Key’s Slate of the Nation Speech



Key’s state of the nation was more a checklist of new outrages he intends to get away with than new visions or ideas. He’s currently so popular he could have announced that he’s banning all trains and he’d still win by a sizable majority.

More privatisation into CYFs, state housing and prisons combined with MORE (you read that right) MORE powers to the Police, GCSB and SIS.

Yes. More.

He goes onto explain the 3 magic beans he and Groser have managed to get for the TPPA will be amazing for NZ. Crowd is deathly silent.

He then promised to make Auckland wait 2 years instead of 4 years for a Central Rail Link. Clearly the Government have been convinced that gentrifying public transport will keep the middle classes happy while the poor get squeezed off being able to afford using it at all. So a win win for National.

He spent most of state of the nation speech promising to build bridges to everyone except the poor, the hungry and the desperate.

Usual dross served up with a thin promise of trains. Few media will even notice Key wants to expand more surveillance powers and headlines will focus on the window dressing.

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Job done, middle NZ won’t even blink thinking that looming light in the tunnel is the new City Rail Link.


  1. State of the Nation for the emerging new secret state of USA which is under serious reconstruction through happy procreation by Obama and Key.

  2. …with MORE (you read that right) MORE powers to the Police, GCSB and SIS.
    The text of the PM’s speech is on the National Party website. A simple search will reveal that none of the words “power”, “Police”, “SIS”, or “GCSB” appear in the speech anywhere. There is the statement that the government intends responding to a major review of security and intelligence agencies, but nowhere does it say they are getting more powers.

    • being well read, I know that the SIS and GCSB and Police all want extensions to their surveillance powers and that these reviews have already pointed in that direction.

  3. Think about the timing of this announcement. It’s to distract us JAFAs (and the rest of the nation), attempting to divert attention away from the treachery about to be committed on February 4, with the signing of the TPPA in our fair city!

    A slimy con man through and through is FJK! He’s had plenty of time over the past seven years to initiate the light rail service in Auckland, but uses the opportunity now, just as he’s about to face the biggest challenge of his political career.

    • Well said. Anything Key does is made up of layers of deception. It’s how he operates. I just look forward to the day he comes unstuck like eg Bill Cosby. That will be a day to remember.

  4. Key can lean back and enjoy the sunshine, I must say with some regret.

    The New Zealand people have in very large numbers successfully been brainwashed like no people ever has been before on this planet. It has been brainwashed into total consumerism, total self service, total narcissism, as that is exactly the mood and behaviour of the crowds and individuals I was today in Central Auckland, going on a bit of an excursion out of my ordinary suburban neighbourhood.

    If you wonder about why the media is the way it is, why we get the TV we have, with endless infomercials and commercials, day and night, why we have no protests of significant size, no dissent of many, and no effective opposition in politics, it is because people no longer care about anything that does challenge their own focus on themselves and what they love and cherish.

    On top is self indulgence, being in with mates and friends doing the same, and also is consumerism and self presentation, earning money and career (that is mostly the well to do middle class of course).

    If they are bothered to give an opinion, it only seems to be on forums like this:

    I listened to Checkpoint with JC last night, and they asked many people in Newmarket about the TPPA, most had no clue what it was and what it was about.

    That is the result of it all, this endless brainwashing into consumerism and lifestyle indulgences, nothing else seems to matter.

    This is what Keys allies have succeeded in doing, this is what keeps him alive like a fish in fresh water.

  5. While there is now a careful commitment by government to fund half of the still necessary funding of the Inner City Rail Link, providing Auckland Council present “acceptable” proposals as to how to finance their part, there was little else that Mr Key has offered us.

    Martyn may be right with some other worrying bits, re surveillance, reviews of the spy agencies and so forth.

    But those that hoped for a solution to the housing affordability crisis in Auckland, and particularly for a commitment to provide more social, or even state, housing, were given NADA!

    These annual speeches by Key are just an opportunity he uses to get back into the media headlines, so the people will think of him and his government, and suck up the stuff they are supposed to hear and belief.

    The drip feeding of propaganda, spin and supposed “good news” has started for the year 2016, which is also somehow the early start or preparation for the next election in 2017.

    • They’d be better to run a bullet-train between the other regions and Auckland. Houses are cheaper down past the Bombay Hills. The regions could do with a boost.

      Bolster the JAFA population with JATA’s (Taumarunui/Tauranga/Taihape/Taupo), JAWA’s (Whangarei), JARA’s (Rotorua).

      • I found an extensive report on this from 2007 as to the S.F. Bay Area (BART) commuter rapid transit system:

        Analysis was done on a per-car/mile basis. Per the chart on page 2-1, car usage averaged between 3.37 and 3.62 kWh per car-mile. Later charts in the report show propulsion accounting for 83% of the total electrical usage.

        Not a bullet train but at least you don’t have to tack fission plants on em like the Japs

  6. Flush Kiwis Down the Toilet address more like it.

    Same old neoliberal nonsense with smile, like with Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson, as they did hatchet jobs around the country.

    Even if you are a ‘libertarian’ or a ‘free market capitalist’, you should be disturbed by neo-fascist or ‘tyranny of the majority’ methods being employed to put policies in place without consultation or consent.

    Didn’t work in South America, in fact it turned voters for decades after towards social democratic and socialist parties that repealed a lot of what neo liberal ideologues had passed.

    Question is, does ‘middle NZ’ have a soul left or are they still going to follow John Key off the economic and social cliff?

  7. As always with the Key government, its not the thickly layed bullshit in the speech thst isn’t worth listening to that matters, its what he DOESN’T say.

    Can anyone recall the mention prior to the last election sell off of governmeng/taxpayer housing and land that makes up a lot of Glen Innes, Pt England and Panmure? Or privatising state housing just to name a couple? I can’t!

    Now I see the NZ public sector is the mosr corrupt its been in 20 years and getting worse. Well I didn’t see that coming! And it’s directly as a result of the National Party and especially from Key’s management. Well done team National!

  8. A speech given by a corporate sychophant , full of the usual lies and bullshit that the majority of politicians worldwide all expel on a regular basis.
    Wow fucking wee, Aucklanders can catch some trains and get a new road of national significance. Im ecstatic and just cannot hold back the excitement of one day being able to drive my young daughter on this great road and catch one of the amazing trains bestowed upon us by our great leaders and visionaries.
    All the while the Southern DHB is suffering serious financial cutbacks and Dunedin hospital may be downgraded meaning some patients potentially may have to travel to Chrisrchurch or Auckland for their treatment.
    But hey they can catch a new fucking train.
    Thanks John, what a legacy.

    • As you have aptly pointed out Key’s words are hollow, so no one should hold their breath for a new train either. Nothing will change for the better in NZ until John key has gone.

      • I would add to that: until Key’s handlers are gone, being … The Club Rome – Committee of 300
        and along with them their evil secret military, secret sciences, secret vaccines, secret this and secret that. Let the sun shine, the wind blow and may a new Golden Age come alive in us and in our beautiful country.

  9. The people of Northland told Key and the NACT cabal what they thought of his State of the Nation.

    The TPPA is the next chance to show our disgust for the State of the Nation presided over by the only PM ever to need armed protection.

    After that is the disdain we have for the State of a Nation that needs diverting from real issues by a vanity flag referendum.

    • But then you are saying that the NZ PM Mr FJK Key is an equal sized ass for implementing the same shit here Roger Gnomics? BTW, I saw Rogernomics first hand in 1984 through to 1989.

      We’ve seen what wares you sell on your barrow – trickle-down, GST, flat tax rates and sell any government assets that aren’t nailed down. It’s shite Roger, but not as we know it! No matter how vigorously you polish the turd of neoliberalism, it’s still a turd, no matter how much glitter you sprinkle on it.

      Except even the assets of State Houses aren’t immune to Rogernomics’ asset-sell-and-sharify-asset-sales “Tory bill could cost UK nearly 200,000 council houses, warns Labour”

      Roger and out!

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