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Nothing says Former Green Party Candidate quite like this image. 

Not all Hero's wear capes

Nothing says Former Green Party Candidate quite like this image.


    • ” Ok all you Wellingtonians, in the vicinity, what word best describes what I have taken from you? I’ll give you a hint, it’s written all over my face”

      • Wheel. The lady’s taken nothing from anybody, but if ‘ freedom’ entitles people to make fun of a challenged schoolboy’s mother, then, unfettered, it is a very sick concept.

          • Kim, this eccentric looking lady has an autistic school boy son who she appears to care for on her own, and who could be triggered by people making fun of his mother, as indeed, many boys would be.

            By challenged, I meant mentally challenged by his autism, which I am sure is not the way that he or his mother would want things to be, but that’s the way that things are, and Covid has affected their particular circs, and she has chosen to express this in her own way, and she is entitled to do so – nothing’s simple, as Wheel also says.

        • I am not making fun of her, I am pointing out that it’s ironic that this gathering has severely impacted the freedoms of those that live in the vicinity while claiming to defend freedom. That’s a fact. This has nothing to do with her family situation.

    • Katy – Nice to hear that she does good work in ChCh; I read her back story, and it’s a hard story, and one can only wish her and her autistic young son well – and hope that he doesn’t see any of this. Cheers.

    • Kei te pai Katy pai she is the one who has put herself out there its her choice and it is her choice to get that ugly tattoo who does she want to free her and what from.

      • Covid is pa. If the lady wants to tatt why not ? If it gets people talking, why not ? Here, it appears that Covid restrictions have impacted upon activities which are beneficial to her autistic son, and like most mums this clearly concerns her, and she may not share your opinion of her tattoo.

        • Covid has impacted negatively on us all no matter what. The point is it hard to resonate with the word freedom when we here in Wellington are not free to go about our normal lives like going to work and school. How about that lady respects our right to freedom and not impede on it.

  1. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose according to Janis Joplin, but hey – there wasn’t enough room on my forehead!”

  2. Checked out the news item. This woman seems to be far more use to society than whoever it was who headed up this colomn

    • No the idiot is the person who pretends to be me firstly I am not an idiot or a slave and I am entitled to my opinion you Pakeha a quick to put the boot in about our Maori moko kauae.

  3. Former Green party candidate and former Labour party supporter before that.

  4. We all are free dearie, except those who note that one wimin’s freedom can be another’s disadvantage. But let’s move on, we haven’t time for a consensus meeting. Getting the Scales of Justice balanced takes eternal haggling. We’re in the Now.

        • Oh boy observations and fleeting thoughts – have blackboard duster ready – the thought police are coming. And that is a threat, to thought. Hide and button up now. And I can’t describe those most likely to be surveilling because that would result in Assange-like treatment.

  5. Stuff would not allow comments in their article about the lady although going from the comments above it appears that TDB has a better class of readers.
    My thoughts are this is the inevitable result of an education system for the last 4 decades or so that insists that every child is a winner. I’m not claiming that the old system was perfect but what we have now is not an improvement.

    • Bonnie – Expanding upon your comment, the agenda for dumping the Commissioner for Children proposes replacing oversight of the Commissioner’s replacement nest by the Education Review Office which apart from overseeing the dumbing down of the school system, has to bear some responsibility for the gender identity issues currently being forced upon children from what was once regarded as the age of innocence. That such a small country has produced such a plethora of identity obsessed public servants and politicians, raises even more disconcerting question marks.

  6. kejo. And ain’t that the truth ! Some people on the left won’t be “free “ until we’e all trotting around in drab matching uniforms as in Chairman Mao’s China, so I’m prepping from his little Red Book for a day which hopefully won’t come.

  7. Did I mention witch nah! as for threats we a have a bunch of dick head in Wgtn threating people, even young kids who are trying to get on with their normal daily lives. And we have some stupid Maori trying to say they have Tangata whenua status over the land nah! do your whakapapa matey Ngati Tama have no such jurisdiction.

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