Why does Steven Joyce hate education so much?



Steven Joyce – National’s answer to Sam the Eagle

As soon as Little announces 3 years free tertiary education, National’s answer to Sam the Eagle from the muppets starts hate tweeting…

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…the money Labour will be spending is the money Joyce is putting aside for tax cuts to the richest NZers – why should the rich keep getting richer while the next generation is locked into debt?

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What a petty response to enabling the next generation to get education without debt, why does National hate having an educated electorate?

National plough millions into failed charter schools, millions into tax cuts for the rich, millions into bribing a Saudi Businessman and millions into Key’s flag vanity project but we can’t spend that money on giving the next generation free tertiary education?


  1. Martin, the response of Joyce now, and that of the Natz in general, will reflect the degree to which they perceive this to be a threat to their continued hold on power. The more vociferous the response, the more the electorate will know that Labour has tapped into an idea that is attractive to many New Zealanders. So over the coming hours and days, watch the response of the Natz and their cronies – that will be a good gauge as to the effectiveness of Labour’s initiative around tertiary education. Well done, Andrew Little.

  2. Because NatzKEY’s chief of propaganda mouthpiece Steven “Lord Haw Haw,” “master and minister of the bleedin’ obvious” Joyce, in line with his leader and party thinking, to open education, making it more easily available to the masses, is a threat to the NatzKEY dictatorship continuing.

    For Joyce, FJK et al, knowledge is dangerous, so keeping the great unwashed masses uneducated, in total ignorance, is power and power is control! Nothing for NatzKEY is worse than having the proletariat asking questions!

    • Exactly as this man Joyce was the former owner of TV3 and not only knows full well the value of a monopoly in biased news coverage but also retains many strings in the media industry – this is why he held so many positions under Key as Keys mouthpiece for so long…

      But seriously , now…. can anyone REALLY trust a man who failed so miserably for National in being the campaign manager for the Northland by – election?

      This giggling , bloated, arrogant , egotistical ex media hack blowhard who was such an embarrassing joke when standing against Winston Peters?… where even in the secure National party Northland seat he was such an spectacular failure???

      Is THERE ANYTHING AT ALL in this man we can we can put any faith in whenever he opens his mouth about the TTPA? … Can we REALLY trust what he says with the magnitude of the TTPA when he was such a poor judge and abysmal failure in his own back yard in a secure National seat ???

      Turn the tables and view it from another perspective and we soon see this man is not only a lunatic but dangerous for the future of this country !!!

      And a colossal joke in his own party.

  3. It is also ACT’s policy to make sure that people value education by making it user-pays. We have adopted the US system of fees for Universities and now it is up to the private sector and the universities themselves to award scholarships to make education more affordable.

    We started user-pays back in 1980’s, targeting top-down approach to user-pays and it is only right that our coalition partners National, The Maori Party and United Future make sure that New Zealanders continue to value education.

    The education user-pays philosophy will be complete when we totally charterise primary and secondary schools and introduce a voucher system to give parents a choice of where to spend their education entitlement.

    Government should not be involved in education and the sooner that New Zealanders adopt ACT’s education philosophies, the better and more educated the population will be.

    • There is the argument…and I’m truly surprised that Act and the National Party have not floated this…that the current occupiers of the government benches got THEIR tertiary education for free…and look what an awesomely shit job they’re doing.

    • Yes Mr see more yet see nothing….

      Another one who deliberately fails to know his history … perhaps you should go back to school and learn some history and drop that Ronnie Bludger / Maggi Trougher neo liberalism routine.

      Honestly … the Mont Pelerin society doesn’t care if you lose everything and Milton Friedman died some years ago.

      I find it hilarious that neo liberals like you seem to have this notion that history only started in this country after 1984 – before that it was a huge , black void .

      It actually was a huge black void for your types , wasn’t it. All that sense of entitlement to other peoples money and nowhere to express it. Thank whoever for Milton and the Monts, eh Davie?

      You know the one,… the Mont Pelerin society where both Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson were both board members. Nice trick , having them in both major party’s , wasn’t it… even better having both of them as Finance Ministers…

      That way they could both ram through changes to dismantle Social Democracy , Keynesian economics , egalitarianism ,sell off all our assets and re-appropriate the commons wealth into the bank accounts of those such as yourself , eh Davie…

      Including making a buck out of students who already lived on the breadline… but you don’t care too much , do you Davie… hey !!! .. if our young people leave our shores because of shit wages and massive debts before they even START to earn… we can always import a whole bunch of foreigners to do the job, eh Davie…

      Throw out a few advertisements about how brilliant our economy is and then when they get here offer em minimum wages and shit conditions…

      We can do that because of the Employment Contracts Act, cant we , Davie…

      But really…Id just like to finish by adding that perhaps your mates in the New Zealand Initiative – aka the former Business Roundtable – should really stop the charade and learn their history….place a value on education far above mere fiscal concerns … but then …. having people learn economic history pre 1984 might be counterproductive to that sense of entitlement to other peoples money they entertain…

      It might actually make a whole lot of people kinda pissed off when they learn just how and just who has ripped them and their kids off for the last 32 years …

      And we couldn’t blow that cover , now , could we , Davie….

  4. I though Joyce was actually slow to respond. I guess he made up for it with volume of tweets.

    Ps. Some one should tell Joyce to tighten up the tweets. No one wants to read to read a story board in Twitterverse.

  5. Beats taking money off taxpayers for:

    South Canterbury Finance mates
    Saudi millioniare bribery
    John Keys flag bullshit
    Bailing out Joyce’s old company Mediaworks
    Funding the bottomless pit that is road building and trucking lobby
    Funding the interest alone on the 100 + billion National have borrowed to cover tax cuts we couldn’t afford.
    Fund the bridge building orgy in Northland that never happened
    To pay Telecom, now Spark and Chorus to fail to deliver UFB that 7 years later has still to reach 7 km’s outside the Auckland CBD!

    And that is to name but a few but hey Joyce, whose counting?

  6. Joyce wants to preserve the privilege of higher education to the privileged who can pay for it all themselves through their wealth or their inheritance. The rest and the underprivileged that want higher education can borrow to the hilt and get in huge debts. He is happy to help the wealthy even more by giving them further tax cuts!

    Anyway, this is a great policy by Labour. Does not matter what crap propaganda Joyce peddles. I bet HE and most of his privileged wealthy friends have had free tertiary education!

  7. Interesting and rather ironic that both Key and Joyce got their tertiary education free, courtesy of the taxpayer. Yup, indeedy, folks, both Key and Joyce completed their University before user-pays was introduced in 1992.

    I wonder if they’ll be paying back their free education (with interest, I might add).



  8. Steven Joyce is a fat bully that has decided he knows everything about everything. a dickhead loud mouth charged by John Key to rubbish anything that the opposition come up with regardless of it’s merit. The sooner he and his mates get the flick the better

    • What did David Shearer once refer to him as – the Minister of Everything?! Your words are spot on, nothing more than a bully who thinks he knows everything. Despised him when he was Transport Minister trying to delay the CRL, and now look what happens, it’s finally going ahead which I believe the troll is still against!

  9. National hates education largely because it hates teachers, and it hates teachers because it can’t submerge them in a vat of neo-liberal tripe, like most other public servants. Teachers are motivated to question and challenge and National can’t stand that.

  10. Joyce will be all over this policy if Farrar’s focus groups indicate the public like it.

    His tweets today must be used to hold him to account if this happens.

  11. In answer to your headline, Why Does Steven Joyce Hate Education so Much?: might be because he, reportedly, failed to pass exams to gain entry to veterinary school.

  12. Labour announces it and National roundly criticises it … but give them a year or two closer to the election and hey presto, it will part of the Natz manifesto!

    They’ve already flogged so many of Labour’s policy announcements that I’m surprised that Andrew Little has given them a heads-up on this one so soon.

    Like the Auckland City Rail Link which the Natz detested and which has now has become ‘their’ policy, so will this policy sometime before the 2017 election. Then watch Mr Joyce do the semantic acrobatics.

    The Natz seem not to have an innovative brain amongst the lot of them!

    They are nothing but con-artists and thieves.

  13. They oppose it because they think that every dollar invested has to have a dollar outcome, therefore education must have an outcome linked to employment. This viewpoint actually devalues education as it denies the complete value of an education to the learner, and to the nation. The truth is that there is great social capital in having an educated public. An educated public is a populace that thinks for itself, and isn’t afraid to ask questions. An educated public is a threat to those in power who would like followers, not thinkers.

  14. It might be a pithy response and on the surface it may lack intellectual rigour but my answer to the question is right.

    “Why does Steven Joyce hate education so much?”

    Because he’s an arrogant prick.

  15. Cutting social service funding and privatizing education and some ( Charter Schools etc. ) and privatizing other social services and prisons and on and on is the agenda for this Lord Fontleroy (out of touch) Joyce and his greedy corporate buddies. He and his team are not interested in what is best for the people but what is best for their upper 1% elite banker/corporate buddies who own and dominate this and most govt.s. Corporate crime and their criminal lobbyists stinks the big one. One more reason to stop TPPA.

    This along with most justice systems are rigged to benefit a certain group and to hell with the masses. Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. recently put forward a powerful challenge to this corruption and it is worth checking out as what happens in the states usually makes it here eventually. Our lying PM has us in bed with the U.S. so deeply now that we are beginning to smell the corporate/govt. deceit; corruption and greed all the way across the sea.

    Since Bernie Sanders recently stated that he would back the criminal Hillary Clinton, if he lost the nomination, – which is so disappointing – we are beginning to wish that Elizabeth Warren had run instead of Bernie Sanders.



  16. Oh look! It’s Steven Joyce being a smug, smirking asshat with nothing of consequence to contribute to the national discussion. I’m shocked.

  17. How many times have National politicians said that education is an investment? Well, let’s see them walk the talk, and if a free education was good enough for Joyce, she should be prepared to see it applied to others as well. Otherwise he stands accused of being a hypocrite.

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