RIP Rod Oram 1950-2024


What a terrible blow to his whanau and to us as a country.

Rod Oram was an amazing person and I had the privilege of meeting him many times.

He was such an incredible thinker.

He was always so patient while wielding an incredibly powerful voice in NZ Journalism.

His environmental work made him our George Monbiot.

He leaves an enormous legacy of being a civics minded intellectual and his passing robs us of that wisdom.

He was a rare person who actually listened.

What a sad, sad year this is for hope.

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RIP Rod. We will dearly miss you.



  1. “He was always so patient while wielding an incredibly powerful voice in NZ Journalism.”
    It can’t have been that powerful because we’re fucked.
    How did he let 40 years of neo-liberal criminal activity go by under his nose?

  2. RIP Rod. Great modest chap. A public intellectual the way he challenged particularly the likes of Fonterra, though being tagged as a business reporter might fudge my claim for some.

    A hard worker and great at engaging with all sorts of people.Will be missed, and his often ancient Apple laptops.

  3. Well said….unbelieveably sad …such a decent, intelligent, deep thinking person … what a huge loss just when, more than ever, we need voices like his.

  4. Indeed! Sad, sad, sad! Especially having survived a few LATAMs and various other bullshit critics.
    Kathryn Ryan, you’re excused from on-air showing your pain as are other RNZers.
    There goes another decent fella as the muppets take control. (or rather deceive themselves thinking they’re in control)

  5. yes I have read a lot of Rods pieces over the year .He was A REAL JURNOLIST not an I reckon half arsed myth spreaded .Facts were always presented with evidence to support them .
    RIP great man

  6. Only the Good die Young! RIP Rod Oram.
    A serenade from Placido Domingo & Placido Domingo jr.
    Two great men at the top of their genius sing Perhaps Love.

    I thank Rod Oram for doing what he could for this country. He brought his talents – objective thoughtful far-seeing advice to us on economic and business practices and outlook.

    Some of what he said must have filtered down, and things would have been worse without him. And he was a strength for other informed, educated and experienced professionals trying to help us build a firm foundation away from the gold-rush mentality and ‘buying bridges’ approach that tends to rise to the top from our rash, brash and envious leaders who follow overseas trends of the wealthy.

    (About 2.26 in the clip there seems to be a fly on the screen, but I think it is the button on an aerial. An example of how difficulties can arise in even meticulously planned projects. Rod Oram would have ridden above such misfortune. It’s a great loss to us not having his wisdom and input into the future.)

  7. A friend of mine had Rod give a talk to a group of farmers. Went down like a lead ballon as they didn’t like the message lol. RIP Rod. I’ll miss your enlightened commentary.

    • I attended conferences where Rod was a guest speaker,the audience’s were by the TDB definition,right wing,he was on every occasion well received and respected.
      He will be missed.

  8. A good lasting message for us:
    He described his recent work as explaining complex issues “the best I can in order to encourage people not to give up,” especially on the task of “boldly and deeply” cutting emissions.
    “Doing what we’re doing just a bit better or a tad faster dooms us to failure,” he wrote in his final column, published on 1 March.

  9. Amazing tributes to this good man. An ideal. We needed at least 14 more years out of you, Rod.

    To compare, I was appalled at the friend of the rich Mike Moore’s obsequies where he was outrageously called a working class hero. I had to chirp up and got blow-back. The elite’s ‘heroes’ and ours.

  10. I met him a number of times when he was a guest speaker,a lovely friendly person with a great sense of humour and a realistic grip on economics.He will be missed.

  11. A really lovely man, without pretension, a reporter’s reporter, professional, kind, intuitive and thoughtful, Rod raised the bar wherever he walked and we are all the poorer for his most sad and premature passing.

  12. Rod Oram was a man of integrity. He was easy to listen to, about often complex matters. He communicated with warmth and clarity. Such a sad loss.

  13. Rod’s columns were a pleasure to read. Sad to hear that that’s the end of a deep thinker who showed all the good attributes of being on the left. He understood complex matter and communicated it in a way that the layman would get.

    Thank you Rod.


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