When Omicron comes to town can NZ activists keep calling the genocide wolf?

Social media messaging from the Māori Party

Jacinda’s 90% double vaccination strategy saved NZ from Delta but at the time Academics, the tribal woke and the Maori Party were damning of Labour’s strategy.

Academics claimed the horrors of the 1919 influenza were upon us, the Maori Party claimed it was two types of genocide (a ‘modern’ genocide and a ‘bureaucratic’ genocide) and went as far to claiming the roll out amounted to the Squid Games, Netflix’s murder Disneyland series.

Corporate Labour lobbyist and Woke General Neil Jones described Jacinda’s pivot from eradication to containment as a ‘long and confusing surrender note’.

So what happened?

How many died in this Covid Genocide?

52 deaths. Total.

The critic’s ‘genocide’ barely reached triple digits. That’s not a genocide, that’s a bad month of road deaths.

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Now certainly, the extra resources provided to Maori health agencies and the amazing community response all helped but how many times do the woke get to call wolf and get away with it?

When the Right attempt to minimize Covid-19 we rightfully put in the boot, yet the Woke are let off the hook when they overplay the danger?

Why has no mainstream media acknowledged this?

Omicron is coming. It will attempt to get a foothold in a country that has a high double vaxxed rate with boosters are being rolled out and children getting vaccinated.

This will be a challenge and it may see more lockdowns but this will be mostly be a shockwave to the unvaccinated and the Government to date has protected us well and they continue to do so.

For those claiming the vaccine doesn’t work because Omicron is surging, here’s your answer.

Each year the flu globally kills between 290 000 and 650 000.

Covid killed 3 502 162 in 2021!

Stop claiming Covid is like the flu and we need to learn to live with it.

Get vaccinated clowns. It’s coming!

Thankfully Jacinda has shown a leadership that has ignored the death cult capitalists and the woke who cry wolf.


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  1. We saw it leading up to Delta, the MOH and the government sitting back, resting on their laurels thinking MIQ will work, only for blind panic to set in when it got out into the community. About the time we realised our government had done no prep whatsoever. Four months of hard lockdowns was the price Aucklanders paid for that stuff up. Small businesses paid the ultimate price.

    So it is concerning that the booster campaign that we are told is the only thing that will truly contain Omicron, is relatively quiet. The total with the third shot a day or two ago was only 15% despite Omicron being known about since November and the knowledge that a booster was required also. This is very reminiscent of the lead up to Delta.

    And along with that nonchalance, the places to get it, at least in my area have declined. Last of last week even bookings weren’t an option. Seeing queues of people in the heat at a single chemist shop in a well populated electorate is not exactly screaming urgency or reassuring.

    Same again for kids. Where and when?

    I am guessing the local Labour MP whose office is nearby must see this too but is either completely indifferent or too stupid to notice. He does remember to put up cheesy Christmas billboards however!

    As NSW have proved, a high double vaxxed population, (higher than most of NZ), does not stop the pure chaos they are experiencing. So are we waiting, yet again, for the penny to drop with our government? Is the Covid Response Minister really just a ginger headed ventriloquist dummy as some suspect who doesn’t learn anything?

    Or do they mistakenly think they can just lock us down again to cover for the blindingly obvious preparation they should have made?

    • X-ray – My medical practice, Eastern Bays in Wellington, have never communicated with me about coronavirus, I gather that they only text people, if that. Elderly whanau registered with other more communicative GP’s in the Wellington area, have heard nothing about booster shots, and aren’t sure what they should be doing. None of us watch television. .

      • Yes, aside from TV advertising or snippets in the media and that is limited, I’ve heard nothing from my GP’s practice either.

        It’s all very very casual. I rather thought they mayhem in Australia would have shocked them into action. But no!

      • I booked my booster via the Book My Vaccine website at the end of November – my booking is for next week, exactly 6 months after my 2nd jab. The bookings opened in the national system at the end of November for double jabbed plus 6 months.


        Many elderly are coming up for 2nd jab +6 months so can book a booster now at BMV. It should also be possible for people to book a booster via phone.

        I think it’s being run by the national system rather than via GPs. When I booked my booster, I was surprised my GP practice didn’t come up as an option for a place where I could book a booster – but there were other options close to where I live. Someone told me it was because GPs are going to focus more on vaccinating children from mid-January.

        Any over 12 yrs who’ve had 2 jabs, can book a booster from Jan 17th (Tomorrow) at BMV.

        I really think the government has been aiming to ramp up the booster campaign from about next week, now the main holiday period is coming to an end.

        When the PM announced boosters for 2nd jab plus 4 months, she said the aim was to get most people boosted before winter, and especially to get as many people boosted as possible by the end of February.

        So, I expect the campaign to start to gather steam from next week. Anyone 12 yrs plus who have been double jabbed will be able to book a booster for months after jab 2 from Tomorrow (17th) at Book My Vaccine.

        For myself, I prefer that my booster appointment comes 2nd jab plus 6 months. The longer gap is supposed to be better. And it likely won’t work trying to do 4th and 5th boosters every 4 months. The immune system can react against that for any vaccine, as WHO has pointed out.

      • So it’s the same everywhere then Snow White.
        No accurate information on the MOH website for my area. All very generalized.
        Our local pharmacy has the info on their Facebook page! Who knew???
        I made a phone call on a landline to the pharmacy to get the required info of when,where and which days of the week waiting times etc.
        Massive signage and info for covid testing next to nothing for shots and boosters.
        I am proactive where my health is concerned due to having two auto immune disorders.
        For those who aren’t so confident its another typical Wellington centralised thinking bundle of incompetence.Like the last census, I daresay some fuckwit with a spreadsheet outsourced everything before they went on holiday I mean doesn’t everyone?

        • Shona, An elderly man told me he went to his medical practice in the Western suburbs last week and he had to speak to a microphone in a window. That practice runs the Covid centre in the middle of a small noisy shopping mall where the Covid sign placed out on the footpath, swung around in the wind and donged an old lady on the head – it may dong people regularly, I don’t know.

          The man said that he gets help from his local library – I don’t think he’s computer savvy.

          • Right on the button Snow White . I am 73 with serious heart problem plus COPD and had double pneumonia but have had nothing from my Dr to ask if I was vaxed or needed any help,in making the decision. Nothing from my chemist iether despite going there every 2 months .I just got my booster there but if I did not watch TV or read papers I would not know much about what to do to protect myself . I do not feel this government has used the breathing space they have had to prepare for Omicron.

            • Trevor I hope you have some support there, with ongoing health concerns. People shouldn’t die of pneumonia nowadays, but they do. We are the polite generation, and there must be some older courteous GP’s still practising, but a medical specialist relative said that medical practices are now being run as businesses, hence the hospital system categorising patients as customers.

              My long-standing GP was pretty good, but he got messed around by Compass Health, and retired. One friend in Napier has a husband in permanent severe pain, locum GP’s, one of whom should have been reported to the Health and Disability
              Commissioner, in need of an MRI, which they are now going to have to pay over $2,000 to get done privately, earliest available date, the end of February.

              The decisions which govern the algorithms seem to be made by the young and healthy pen pushers, clueless or cavalier, about the realities of life, and bloody stupid when their ineptness may be generating further medical problems and costs.Better leadership would make a massive difference.
              Kia kaha, you’re a good bloke – for a Pom.

    • That’s 15% of the total population have had boosters. I’ve seen stats (on Stuff I think) that say about 45% of eligible people (ie 12yrs+ who have had 2 jabs) have had boosters.

  2. “Why has no mainstream media acknowledged this?”

    Probably because the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment have forked out $354m to buy the msm, TVNZ,RNZ,Stuff and the Herald to. And also funded influencer news reporters $55m for puff piece influencer articles.
    I’d say this is why the msm produce more shit than NZs total CO2 emissions.

  3. me neither SW even when I inquired of my local doctor as to whether they would be dispensing vaccines..the local pharmacy was much more helpful

  4. and yesss our govt has given up, we’ve been lucky very lucky in the face of a leaky border and exceptions for the priviliged…when omnicron hits and it will be prepared for at least a month of ‘wartime’ grocery shopping due to supply chain workers illness and don’t even think of breaking a hip cos the ozzys will be full of the unvaxxed…hopefully it will burn through quickly and hope the next varient is even less deadly…fingers crossed.

    saw something earlier apparently the latest anti-vax right wing numpty treatment is the very same puberty/testosterone suppressors trans-men use to halt the development of male characteristics.
    Those rightard SJWs are certainly in the forefront of trans issues, as they should be as good right capitalist libertarians

  5. gargarin. Capital Coast Health provides free taxpayer funded speech therapy sessions for transgender men to learn how to speak like women. There’s a nice lady from Ireland who does it, and it will be cheaper than going to Thailand and having one’s larynx operated on, which travel restrictions have currently halted.

    So there’s clearly plenty of medical funding available in Wellington, but I’d avoid falling and breaking your hip just in case you end up in hospital, catch pneumonia, and die before you may have wanted to.

      • Pope Punctilious Sorry, I can’t provide a link, this was told to me by a transgender recipient of the service. It seems to be a set number of sessions, unlike for example, children with stammers, who used to be able to have unlimited speech therapy, and I hope, still can. It’s not clear who made his referral to the therapist. Trans folk who belong to a trans support group, also seem to know of various available services through their membership of the group.

        An OIA request might provide you with concrete facts.

      • Pope P 11 I did a quick Google, and there is a lot of information available online. Most DHB’s appear to provide this service. A lengthy New Zealand Medical Journal has in depth background material.

  6. bbbbutttt….the vaxed can get it too, the vax is a bio weapon, my freedumbs, take silver and turn blue*, nanobots……….god is my vaccine, it’s just a flu, it’s the jewish space lazers…mmm pass me a jug o’ that there bleach buddy, all sound like well reasoned arguments to me.

    *actual side effect of colloidal silver is permanently blue skin, still makes ’em easier to avoid.

  7. When Omicron comes to town, we should be thankful that it will out muscle the far more lethal Delta. Life still won’t be ideal, but it will be better than having Delta around.

  8. It seems that Omicron variant will spread round the world and change pandemia into endemia. South Africa, UK and other states’ experience shows a rapid growths of infection but also a subsequent rapid fall leaving many people immune. The question is what this government is going to do? Is it going to keep us isolated in hope that we can miss this wave at all? But we cannot be isolated forever and once we open it is sure we will get the virus (Omicron or any other variant). The difference will be that while the world will have natural immunity we will have only disappearing immunity from never-ending courses of vaccination. Wouldn’t it be better to open borders now when the vaccination rates are relatively high and new and we are in Summer?
    One thing is absolutely sure, the vaccine mandated and passports have no longer raison d’etre and should be abolished as soon as possible.

  9. Awesome Guys, let know after the 3rd boosters shots you had. How is your body coping with your immune system is down, when there is not enough white cells for you to heal from a cut to your body? Or your heart is not handling the boosters poison running through your heart? 1st week of September 2022 the your body starts to

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