 19 was a problem in China and Wuhan in November and maybe earlier…Put the blame squarely where it belongs for this Chinese Lab leaked Wuhan virus…

    • Five eyes ,,,, with our top two Pirates being Trump And Boris ,,, have us looking like monkeys ,,, Boris wanted the UK response to be village idiot science ,,.. the uk would have had up to 1 million deaths ,,, compared to Chinas ???

      the Chinese response and results,,, after their initial failure,,, which happened at the local provincial / level., and with Apology s and arrests having been made over their initial bad start.

      We’ve had the blessings of forewarning in what was coming our way ,,,, we’ve had examples of how this thing spreads within many countries to teach us,,,, and still we’ve stumbled like drunken pirates.

      Will will any of us 5 eyes advanced countries turn our bad starts around ,,,

      Look at Italys nice low levels of cases for around three weeks ,,, then their time ran out. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/

      If you were a true patriot red buzzard ,,,, you would go offer the chines ambassador a blow job ,,,, and beg for test kits so we can start doing that basic part of fighting a epidemic …

      Or do we stay the five blind eyes style ,,, lacking the basic thinking skills and will ,,, to defeat something without a brain.


      Learning from China is what the decent and intelligent on our leaky boats are doing. “This Is a War,” Says Doctor on COVID-19. “We Are at the Beginning of a Surge, and It’s Terrifying.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDQ9aB2jn20

      real doctors and scientists ,,, would ro recoil at the nasty arsed village idiot statements ,,,, so many people doing the Donalds.

      SaveNZ ,,, go eat some NZ supermarket pink chicken ,,, see if you can fart free speech ,,,, and marvel at our advanced clean superior food.

      Go visit our torture palaces for factory pigs and chickens in their cages ,,, being fed antibiotics as part of our farming.

      10 mins for a look at some of the disgusting things being recognized. And where is the usa ??? https://youtu.be/NXXJsQb6d4w
      “Prof. Richard Wolff on Pandemic Economics”

  11. If China valued free speech, there would be no coronavirus crisis

    Country could have contained spread of disease if only it had learned lessons from Sars outbreak


    You also have to look at if there have been two major respiratory disease outbreaks originating from China, what is their government doing about it, because they clearly have a problem with how they are farming/eating animals and health issues relating from not using best practise. This is on top of so many milk powder scares also relating to animal products and frauds relating to them.

    The freedom of speech is also making things worse as the international community does not get any notice of another outbreak before the disease spreads around the world.

    Which is now worse with so much international travel and cruise ships it can become a pandemic and start killing people and creating victims very quickly aka Italy.

    • The Guardian article is not a serious piece of objective writing. Many of its accusation may be equally applied to many other countries including NZ. China also has many positive attributes not mentioned or compared so I think it lacks balance unfortunately.

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Using the word Intelligence and the US or Agencies in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

  13. Intel Issued Classified Warnings but Trump Told the Country the Opposite

    New details about the “ominous” warnings about COVID-19 coronavirus were reported by The Washington Post reported Friday.

    “U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen,” the newspaper reported, citing “U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.” More at link

  14. Revolution 3.0

    ‘We are all Dr Li Wenliang’

    The Chinese people have a hero and martyr who died opposed to the regime.

    The unlikely revolutionaries;

    In Tunisia, it was Mohammed Bouazizi


    In Egypt, it was Khaled Saeed


    In China, it is Dr Li Wenliang


    To fight anti-Chinese racism, (indeed all racism), Dr Li Wenliang needs to become more than just a Chinese people’s hero, Dr Li Wenliang needs to become a global international martyr and hero.

    Where would the world be now, if Dr Li Wenliang had not taken the actions he took to alert the world, when he took them?

    The whole world owes this brave Chinese Dr a debt.


  15. “…Chinese officials appeared to be minimising the severity of the outbreak.” Sounds a lot like our government at the moment.

    • ..actually our Labour coalition government is facing it head on to prevent a health crisis such as in Italy and Wuhan….and certainly NOT minimising it with a Level 4 shut down beginning Wednesday midnight

      …so where is your evidence that this government is “minimising the severity of the outbreak”

  16. Classified intelligence?

    The first press reports were in January and the Guardian says that the Chinese were suppressing news from November. I was stocking up with essentials on 25th January based on news reports.

    So the slow and ineffective reaction of governments worldwide is basically an own-goal.

    • I too was stocking up on 25 January

      Politicians and governments , including Trump’s, were trying to protect their economies and avoid spooking their markets and trying to avoid public panic…politically they were flying blind …trying to play for time…but those who were watching and listening to the independent virologists knew this was a mistake in the long term

      As one virologist has said most of these viruses come out of China… are a problem of overpopulation… and a problem of the treatment of wild animals…of caged wild animals in markets being crowded into cages one on top of each other for sale for eating

  17. ‘according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.’

    The deeper state interests controlling the narrative are telling us through the blogs, they ‘warned in January 2020.’ So what ? The horse had already bolted. That ‘warning’ means nothing…is retro pixie dust in the face of the Chinese Foreign Minister stating openly a time line that connects BACK to USA in October 2019.
    Not January 2020.
    October 2019.
    Why weren’t those unnamed sources familiar with Intelligence matters’ talking about the misdiagnosed deaths stateside in October 2019? Because,
    or in case of because,
    they are forming the narrative. Projecting. Perception Managing.
    “When Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, voiced in an incandescent tweet the possibility that “it might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” – the first blast to this effect to come from a top official – Beijing was sending up a trial balloon signaliing that the gloves were finally off. Zhao Lijian made a direct connection with the Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019, which included a delegation of 300 US military.
    He directly quoted US CDC director Robert Redfield who, when asked last week whether some deaths by coronavirus had been discovered posthumously in the US, replied that “some cases have actually been diagnosed this way in the US today.”
    Zhao’s explosive conclusion is that Covid-19 was already in effect in the US before being identified in Wuhan – due to the by now fully documented inability of US to test and verify differences compared with the flu.” Pepe Escobar.

    • So what are you saying?….that the Wuhan Covid-19 virus originated in the USA in 2019?…was floating around undiagnosed in the USA in 2019 or earlier?


    • remo – sharing that information is important as most on this blogsite are still taking aboard that the virus began its infecting humans in the Wuhan wet market, which has long been debunked by at least three independent virus authorities.
      As time goes by more information will be published as to where the virus is tracked to.

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