The jeering NZ First Mob have taken over NZ and their large empty angry faces seek only revenge


It’s the gleeful joy of ignorance that shocks you.

Winston’s insane ranting about comparing Labour’s co-governance to the Nazi regime of white supremacy and his Trumpian ‘Big Lie’ that the entire mainstream media were bribed are not disingenuous, they are malicious because even when you look at the grievance Winston is claiming (a tongue in cheek line from the Māori Party website about their DNA being special and a funding note in the Public Journalism Fund which was quickly followed up by a clarification from NZ on Air regarding editorial freedom), none of it stands up to scrutiny that would allow you to conclude co-governance was anything close to the Nazi holocaust or that the entire mainstream media were bribed!

But that doesn’t matter to NZ First supporters and the rising radioactive polarisation of NZ politics.

Winston needs the antivaxx lunatics to stay above 5%, which is why he is allowing culture war bullshit to become actual social policy, the danger for Winston is that these feral antivaxx lunatics will only be sated by a Nuremberg trial with public hangings for Jacinda and her entire family and once those feral antivaxx lunatics realise his Royal Grievance Inquiry won’t give them their public hanging, they will turn on him like a bitter estranged lover.

Look at these fuckwits…

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…the jeering NZ First Mob have taken over NZ and their large empty angry faces seek only revenge.

We should show these redneck antivaxxers the contempt they deserve.

Jacinda’s Covid actions saved 20 000 lives, mostly Boomers who then ungratefully voted Winston after Jacinda saved their lives!

Next time, let the Boomers pay the full price of a novel virus!

NZ First is a cavalcade of malice and spite and everyone attached to them deserves  what they get.


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  1. Many viruses mutate and develop lower rates of mortality. Some knuckle draggers can’t work that out and can’t pause to reflect on things like the Spanish Flu no longer decimating populations. Peters on the other hand seems to be a virus that is as bad for us as he was years ago. They might be anti vaccines but would they be agreeable to an injection of actual brain cells? It might rid us of Peters.

  2. Peters can’t be blamed for Labour’s cock-ups, the psychopathic freaks who constitute ACT, and the ridiculous ghoul who is now PM. He and loquacious Shane Jones are not fools; the issue may be how long they can tolerate the patent inadequacies of Christopher Luxon.

    • Since they rely on his votes to achieve power that makes Peters fully responsible for the situation now

      • Bonnie, I’m not sure if responsible is the right word here. Luxon is very much an elitist jerk, albeit not a very bright one; Seymour bright, but indescribable psychologically, and Peters and Jones both more normal Kiwi males who could find it hard to accommodate elitists who possibly despise the public, and there for themselves and their mates.

        • Sorry normal and Shane Jones do not fit in the same sentence. In reality we have a bunch of males well past their pubescent years trying to show the public who’s got the biggest dick. While in reality they are all dicks. This government is awful and half the country who didn’t vote for these clots shouldn’t have to put up with their undemocratic posturing for their own perceived glory. I am ashamed of where we are going and unfortunately we are fast heading there

  3. The last line can equally be applied to National and ACT…they are all as bad as each other in their own pathetic ignorant ,self-serving way !!

    • Grant Luxon’s the dangerous one here, because he’s such an idiot, and too thick to realise that he’s only there by default because Labour and the Greens bombed out. He needs a reality check.

  4. The reverberation of Chloe’s “ok boomer!” comment. Where has the respect gone for pensioners, superannuitants, elders, kaumatua. The people who marched for CND, for the peace movement against the Vietnam Nam war, started the Values Green Party, walked the Land March, stood firm at Bastion Point, protested the Spring Bok tour, voted in the 3rd Labour government only to be hoodwinked by Roger Douglas, were aghast at Lockwood Smith pulling up the free tertiary education ladder, fought back with New Labour Alliance, etc. Terms like Boomer and millenial its divisive and doesn’t recognise intergenerational interests. As if grandparents don’t want a better life for their mokopuna.

    • Thank you Joseph for your comment. It reveals the value of past positions, and the significance of questions regarding the future. .

    • Joseph: I agree with your comments. Many in the NZ baby boomer cohort were and are involved in actions to achieve socioeconomic reform for a more equitable society, and vote accordingly.

      The term baby boomer is often used as an insult and a form of othering. To clarify for those who persist with the notion that baby boomers are all the elderly, or who seem to believe the term applies to people when they become eligible for National Superannuation: the New Zealand baby boom cohort covers people born from the end of World War Two – the mid 1940s – through to the early 1970s – i.e. people aged from about 52 through to age 79. This is a New Zealand phenomenon. In other countries the cohort covered to the mid 1960s. Many people who insult NZ baby boomers are probably included in this cohort, and don’t understand its’ historical significance or know the time-frame. The article in the following link should be helpful.

      “Page 5. Baby boom begins: 1945–1959
      As soldiers returned at the end of the Second World War, New Zealand experienced the first stage of the baby boom – high rates of early marriage and increasing family size. The fertility rate for Pākehā women rose and this continued until the early 1970s. Women generally married young and became mothers soon after marriage. In the mid-1950s, Pākehā women had on average 3.8 live births while Māori women experienced on average almost seven.

      Māori fertility
      The baby boom was a Pākehā phenomenon. Māori fertility rates had been high before the war (averaging six births per woman) and remained high until the 1960s, when family size dropped rapidly. This was primarily an outcome of improvements in child mortality and increasing urbanisation.

      A long boom
      The baby boom resembled increases in fertility in other countries, but reached higher levels than even the US and Australia – 4.1 births per woman in 1960. Most Pākehā women not only married at a young age, but had on average more than three live births……

      Page 6. Baby boom continues: 1960s – early 1970s
      During the 1960s and early 1970s most women were still marrying early and focusing on parenting, but the ex-nuptial birth rate rose, divorces increased and married women were more likely to be in the paid workforce. Conventional family arrangements were challenged as feminism began to have an impact. Changes in women’s lives and aspirations had implications for men as lovers, husbands and fathers…..”.

  5. We’re lucky over here that we don’t have the vitriol of Daipher Don’s zombie MAGAs to contend with. As with America, NZ voters need to feel the full effects of their extremism to understand why they should never ever put their trust in them again. It’s a painful lesson, but dumb sheeple need painful lessons to learn.

  6. Get rid of NZ First and let NACT have full power. Should be a given now that the number of non-citizen voters has passed the point of no return. Genius.

  7. I sincerely hope that when these anti-vaxxers die, it will be from a disease that they refused the vaccine for, and their last words are ‘I think i shoulda got vaccinated’. I’d be happy to let them stew in their own juice if they didn’t take the innocent with them. Evolution in action.

  8. I seem to remember during Covid the Maori Party invoking the holocaust many times to make a political point – did you similarly have a problem with it then?

    • what the fuck ? thats about as fucken stupid as the idiot down the street that every person admited to hospital now is a direct result of the vax .I asked to explain how a jab broke my leg .He has multiple illness and when I googled them they are are a result of over dosing on vitamin d3 which he believes prevents covid and cancer even though his wife is dying of cancer .

  9. The lockdowns saved the lives and the mandates are going to cost them. The ill fated descision to put the mandates in place has lead to the current govt and its policies which are deadly. The 3-4 percent of covid mandate voters are motivated very influential in an mmp system and will have a big infuenence for years to come.

    • Never forget that Winston Peters agreed with the mandates and this god awful media should be shouting this from the roof tops so that the cookers are reminded of this fact every day. Winston Peters is a dangerous hypocrite nothing more nothing less. When he gets what he wants he’ll leave the cookers behind because they have served his warped purpose of power at all costs

  10. Their distance will not lasts, and bodies all over the house floor, as they slaughter all who dare say different, of their past capital respect profit for exploiters, whoe!~s profit on and off shore they cowtow too.

  11. Winnie does what he does, and when he’s dead, he’s gone. I hear a lot of pretty empty polies want to leave a legacy, not out Winnie. Just his wee dairy business, so he can go to ‘The Green Parrot’ a few more months on. And these people are who Trotter has gone off to?

  12. you can fix ignorance but you can’t fix stupid

    the 2 mixed well just ignore them it’s the only argument that works

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