Rating the 4 States of the Nation


4 States of the Nation from National, Greens, NZ First and Labour which ones were the best and worst?


Best State of the Nation: Labour

Andrew Little’s State of the Nation was head and shoulders above the there 3 parties. By announcing free tertiary education to be paid out of money National have earmarked for tax cuts, Labour look like they stand for something real and he did it by not becoming all doom and gloom. It was solution based policy that has a real impact on voters lives. It was bold and shows a Leader who is feeling so much more confident after the TPPA decision.


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Runner up: National

Runner up because the Greens and NZ First State of the Nation’s were so awful. Key mumbled through his speech, warmed up some policy left overs, promised more powers for the Intelligence agencies, more privatisation of state houses and welfare. It was like a Cameron Slater wish list.


Worst equal: Greens & NZ First

I don’t want to sound like a trolls troll, but the Greens weird ‘we-aren’t-radical-we-can-play-nice-with-National- here-is-some-wonk-idea-to-measure-wonk-promises‘ vibe seemed like a hideous failure of policy direction and coms. Rushing to the centre just as Labour seem to be finding their spine is another example of the Greens zigging when they should have zagged. The resounding applause from the right wing pundits of NZ tells you all you need to know about the new direction the power hungry Wellington clique who run the Greens are now taking the Party.

NZ First are at the bottom with the Greens because Winston couldn’t help himself and indulged in   racist bullshit brown privilege crap. Just because local councils will need to talk to local Maori doesn’t mean white people are missing out. NZ First want to pick up angry provincial votes off National so this sort of race baiting will be standard fare for the next 2 years.

NZ will have a choice in 2017. Petty garden variety bigotry from NZ First, more privatisation and Police powers from National, some wonky thing to do with Treasury from the Greens or 3 years free Tertiary education from Labour.


  1. I go with Andrew. Unlike his sur name, he is no little. His education policy is big. Very big! A great policy. Andrew and Labour will work for everyone unlike National that works primarily for the wealthy and the privileged!

    Time to take back this country from the rich and the powerful right wing greedy crooks and liars.

    Go Andrew. Go Labour!

      • Yes…….credits due where credits due…

        Very happy for Labour people and hats off to Andrew Little . My gripe with Labour was generally only with harboring so many destructive neo liberals….however, given time , it looks like Labour is going to bring the fight to National…

        And Ive never seen the Greens in a bad light ….but there are some recent developments ….that seem a little….’watered down ‘ as of late… and that’s a real shame to be honest…they need to ditch Shaw I think… bad influence…

        As for NZ First, well Ill always support them in general as well…all three of these party’s have got some good people and good policy’s .

        I would like to see a strong coalition develop between the three.

        But this is Labours hour… and well done Mr Little for the directions taken.

  2. I thought that Turei’s speech was better than Key’s (and at least no armed police as stage dressing), certainly better than Peter’s crap. The goal seems to shed the label of “DevilBeast” label, more than announce new policy. The independent auditing of political policies isn’t a bad idea, but is very limited.

    I would prefer the GP to be drawing Labour to the left, but they seem to be all about positioning themself as the new centre (neither left nor right). Not my preference, but the speech succeeded at what it was trying to do.

  3. “Rushing to the centre just as Labour seem to be finding their spine is another example of the Greens zigging when they should have zagged.”

    Appearances do count for a lot but that said, the reality is that the Greens still have all the best policies and hasn’t shifted on any of these, while Labour is moving its policies more in line of the Greens which is a good thing for both of the parties.

  4. I like the idea of an election where one of the main themes is “Think of yourself and vote Right or think of your kids (and grand kids) and vote Left”.

    I don’t believe that overt selfishness is a vote winner, despite the cynical dog-whistling of Key and his cronies.

    Here are another couple of themes to develop: first, to build a worthwhile future for the country we will need everybody. Helping struggling citizens participate fully in society is not just our human duty, it is a national (even patriotic) necessity.

    Second, we know this government loves to introduce watered down, but Left-sounding policies or flip-flop to policies long promoted by the opposition (to much chortling and congratulation from sycophants among the media). For this reason it should be worth promoting the idea that it is time to give the reins of government to parties who genuinely believe in the power of government to make peoples lives better. At present all we have people who cynically use the idea to cling on to power.

    One day, I hope a journalist interviewing Key asks him if he thinks of himself as a corporate neo-liberal. (It would be best if the journalist first learns what the term means him or herself). I would also like to know why such a brilliant businessman never got involved in the money ministries, leaving that job to an English Literature major. I would also like to hear his take on the philosophical underpinning, if any, of the Nats. I have a feeling that if he is given enough rope outside his happy-chappie safe zone, Mr Key will hang himself.

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