Why are we listening to an MP complain about minorities on Campus who also promoted an authoritarian Modi?


ACT Party MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar is demanding Māori Space and Pacifica Space be purged from Campus because it’s apparently segregation.


ACT Party MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar in 2023 attended a pro Indian Government event in NZ and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying , “PM Modi during the last nine years has taken the nation forward and has ensured the development of all communities living in the country.”

Now, this is interesting because of course Modi has been accused of authoritarian tactics leading to widespread religious violence last year that saw hundreds of villages destroyed, Christian churches and schools torched, widespread sexual assault of women, 50,000 fleeing their homes, and hundreds dead.

Why, I say, why are we listening to a Politician wanting to stamp out minority spaces on Campus when she is praising an authoritarian Leader who is accused of stamping out minorities in India?

Why are we allowing Dr Parmjeet Parmar to start Culture Wars against minorities on Campus when she is praising a Leader who is accused of starting nationalist religious wars in India?

Why am I the first pointing this out and why haven’t the mainstream media picked up on this?

Why indeed.

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  1. If, if Parmar is really concerned about segregation, she could have considered staying in her country of origin where it has flourished for centuries via the caste system, instead of coming here and and laying down the law about how things should be done. Seymour is simply shit-stirring, he does that, and we don’t need it. Parmar also wanted a statue of Ghandi erected in Auckland. If every immigrant thought that way, there’d be statues of Boudicca, and Winston Churchill, and Eammon de Valera, and Charles de Gaulle, and I daresay the Shah of Persia, dotted up and down New Zealand. What I don’t like is Parmar’s alleged association with a confectionary company. Sweets rot kids’ teeth, and our children have major dental issues which can be painful and costly to address. Sweets are pretty, but they also make people fat, and weight-challenged people have lead to the obesity crisis which causes major medical problems and yet another big burden on the run down health service. It’s not like growing healthy fruit and vegetables or catching the fish which we import, contaminated in cans.

    • Forget Gandhi. I support a statue of a real hero Bhagat Singh or Subhas Chandra Bose being erected outside of each of Luxon’s houses. And one of the heroic Dalit fighter for equality Dr. Ambedkar outside Parmar’s house.

      • I think there’s already a Ghandi near the Wellington Railway station, so there’s nothing to stop Parmar laying marigolds at his feet whenever she is in the vicinity. However that good man is not without controversy himself.

        • Perhaps Parmar could get a statue put up right by it of Nathuram Godse, the member of the RSS organization which founded the BJP which is now led by Modi and the assassin of Gandhi? If we’re going to go for Hindutva racism, might as well go whole hog, right?

          • Should be Ok if the inscriptions are in te Reo. Wellington does PC like it’s never been done before, and the WCC are the most
            authentic little PC squeakers who wouldn’t settle for anything lesser.

      • And a place for Phoolan Devi (10 August 1963 – 25 July 2001), popularly known as the Bandit Queen, was an Indian dacoit (bandit) who became a politician, serving as a member of parliament until her assassination.
        She was an admirable figure and rises above any wrongs in my estimation.

      • It’s inappropriate for an immigrant to this country wanting monuments pertaining to the country she left behind. Any statues should honour the hard working people who built New Zealand, not the wishes of a Johnny-come-lately.

  2. Maybe you can start talking about why only NZ allows non-citizens to vote, nobody else is… yet. *crickets chirping*

  3. It amazes me all these right wingers talk about government interference and not being told what to do. Good, sod off then and stop telling these institutions what to do. We are dealing with young adults here, not children. I think these spaces can be a bit silly but so what? Let’s face it most people supporting this MP don’t really think it’s promoting segregation and apartheid.

  4. It amazes me all these right wingers talk about government interference and not being told what to do. Good, sod off then and stop telling these institutions what to do. We are dealing with young adults here, not children. I think these spaces can be a bit silly but so what? Let’s face it most people supporting this MP don’t really think it’s promoting segregation and apartheid.

  5. Modi is one of those right-wing authoritarians who I always quote when our WN Jays tell me that the left is a danger to democracy. Funny because the left has very little power yet these authoritarian right-wingers have had a fair bit in some countries. Although Poland has managed to get rid of theirs – wishes dead lucky considering some of the shenanigans they get up to, to cement themselves in power. They scare me shirtless actually. Luckily for Britain and NZ – our right wing parties are hapless.

  6. Mainstream media have internationally ignored this due to editorial direction imposed on journalists. There are at least 2 reasons for this. First, editors may justify the position by claiming (correctly) that journalists were facing substantive negative judgment by members of the community (especially Winston First supporters). Second, and more likely, they don’t want to say or report anything that may reflect negatively on this government or the neoliberal regime in general. This may or may not be a decision at the journalist level – it is more likely an editorial decision relating to the relationship between the editor of the publication and the “powers that be”.

    • he he he ,,,, it’s so obvious and yet well spotted by CB :0 ,,, Trixie Luxons only doing it for the extra money though ,,,

      which is approved by his almighty, and he can wear his wife’s nighty.

  7. At university in the late ’70s I witnessed debates and discussions between conservatives christians, communists, radical feminists and maori activists that would Send today’s students quivering to their ‘safe spaces’ needing months of therapy to validate their ptsd. And that was at Massey, hardly a hot bed of student politics. It’s seems that’s not allowed at university today nor in society in general. We are the worse for it.

  8. Not suprised that she follows Hindutva. Most Indians in National do these days.

    Modi’s party was originally founded by an admirer of Nazi Germany.

  9. Worth pointing out that there are major issues in Silicon Valley in the USA with Indian run companies being caught out discriminating against employees based on their caste.

    • … And the Indian IPL 20/20 competition is also racist …. “Pakistan has made it known their frustrations of being prohibited from the IPL, which attracts players from all over the world. In August 2022, a report from InsideSport revealed that Pakistan players may be facing further exclusions from other tournaments — such as the CSA and UAE T20 leagues.”

      New Zealand or more specifically Wellington cricket are a pack of wankers too ,,,, I pinned up a few Imran Khan stencils/pictures on the outside fence of the Basin reserve during the 1st test against Australia ,,, Wellington cricket ripped them down quick fast.

      Imran was a great cricketer and a credit to the game ,,, he was also a honest Pakistan political leader who tried to do the best for his country.

      Instead of supporting this man who was an shining example of sportsmanship, skill and ‘the spirit’ of cricket ,,,, they tore him down like American foreign policy getting rid of him.

      We had some bad luck in the second test dropping the Aussie match winner when he was on a low score ,,, I like to think the cricket gods paid New Zealand cricket back for their shitty behavior…. 0-2 losers.

      You can see the non-offensive stencil pictures I made of Imran here ,,,, https://www.tiktok.com/@beawakesky/video/7349500379316473090

      I’ve gone right off the game …..

    • How suprising ,NOT .Over the years I worked with lots of Indians .In the last 15 years there has been a trend for the men to be arseholes with their bogus degrees to back them up .I had to pull a few into line regarding the way they treated women in the work place .A reminder this is NZ was a common message to them .

      • yep – had a few come through our office once for “training”. Half a dozen useless bastards riding on the backs of a couple of on-to-it guys. No guessing who the useless ones were with their gold Rolex’s coming along for the junket. Fucking terrible way to organise your society. No better than capital hoarders in the West riding on the backs of others hard work.

      • You overlook that Bob1st might be caught up in her looks. Some guys can’t resist them! And remember to call him Bob1st – there seems to be another Bob bobbing up here and there.

  10. You mean that Parmjeet Parmar who was a National List MP, lost her seat, then switched to ACT ? I am sure all Universities will be standing to attention. Question is why is she even commenting? Where is Penny Simmonds who is supposedly the Minister?

    • How does 23% feel Darien?
      I wouldn’t think any Labour drones should be mocking others electoral failures.
      Complete electoral denial becomes you and your party, long may you dwell in the wilderness for your transgressions against democracy.

      • Is that the best insult you can come up with KCCO? As for democracy, this government runs a dictatorship. You are either brain dead or seriously compromised if you think otherwise, I’d suggest you are the first.

    • Not really. It looks like she has more money, plus she is a woman of colour, and in today’s world that’s a door opener surpassed only by being a transgendered woman of colour.

        • I haven’t looked at these persons so can only say I believe that Jenny Shipley was a woman, Ruth Richardson is allegedly one also, but Parmjeet outsmirks the whole bunch of them regardless.

  11. When your society is built on spiritual woo woo and nepotism, it’s hard to take anyone seriously. Thankfully, people are still breaking these shackles in civil societies. Pity the MP is not opening a new Comp Sci wing at the Uni instead. Cutting ribbons and running with scissors.

  12. as boys are increasingly not doing well in education/higher education…in order to ‘improve’ their situation can we please have some ‘safe spaces’ for boys/men at uni????


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