BLOGWATCH: Cameron Slater has prepared a list of alleged Communists – I kid you not



Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater is interviewed by Jonathan Milne for an Insight feature. 18th February 2014 Herald on Sunday photograph by Doug Sherring WGP 24Jun14 - WAG 24Jun14 - RGP 24Jun14 - BTG 24Jun14 - HBG 24Jun14 - NAG 24Jun14 -
Spot the Difference: 

The ever desperate and increasingly irrelevant Cameron Slater has put together a list of Labour Party MPs who are ‘communists’.

I kid you not.

In a sad attempt to discredit Jane Kelsey, he has listed her as a communist along with

Annette Sykes Ngati Makino, Ngati Pikiao, Solicitor

Dr David V Williams Professor of Law, University of Auckland

Dr Jane Kelsey Professor of Law, University of Auckland

John Minto Spokesperson, Global Peace & Justice Auckland

Catherine Delahunty Green Party Member of Parliament

Helen Te Hira Runanga, NZ Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi

Hon. Laila Harré National Secretary, National Distribution Union

Robert Reid President, National Distribution Union

John Ryall National Secretary, Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota

Matt McCarten National Secretary, Unite Union

Mike Treen National Director, Unite Union

I’d call Slater a McCarthyist but seeing as he’s such a crypto-fascist, he might take that as a compliment. More dirty politics from the pus pit that it Whaleoil.

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You would think with all the looming legal issues Slater is facing he’d have more important things to do than write up enemy lists comprising of Communists.


  1. I think each one that has been listed should put separate defamation suit against this stupid fellow who dies not even know what communism means as opposed to socialism and union advocacy.

  2. Good idea Vim. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will sink in through that thick layer of blubber, not even the reality of truth and logic. Best just to leave him beached on his own low tide of illogical thinking.

    • Thanks…but it’s too late now…the damage is done.

      What a viper pit.

      And people take this guy seriously?

        • He doesn’t have to be nice.
          The rules of the club are..all you have to do is accept Christ as your saviour and you’re patched.
          Don’t have to be nice.

      • That is a very accurate term for it: viper pit. How any media can give Slater and the thoroughly unpleasant people attracted to His Vileness any attention at all is beyond me to understand.

      • Sensationalist he is just to grab headlines as his popularity is going down the gurgler.

        “Corporatism” is also actually another form of Communism as the dictionary shows so people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        Definition of corporatism in English:

        [mass noun]

        The control of a state or organization by large interest groups:
        ‘fascism was the high point of corporatism’

        • Yes, indeed, working out what all these particular political nomenclatures mean is really quite difficult. I sorted it out for myself at I would add that the graph that is used should somehow be fashioned into a ball so that it can be seen more easily how lines are crossed and how things like conservatism can apply both left and right, and as you say, corporatism is a form of socialism.

  3. Is being labelled a communist even bad anymore. I mean its not the 1950’s! China runs a form of communism and is an industrial giant that has overtaken the western world?

  4. Every generation has its idiots and unfortunately this generation has Slater.

    Back in the 1950’s we had Senator McCarthy , and the Sid Holland media sycophants who labelled the watersiders who were returned servicemen from WW2 as communists.

    Nothing changes with boring monotony about these right wingers and their clapped out , threadbare tactics…even Hitler had the Reichstag burned down and blamed the communists. Probably the best known example.

    Today , we have the little man Key calling people like Nicky Hager ‘left wing communist stirrers’… and have you noticed ,….its ALWAYS when the likes of Key have been caught out lying to the public?

    What was it again ,…when questioned if the XKEYSCORE and Cortex program existed Key lied?… and then when he was caught out with that lie had to finally admit that he had been lying to the public?

    You see that is the problem with being a liar…sooner or later someone who doesn’t like your style is going to call you out… and you will be left standing there with egg all over your face and looking like a complete ass.

    And the same is happening now with Keys promotion of the TTPA. Likewise with Slater …in other words … no one is taking them seriously anymore.

    JUST like what eventually happened with Senator Joe McCarthy.

    Caught out.


    And publicly disgraced.

  5. Russell Norman, parents members of communist party. CTU head honcho’s father member of NZ communist party, Marxists and communism is hand in hand Martyn, can we surmise you are sympathetic to NZ communist party??

    • You can put away that childish list and trying to raise some sort of outdated spectre of communist wreckers – and put away your favorite Joe McCarthy biography’s and replace it with a list of the real wreckers and haters of New Zealand such as this sordid bunch .


      Business Roundtable ( now the New Zealand Initiative )

      Roger Kerr

      When asked what the reforms of the 80s and 90s had delivered, on Radio New Zealand, just before he died, Kerr replied that they had not gone far enough. He felt that the minimum youth rate held young people back from getting jobs and should be abolished. Kerr saw the resource management act as a big handicap to productivity; he felt that the corporate tax rate was still too high.

      Kerr felt that the deregulation of markets needed to go further and the softening of the labour market had a long way to go.

      In real people terms, this translates as no protection if a mining company from Australia wants to mine the national park near where you live. The corporations that control our lives should not have to pay for the production of wealth and infrastructure, that banks should be allowed to speculate on anything they choose, and that more people should be unemployed without benefits and made to feel like social pariahs so that they will take any job for any pay.

      Although I am sure in their own minds Roger Kerr and his round table confederates believe they are working for the good of society, the fact is their ideology has produced the opposite effect. It is anti-social, anti-democratic, anti-freedom and economically unproductive. Neoliberalism is the economic system that has made the world what it is today. During its introduction by the Labour government in 1984 we called it “Rogernomics”.

      – See more at:


      So stop trying to dick people round with 1950’s style bogey men crap and playing ridiculous games , mate.

      Your looking as silly as Slater.

  6. But he wasn’t very specific. He didn’t say whether they were Stalinists, Maoists, Trotskyists, etc.
    What Cam! You don’t know the difference?
    Well you obviously don’t know a whole lot about communists then do you?
    Better stick to things you know about, such as making false complaints to police, hacking other people’s e-mails and insulting disabled people.

    • What are you thinking of doing?… rewriting the entire Encyclopedia Britannica with all the troughers , bludgers , and rorters in the right wing of New Zealand alone?

      Pity you…. you’ll be there til doomsday with the mind boggling amount of neo liberal troughers and their sense of entitlement to other peoples money we’ve had in the last 32 years…

    • Good show Winnie,

      Place Bill English on that list of Fascist’s too please.

      All National Party MP’s must support Corporation’s as they are signing onto it and to their Fascist policy enshrined in their penned document termed the “TPPA”.

      The Oxford Dictionary declare them all as such;

      Definition of corporatism in English:

      [mass noun]

      The control of a state or organization by large interest groups:
      ‘fascism was the high point of corporatism’

  7. Hang on…my name is not on there. Facebook Christchurch Communist Movement. I am a communist and dam proud of it.

    • These nasties will run out of names soon to call anyone who opposes them,lefties,commies, blah blah blah ,schoolyard bullies who are losing the plot .Slater lost the plot a long time ago.
      The Herald is owned by Keys backers and pay so called journalists to bleat the same old lies.
      Winnie you will need a large staff to list these hasbeen people bashers.
      Key leads these moron toadies , you might be better to focus on him and his lies and right wing crap,now that would fill two encyclopedia.

    • Indeed. Where’s mine? A bit hacked off that I don’t merit an Honourable Mention… 🙁

      Perhaps if I write a blogpost advocating the forced re-nationalisation of all state assets privatised since the 1980s?

      That might do the trick. 🙂

      • I dunno, are you proud of Fascist tyranny and the military industrial complex that continues to kill millions worldwide without any mention in the approved News™ outlets?

  8. We are living in a covertly fascist state. Descent into overt fascism is National policy.

    As everything turns to custard, National needs scapegoats and distractions. National also needs to stamp out dissent by vilifying and persecuting those who do object to the Nazification of NZ.

    People like Slater are shills for corporations and fascists, and will therefore be protected and promoted by the establishment.

    Expect everything to get worse faster because it will.

  9. The smear is all the more stupid and desperate because it refers to people who were signatories to a letter supporting a person harassed by Customs. One would think that even Slater would know that signing a support letter is not the same as card carrying membership in any organisation. One would also think that Slater would be sympathetic to someone who is harassed at the border simply because of her ideological beliefs. But no.

  10. The smear is all the more stupid and desperate because it refers to people who were signatories to a letter supporting a person harassed by Customs. One would think that even Slater would know that signing a support letter is not the same as card carrying membership in any organisation. One would also think that Slater would be sympathetic to someone who is harassed at the border simply because of her ideological beliefs. But no.

  11. Isn’t the Slatulent One modelling himself on Robert D (Piggy) Muldoon?
    He was a great fan of the ‘reds under the bed’ hysteria and used to trot it out regularly, as does Key in the face of criticism.

    It is indeed curious just how similar Texas and New Zealand are.

    Both stolen from the indigenes at the point of a gun.
    Both loud supporters of ‘freedom’ (not defined).
    Both rabidly anti-communist, anti black, anti social, anti gays, Jews, intellectuals and whatever other minority group is flavour of the month…
    Both right wing to the point of zealotry.

    Oh yes,

    And a police force to die for…

  12. Um, so fucking what. Unless I missed something, when did they pass a law making it illegal to be a communist?

    I see ever decreasing circles whenever Slater enters my consciousness

  13. We do know that Gtiso is not a Communist because according to him Higher wages paid to higher educated people leads to higher wages for Waitresses..A sort of self styled Intellectual Marxist Trickle Down Theory..

    Wait till he finally grasps the concept of Inflation and how it can be influenced by The Reserve bank and lending rates..

    Could take a while… but watch out..

  14. It is actually very stupid to call people communists, because communism is not actually an ideology, it is a particular political system based (often very loosely) on a socialist ideology. If you want to be technical then you could call anyone who lives in a communist system a communist, or you could call anyone who lived in 1940s Italy or Germany a fascist, or even anyone who lived in mid 1980s New Zealand a Rogernome if you want to take it to extremes.
    Cam really has no idea what he is talking about, although that never stops him.

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