Ummm, Luxon and Mike Hosking critiquing Beyonce was not on my Right Wing Apocalypse Bingo Card


Christopher Luxon says Beyoncé’s new album Cowboy Carter is ‘quite provocative’

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says Beyoncé’s new album Cowboy Carter is “quite provocative”.

He was asked by Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB on Tuesday morning if he had heard the new album, which was released last week and set tongues wagging over its 27-strong tracks.

Luxon responded by saying he had and he “quite liked it”, before revealing he thought the first single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ was a highlight.

Hosking then proceeded to ask Luxon whether it was a country album, because of a debate over whether the album should be classified as country.

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Comrades, I have to confess

Chris Luxon and Mike Hosking critiquing Beyonce’s new album wasn’t on my Bingo Card for the right Wing Apocalypse.

It’s like Trump reviewing a lesbian folk music festival.

It’s like two Crackers defining beige.

It’s like a panel of lepers judging a beauty contest.

It’s like bland porridge assessing salt.

It’s a lighter shade of white evaluating a rainbow.

I think the phrase, ‘stay in your lane’ was created for Mike Hosking and Chris Luxon reviewing Beyonce.


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  1. In the Ststes there are “tongues wagging” in some corners as they are mortified that there is someone of African American descent having a go at country music.

  2. I didn’t like Helen Clark, but at least she liked opera. The Nats’ preoccupation with pop music is quite peculiar. Bill English responded to the sobering Hager/Stevenson “Hit&Run” report on SIS atrocities in Afghanistan by jetting to Auckland to attend the concert of a wailing English pop singer whose name escapes me. None of them are a patch on Ella Fitzgerald, or Rosemary Clooney, Billie Holliday, Dusty Springfield, or other real singers of the past who didn’t have to prance around half-dressed to attract middle-aged men like Hosking or Pyjama Luxon.

  3. I suppose it’s the type of subject you get with a cheap and cheesy radio show for a dumbed down audience.

    Interestingly people like Mike McRoberts a humble and intellectual man whose covered war torn countries will soon lose his job yet clowns like Hosking( apologies to real clowns) carry on unchecked with his silliness and severe lack of intellect.

    • Yes, we all know it’s not what you know, but who you know.
      They can’t tackle anything more intellectual than pop music because they don’t know about anything much.
      Hosking and Luxon. Dumb and Dumber. Their audience, no doubt, lapping up the pure idiocy of it.

      • Joy. But when do they get the time to listen to it, and why ? Full time workers have SFA unencumbered time. These guys are meant to be grown ups.

        • That’s a good question. I don’t have time. I’d rather read TDB and comment now and then. I loathe listening to men pontificating and ZB has been that way for years, which is why I haven’t listened to it for years.
          Talkback seems like the worst kind of self-inflicted mental health trigger I can imagine. Who needs it?

          • When PM English went to Auckland to see Adele, Adele existed only on the periphery of my mind, possibly because a woman’s work is never done, and I’d quit watching television by then. Presumably politicians have lots of free time. Some listen to Radio Ga Ga and contribute to it too; it’s not like they paint water colours in their down time like Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill both did.

  4. Baldrick and “Mi Cockskin” are minimally qualified to opine on new music releases–but hey, ZB generally spits on “experts” anyway–this tory media channel overwhelmingly prefers reckons. What I want to know is will Mr Luxon get the classic Sirkey question line–“do you feed the chickens”?

    • Pop music generally doesn’t require any expertise at all to digest or opine about.
      That’s why they feel safe doing so.

    • But as Luxon said….

      “Well I got me a fine wife I got me an ol’ fiddle
      When the sun’s comin’ up I got cakes on the griddle
      And life ain’t nothin’ but a funny, funny riddle….thank god you are Countryboy”

  5. An excellent interview at a highly intellectual level I’m guessing going by the comments.(I rarely listen to Mike Hosking)
    Love Charlie Pride.

  6. ‘The man that has no music in him, that is not moved by concord of sweet sounds, his affections are as dark as Erebus, let no such man be trusted’
    Willy Shakes had Luxon’s measure centuries before he was born.

  7. Well I guess for the blowhard interviewer and the joke of an interviewee, discussing Beyoncé’s new album is more important than holding the PM accountable for his administration of the country! Good grief, whatever next

  8. Well I guess for the blowhard interviewer and the joke of an interviewee, discussing Beyoncé’s new album is more important than holding the PM accountable for his administration of the country! Good grief, whatever next

    • Mary-a. Precisely. Same with the designated spaces at AU. Tactics to divert from the big things which are impacting upon people’s lives. Have to say though, that I’d have been mortified if my dad was a Beyoncé follower. John Key was crude as, but this guy’s looking an even bigger pleb.

  9. ZB callers many of them nasty white men (who don’t know what the fuck they are talking about) as with the hosts.

  10. Chris talk about the support your government is giving to Israel who in the past day have bombed another hospital, a food aid convoy and an embassy. If your government wants a world of lawlessness then let the country know.

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