8pm Live Tonight: Straight Talk Political Panel with Shane Te Pou & Bomber Bradbury


8pm Live Tonight: Straight Talk with Shane Te Pou


  • Chippes Values speech just another announcement about making an announcement in the future about tax
  • Is this the last roll of the dice for him?
  • Will Labour have a winter of discontent
  • April 1 Cash Boost Announcement:  What’s in it for hard working Kiwis
  • Seymour and Peter’s trying to outdo each other to create a culture war , who’s winning who really cares
  • The Kermadec Sactnaraty it’s as dead as the now extinct Galapagos Damsel fish: Iwi didn’t want it , did they drop the ball, as this waterway will be open to commercial fishers and if Minster Jones has his way Sea Mining



  1. The single most alarmingly terrifying negative fact to choke down that’s denying us a comfortable and sustainable life for us all on our beautiful, wonderful, safe, comfortable, provider-country are the banks. Specifically, the now foreign owned banks being asb, anz, westpac and the arch demon bankster itself, the bnz.
    The demonic bankster infestation here that bedevils us all is out of control. The bankster infestation’s obscenely wealthy thus equally obscenely powerful and so is answerable to no one thus controls everyone and everything.


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