MEDIAWATCH: Q+A Review – National’s weird plan to raise speed limits around Schools


This will lead to more road deaths…

…I can’t understand for the life of me why the Christ National are raising the road speeds around Schools so wanted to hear it from Simeon Brown’s lips while Jack Tame ripped into him over it.

Jack kept asking Simeon if there was any n negative impact raising speed limits around schools, and Simeon disbelievingly claimed there was none.

Jack couldn’t believe the answer either and you can immediately imagine this clip will get replayed the moment the road speeds change and the very predictable cars hitting kids starts.

Over and over and over again, because faster cars around schools kill kids.

Simeon Brown is just dribbling answers as Jack highlights how out of whack his roading budget is.

Watching him try to explain how he’s fucked up 3 Waters is great. The ratings agencies downgraded Council debt last month once it was clear the new water entities National had created to replace 3 Water weren’t Government backed meaning the cost will all be passed along to the very same rednecks who screamed ‘da Māāāoooris is stealing da water”.

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Watching the redneck NZ public wake up to the enormous water costs National have shifted to them all will be so funny.

The naked reality is that without Government backing, no one will invest in the bonds for these new entities and the entire cost will end up on the domestic users!

The Right used 3 Waters as an existential race war to rally redneck vote meaning National are forced to implement this bullshit new water entities minus Māori interests and Government backing because National ultimately don’t care that the user ends up paying because their philosophy is user pays.

Simeon is excellent at sounding right rather than his answers being right – it’s like Bureaucratic Shakespeare.

Urban designer from America is on reminding us how basic and backwards our urban infrastructure is. Makes the point that cycling lanes are actually incredibly important and successful investments.

Great show – needs a panel.


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  1. The cost of water infrastructure should fall on water users.
    Pretending it should fall on taxpayers/ central government is just a way for feckless local politicians to avoid being accountable.

    • Taxpayers and ratepayers are largely one and the same. However, income tax is progressive, rates are largely not

      Water should be provided in the most cost-efficient way. Reducing the overall fiscal burden.

      Government can borrow at a far lower cost than councils and the proposed new water entities.

      Thus, Government funding is the most cost-efficient way forward.

      • Here we go again.
        Fact or fiction: The government can get cheaper loan funding than the government can get loan funding. You read that one correctly, as intended!
        Fact or fiction: Governments redistributes taxes inefficiently and so do councils and conglomerates of councils.

        Nelson invested in demand management by installing user pays water volumetric drinking water infrastructure nearly 20 years ago. Under the 3Waters reform Nelson ratepayers would have been required to help fund Upper Hutt ratepayers to upgrade their infrastructure to achieve the same.


      • Everyone. Everyone contributes, everyone has a shared ownership through the local council/water entity.

        You don’t value what you don’t own or pay for.

    • Are you kidding me? The feckless local politicians are the ones that everyone listened to as many of them protected their patch. Your argument is leave it with the people who stuffed it up in the first place. Users will pay either way I am quite sure. Just more now

      • No-one can think less of local body politicians than I do.

        The Labour government’s water regulator was one of their best changes. Should have been in place since the 1980’s.

        I’d prefer users pay over taxpayers pays because user pays encourages users to use less water.

    • I actually agree with you for once Ada. Better start a campaign for water meters on every house, flat, business including farms so that everyone pays their fair share. In my case I pay $290 pa for water that is undrinkable so pay another $340 pa for filters etc. And don’t forget about the $1000 plus capital I outlayed.
      Be careful however that you don’t allow The coalition of disaster ti sell the business to Private enterprise in the guise of mum and dad investors as John did fuck all Key did with the power generators.
      They will be forced to pay for their water to. Oops power will go up!!!! Bugger but it’s as you want, user pays.

    • So you want to screw the poor over with water bills then?

      Just like you want to screw them with everything else.

      We managed just fine in this country without water charging. Our forefathers saw water as a common resources avalible to all, regardless of ability to pay. You want to make it only avalible to the rich.

    • So does that mean farmers, manufacturers ,food growers and those using vast amounts of water are going to be metered too if we are going to be fair. And what about foreigners bottling our water and selling it back to us and others.

  2. Are we seriously going to wait for this coalition government to work through their full term? I’v just finished watching Jack Tame interview Simeon Brown and it appears his Transport costings from the election are seriously underfunded.

    There have been times during my lifetime that in my little world my budgeting has been maybe 16 cents, or $16 dollars out of kilter, but how can anyone be $6 billion, or $16 billion under assessed?

    I think it took Jack 4 efforts to finally get an answer to that question.

    Is our present government really this incompetent? Or are they just chronic liars?
    Whoever voted this group of incompetent liars to run this country should hang their heads in shame.

    Getting this country back on track is pure BS.

    Our Governor General needs to sack these liars immediately. Sadly I’m not holding my breath to this action.

    • Yes, I’ve been wondering what the GG is thinking too.
      The powers of the Governor General have never needed using in NZ apparently, but we must be getting pretty close now.
      The govt. is showing itself to be incompetent, poorly led, provocative to many groups who do not have much power or money to retaliate, unfair and exceedingly draconian.
      We, the people of NZ, need protecting from them before they can do any more damage.
      The suspicion that the election was bought and paid for by wealthy and foreign entities who don’t have the best interests of ordinary NZs at heart, is growing by the week.

      This is why Labour always has a huge struggle to make up for lost time when it becomes govt. again.
      The right wing always cuts services to people. They always have their donors who are becoming increasingly hostile and demanding, to placate. The people come last, or not at all.

  3. Apparently they think the public are so dumbed-down that they don’t even know what modern infrastructure looks like.

    The inter-provincial highway system is stuck in the 1940’s. You can’t introduce the most modern level of speed limits (130-160 k.p.h.) unless they’re upgraded to post-1950’s standards (i.e. fully controlled-access). The metropolitan freeway systems are nearly as backward.

    The railways are far worse now than they were in the 1930’s. If you really want to get there quickly, forget driving — you need high speed rail. In other words, upgrading the railways to 1970’s standards. And as far as reducing urban traffic goes, the tramway system was already cutting edge by the 1920’s — but 67 of 68 routes were then ripped out (thanks to the auto industry lobby), and the last government were too incompetent to resume service on even one of those shuttered routes (or any of the shuttered South Island suburban rail routes)!

  4. Variable speed limits work in other countries along side enormous fines for ignoring them.
    All pedestrians need to take care . Too many are distracted with phone or ear buds .At any speed a car will do serious damage.

    • Trouble is Trevor the people on phones are the ones driving the car. I’m not against more speed on suitable roads but it’s a no brainer to keep speeds lower around schools.

      • The speed management issue is like the tobacco issue.

        In Nelson there are those who want speeds to be dropped to 30km per hour right across the entire road network. I wonder whether these rules will also apply to bicycles and . It is becoming increasingly dangerous on joint pedestrian/cycle ways because the bloody pedestrian are walking way too slowly.

    • Trevor, the trouble is that children are allowed to be distracted because that’s the nature of children in their school area. They are focused on their peers and on themselves and cannot be asked to be vigilant at all times.
      Would you take responsibility, Trevor, for the child that gets crippled or killed in an accident just outside the school gate? I wouldn’t.

      • But the way I understand it is speed is being reduced around schools but only for periods not the whole 24/7 .It is what they do in Melbourne and I suspect it is the same everywhere.

    • Well Trevor I suggest a speeding car does a lot of damage to a human body. I swear when one tries to cross the road the cars actually speed up to try and teach one a lesson. That’s the trouble with this whole concept of new roads plus, it’s the people that drive the cars trucks’s the people who walk on the footpaths and sometimes into the road . We all know why he is increasing the speed limits it’s because he can ,it’s because Labour did it. It’s because they want to wipe labour off the face of the earth and that’s the only rational they have.

  5. Some New Zealand households are struggling through winter with no power. This puts a burden on the health system

    Will the cost of water be next?

  6. Toll roads and congestion charging are non progressive charging mechanism.

    Therefore, not only will these add to inflation, they are also going to grow inequality.

    It’s interesting to note that the Greens also support congestion charging. But it’s no surprise that Labour do too.

  7. The national party, what ever the fuck that is and do we even need to know so long as we get stop it then get rid of it, and its MP’s are up to something bigger than trying to avoid immolating themselves in front of Tee Vee cameras.
    It’s my opinion they’re paving the way for a polite invasion. Perhaps the invasion is, in fact, already in flow and I don’t mean a few scraggy labourers allowed in to work on dairy farms for fuck all.
    There’s something bigger going on, that’s for sure. But what? Are they kindred spirits to the 14 multi-billionaires and the 3118 multi-millionaires already here? The ones who sold our banks to foreign investors who can now come here to literally artificially inflate the [value] of our private and personal homes to disempower us then enslave us then harvest us but more ominously, to control us.
    In my humble opinion, we’re in the middle of a passive-aggressive foreign take-over and it has nothing to do with speeding past schools. That, is a distraction to keep us busy while they back-door our new masters in my opinion.
    @ Maori are at particular risk because @ Maori will come to understand what’s going on which will mean they’ll resist in a forthright manner which will mean they’ll be gunned down or placed on reservations where they can be monitored and controlled. Ask any First Nation people in the U$A about how that worked out for them.
    The national party aren’t stupid. They’re rich, arrogant, aggressive and entirely self-interested but they’re not stupid and if they appear to be so then be very wary of slow-cooking hidden agendas.
    Simeon Brown being interviewd by a polished Natzo media minion is to me unwatchable for it’s stomach churning comic-opera-esque fakery. Having written that however, I hope to God I’m wrong.


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