BREAKING: MEDIAWATCH: Winston’s Breakfast TV meltdown train wreck interview where he claims Luxon is weak and being manipulated by media???


Winston’s interview on Breakfast TVNZ right now was worse than his original speech! WTF is going on?

Winston Peters says Luxon ‘misinformed’ by media in fiery interview

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has claimed that Prime Minister Christopher Luxon was “misinformed” by the media after the two spoke about Peters’ recent allusions to Nazi Germany.

Peters made headlines this week after alluding to Nazi Germany when discussing the previous Labour government’s policies in his State of the Nation speech.

During the speech, he took aim at Labour’s “race-based theory”, alluding to co-governance, “where some people’s DNA… made them somehow better than others”.

“I’ve seen that sort of philosophy before. I saw it in Nazi Germany, we all did,” he said.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister said he had talked to Peters about the comments but would not elaborate on what was discussed.

He called on all parties in Parliament to be careful with their language.

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However, Peters now claims Luxon’s understanding of the situation was “misinformed” by the media.

Peters told Breakfast this morning: “[Luxon] said to me, ‘I was told this, this, and this,’ and I said to him, ‘By who? Did you hear my speech?’ No.

“And then I realised, like most New Zealanders, all the way at the top, he’s been misinformed by you media people, who think that your shill leftie biased message is going to triumph.”

He was asked to clarify if he was accusing the Prime Minister of being wholly influenced by the media and unable to find out about Peters’ comments for himself.

Peters replied: “I just said that, and that’s the truth.”

Throughout the interview, he continued to take jabs at the media, repeatedly calling journalists “leftie shills”.

Wait – WHAT? Luxon is so mindless he just accepts anything the media tells him? Is that what Winston is trying to argue now?

This is insane and Winston is managing too make it worse every time he opens his mouth!

We have the embarrassing spectacle of old man Winston screaming he didn’t say what he fucking said…

But by the following morning the story had shifted, and Peters was claiming it had nothing to do with co-governance and everything to do with Rawiri Waititi.   


He can’t even keep track of his own insults!

I get the feeling he needs adult diapers at this stage of his political career.

He is claiming he won’t be contacted by Chumbawumba over using their song when Chumbawumba are telling him not to use their song.

He’s fighting with a band that has been disbanded since 2012!

This unhinged response by Winston highlights the dynamic TDB has been warning about since this Government formed, Seymour and Winston are so ruthless and better at playing the game that Luxon looks weak and insipid.

Luxon can’t control Winston and Winston has lost control of himself.

This is a bloody fiasco that makes the previous Government look competent!

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    • I am sure this version of Winston has a Time Machine so it might be possible.

      There are so many stupid people in this country that will say it’s all about the media as this guy lies to their face. You can actually watch him, listen and form your own opinion. Unless he’s suggesting it’s all about editing? He s an embarrassment.

  1. “We will be sure to file the ‘cease and desist’ letter in a safe place if it ever arrives. I would use another of their hit song titles as a quip at the end of this post but unfortunately, they only had one.”

    Some days they just write themselves

    Goodbye to the summer
    Sold down the river
    Unhappy ever after
    Well, did you ever?

    Did you ever reach for the glued-down penny?
    Same old joke and it’s not funny
    Burns are red, bruises blue
    Out with the old, cheated by the new

    Do you suffer from long-term memory loss?
    (I don’t remember)

  2. oh dear the coalition is falling apart .Shows how good Jacinda was ,she kept him under control till the 2020 election where he had his arse kicked so hard he had to row down the river of filth and deep dive into rabbit holes to get voted back in .Gone by xmas this lot as the have a massive problem personal and fiscaly wise .The fiscal hole is getting deeper every day .Willis will only deliver a $5 tax cut at the most and that will only be for the top of the heap party doners .

    • Yes…and if yoi go back and listen to the tapes they said it was for ‘the struggling middle classes’ so they could take their kids to the movies and buy ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ icecream as middle income N.Z had had a tough time of it.

      Then they changed the spin to …’the tax cuts are for the lower and middle income workers…

      Now , apparently, it’s “relief for the’ low income workers”…

  3. Winston Peters has got a nerve to accuse the previous Labour government and now the Maori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi of being Nazis, when he himself is personally responsible for making the decision to aid and abet a “plausible genocide” by cutting off New Zealand’s humanitarian aid to a defenceless civilian population being bombed and starved and terrorised.

    ICJ finds genocide case against Israel ‘plausible’, orders it to stop violations
    By Scott Simon, Eyder Peralta – NPR JANUARY 27, 20247:54 AM ET

    Israeli limits on Gaza aid may be ‘war crime’, UN warns
    Restricting aid could be seen as using starvation as a ‘weapon of war’, the UN’s human rights chief says.
    Al Jazeera – 19 Mar 2024

    <b<Canada lifting freeze on UNRWA funding after weeks of protests, criticism
    Rights advocates welcome ‘much-needed decision’ as Palestinians in Gaza face humanitarian crisis amid Israeli attacks.

    Australia reinstates funding to Unrwa to provide aid in Gaza
    Friday’s decision to ‘unpause’ $6m in funding to Unrwa follows similar moves by Canada and Sweden
    Daniel Hurst Foreign affairs and defence correspondent- The Guardian
    Fri 15 Mar 2024 05.05 GMT

    No more aid for UN aid agency until Peters satisfied – Luxon
    12:41 pm on 30 January 2024

    “Winston Peters you can’t hide, We charge you with genocide”
    Protesters at Peters State of the Nation speech.

    Winston Peters is a Right Wing political opportunist who has carved a career out of mining a dark vein of racism and bigotry against migrants and Maori, and now recently Far Right conspiracy theory. Starving the Palestinians fits in with Peters opportunist courting of the Far Right for political gain. Accusing other New Zealand parliamentarians of being Nazis, also fits in with Peters courting of the Far Right for political gain

    Winston, the master opportunist
    by Rob Campbell
    Newsroom – 13/08/2023

    Pandering to Far Right conspiracy theorists, attacking Maori and migrants for political gain, accusing everyone he disagrees with of being a Nazi, supporting genocide in Gaza,
    Whose politics are closer to fascism and Nazism in this country?

    The evidence against Peters is damning

  4. Labour picks up co-governance from National but Labour is Nazi. Get the fuck out of here. I’ve met self profess Nazis. In Australia. They’re not that smart. All the really smart Nazis caught a bullet a long time ago.

  5. I voted for New Zealand First in 2002, 2005, 2011, 2014 and 2017.

    They were a comparatively sane party then. They had helpful policies for a whole bunch of things – defence, senior citizens, foreign policy, economic policy, education and others. They had people who were not raging conspiracy theorists as their spokespeople and genuinely were the one party that could hold National and Labour to account.

    Curwen Rolinson, I am told wrote an article warning about Shane Jones before he left. A shame more people didn’t see it. There were good reasons to be wary of Jones, not least those that led him to getting expelled from Labour, but also his attitude was – and still is – gobsmackingly arrogant. He was ushered into a N.Z.F. Member of Parliament position over and above a heap of party members who had much stronger cases to be standing for the party in that ranking than him.

  6. Winston might be in the early stages of dementia – or even the middle to late stages – but he can still run rings around Luxon. I can’t wait till he goes just that little bit too far on Luxon decides he has to fire him. That’s going to give me hours of innocent amusement.

    • Fire him!? Mmm, that might have implications for the Coalition agreement, namely numbers on the Right. I can see it now in the headlines: Winston fucks up big time and forces a snap election.

  7. “WTF is going on?”
    Not really that much of value in this era of the narcissist and the insecure.
    The road to muppetry and utopia is paved with fallen egos.

    (Unlike me – the perfect specimen) – goes without saying /sarc

  8. I think what has happened is that Winston has paid far too much notice to ephemeral populist groups in Britain and the United States and mistakenly thought he could replicate the effect here. What he fails to realise is that populism is a political tactic of expediency and not a holistic strategy itself, and that despite Nigel Farage’s Brexit victory and the failure of Australia’s Voice referendum because it’s impossible to change the Australian constitution through the ballot box anyway, the electorate loses its investment in particular populist antics. As for whether or not he’s approaching his use-by date, that remains to be seen. However, he will be eighty next year. However, it’s ACT’s fault for its own obsession with cheap populist rhetoric and antics that Winston rose from the dead in the first place. If they’d just shut up instead of pandering to the raving right over its anti-Treaty jag, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

  9. It’s Winston’s job to keep the media entertained. He’s so outrageous the media just follow along like puppies.
    Media has mostly forgotten what their job is and delude themselves, and us, thinking they are onto a big story, Winston is kicking up again.
    While he does that, National quietly goes about its agenda of undermining everything we value in NZ and making it so weak, no-one has the energy to fight back and after a while ACT will come along and sell it, health, education, utilities, land, minerals, water, whatever their mates from overseas want. Everything is up for grabs at knockdown prices.
    Wake up media, you are being led by your silly noses into a dead end with Winston. He will disappear in a puff of smoke, he really doesn’t matter, and you will be ambushed by ACT bringing in the buyers.
    That is the real story.


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